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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Trash trucks routinely leaking icky goo from their trucks all over the parking lot to my apartment building and all along the Capitol Hill streets I bike to get to work. What’s the deal? I’ve been biking for years now, but this year it seems like the trash trucks are particularly egregious in leaving a disgusting trail of liquid from their collections. It’s unsanitary and beyond gross.
    Rant: Bowser’s currently unfunded summer jobs program for “youth,” who are 22-24. C’mon now- this is a shameless handout. From listening to DC gov workers, this youth jobs program is wasteful because the participants have no access to computer systems due to the sensitive nature of gov’t work. Further, the agencies themselves have no say and receive no advance notice in who is coming to their place. Result: spending 6 weeks in a conference room doing nothing. Don’t even bother asking for a tax increase if you can afford to squander our money this way.
    Rave: In spite of the rants, life is good. Lots to be grateful for.

    • emvee

      On U St by Nellies it ALWAYS smells like leaky trash. I can’t figure out the source, but it’s definitely that scent that accompanies that gross trash liquid. I pass by it every day, and every day I’ve learned to hold my breath for half a block until I’ve passed the scent.

    • I’m totally fine it. Just for whatever percentage small or large it helps find and learn about real employment. Some people will walk out there with real experience and hopefully drive to keep on working. With the cost of living in this city, anything helps.

      What you should be complaining about is the lack of businesses (I’m looking at you bars and restaurants) that don’t volunteer to host these youth workers, but there fine collecting money on 14 to 17 dollar drinks. The more real businesses that apply, the more real world experience the workers actually get.

      Guess it’s easier complaining about chicken bones.

      • You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but the notion that a summer’s worth of “employment” will convince a heretofore unmotivated 23 yo of the virtues of honest work strikes me as hopelessly naïve, at best. At least you’re sorta honest about the virtues of this program (“With the cost of living in this city, anything helps.”) – it’s just another welfare program, in a city where they’re already incredibly abundant generous. Finally, the suggestion that people who complain that their dogs being harmed by detritus left around the city are somehow unserious and not concerned with real issues is as silly as it is insulting. Many of us have the ability to be irritated about multiple things at once. I multitask well.

        • I have to admit I know literally nothing about this program aside from the comments here today, but I would hope that maybe some of these “youth” will help expose college-aged kids to a work environment who would otherwise not be able to afford to take an unpaid internship somewhere (even if it’s not real work because of security issues). Growing up low-income, I can attest that I have no clue how I would be working where I am not were it not for individuals stepping up to pay for the cost of housing and food so I could take an unpaid internship way back when. Certain opportunities seem so far out of reach sometimes that I think “financially unable and thus not even on my radar” comes across as unmotivated.

        • Here’s a contrary view — a non-profit I’ve volunteered with takes similarly aged, disadvantaged young people and places them in professional internships. When they show up, many of them have never been in a white collar office, let alone worked in one. Some are completely unprepared to do even the most basic remedial office tasks, and they struggle really hard. Some lose confidence from their coordinators, and don’t really seem to improve. Others though (a substantial majority of those I’ve worked with) even with similar amount of preparedness, actually become really competent, motivated and effective. They start to come to you for projects, ask great questions, and are truly helpful. Now, maybe these are a different cohort, but I have actually seen this transformative experience happen from the exposure to the work. It sounds like one of the failures here is that the jobs are just make work jobs, they get no buy-in from the employees and there’s been little thought to how to make it meaningful.

  • That One Guy

    Rave: silly fun song from Run River North
    Rave: Friday and prick of a boss is traveling today.
    Rave: suspicion that it was a flat tire confirmed. It’s good to buy tires from Costco where they give you road hazard warranty.
    Rant: Too lazy to go to the bank yesterday so will need to pay the dog walker on Monday.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: My parents are arriving tomorrow.
    Rave: The house is (mostly) clean. I just have to make sure there are clean sheets on the guest bed and clean towels in the bathroom.
    Rave: Working at home, so I can take care of that at lunchtime.

  • Rant: the anti-GMO movement. Artisanal organic locally grown is all very nice for those who have the means. But GMOs are what’s going to feed those who don’t, and going to save us from poisoning ourselves with pesticides. It’s the next Green Revolution (the one that saved a billion lives in the 70s, not the hippy/hipster one.)
    Having a blanket anti-GMO stance is like being anti-vaccine, or denying climate change. Get with the science. (I passed a Chipotle, their window made me angry.)

    • That One Guy

      Did you see Vice had a recent clip on GMOs? I’d recommend it. What I took away from it was that companies like Monsanto who are producing GMO seeds are doing so in order for those seeds to be resistant to particular pesticides. Personally, I don’t want to eat all that much pesticide so GMO free is okay with me.

      • GMO free doesn’t mean any less pesticides, unless you’re eating organic

      • Yeah… in theory, companies could be producing GMOs so as to decrease the use of pesticide/herbicide, but the advent of (for example) “Roundup Ready” plants has instead meant that crops are getting doused with herbicides.

    • I agree, but I also want Monsanto to burn to the ground. I hold them personally (because corporation personhood) responsible for starvation and suicide all over the world.

    • Totally agree, wdc. The Chipotle campaign is making me angry too. Makes me think they’re all smoke and mirrors, drawing any focus away from their unhealthy (though soooo delicious) food.

    • To me there’s the Monsanto issue, which I don’t even want to get into, and then just the basic ignorance of the science, that’s the issue that kills me. People reject the idea of GMOs without any understanding of the science, just like they reject climate change because it was really cold a few months ago.
      All kids in high school biology should be splicing phosphorescent genes into plasmids and transfecting them into organisms to watch them glow.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The Science education in this country makes me suicidal. No, weird hippy and/or homeschool parents, you do NOT know more about vaccines or GMOs than doctors, agricultural scientists, geneticists etc. And now I have a rage stroke and am unable to use my words. @#$&U*^&*$&%$

    • I think that issue gets combined with those of pesticides, food regulation, and farmers rights in public discourse. It’s more complex than evaluating if the risk of GMO altered food is worth producing for its efficiency. The answer to that is likely yes. However, the companies who are producing GMOs are acting unethically and have been for a few decades. Therefore, its hard for someone to entrust that system to deliver.

      • Yes. But taking a blanket “NO GMOs” position is akin to throwing out the baby and *keeping* the bathwater. It’s exactly backwards, and if people would just pay attention to the science, they could direct their outrage in the right direction.
        It’s worth something to me that Montsanto’s employees are happy in their jobs. It’s consistently rated one of the best workplaces, and the scientists who know the inner workings and corporate culture are enthusiastic about the mission, even after they leave employment there. I suppose a determined conspiracy theorist could say that the company bribes, blackmails, or brainwashes thousands of very educated people into perpetuating this false image, but… you know, hoofbeats, zebras…
        You’d have to be pretty lazy not to question the media campaign that surrounds this one company.

