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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Ate a few too many bugs on my commute today…
    Rant: Zipcar/Enterprise Car Share switch up at WMATA stops. Not well managed. Zipcar wasn’t supposed to leave until May 31st when Enterprise starts on June 1st but there are NO cars near metro stations I use from other company. ARGH.
    Rave: Catching up on Mad Men. Should be at the finale this weekend!
    Rave: reading The Dinner and really into the writing style.

  • Rave: Happy hour with a friend tonight.
    Rave: Possible date this weekend.
    Rant: Migraine.
    Rant: Feeling uncomfortable at work, I do all my work and I try to do it all with a cheerful demeanor, but my supervisor keeps making unnecessarily negative comments towards me when we talk. I’m worried that he talks poorly about me with the rest of my office, because I know he gossips a lot about others when I’m around.

    • That One Guy

      Perhaps you should record the negative comments and also a list of the tasks you accomplished or things you did that were outside your job description so you have that as ammo for your review. I keep hearing suggestions like this from HR people.

      • Thanks, that one guy. I should mention that I have started to keep a journal recording of comments, etc. related to my work. Aside from that, I’ve been trying to just let it go and continue to do my best.

        • That One Guy

          If all else fails give him the Asian stink eye. You know the one I’m talking about. That should shut him up.

          • LOL it won’t though. I’m pretty sure it’s happening because I need to take time off this summer… (I know we’ve heard this problem here before…)

  • Rave: Sometimes it is just the small things that make a morning good: a refreshing morning swim, coconut milk in my iced coffee, watching a dad dressed in his suit take the time to walk slowly and interact with his toddler while dropping her off to care in the morning, blue sky and fluffy white clouds.
    Rave: I finally remembered to bring my glasses back to the office so I can see my computer monitor.
    Rant: I have reached that age where being at the office without my glasses means a painful day of squinting.

  • Rant: Baby Beluga is stuck in my head. But at least I have all the lyrics memorized now for when my kiddo wants to hear the song?
    Rave: The “bad” weather this week doesn’t feel nearly as bad as I expected it to.
    Rave: Cooling off on Monday!
    Rave: Splash park plans on Saturday.
    Rave: Re-pointers are done with most of the front of the house, so the scaffolding is now moved to the side and we can use the front door again!
    Rave: Though I slept like crap last night (boo!), I actually feel alright for the time being. Hoping that today isn’t the disaster of a day that yesterday was.

    • +1 to baby beluga (in the deep blue sea, swims so wild and swims so free…)
      That was my favorite song in kindergarten.

      • +1 Love Baby Beluga grew up in the mid west and thought it was a mid west thing. 😉

        • I also loved it as a kid (and I grew up in CT). I distinctly remember a kindergarten activity where we all drew baby beluga & the teacher turned it into a slide show, but I still had to look up the lyrics and repeat them several times so I could get beyond the first verse when singing it to my daughter. It’s part of the rotation of her favorites these days. Though it’s pretty cute to hear her try to say “Beluga”. At first, it came out as “Geluba”, now it’s usually more like “Booga”. Pretty funny.

    • Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, all I can do to get back to sleep is sing the lyrics of Frozen in my head. I think I have the whole score memorized.

      • I will sometimes have random Frozen snippets pop into my mind. What was worse was the time I heard the songs in the office, faintly. I thought my daughter was gaslighting me. Turns out my coworker was listening to the soundtrack in preparation for his daughter’s visit so he could understand what she was into.

    • I get “walking walking walking walking hop hop hop” in my head NONSTOP f’in kids songs

      • HA! My daughter LOVES that one. And since she can run & jump now, she’ll act it all out, which is adorable. Another great one for acting out motions is teddy bear teady bear turn around. Before she could jump, I’d throw her up into the air for that line. She still loves doing it now.
        I often use pandora at work to help get kids’ songs out of my head as needed.

  • skj84

    Rave: free outdoor events this weekend! Volunteering and biking with Tour De Fat tomorrow and Sat, then Volunteering at Sweetlife on Sunday.

    Rant: the weather may be crappy. I need Sunday to be dry. The last time I attended a music fest at Merriweather it poured rain. Despite my poncho and rain boots I still managed to get soaked. It was miserable.

