Readers Report Shots Fired in Shaw by 7th and O St, NW


Readers tweet @PoPville just after 8pm:

“shots fired, I think, 7th and O/N about 15 mins ago…can you confirm? Police presence w/ crime scene tape”

“if they were shots, there were about 5/6 fired”

“Hearing there was another shooting in Shaw… any details? heard it was near a playground & kids had to run away”

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  • Is this connected to the helicopter circling around up here?

  • I have no idea…but what is up with the increased helicopter traffic lately? Often not police choppers, but marine one and other choppers just circling and constantly cruising around. I know this is DC but still…

  • anyone have more info about stabbing on SE corner of 3rd and Rhode Island Ave NW around 8:30pm on 5/2?

  • Significant police presence during this incident at 5th and O St., and someone appeared to be taken into custody.

  • Not sure what happened but 5th Street was shut down at O Street. There were numerous cop cars. I believe I heard shots fired in two short bursts. The shots were preceded by a motor bike racing up the street…same situation as a few weeks ago. Motor bike speeding up the street then shots fired. Seems like it is becoming a weekly event in the neighborhood. Does not look good for the coming summer months….

  • I have concerns about this block:
    First, it is a recreation center, ball field and playground for all ages to enjoy. It’s an entire city block of open space.
    Second, it seems unsafe, especially along O Street. I have often wondered if some of the people I see are dealing drugs or are street gangs. Other people are walking their groceries, minding their own business.

    Why should people who live in the nearby housing be afraid to go to the rec center? It would otherwise be a prime spot to live, so close to a new grocery store and a metro stop.

    What is needed to make this a safer block and area?

    • I think one reason it’s a challenge is that the corner is the boundary of three ANC areas, so no single commissioner is responsible for it all. But I do think that Rachelle Nigro is working to try to improve the area. If you want more information, she would be the person to ask for it. Her contact info is here, with info for the other local reps: . You may also want to consider going to the ANC 6E meetings — the next one is tomorrow at 6:30 at the Shaw Library. They usually start off with an update from police on local crime.

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