    • I think a lot of the anti-GMO movement, at least as far as people I know, is that we deserve to KNOW if something is produced with GMOs. I think a lot of the crazy folks don’t realize that a ton of what they eat is filled with GMOs, but I think the efforts to support labeling of GMO products are beneficial to consumers.

      • This. I feel like Monsanto feeds into the tinfoil hat crowd’s perceptions by taking such a hard line against labeling efforts. If they took even half of money they are throwing at defeating these measures and instead did an informational campaign about GMOs, they could take a lot of the heat out of the debate. Because whether they are GMO experts or not, consumers should be the ones deciding whether they eat GMOs or not. Not Monsanto.

        • Yeah, but doesn’t labeling villanize it unnecessarily? My girlfriend, who doesn’t have the time or interest in researching this stuff, was seeing non-GMO labels on items in Whole Foods and started thinking GMOs must be bad for you somehow.

          • Exactly. There’s a fantastic illustration of this effect in the dihydrogen monoxide prank. You can get people seriously freaked out by telling them all the ways DHMO can kill you. I heard of someone who pranked DCUM with this one, and some overwrought person called her senator to ask why there wasn’t more labeling. It’s colorless. It’s odorless. And it’s in EVERYTHING.

          • I don’t see how labeling something as what it is (a GMO) is “villainizing” it, though I agree that the GMO debate is a bit too overheated at the moment. But I think that a labeling requirement would drive a long-overdue discussion of exactly what GMOs are and exactly what people need to know to make informed choices about whether to eat them. In the short run, this might hurt sales among low-information consumers, but I think that would be a short term and reversible trend.

            A vendor needs to be able to honestly articulate what they’re selling and why people should buy their products. So I don’t see Monsanto being asked to do the same things that are required of every other vendor on the market as being such a huge ask.

      • I was anti-GMO, but then took a class on food safety. And I work in agriculture and international development. We’ve been eating GMO foods for 40+ years, and there haven’t been any side effects. Sure, I hate Monsanto as much as the next person, but the science just doesn’t agree with public sentiment. Anyways, how would you define a GMO to label it? Corn in its original form is inedible. Should we label corn as a GMO? What about a beefsteak tomato? What about the GM sweet potato that delivers enough Vitamin A so kids in poor countries don’t go blind?
        From a recent article from a scientists who is no longer anti-GMO: “A recent survey by the Pew Research Center and the American Association for the Advancement of Science showed a greater gap between scientists and the public on G.M.O.s than on any other scientific controversy: While 88 percent of association scientists agreed it was safe to eat genetically modified foods, only 37 percent of the public did — a gap in perceptions of 51 points. (The gap on climate change was 37 points; on childhood vaccinations, 18 points.)” http://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/25/opinion/sunday/how-i-got-converted-to-gmo-food.html

  • Rant: Dog owners who give their dogs lots of length on retractable leashes and then get visably annoyed and frustrated with the dogs when they don’t walk properly on the lead. Teach your dog to walk properly on a leash and you won’t be jerking at the lead the whole time and muttering under your breath.
    Rave: Spin and homemade cold brew coffee this morning.
    Rant: It is not even ten o’clock, and it feels like I have been in the office for HOURS. This is going to be a long day.
    Rave: Gin gimlet and quiet, unscheduled weekend awaiting me at the end of this work day.

    • +1. Every day, I have to swerve out of the way to avoid getting nosed or licked by dogs who aren’t under control, usually due to those stupid retractable leashes.
      I like dogs, but I don’t want my legs licked on my way to the office.

    • I don’t understand by retractable leashes exist honestly.

      • Eh, they make a lot of sense in the suburbs. My parents have one for their dog and it means they can stay on the sidewalk and mosey along slowly while the dog gets a lot of room to explore at his pace. But yeah, they have no place in the city. I love our dog walker because she refuses to walk a dog who uses a retractable leash.

      • That One Guy

        Retractable leashes are great when you’re in a park by yourself and want to give the dog some freedom to roam while still adhering to leashing laws but not great in urban environments.

    • I had a scar on my leg for the longest time when I was a kid from an out of control dog on a retractable leash who wrapped around my leg and pulled and the cord scratched me. I’m terrified of those leashes now. Between the dog and the cord, they’re more like weapons than leashes, imo.

    • My mom broke her left ring finger (requiring 4-5 surgeries) because of one of those retractable leashes. They were living in a really rural area so they figured they could use one with their ~90lb dog, and it got caught around her finger with her wedding ring when the dog lunged after a rabbit.
      I understand using them in very suburban or rural areas, agreed that they have zero place in an urban environment. They’re dangerous to people and dogs alike.

      • This pained me to read. ACK!

        • Yeah it was really gruesome to see, especially since I was like 14 when it happened and my dad wasn’t home, she came in from walking her and was like “driving myself to the ER be back later” haha oh man…she’s a beast.

          • Moms, right?? My mother fell and compounded-fractured her right arm. Rather than call an ambulance like a normal person (“they’re so expensive!”) we got in the car, and she drove one-handed while I did the gear shift. Of course she was in pain and probably scared, so she yelled at me for getting it wrong. “Second! Second gear! That’s fourth!!” I was nine or ten.

          • Baahahahaha WDC that’s actually really amazing.

      • This is exactly what our trainer warned us about. She won’t work with you if you use a retractable leash. Those things are dangerous.

    • I actually thought they were illegal in DC.

  • Rant: So fed up with The Coupe. Took my Mom to breakfast there at 8am yesterday. The kitchen was in the process of “deep cleaning” and they wouldn’t take our food order until closer to 830. Still took a while for the food to arrive. Why do I keep going there? Where are other alternatives for a weekday breakfast in Cohi?

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Attack of the allergen monsters (again). Thought I was over it about a week back and stupidly stopped taking Zyrtec/neti pot only to have the congestion return in full force
    Rave: Nothing planned this weekend so I can be miserable and snotty on my couch & catch up with OITNB

  • Rave: It’s Friday.
    Rant: Anxiety issues this morning.
    Rant: Was told I did something wrong at work today no more than 10 minutes after I sat down at my desk.
    Rant: Went for a walk to get coffee and a snack to calm me down, just got back and they gave me a different muffin than I ordered. Not a big deal but it’s the first time I went to that coffee place — not going back (I asked for Cranberry Orange and they gave me blueberry… blech.)
    Unknown: Am now scared to do anything out of fear that everything will be just be done wrong today.

    • One more Rave: Against Me! When I’m having a bad day, just singing along to their songs in my head makes me feel better.