  • Rave: Tomorrow is the day of my transfer! Please say a little prayer for me in whatever way you pray (or don’t). We can manage one IVF cycle, but a second cycle would be a lot more expensive and inconvenient. We have a lot riding on tomorrow going well.
    Rave: I’m one big step closer to working as a volunteer with an infertility advocacy group and hope that it could eventually become a full-time job. It look like their needs and my skills are very well aligned, so I hope it’s just a matter of being able to raise enough money to justify my own position.

  • laduvet

    Rant: sick… stuffy.. sore throat… coughy…. low energy…. WHyyyy??? ruining my work out plans and ability to really enjoy my week of no plans…

    Rave: atleast i have a clean apartment

    • GiantSquid

      I’m gonna suggest allergies. I would think they’d be done by now but didn’t take my Zyrtec yesterday and by the evening, my face was hurting. Sinuses were crying.

  • Rant: It’s bad enough to be locked out of your office. It’s worse when it happens on a day you come straight from practice and you have to trudge back downstairs to the guard’s desk and then wait around while the early commuters arrive in a pair of bum- (among other body parts) hugging spandex shorts and a soaked t-shirt stinking of sweat and the arresting aroma of the Anacostia River. And it’s even worse when you left your sneakers at the office so your outfit is completed by a pair of black lace-up shoes, making you look like the (smelly) King Dork of All Time.
    Rave: Found out that I’ve been added to team — apparently because they like my work and thought I should be part of it, not because of any formal, ongoing arrangement — that’s being recognized for their work on diversity in my workplace. A nice complement from my colleagues and a fun smidge of recognition for an old, straight white guy.

    • You and me both, man. The dress I brought to change into at the office seems to have shrunk. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) So I have a choice between a sweaty shorts-and-tanktop ensemble, or a dress with buttons that are hanging on for dear life.

    • Twice weekly, I trudge through the office in my horse back riding clothes – occasionally with horse slobber and poo adornments. Suffice it to say, I typically get my own elevator…I feel your pain.

      • I just love when I come back to the barn from a long ride, talk to a number of people, putz around for a bit and finally make it to the restroom to discover I had poo swiped across my forehead for hours.

    • thankfully I practice after work, however twice a week I get more questions and stares than I can count as I schlep my dragonboat paddle (with paddle bag) to work!

  • Rave: Vacation tomorrow.
    Rave: Savings so much money staying with my friend’s sister, and she made sure we have all the food we like.
    Rave: Amazing interview yesterday. Hopefully that I’ll get in to learn some new stuff.
    Rant: Hopefully, roomie will be back to her internship soon. It’s hard to study when she’s stomping around.

  • Rant: My mom is having major surgery today on her spine and I’m stressing over it. I regret not driving down to keep my dad company while she’s in the OR.
    Rant: I’m dealing with a strange emotion that I’m not accustom to dealing with: Jealousy. It’s not that I always get what I want but rather that I always focus my life on appreciating what I have. I don’t know how to deal with this.
    Rave: My favorite restaurant from my college town is opening a new location in Arlington next month. I can’t wait to eat shrimp and grits at Tupelo Honey Café again!
    Rave: There is a beautiful watermelon sitting on my counter waiting to be sliced. It is honestly my favorite part of summer.

    • I’m sorry, I’ll be thinking about your mom! Mine is having a major surgery today, too…what a crappy day 🙁

    • That One Guy

      You’ll have plenty of opportunity to spend time with you mom as she recovers. Don’t beat yourself up.

      The waiting around is tough because there’s nothing you can do about it. Give your dad a call to chat with him.

      Also, make sure your dad is watchful for any medication side effects from the muscle relaxant and/or pain medication your mom is prescribed. Dizziness+back surgery=potential for falling down.

    • I hope she’s ok and recovers quickly

    • Thanks y’all! I really appreciate it. I don’t know why I’m so nervous about this one (probably has something to do with the fact that this is her third major surgery in less than a year) but I’m just anxiously awaiting updates now. Thanks again!

    • Sending positive vibes to you and eggs!

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave:  Maybe it’s a coincidence, but I’ve lost four pounds already since cutting back on drinking.  To celebrate this morning, in addition to my usual scrambled eggs from the hot bar I added five Tater Tots since everyone knows six Tater Tots is bad luck.

