Rental of the Day – Cleveland Park

2911 Newark Street Northwest

This rental is located at 2911 Newark Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Your chance to live just a block from metro in a stunning Art Deco building in vibrant Cleveland Park. Open floor plan accented by huge warehouse windows shine natural light on stylish finishes including hardwood floors, granite, SS appliances, glass-tile backsplash, combo w/d, and breakfast bar. Pet friendly. Hurry! Security deposits range from $250-$500.”

2911 Newark Street Northwest inside

You can see more photos here.

This studio is going for $1500/Mo.

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  • Anonomnom

    Always loved this building and was curious about the inside. Generally, I love it, and the kitchen is probably the nicest I’ve seen in a studio. That said, you could rent a studio far cheaper in more trendy location.

    • I agree it’s cute. And I think it’s well priced.

      Where could you find a cheaper, trendier studio? It’s not a basement, has a washer dryer, decent sunlight and is a block from metro. I’m not being snarky, I’m curious about where you could beat it.

      • Anonomnom

        Oh don’t get me wrong, I actually love this neighborhood, and live about a 5 minute walk from here. That said, I’ve seen non-basement studios listed around 1,400 before, especially if you are renting a condo unit like this one, in the North DuPon/Adams Morgan area. That all said, they were tiny and in FAR worse shape than this, which is a beautiful unit.

        This strikes me as the perfect Grad Student apartment. Good safe neighborhood with some things to do and easy transport to pretty much anywhere.

        • What grad student can afford a $1500/month apartment?

          • THIS! When you said “cheaper” I thought you meant like, $1200 not just a hundred dollars less. Hahaha. That’s me laughing at the absurdity of the cost of housing compared to any entry level/early career salary.

  • True, maybe, but some trendy neighborhoods are harder to find street parking in than Cleveland Park, and some are not as close to a metro stop and a convenient shopping strip, while still being in fairly quiet neighborhoods. And then there’s the question of variation in size, which really matters in a small studio – though this one doesn’t look all that big. But some people care about have a real-sized kitchen.

    • Maybe I’ve always been driving there or through at the wrong times, but I’ve never had the impression that street parking was easy to find in Cleveland Park.

  • How do we know this is not a basement unit? This is unit #2. The Popville real estate listings also list unit #3, with identical photos, and the description for #3 notes that photos are from unit #24. Thus, we don’t actually have photos of the units on offer.

  • CP has always struck me as kind of overpriced. That said, this is a reasonable price by neighborhood standards.

  • $1500 for a studio! Is this a joke? $1500 should get you a nice one bedroom. This city is absurdly overpriced.

    • What $1500 *should* get you in DC rental market is a very different thing than what it does get you.

      • Agreed. I have a 1 bedroom right now for just a little more than this (still FAR out of my price range) and I keep looking for studios on Craigslist thinking they should be cheaper than the 1 bedroom I have now. NOPE.

        • But you’re looking only in the western portion of NW DC, right? To get a significantly lower rent, you’d probably have to move to a more “transitional” neighborhood… but those are further east than where you’re looking.

          • It’s not just the “western portion of NW DC”. You have to head east of the Anacostia to find reasonable prices these days. Buildings in Fort Totten, where you need a car if you ever want to buy food, are asking for more than $1500 for a studio. Its the same in Petworth, Columbia Heights, Brookland, Shaw, Atlas District, Navy Yard, Trinidad, Bloomingdale, etc. If you want to live within a mile of a metro stop west of the Anacostia you better be living with someone or making real good money.

          • No Ryan. You can find studios and even 1-bedrooms for less than $1,100/month WOTR. Go to the vacancy listings of The Barac Co.; it right now lists an efficiency in Mt. Pleasant for $1,099 and a 1-BR in Columbia Heights (in 1400 block of Oak Street) for $1,095. It also has a 1-BR in Brookland for $1,150, a couple of studios on Capitol Hill for $925, and a couple of 1-BR in Hill East for $1,050. For its 1-BR in Fort Totten it wants $1,260.
            Yeah, of course the Barac Co. is sometimes seen as a slumlord; you will get absolutely no amenities in these buildings (for example, you will have to supply your own window A/C), and your fellow residents will not be well-heeled millenial professionals.

      • For this studio to be affordable (30% of income) you need to make $60,000/year. Who in their right mind thinks a single room is the appropriate living situation for a single person making more than the national household median?

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