      • When you’re already a punk, punk out! Who likes authority anyhow? Who wants to be right anymore?

    • Oh NO. I hate days like that. Can you do something nice for yourself on your lunch hour? I’ve had that fear many times, too…it’s hard to come back from.

    • That One Guy

      Start by correcting a wrong and go get your cranberry orange muffin. That seems to me like a way to break the bad juju.

      • Thanks, guys. Yeah, I thought about going back, but it’s a 15 minute round trip walk from my office (still one of the closest coffee shops) — so I was already gone for half an hour-ish and couldn’t spend the time going back AGAIN or I totally would have :[

  • Rant: I’m so so so tired. Sleep still appears to be 3 days away. Last night was the most I’ve gotten this week, which was about 5 hours.
    Rave: Humans! Crashing at my apartment! Mostly good, though I don’t know them! That’s weird!
    Rave: Awesomecon all weekend. Friend times.

    More caffeine please.

  • I got my money back from Whole Foods! It took four conversations with corporate and me claiming that I wasn’t interested in being a customer of theirs any longer before they finally caved. I hate that this is the way customer service works – reasoning with them was ineffective, but making a threat to walk away worked instantly.

    • Is it true they have a script, that if you say the right combination of words they’ll give you whatever you want, but you have to say them? I always feel that way…

      • Like knowing how to order from the secret menu at In and Out (“give me my refund animal-style”).

      • I think a lot of places do work like this, unfortunately. My mom once called the Post Office about a problem with our mail, and finally someone told her to say a weird acronym and then *poof* everything was magically fixed.

        • They do! My favorite was Sprint, which gave me abysmal customer service for years. When I had enough and finally called the cancellation line, I got the one competent CSR that they employ, who wanted to give me the moon to retain my business.

          The other thing that works like magic is filing FTC reports against the offending company.

      • Haha, I don’t know, but if they do I feel like “I’m outraged” is a key phrase.

    • That’s so awesome, I’m glad it worked out finally!

    • Did you use the fraudulent signing of the credit card option? What did BofA and WF say to that? The WF person basically allowed someone to commit fraud.

  • Rant: 5 rounds of interviews with a potential new employer, only to have them tell me “sorry, you were slightly more experienced than we were looking for”

    Excuse me? If that is true and not some “try to be polite blow off”, you had my resume, my salary requirements from the application I sent you, and YOU called me. Thanks for wasting 2 months of my life and almost 3 entire vacation days over that period having me come in to talk to you 5 times before you decided you wanted someone else.

    This is the second time in 5 months I’ve gotten 4+ rounds of interviews in with a company before they tell me no. How completely unprofessional are you to waste so much of someones time. 4, 5 rounds of interviews?! I’ve hired a handful of people in my career and never went over 3 rounds. If you can’t get your crap together and make up your mind after 3, you are woefully incompetent

    • Sorry about your job rant. I’m hoping you’re a higher level employee and that is why they needed to do more than one interview. But four or five interviews sounds absolutely crazy and unnecessary- regardless of how high up you are on the food chain. The hiring people are basically selfish/oblivious if they don’t think about their prospective employees’ time and how bringing them back for round after round is just wasteful. I guess it depends on how desperate or eager a person is to work some place, but I do wonder if there are some people who just say, no, not gonna do this- not going to do five interviews for a single job. I’d think you might lose good people if you strung them along enough. Also, FWIW, you’re probably better off not working there! Their hiring process alone would be enough to annoy me and not start things off on the right foot if I were hired there. Good luck.

    • I once went on five interviews with a non-profit for an EA role. When they called me in for a 6th interview, I withdrew my application. I figured that if the couldn’t make a decision as simple as hiring someone after 5 freaking interviews, then they probably weren’t the type of company I wanted to work for.

      • good for you – I don’t understand why places think this is OK

        • I think some employers just think that they have the right to trail people on, and really, that does not bode well for their employees. It’s a totally different situation when they are up front with the process. Example, I went on three interviews with a company last summer. All along the way they were very upfront that it was round 1, round 2, and round 3, and at my round 3 interview they said it was between me and another person. So when i didn’t get the position it sucked, but not as bad as it would have if I had been strung along.

          • It’s really more likely that they’re looking for an exact “fit”, and they don’t agree with one another on what qualifies. Also, it demonstrates that authority is spread out, rather than strictly hierarchical, so it’s not one person who has the final say on who gets hired. It’s a group decision, and it’s no one person’s main job.
            Yes, it sucks for the candidate, but to make it sound like the company is doing it out of some sense of evil entitlement is juvenile. Many non-profit orgs intend to keep their staff long term, to train and promote them. This makes hiring decisions somewhat fraught, because the default is that you’re going to be working with the person for a long time.

    • I am kind of concerned that is the direction I am heading! I’ve been out of work a few months since my job moved. I have been interviewing for jobs in another city since I am not getting calls back here. I had three calls with one company. Next week I go for a 3 hour in-person interview (four people, 45 minutes each). If I get past that round, you have to come back and do a 45 minute presentation on a topic to be determined by the hiring manager. Seriously?!?!? For a CEO, yes. For a basic management position? That seems a bit much.

    • I had similar happen to me – I had to spend money on cabs to get there, pay for a baby sitter or have my husband take leave to watch our son while I went to their interviews. Then I was offered the job and they asked what I was currently earning. They said, “oh that’s much more than we can offer”. i said to make me an offer. 1) they had seen my resume and I was clear about my GS level, so they KNEW generally what I was making 2) don’t ask for that level of experience and pay total crap when you’re a fortune 500 company 3) ask about money much earlier if you think I am earning more than are willing to pay. It’s SO frustrating. Mostly the time and resources spend interviewing – f them.

    • I’m so sorry about the job rant. I can definitely relate. The most recent job I was applying for made me do NINE rounds of interviews, all over an hour each before they told me I wasn’t getting the job. Even their rejection phone call was so vague that I had to ask them if they were telling me I wasn’t getting the job. Ridiculous!

  • Rave: I told my sister, mother to “my space coworkers are waiting for me” about the caption contest win and she looked it up and loved it. (for reference: http :// http://www.popville.com/2015/04/photo-archives-caption-contest-winners-155/)
    Rant: my company is almost 200 years old, how do deviations from our processes keep coming out of nowhere and surprising us?
    Rave: date tonight, should be fun. There seems to be an abundance of extremely tall men looking to date tall women right now and I am more than happy to take advantage of that situation.
    Rant: dropped some serious coin on car repairs yesterday. Doesn’t my little car know I was going to buy sundresses with that money, not reseal my oil pan?

    • GiantSquid

      I empathize with your car rant. Our car recently hit the 100K mark and all of a sudden we’re replacing a sensor, timing belt and tensioner, and oh, the catalytic converter replacement has been ordered. That last one alone is going to be at least $1600.

