Stroga closing at the end of the month in Adams Morgan

1808 Adams Mill Rd, NW

A reader tweets us:

“@PoPville Today my #fitness instructor told my class that Stroga will be closing at the end of the month. #adamsmorgan #DC”

Another reader sends via email:

“According to trainers, Stroga will close June 1.”

Stoga’s last facebook update was May 5th:

“It’s booty short time. Booty shorts and bounce music at Sweat Fitness Party this Saturday make sure you sign up and bring your friends. The best workout party in the city is only $15. 1pm at STROGA with Live DJ Calvin DjTryfe Seino and Coach G. Fitness Gerard Burley running the workout”

Stroga (strength and yoga and an occasional party spot) opened up back in 2010.

Update – thanks to readers for passing on the official email:

“Hello Strogis,
It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that after five years of service. Stroga will be closing its doors for the last time May 31, 2015. We want to thank everyone who has worked with us over the years. From our wonderful members to the instructors who kept people coming back. For members who have expiring class packages or memberships that run through June, we have been looking for new places to host you all until your memberships are complete. We will contact you all soon to tell you were everyone can use their passes.”

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  • justinbc

    What a shame, that’s one of the more beautiful yoga spaces I’ve been to in DC.

  • Whaaaa? I just bought a Groupon for this place. It really is a gorgeous studio with awesome classes. Bummer – hope I get a refund!

  • well this sucks. no convenient (non-hot) yoga options nearby anymore πŸ™

    • Have you tried Epic Yoga south of DuPont circle? They have a nice variety of non-heated classes.
      (I don’t work there but have been taking classes for nearly three years now.)

    • Studio DC is nearby on 18th. They offer non-hot yoga. The Stroga space is in such a beautiful building but it is probably too big for a standalone yoga studio. It would need to be subdivided into multiple leases or used as it is now but hopefully with much better management. I didn’t go to classes at Stroga very often but twice after class instructors have complained about the owner, who is the same guy who was just sued by DC for operating a business illegally out of his house.

    • tranquil space

    • Past Tense on Mt. Pleasant St is also a good nearby option.

    • Kali yoga is close and has great instructors.

    • tranquil space on 17th is the greatest!

    • I like Embrace which is a bit further up Columbia.

      • +1 for Embrace, and also Epic Yoga and the Studio DC. Stroga was a gorgeous space but ehe classes were kind of inconsistent

    • thank you everyone for the fantastic suggestions!! much appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Embrace Yoga DC is in Adams Morgan, non hot vinyasa yoga with a couple of different classes popping up on their schedule here and there. They’re a charming, small community studio with great teachers.

    • Try Embrace Yoga, they’re cool. Nice little community. No where near as many classes as Stroga offers but the teachers are great and the staff are really friendly.

  • Say it isn’t so…I love this place! Can anyone confirm whether it’s true?

    • I just called and the person on the phone said they are closing at the end of the month. They still have the deal up on Groupon which seems kind of shady to me.

  • I predict that the entire space with become a single 1 bedroom condo.

    • Let’s see… well… the space is 4500 square feet, so I predict it will be subdivided into a hundred 45-square-foot microlofts.

  • Do you think this is in any way related to the owner’s airbnb/party space getting shut down?

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if something was going on. A few years ago, he got into some trouble for renting this space out illegally for extravagant parties.

  • This does not surprise me at all – this place seemed pretty awful. I bought a deal of 10 classes for $35 (SURE sign a place is in trouble) and was pretty appalled with the quality of the classes. They teach two classes in the same room, so you’ll be doing pilates in one area while there’s a cross fit style class going on in the other half. That said, the building is really nice and I hope it finds a good new use.

  • Not surprised at all. The quality of classes here was pretty poor, especially compared to all of the other studio options in DC.

  • Not that surprised. While the yoga space is beautiful, the classes are too large and impersonal for many hard-core yoginis. As a result, Stroga was forced constantly to offer Groupons to attract new members. These newbies generally didn’t stick around after their Groupons ran out. The long-term members got upset that they were paying higher prices for classes than the newbies.

  • What I liked about Stroga was the variety of classes all in one location. Any suggestions for gyms in DC that offer strength training classes, yoga, and cycling besides the big chains?

    • Have you tried Class Pass?

      • YES.

        Or try reformation fitness in Shaw.

        • Another great option – great classes, great staff. They’re also moving to a larger location a few blocks down this summer and will offer spin classes along with what they already have. They are on Class Pass as well.

        • any recommendations closer to Stroga? Shaw is kind of far from Admo at 6am.

      • Highly recommend Class Pass!

      • That’s exactly what I liked too. For one membership I could do yoga and strength training and kickboxing. Ugh. I like the idea of Class Pass, but it isn’t ideal for establishing a regular routine – you can only go to the same place so many times per week. Plus there aren’t a lot of non-yoga Class Pass options up in Admo/Mt. Pleasant.

