Reader reports “20ish shots fired near 8th and Emerson” just before 2pm

A reader tweets @PoPville:

“@PoPville 1:54pm 20ish shots fired over about 30 seconds somewhere near 8th/Emerson followed by @DCPoliceDept swarming 5min later”

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  • Does anyone have any additional details regarding this shooting? I live a couple houses from the shooting and want to see if there are any leads. I was supposed to be home at that time.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Follow up tweets to @PoPville:

      “cops said no one hit as far they could tell. casings everywhere in alley.”

      “i asked cop how so many shots could be fired in succession from a handgun. he said “TEC-9s hold a lot of rounds”

      • Do we know if it’s the alley toward Farragut or the alley toward Delafield?

        • It’s the alley between Decatur and Delafield, closer to 9th. How no one was hit, I have no idea.

          • I would think with the middle-of-the-night shootings I’ve heard in this area, they would have better aim by now. But, what more can the police do? They finally just got a police camera at 8th & Jefferson and so the shootings have moved a few blocks away. If they move the camera to 9th & Decatur, the shootings will move to another area. The police really need the community’s help to keep reporting nuisance houses/alleys to build cases against these shooting-kind-of people. It is very difficult for just the police to stop these crimes. The courts/council have to get involved, too.


        FYI if anyone was unsure about this semi-auto weapon which was also used in the Columbine mass shooting.

  • I’m beginning to think that we have a crime problem in Petworth.

    • People commenting on this blog love to tell me I’m fine when I mention being concerned about crime because I haven’t been the victim as of yet. I guess there’s nothing to worry about until your shot right?

      • Be sure not to ask any questions about what’s being done to combat it unless you have your own detailed strategic plan, a resume filled with meetings you’ve attended regarding your neighborhood, and, NEVER forget, a plethora of positive affirmations about MPD doing absolutely everything they can to help.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Crime is obviously a problem. You should be concerned about crime. However, there are many different takes on how it affects folks personally. Different elements come into play with a wife/partner and of course kids. From casually reading your comments – you seem very very uncomfortable. And there is nothing wrong with that. You feel how you feel and no commenter is gonna change that. You do whatever is right for you.

        • Well said. I am growing more uncomfortable with the way it’s been trending the past few years.

        • This was 5 blocks from my kid’s school. That’s makes me pretty damn uncomfortable.

      • See the message posted by kavakado below – that’s why you shouldn’t be overly concerned about your personal safety. Unless you frequently engage in arguments with violent gun-toting people (e.g., Virginians).
        just kidding, Virginia!

        • That’s just being naive. 20 shots fired could very well leave the alley and hit a passerby. Wasn’t there just a drive by shooting yesterday too? I think what timmyp is saying makes sense. There should be some cause for concern.

          • I didn’t say there was no risk, just that it’s a lot less. I’ve seen bystanders hit by bullets (I was only ~15′ from two shooters). I still don’t think it’s that likely that I’ll be hit by a stray bullet.
            Like – less likely still than dying in a car crash.

        • Disagree, it’s very concerning for personal safety when gun-toting people engage in arguments with one another in broad daylight on a public street. PoP said casings were found everywhere. As T said above, it is indeed a miracle nobody got hit by a stray round.

          • It is my understanding that the person killed at Emery Rec Center was an innocent bystander as was the person shot in the alley at 8th and Kennedy. This absolutely presents a real and immediate danger to everyone in the community.

          • Agree. I’d be concerned not only for people out on the streets (although that’s likely) — but if a bullet ended up going through someone’s window/wall, that can be deadly too.

      • Assuming that crimes are accurately reported, the stats are what they are. Either the numbers are up or they are down. Generally speaking, they are down in DC. Generally speaking, Petworth is waay safer then it was 5, 10, 15 years ago.
        But whatever the numbers are, you have a right to be concerned. “Crime is down” is no comfort to someone who is a victim of one of the smaller numbers of crimes being committed in a neighborhood that is safer than it used to be.