      • That sucks. Luckily I didn’t have to spend that much. After I get over the pain of paying for the repairs I tend to feel better knowing that my car is properly maintained and will hopefully last because of it, but that doesn’t negate the pain.
        Oh well, maybe I’ll buy a dress with the Amazon points I just earned.

      • That One Guy

        I had to replace my catalytic converter too but it only cost me like $800. Shop around a little to see if someone else has a better quote.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Where are the tall or short side of tall or short men who wan to date short side of tall women like me?
      And now I am reminded of my dream: I was dating a short guy (for ages, we were in love, etc) and as we walked around he got shorter and shorter like The Incredible Shrinking Woman. It did not change my love for him, but I did worry about buying clothes for him. He was down to my knees when I woke up.

      • That One Guy

        That’s an awesome dream!

        Also, sorry about your rant from yesterday. That was messed up for them to keep things that weren’t meant for them.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I’ve decided that I’ve complained enough, and it’s time to let it go. I will also let the evil aunts know that if they ever get tired of the dog tags and their kids don’t want them (they might not, fingers crossed) I would like them. On the other side of my family we trade stuff like that all the time. I know the dog tags are sentimental to my aunts, it’s their dad, so I need to respect that.

          • I Dont Get It

            Meant to jump in their yesterday but aren’t there two tags per chain? Why can’t they be split?

          • Emmaleigh504

            There was only 1 set: aunt spinless picked one and aunt b-word picked the other, after I had expressed intrest b/c it’s my fuucking name!!! He wasn’t actually able to serve beyond the Battle of Fort Brag. The Army kicked him out for poor health.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m hoping that Aunt b-word’s spoiled brat daughter (daughter is fine when mom isn’t around, aunt B word turns her into a monster), will have a kid and carry on the name and give that kid the dog tag. So there’s some hope for a happy dog tag ending.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I should also add that my sister has a completely lovely relationship with those aunts, but that’s b/c QZ is an evil Yankee. 😉 (or is nicer than me, but I don’t see how that’s possible!)

      • Buying clothes would be the least of my worries. You wouldn’t even be the big spoon, you’d be the ladle. I’m a pretty secure woman, but that just doesn’t appeal to me.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Well, I’ve never actually dated anyone who came up to my knees, but I don’t mind being the ladle when I spoon with my cat…(I know a pet, not a human). But spooning isn’t really my thing. I think the shortest guy I dated was 2 inches shorter than me, and that did not stop me from rocking the hot high heels. He turned about to be a loser stalker anyway. Seriously, he tried to stalk me and was so BAD at it!

  • Rant: our neighbors being super sketchy. We heard a weird sound outside late last night (10:30 or 11ish?) and realized some random, unfamiliar people were leaning a 30-foot extension ladder against our building’s wall right by the fire escape. They didn’t respond when we opened the window and asked what they were doing – it looked like they were trying to adjust an outdoor light that may have been bothering them, but they wouldn’t talk to us. Then they packed up the ladder and walked away and it looked like they put it in the garage of a nearby house. It was so random and super sketchy so we called the cops, who said they’d go over and talk to them. But seriously, who does that?

    • That is SUPER creepy. I would have called the cops too!

    • Is it possible you caught them when they were just about to get on the fire escape and burglarize an apartment? A year ago on the Hill, a bunch of homes were burglarized when the perps used fire escapes to access people’s homes. The police found loot that they couldn’t completely carry left on some of the fire escapes.

      • That’s what it looked like it could be at first, which is why we called the police. But then they didn’t actually get up on the fire escape, and they seemed kind of drunk – it was a guy and a girl and they were being kind of giggly. With the fact that they seem to be staying in the nearby house I’m going to guess it wasn’t that, but it was totally a WTF moment. Hoping that a (very nice) talking-to by the (very nice) cop who responded made them understand that was not acceptable.

  • RAVE: Mosh pit. Fun times.
    RAVE: Meetup friends suggested I hangout with them outside of our Meetup events. I made new male friends! Just one of the guys, and it’s great.
    RAVE: Friday! Going out tonight!
    RAVE: TOUR DE FAT tomorrow! Charles Bradley is headlining!
    RAVE: one last first online date planned for Monday

  • Rave: Friday!!!

    Rave: Full weekend of fun things planned!

    Rant: Having to talk to a superior about a co-worker’s performance issues, and since our office is small, pretty certain that co-worker will know it’s me that said something (but I stand behind everything said – co-worker been talked to previously by me and others before I moved up the chain).

    Rant: Somehow I gained 5 pounds this week. Need to eat better.

    • Sorry about your co-worker situation. I would feel less awkward since you’ve already talked to them — you totally did the right thing there!

  • emvee

    Rant: Still no AC. It’s getting close to unbearably hot and stuffy in the apartment.
    Rave: AC in the office!
    Rant: Scratched cornea and my PCP has zero availability until late next week. I guess I’m going to Urgent Care?
    Rave: I guess health insurance that will cover a chunk of an urgent care visit?

    • Couldn’t you just go to an eye doctor instead of your primary care provider? Otherwise yeah, Urgent Care for sure.

      • emvee

        I called my Vision Insurance to ask them about a list of ophthalmologists covered by my plan and they told me I should go through my regular health insurance because that’s medical. Medical means no regular optometrist. 🙁

        • So weird! I don’t have like, any experience with this stuff though so it was just a thought haha. Good luck!

        • Do you have to get a referral from your PCP to go to an ophthalmologist, or can you go to one directly? “Scratched cornea” seems to me like something to get seen for sooner rather than later.
          Your health insurance might have preferred providers for urgent care, BTW — worth calling and asking them about.
          Yeah, “vision” plans are basically about vision correction (eye tests and provision of corrective lenses). Anything else counts as medical.

        • That isn’t necessarily true. I have a medical condition that affects my eyes. When I have to go to my opthamologist to get my eyes checked because of the condition, he runs it through my regular medical insurance. When I’m just getting my vision checked, he runs it through my vision insurance. I’d call your medical insurance and check.

          • emvee

            I’ve called both and they’re (shockingly) telling me the same thing. Medical should cover, not vision. Bright side to an annoying morning of calls: at least I have coverage for both!

    • Go see a doc, for sure, but in the meantime, just wear a makeshift patch. That’s basically what they did for me.

  • Rant: Cat still won’t stop peeing and shitting all over the place. I tried the old towels in the litter box trick that someone recommended, which was never used, he opted for a Chrome bag instead. Right now, he’s in the bathroom with the litter box, food and water. I’ve tried the “shower him with affection to make him feel more confident” route and it clearly has not worked. 🙁 I have not taken him to the vet yet; I took him maybe a month ago and he got a full workup of bloodwork etc. and they said he’s totally healthy. Not that something couldn’t have come up since then.