    • I stopped going to Stroga when the 6:30am Spin class had no instructor for the fifth time in three months (and they never cancelled the class). I couldn’t be happier with my new gym, MINT. They have two locations: one in DuPont at the corner of Florida and California, and the other in Downtown on K just off 16th. Both studios are available to members and they have a HUGE selection of classes morning, noon, and night. Plus they have regular gym equipment so if you just want to work out on your own you can. I think the only thing that costs extra is the Pilates Machine classes but everything else is included in membership. Plus they provide water, clean towels, herb-infused towels that they keep in a fridge so they’re nice and cool and the locker rooms/rest rooms even have complementary toiletries. It’s always been clean and everyone I’ve encountered there has been friendly.

    • YMCA Anthony Bowen on 14 & W- full disclosure, I do work there πŸ™‚ But I also do love the Y and what they promote in communities. For some it isn’t on the same level of Vida or Mint, but it is a non-profit that does amazing work in the neighborhood and has a beautiful legacy (And I’d certainly say it’s over the WSC level, which I had been a member prior to it’s opening). Wide variety of classes as well as an indoor pool & access to our other branches as well. I live on 16 & Columbia and don’t mind the walk, but understand not everyone’s into that…Good luck finding a new fitness home!

    • Try From the Core Studios. They have a huge variety of classes. I got a Groupon first, and now I’m a member. They have everything including kettlebell, boxing, Zumba, Pilates (tons of different kinds!), yoga, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It’s small and unassuming when you first walk in, but then once you get some classes under your belt, you realize how great the classes are and never want to leave. They are always doing fun stuff. The classes are hard, but they do fun stuff so the time just flies. Their prices are very reasonable- they have a lot of prices you can choose from, and they really try to work with you. And- it’s new… They keep things impeccable. I just can’t recommend them enough.

  • Considered booking my wedding in this space. Rather glad I didn’t.

    • palisades

      now you don’t have to pay anyone for it…

    • We toured the space (as a potential wedding venue) a week and a half ago. (Obviously) no indication that they’d be shutting down. I’m curious if the event company will keep it running as a space. District Restaurant Group (DRG) runs their events due to liquor license (non existent) issues in years past. They mentioned a fair amount of updates they were making – new sound system, painting, etc.

      • It looks pretty in the picture, but I can’t imagine anybody every wanting to hold their wedding in a place that smells like a yoga studio and has inadequate facilities for catering.

        • No kidding – this place has a reputation for being the toughest venue in the region to work in. It’s also expensive to bring a caterer in for an event there, since you need so many people to haul stuff up the stairs.

    • Same here. When we toured about two years ago they didn’t have any vendor arrangements, so we would have had to deal with everyone ourselves, which was a turn-off because ain’t nobody got time for that.

      • Funny enough, that’s exactly why I went with them. I hated all the shitty catering options most places had “exclusive” deals with. This was great – just got our favorite restaurant to cater from just down the street. Oh well – to each their own.

      • If it’s still an option to rent as a wedding venue and you have in writing that they can’t cancel – I’d say go for it! I had my wedding here in 2012 and it was fun, cool and unique. I loved the space.

  • Considering they are only allowed to have 12 special events per year, I can’t see them keeping it open and meeting their rent as an events space.

    Will be interesting to see what does eventually go in that space, which is gorgeous. No kitchen so if someone wanted to do a restaurant they would have to do a complete build out and I don’t know who would want to do that for a space they are renting (Jamal owns the building).

  • Just this in an email:

    “Hello Strogis,
    It is with a heavy heart that we must announce that after five years of service. Stroga will be closing its doors for the last time May 31, 2015. We want to thank everyone who has worked with us over the years. From our wonderful members to the instructors who kept people coming back. For members who have expiring class packages or memberships that run through June, we have been looking for new places to host you all until your memberships are complete.
    We will contact you all soon to tell you were everyone can use their passes.”

  • This is a great space and I always enjoyed their classes.. it was great to have the variety of options and nothing was as close to my house. πŸ™ Sorry to hear this! Hopefully Coach G especially will be able to take his classes and talents elsewhere??

  • Frankly, I’m surprised it stayed afloat all this time!!!

    It was/is the worst managed studio I’ve ever practiced in. It had a huge potential and beautiful space but was terribly, horribly managed.

    It’s heyday was a couple years back, when Angela Meyer was yoga director and Chris Torres managed the martial arts programs. The studio was it’s most successful back then, thanks to their hard work and experience. I used to love going back then.

    If the studio had good management it would have easily turned a profit.

    Unfortunately, the owner/manager, Doug Jeffries, is impossible to work with. Almost all these great instructors had to leave. A lot of us students left as well.

    Doug is clueless when it comes to running a business. He lacks all the professional, personal, and ethical qualities a manager needs. If he couldn’t even manage the simple task of getting the place cleaned, how could he manage breaking even? Why would he sell a groupon deal knowing he was about to close?

    I hope this serves as a wake up call and he understands he is the problem and gets his act together. Too bad this great space went to waste under his tutelage.

    Whoever backs him up financially or are his investors, you’re wasting you money BIG TIME.

    I’m sad to see great instructors such as Rachel Wimberley lose a teaching space. Rachel, we’ll follow you wherever you go!

    To all the students, explore all the area studios or stay in touch with your teachers and see where they end up going.

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