  • Message on the MPD 4D listserv from commander Manlapaz:

    Manlapaz, Wilfredo (MPD)
    Today at 3:25 PM
    From what we have learned, two subjects were talking in the 4800 block of 9th Street NW. Some type of verbal argument occurred between the two and one subject shot at the other. The subject that was shot at also had a gun and shot back. We did not find any victims and no one has called the police to report they were the victim of a shooting.

    If anyone has any information they are asked to call the MPD CIC ar 202-727-9099 or text at 50411.

    • “From what we have learned, two subjects were talking in the 4800 block of 9th Street NW. Some type of verbal argument occurred between the two and one subject shot at the other.”
      Couldn’t he have just called the other guy a douchebag? Had to shoot at him? I don’t get it. No conscience or control.

      • It’s about “respect.”

        When you have so little of it for yourself, you go to crazy lengths to make others “respect” you. People like that are in desperate need of a therapist.

  • Things have gotten completely out of control. I want to see additional police resources deployed immediately. I want to see some arrests. I also want to see a statement from the mayor to let me know that she gives a damn about her old ward. The violence is all within a four block radius. Park police cruisers on every corner in this part of the city and keep them there until this nonsense comes to an end.

    • I honestly don’t think the mayor or chief of police have any idea what to do. The entire city government seems out it’s depth on the type of crime we’re seeing. I’ve lived in Petworth over 10 years now and this as bad as I’ve seen it.

  • How is it that 2 people walking down the street together can fire 20 rounds at each other and neither one is hit?

    • Hell… if they just sat at 9th and Crittenden it would help.

    • That’s why these people are so dangerous. They pull out guns, point them in the general direction of where their target is, and pull the trigger while running for cover. Making it just as, if not more likely that some innocent bystander gets hit. The possibility of some innocent third party getting shot doesn’t cross their minds. And the next time these two knuckeheads cross paths, they will pull out guns and start shooting at each other again.

  • I was there when it happened. saw the shooter snd it was very much closer to delafield and the alleyway on 9th

  • It’s the same problem areas. The same corners. The same houses. The same people. Yet no arrests.
    I’m sure this will lead to a public meeting. And a “Don’t worry, we are doing everything we can” but can’t tell you anything “because it’s an ongoing investigation”. And then, “as a neighbor, it’s your job to keep an eye out and call 911.”
    I’m sorry, but how long can an investigation be ongoing? I honestly believed MPD doesn’t know what it’s doing – especially in the Fourth District. And Bowser is SILENT as always. I’m fed up.
    We don’t want more community meetings to make us feel good. WE WANT ARRESTS.

    • So let’s start a protest in front of their house.

    • They did arrest the shooter for the Dec murder at 9th & Delafield in Dec. This shooting is a different issue. The police do know what they are doing. They know the players. Just go to the monthly police meeting and learn the facts.

    • The police can’t just bust down doors and grab pople. Another way to get public services involved, especially at a house like 9th and Crittenden, is to report what you see to the Department of Human Services as well as the police.

  • This has been happening for the last three or four weeks. I believe there were severn or eight shots fired at 4 or so in the morning two weeks ago. Between the house on the corner at 8th and Crittenden and 8th and Emerson it shouldn’t be too hard to hard to find who is behind all this stuff.

  • The shots fired that you described were followed by six shots going down the block on 5th street, with young males laughing. I believe the shots were fired at random as a car went down the street. The police came shortly after, but there has been no noise of any damage or someone hurt here.
    I have lived here 8 years now. The shootings uptick into the spring and summer – but I hear, see far fewer than before. The cops are far more responsive and interactive, I no longer see heroin deals in the back alley or at drive-ups on main streets in broad daylight and three gang houses in the immediate blocks have been shut down. These gunshots upset me greatly, are very dangerous and we need more work to end them but the cops’ arrest rate have inceased, I understand, there is more hope and life in the neighborhood, and my neighbors are wonderful. I have patience and will do what I can to help.

  • Oh, to add those shots were fired last night, a day after the initial thread above.

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