    • You have my sympathy. We’ve been through this so many times.
      Confining the cat to a small bathroom is a good trick. It will likely get him back in the habit of using the box, but even if it doesn’t, you know he’s not peeing on your stuff.
      Lots of people swear by Feliway in a diffuser, but it didn’t work for us.
      If he’s fixated on one inappropriate spot, I highly recommend the SssCat. It’s a can of compressed air with a motion sensor. You aim it at the spot he’s not supposed to go, it hisses at him when he goes there, and he doesn’t go there anymore. It’s genius.
      Finally, pay attention to his behavior when he’s peeing. Does he seem distressed? Does he cry as if in pain? Does he act like he’s going to pee, but then not go, and do this frequently? Is there any trace of blood in the urine? Male cats especially are prone to feline lower urinary tract disorder, and one of the triggers is stress. You had workers in the house, and a new HVAC installed, right? That would totally trigger a FLUTD flare-up in my cat. There’s a pharmaceutical treatment, but I find that time, routine, and calm work just as well for my guy.

      • I haven’t actually witnessed him going to the bathroom, so I can’t tell if he is in pain, etc. So in all fairness, it could be our other cat, but I really don’t think so. We’ll see since one is now outside the bathroom and one is inside! He goes all over the place; there is not one particular spot. It seems to be in the mornings though between when my BF goes to work and when I get up (guess I need to get up earlier). Don’t see any traces of blood in the urine. There are reasons for him to be stressed (workers in house, new louder hvac, i was on vacation last week), but other than the litter box issues, he seems totally happy, so I really don’t get it.
        [apologies to everyone in the world who does not want to hear about this. It’s gross. I know, believe me.]

        • Perhaps you could just call your vet’s office and talk to a vet or vet tech about it? They might have some good insight on this issue. You mentioned a lot of stressors, so they might collectively be causing the problem. I know the Humane Society literature I got when I adopted my cat made a big deal about contacting them for advice/resources if my cat had inappropriate elimination issues since that is one of the number one issues that leads to a cat being dropped off at shelters (pretty sure that is why my parents’ cat was dropped off- it took them a year before they found a working solution for their cat, who is very particular and somewhat unusual in her urination habits-haha!). Good luck.

        • Poor kitty. I think your current strategy of keeping him in the bathroom with the litter box, food, and water is the best one. Has he used the litterbox since he’s been in the bathroom, or is he still eliminating outside the box? (Or has he been there just since this morning?)

          • He’s just been in there since this morning. Called my vet and they just said to bring him in, but I don’t have any time to bring him in in the next few days.

    • Went through this with my kitty. Huge open litter boxes and moving out of a noisy apartment with wall to wall carpeting did the trick. I even went so far as putting her on kitty prozac- but it didn’t help much so we stopped.

  • Question: My office is instituting a no flip flops in the elevator policy. Any ladies have suggestions on a good (CHEAP) commuting shoe so I can keep my (nicer) flats under my desk? Commuting tends to be hard on my shoes, so the cheaper the better!

    • 1) that’s weird
      2) tons of people like those Tom shoes? idk, I kind of hate them.

      • I agree! I’ve told 2 friends so far and they also agreed. It’s not like I’m going to a meeting in flip flops, or even going in the front door half the time. GOD FORBID SOMEONE SEE MY FLIP FLOP FEET.

        • Why not switch to flip flops after you get off the elevator? That’s what I do.
          Also, what were you commuting in during the winter? I was using some cheap ballet flats from Target (that have held up amazingly well!).

        • Emmaleigh504

          don’t shoot the messenger: flip flops are bad for your feet. They make your toes grip in an unnatural way, and then there are the shufflers that make me homicidal. But really, flip flops are bad for your feet.

          • Agreed – my physical therapist told me to NEVER wear them for walking of any distance. They are bad for the muscles in your knees/calves due to how you have to clench the toes to keep them on your feet.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I like the Skecher Go Walk shoes for commuting. They’re comfortable, light, and they come in a ton of colors. Plus, I have convinced myself that the lack of laces makes them slightly less dorky.

    • That’s really weird. I mean, I’ve heard career advice along those lines but as long as you’re not wearing really disgusting plastic shoes it shouldn’t matter what kind they are. Maybe someone in management has a foot phobia?

      Not to enable too much, but there are some super cute sandals in the Nordstrom half-yearly sale! I have a pair of the Sam Edelman ‘Gigi” sandals that I wear all the time and really like – they’ve got a little bit of padding in the footbed and while they’re pricey, mine are on their third summer and still look great. But they may be too close to a flip flop?

    • What? That’s really crazy. If they’re going to do that I think they should also institute a “no sneakers/casual footwear in general” policy.

    • That’s ridiculous! Why would it matter if someone wears flip flops in the elevator?

    • I love my Sanuks. They have various styles, just get anything with the yoga mat sole and your feet will be in commuter heaven.

    • I agree with Toms shoes. The plain black ones are relatively inexpensive, I find them very comfortable for walking once they’re broken in. I actually wear them around my office unless I’m going to an important meeting.

    • Are you currently using flip-flops as a “commuting shoe”? That seems like a terrible choice to me.

    • emvee

      I use either my Birkenstocks or fake keds from H&M.

    • That is strange. Never heard that policy before.
      I have a great pair of Puma ballet flat/sneakers that I wear a lot. I’m a meeting planner and wore them during my most recent convention – probably walked about 7 miles a day and they were comfortable (and cute) from start to finish. They’re called the Puma Zandy – $50 on Zappos.

      • Emmaleigh504

        ooh I have some of those, they are good!

      • I have those Pumas. They’re great, very comfy. I’m happiest with a thin pair of socks, though, as they rub very slightly after the first mile.

      • I have also seen Puma flats at Macy’s and they are having a big sale on Saturday. They are really comfortable.

    • The idea of a “no flip-flops in the elevator” rule doesn’t really surprise me. Flip-flops are pretty much the most informal/casual footwear there is, AND there’s the “visible bare feet” factor (which isn’t an issue with sneakers). Many (most?) people’s bare feet are not particularly attractive to look at. In addition, when you’re wearing flip-flops (or even sandals) your feet can get very dirty very quickly.

    • So these aren’t flip flops but are still pretty casual- not sure if your office would be okay with them, but if so, I swear by them. They are super comfy, cheap, and I walk miles around the city comfortably! http://www.target.com/p/women-s-esma-braided-sandals/-/A-16582796?ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001&AFID=google_pla_df&LNM=16582796&CPNG=Shoes&kpid=16582796&LID=73pgs&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=16582796&kpid=16582796&gclid=CJnElf-i58UCFcMWHwodyIUA6w

    • I’ve usually commute in Birkenstock’s or New Balance 574s. I tied the laces of my NB’s behind the tongue so I can just slip them on and off.

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Five days of cramps and a late period but the stick says I’m not pregnant. Make up your F*@&$# mind uterus.
    Revel: Thank you to everyone who gave input on renewing a lease after being month-to-month, especially the tenant’s rights document. The next question is how much we want to push back to the landlords. We’re trying to find a new place, it just might not be on the schedule they want. But if they want to be jerks, we can point out the housing violations that were present when we moved in. I really don’t want it to get nasty, but it’s the place we live in everyday and after six years, we’ve had enough.
    Rant: Painting your own toenails.
    Revel: Doggie teeth cleaning successful! Ended up doing City Paws and there were three extractions so it wasn’t cheap but the vet dentist did a great job of explaining things, keeping me updated, and following up. Dog is back to normal status a week later. Hopefully this is the only one necessary (fingers crossed).

    • Argh on your first rant–that’s frustrating. Any chance you ovulated late this cycle?
      Good to hear on your last revel–one of our cats is going to City Paws for a teeth cleaning soon & we hope it goes that smoothly! We’re not anticipating needing any extractions, so fingers crossed on that front. They’re expensive, but we’ve really loved the vets we’ve worked with there.

      • GiantSquid

        I think the lateness might be stress induced. The last time this happened was right before I was let go from my last job. May was another rough month. It’s the week of cramps that make me super cranky.

    • Oh, I feel you on your first rant. That was me this month, and I was late enough to get my hopes up and so disappointed when I finally got my period. Hugs to you. The whole process of trying to conceive is way more emotional grueling than I anticipated it would be. Hang in there.

    • I’m not trying to get pregnant, quite the opposite actually, but I feel you on the uterus rebellion. It sucks so much.
      I hope you feel better soon!

  • skj84

    Rant: Annoying Micro Managing Coworkers. My training at my barista gig has mostly consisted of shadowing my fellow baristas. All of whom have different styles of doing things. Yesterday when I came in, my coworker immediately starts berating me in this condescending tone on all the things I did wrong the day before. While I did make a few mistakes, there was no reason for her to talk down to me. My other coworkers treat me like an equal, and she was treating me like a subordinate. Not OK.

    Rave: Awesome time at Chefs Behind Bars yesterday. My favorite cocktail was Mango Tree’s variation on a Dark and Stormy. And Jack Rose’s sarsaparilla punch garnished with cubed tuna!

    • albany

      RE: RANT. If I were in your shoes, I would let it go this time – it was your first day, most normal well meaning people would cut you some slack. But unless you want this to be a pattern, you need to say something back next time and nip this in the bud.

      • skj84

        I did mention it was my first time closing by myself. And she dismissed me. Really annoying. Like everyone is the new guy at some point or time. Have some empathy!

  • Rave: My mom’s surgery went well. She looks pretty beaten up but should be out of the hospital in a few days.
    Rave: All of the kind words people posted for me yesterday. You guys are awesome!
    Rant: Stress eating all day yesterday
    Rave: I actually made relatively good food choices while stress eating. Kale chips, sugar snap peas, caprese salad, and strawberries were the main features. So not too bad.

  • Rave: 80s flashback–my daugher is totally rocking her TNMT t-shirt today.
    Rave: planning on going strawberry picking Sunday morning–YUM!
    Rant: Need to clean up the house/back yard for next weekend’s birthday party
    Rave: The viral video of Beyonce’s single ladies choreography to the Duck Tails theme song–let the 80s flash backs continue!
    Happy Friday everyone!

  • Question: Wasn’t someone posting about how they were going to Copenhagen? I want to pay you to bring me back something because I’m craving it LOL
    Question: Do I need to return DC plates to the DMV? If so, do I just mail them in?
    Rave: Weekend!
    Rant: Crappy weather
    Rave: Mortgage situation worked out! I mean, we still might not buy a place but we’ll see

  • Warning: women’s health stuff ahead. Avert eyes if squeamish.
    Both rant and rave: Had my breast biopsy yesterday (I’m the one who had “calcifications” on a mammogram a couple of weeks ago). There was a lot of waiting around, and more mammograms (we’re up to 5 now since mid-April), but otherwise everything went well. The biopsy didn’t hurt and wasn’t even really uncomfortable, and don’t have much/any pain today. Results should be back in 2-7 business days.
    Rave: Radiologist didn’t seem to think it was actually cancer
    Rant: But did say she could be wrong.
    Rant: Forgot my phone today, so if anyone does call I’ll have no idea.
    Rant: Can’t take ibuprofen for another 24 hours, which is inconvenient because now I have cramps. Good timing, period!
    Rave: I got a lot of knitting time yesterday. And have a spinning class (the yarn kind) on Sunday.

    • Aw I’m sorry to hear you’ve been going through this. I’m supposed to schedule an ultrasound for myself soon due to a lump they found recently but I keep putting it off. I’m glad to hear that the biopsy wasn’t bad, that helps me be a little less scared about taking the next step here. Lots of positive thoughts for you!

      • Thanks! Good luck with your ultrasound.

        Yeah, if you need a biopsy it turned out to be okay. They give you a local anesthetic, so I was numb – I could feel that they were doing something, but it didn’t hurt. Worst part was that they had to apply pressure to stop the bleeding before I could go home, and they applied A LOT of pressure. I also highly recommend xanax – I took one when I got there and was pretty calm by the time I was on the table.

    • GiantSquid

      (shakes fist) UTERUS!!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      can’t take ibuprofen, go to one of DC’s open air drug markets and pick up some oxy? heroin? (what do those places sell?)

      • This is one of my enduring curiosities… how do buyers know what sellers are selling?? You see the guys loitering, the people approaching, the deal going down… but there’s no conversation. Nothing that could be interpreted as “Excuse me, hi, do you have any pharmies? No, not adderall, something like oxy. No? How about heroin? Great, how much? Oooh… would you take $30? Yeah, ok, here’s $40. No, thank you, I don’t need any crack today. Ok, see you tomorrow!”

        • Emmaleigh504

          is their like a bandanna color one should wear? or maybe a hat and certain way? and special handshake for the drugs you like? The Wire never taught me this! They seemed to only have “dope” (heroin?).

          • Emmaleigh504

            The Wire may have taught more about this in later seasons, but I had to stop watching when my fave actor died.

    • sorry to hear you’re dealing with all this – I hope for nothing but good news for you

    • magpies

      Oooh, spinning! I learned a while ago and need to get back to it. Yay for yarn.

  • Rant: Not being with my family now that my mom is awake from her surgery.
    Rave: Her surgery went as well as it could have. The tumor/mass they were removing was apparently not actually attached to or in any organs at all, so they didn’t have to do anything more than they’d planned on. She did have to stay in the ICU overnight with a ventilator tube in, but my dad said it’s now removed and she’s in a normal recovery room and will be there for the next 4-7 days. No word yet on whether it was benign or malignant.
    Rave: Mr. Eggs and I are planning to go visit in a couple weeks once she’s home, so my dad can go back to work for a few days after taking two full weeks off.
    Rave: It’s Friday. Life could be better, but it most certainly could be worse. Thankful for all the little things today.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: typos typos typos!
    Rave: told coworkers all about Aunt Spineless, Uncle Asshole, and Aunt Bitch and feel so. much. better.
    Rave: having good eyes has it’s rewards.
    Rave/Rave: Wearing The Cocktail ring, and I’m not sure it will come off.

  • Rave: Fun date last night! Hung out until almost 11 pm – we thought it was about 9 until we looked at the clock.
    Rave: Fridayyy!
    Rave: Friday means katsu curry bento for lunch today. Yum yum yum. So unhealthy, so tasty.
    Rave/rant: Friend that I’m a bridesmaid for won a free Soulcycle class during some bridal event, so we’re going to that tomorrow. I think I’m going to die. I ran earlier this week for the first time in a couple months, so out of shape and it sounds really intense. Hopefully it will be fun!

  • Rave: Breakfast food.
    Rant: I foolishly decided to read some reader comments on a Washington Post article online. I should know better. I mean, I DO know better.
    Rave: Music events to go to this weekend.

    • Lol at your rant. I hate when I get sucked into that rabbit hole. Man, people suck.

    • skj84

      the reader comments on Washington Post online make me weep for humanity. I sometimes read them for entertainment, but only in small doses.

  • palisades

    Rant: Cat food deliberation. I recently decided to stop being a cheap post-grad bastard to my cat, and feed her good food. I threw out all the old safeway wet food, and bought a big box of blue buffalo grain-free assorted wet food cans. Now it looks like blue buffalo is a shady company that outsources all its ingredients.
    I want to upgrade her dry food too, but also want to make sure I’m getting the good stuff. Currently looking at “Taste of the Wild” and “Wellness CORE” for grain-free all natural stuff.

    • Palisades, has your kitty been in Afternoon Animal Fix yet?

      • palisades

        No haha. I think I mentioned this before. She is not the most photogenic. I have a few cute photos, but I’m still waiting for the right one.

    • palisades

      And no, I am not going to make her meals with meat and veggies from the store. I barely have enough time to feed myself real meals.

    • We used to feed our dog Taste of the Wild! It’s a great step up for sure.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Wylie Wagg helped me find a good dry food for my piggy cat. It’s Now Fresh, or Fresh Now. It’s got no grains, and she gets the elderly kind with less fat. I still cheap out on the wet food b/c she loves Fancy Feast so freaking much.

      • We also got help from the staff at Wylie Wagg a couple years ago (the one at Tyson’s, they apparently had a guy on staff that specialized in all natural foods?) so I’d second going to them to talk!

      • palisades

        Think I’ll check out Wylie Wagg sometime soon. They have locations everywhere!

        • I love Wylie Wagg! They hook you up with some free samples of food so you can try them on out on your pet and see which on works. FYI we feed my dog Fromm, its a small company based in Wisconsin. Merrick is also a good brand but it didn’t work for my dog and her sensitive stomach.

          • Emmaleigh504

            +1 I got free samples to see what my cat liked. She liked them all b/c she’s a piggy, so I went with what the sales guy feeds his cats. I lovelovelove the Woodley Wylie Wagg. Such nice people and so many toys to spoil Donna.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I sometimes buy Halo dry food – it’s Ellen De Generis’s brand. My cats also like Noutrish which is Rachel Ray’s brand and sold at Giant food. You also might check out some of the online pet stores, they sometimes have good deals on bulk and they deliver to your door. WAG.com is one.

      • I’m still trying to figure out what my cat likes (rescued her 6 months ago!). For dry food, she loves Science Hill Diet (for age 1-6 years) and at first, she loooooved the Halo brand of wet food, now she’s kind of “meh” about it. Then she loved the chicken and rice Purina pro and now she’s like “WHYYYYYY is this in my bowl” and so on with other brands (definitely not Whiskas, Paul Newman, Blue Buffalo or Friskies) – so every couple of weeks I’m trying new kinds of wet food for her. (She seems to only like chicken or salmon) – it’s frustrating to figure out what she’ll want.

        • palisades

          That sounds very annoying. Luckily, my cat will eat just about anything, as long as it’s cat food. It’s pretty nice – she won’t get near human food, but she seems to recognize the horrid smell of cat food and pounces all over it.

        • Emmaleigh504

          My last cat Ashlee, wouldn’t come near wet food or soft treatrs. Hard food or nothing, unless it was donuts. She’d take a hand off for a donut. Chicken, tuna, steak, not having it. She lived a long life on only dry food.

    • We feed our (generally healthy, 2 and 4 year old) cats Wellness CORE grain free, both the dry and the wet food, the regular formula (in the orange bag). I had been feeding my cat that food since I got her, but we switched my partner’s cat over before we moved in together and saw a noticeable improvement in the softness and silkiness of his coat!

    • For wet food – Canidae brand is the least expensive of the good foods and almost all of my fosters have liked it a lot. I buy it by the case online. (Well, 3 cases at a time since the current foster kittens are starting to eat like T-Rexes!) It is a thick pate, so you might have to mix in a little water. For my own cats, I add in a little bit of Friskies because they were raised on that.

    • Be careful about changing your cat’s diet. They get very set in their ways. Two years ago we upgraded our cat food (we have two cats) and one of the cats just decided to stop eating. We didn’t really notice because the other cat kept eating, but she ended up losing 1/3 of her weight and almost died. We had to take her to the hospital and get a feeding tube put in her neck, and fed her some special, horrible-looking but extremely nutritious cat food (using a syringe through her neck tube) for several months to fatten her back up. After a couple months she pulled the feeding tube out and started eating again. Moral of the story is to transition them gradually by mixing foods together for a time. Sounds like this isn’t happening to you, and it’s rare, but since it happened to me personally I wanted to share the concern – never in a million years would I have expected a cat to just stop eating, but it happened to me.

      Two years later she’s fine, fat and happy, by the way. But feeding her every six hours through her neck was no fun for us or the cat.

      • Yikes — thanks for the words of caution.
        I wonder if I should upgrade my cat’s food — I have her on Friskies wet food (but only the flavors where the first three ingredients don’t include “Meat Byproducts” or something generic like “Poultry” or “Fish”) and Iams adult cat dry food. Her coat is super-soft, for what it’s worth.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Any time I’ve had to change foods (always dry) I mix it with the old to gradually introduce them to the new flavor. Donna’s a piggy so does not care. I don’t think Ashlee cared either, but I didn’t want to upset her stomach. Both are/were such good kitties, no up-chucking 🙂

  • Rant: I’m so sick of the pressure that Facebook puts on you to tell all your friends happy birthday every day. And now it even offers to send them gifts. Most of these people I barely even know. Also super sick of seeing the same baby photos every single day, just in a different shirt. Sometimes not even a different shirt. I almost feel like there should be a separate site for people with kids just to brag to each other.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Make it and if you market it well, you could make some cash! and hopefully put facebook out of business.

    • palisades

      I only use facebook on my phone and it seems to have helped with all the annoying stuff like birthday reminders and the such. If you’re on iPhone I recommend checking out “Paper”. It’s a facebook-made facebook app without all the ads and nonsense. It also has a cool design.

      • skj84

        Yeah. I sometimes have to check my event calendar to make sure I don’t miss important birthdays.

    • For some reason, my facebook feed is mostly filled with what my friends like and comment on, so I mostly see kids of people I don’t even know! It is really irritating, and I have no idea how to fix it.

      • If anyone knows how to fix that, I’d pay to learn the secret.

        • The only “fix” I’ve found for that is using Facebook less. I’ve finally accepted that the vast majority of stuff I see on there is of vague interest but not beneficial to me in any real way, so I just check in a lot less often that I used to.

      • I think that might be their algorithms. I find it annoyingly recursive — my newsfeed doesn’t normally show posts from people I don’t interact with often. But if it doesn’t show those posts, how is there going to be any future interaction?
        Sometimes I try visiting specific people’s pages directly, in the hope that that will make the Facebook algorithms start including those people’s posts in my newsfeed.

    • There was a glitch in facebook regarding the birthday notifications. You can google about it, I didn’t read the article, just saw the headline.

    • you could always unfollow people. Not that difficult.

  • Rant – My job is making me depressed and I have no motivation to get my work done.
    Rave – Sat outside on my tiny balcony yesterday evening and watched some far away lightening and saw a rainbow.

  • Rave: Jazz in the Garden tonight. Rooftop party tomorrow. It’s time to reclaim my time and be with my friends since the mister isn’t interested in going further with our relationship.

    • topscallop

      Oof, I’m sorry to hear that. Let your friends take care of you, and get back into the things you couldn’t do when he was around. For me that means sleeping like a starfish and watching embarrassingly bad tv shows with no shame.

    • Sorry to hear that, Jen Jen. 🙁 I hope this weekend’s events are restorative.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Oh! I almost forgot! Rhodesian Of Edinburgh where I got my fabulous Willow satchel has a new spring line! http://www.rhodesianofedinburgh.com/shopmainpage.html

  • Rave: not in DC for more than a week!!
    Rant: colleagues don’t save files and can’t answer questions about my projects that I’ve answered 100 times in emails/documents.
    Rave: just biked to my favorite lunch spot in Ptown and have had a great week of vacation!
    Rave: back up here in 3 weeks to do it all again!!!

  • Question: Is there a place I can rent or borrow a ladder? Last fall I tossed ours in the trash because it was falling apart, but I need to get up to our 10-foot ceilings to open the AC vents one of these days.

    • Have you called any hardware stores?

    • Annie’s Hardware has them.

    • Emmaleigh504

      sometimes libraries have weird stuff like that. I don’t know if DCPL does, or how the catalog it. I do know that my grandpa borrowed some coin collections from his library in the early 80s and his house was burglured. They took the library coins among other things.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant:  Only about 5 minutes alone in the plastic surgeon’s examining room today so I didn’t get many selfie options in front of nasal cavity charts.

    Rave/Rant: Coincidentally the two residents who participated in my operation were in so they joined my doctor in the examining room.  Some random medical student also joined and then the doctor who oversaw my broken jaw popped in.  It was a party!

    Rant:  WDS and I had a huge argument last night and then we watched “Teem Mom.”  Each was equally painful.

  • Who’s got bloody mary tips? I don’t have plans for this weekend, so I decided to perfect a personal bloody mary recipe.

    • clam juice and beef bouillon are pretty standard but that doesn’t make them not great. Less common: Old Bay.

      • Emmaleigh504

        save the clam juice for chicken stew. (clamato juice, like, gag me with a spoon!) I wonder if a dash of anchovy paste would be good…

        • +1. Do Bloody Marys typically have clam juice?? Say it isn’t so.

          • All the *best* ones do. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            is this some sort of double entendre I don’t get, or is my mind in the gutter but not successfully?

          • I’m sure that, between you and me, we can come up with a double-entendre or three (though these days the phrase “bearded clam” is pretty meaningless) but none intended here. it’s just an ingredient that many folks find pairs well with tomato juice and adds a layer of flavor to a Bloody.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I think anchovy would be better…but I really don’t like them, so I’m totally talking out of my ass.

          • Wouldn’t you have to puree the anchovies? Although I can see bartenders with handlebar mustaches and vests crushing them in a mortar and pestle before adding them to artisanal hand-rubbed tomato juice and hot sauce they made in-house and handing a twenty-dollar Bloody Mary off to you.

          • Emmaleigh504

            anchoy paste, pre-pureed and easy peasy to add to everything!

          • I thought once that since I liked Caesar salad, I should try getting anchovies on my pizza.
            OMG — terrible, terrible idea.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I LOVE anchovies on my pizza! and the fishes in my ceasar salad not just the paste. Mmmm such yummy little fishes!

      • SouthwestDC

        Oh jeez. I’m allergic to mollusks and my girlfriend’s allergic to beef (and also vegetarian). I had no idea we were potentially risking our lives at brunch!
        Also anchovy paste is the best!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: goal of one task COMPLETED
    Rave: micromanger created a fire and I put it out!
    Rave: everyone in the office is happy now, but I still may got get us some afternoon treats.

  • I Dont Get It

    Triple Effing Rant: Omg I hate Friday fire drills! You were notified May 1 that this change needed to be made by May 31 or you would no longer get your stinkin’ files and you just told us today at 1:30 pm?

    • Gah, I’m sorry! That sucks!
      (I semi-feel your pain. My office loves to catch me as I’m shutting down the computer to head out…)

    • That One Guy

      Murphy’s Law.

      I’m trying to put out a small fire too. Hope it doesn’t blow up on my face. Grrrrr

  • Question, does anyone have two extra tickets to the Obscura Day “Under the District” event tomorrow? If so, please email me at shawessdc at gmail.

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