    Rant:  When doing some gardening out front, WDS dislodged several earthworms that attracted a flock of robins that he claims he has befriended.  Now in the morning he sits on the porch having his coffee surrounded by a flock of robins like a scene from the Tim Burton production of “Wiccan Mary Poppins.”

    Rant:  I look matchy/matchy today and that is not a good look for a baller.

    Rant:  Wild dreams last night including one where I went to a bar where everyone dressed as Col Harlan Sanders.  Yeah, I know!

  • houseintherear

    Need a rec for a blonde hair colorist, please. Had an unfortunate experience at Parlour last weekend and am looking for somewhere new. Thanks in advance-

    • houseintherear

      A hair stylist who specializes in blondes. Not necessarily a blonde themselves.

    • Ryan at Bang at the Verizon center. I used to work there and a huge majority of his clients were blonde women.

    • Ask for Thomas at Bubbles in Cleveland Park. He’s one of three board certified hair colorists in DC. He does my highlights but I have black hair. He colors a lot of different types of hair and said he specializes in blondes. He also keeps a record of all the colors he uses on you and when he applied them for when you come back for a touch up. I know Bubbles isn’t great, but he is!

      • Okay, so he’s like one of 6. If you really want to get a “good” hair colorist, you can look up convenient board certified colorists here: http://www.haircolorist.com/findahaircolorist/index.php

      • The idea of “board certifying” haircolorists seems a little suspect to me, especially considering that the cost (as listed at the very, very bottom of their FAQ) of this certification is $600. Maybe the founders of this certifying “board” are indeed concerned about standards for skills in their job… but it also looks like a very convenient money-making endeavor.
        From Wikipedia, it appears that “board certification” is for physicians, nurses, and attorneys — I don’t see it mentioned as being used in any other field.

        • houseintherear

          We have it for teachers, as well. It’s expensive and basically just a great way to add a line to your email signature. 🙂 But it does make moving between districts much easier.

        • It sounded shady to me, but it does make sense if you’re going to stop hundreds of dollars to color your hair annually it should be by someone who has met some standard. Experience helps too. I wouldn’t get my hair colored by a newbie since I have dark Asian hair that can easily be turned orange.

          • houseintherear

            Yeah totally- I’m grateful for the recommendation. Especially because Bubbles prices are more along my line than other places in the area!

          • Just a note: if you go to Thomas in CP, his rates are higher than the other stylists because he is more experienced. Make sure to ask how much it’ll cost before you go.

    • GiantSquid

      I had a very good experience with Lene at The Studeo.

    • houseintherear

      Thanks, y’all!

  • Rant: So many places I want to go before we leave DC, but the cost of babysitting makes it prohibitive. Blurgh.
    Rant: Telling our nanny we’re moving was really the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We love her so much – I wish she’d come with us. She’s just so great.
    Rave: The fact that the above is a rant!
    Rave: Had a great birthday evening with husband – ordered Pete’s delivery, his favorite pizza…got a cheap cake at Giant…ate as a family. Watched TV. Perfect.
    Rant: It’s supposed to be hot as hell at his birthday party on Saturday 🙁

  • Rave: Husband had a networking meeting last night and has a job interview today at lunch. Coming to the end of month 5 of unemployment – I feel like something has to catch here.
    Rave: Daughter decided she wanted to draw pictures for all our family members last night and she signed her name to each of them. For a kid who doesn’t like to color or write her name, it was great to see.
    Rave: Managed to make it back from my massive trip with tons of delicious food (which I enjoyed) down two pounds. I’m just trying to do my best to take better care of myself and while it’s slow going, I’m 100% fine with that.

  • Rave: Lots of baking to do! My kids’ school is having a Carnival with a Cake Walk and I’ve volunteered to make a few cakes. Excited to try making a poke cake for the first time and hoping it’s not a Pinterest Fail.
    Another Rave: The weather is supposed to be great on Saturday for the Carnival! It’s to benefit Powell ES and will be at the Upshur Playground from 11-4 if anyone is interested!

    • Omg looooved cake walks when I was a kid! But my mother was (is) a total germaphobe and used to have us pick up our own cake to take back home. It was always a fun challenge for us. My son is so screwed….

      • This is my first ever Cake Walk, so I really have no clue what to expect!! I have had a ton of fun picking out recipes for cakes though, and I love to bake and try new recipes so it should be a lot of fun. I never thought of the germaphobe aspect, at least I know that my cakes are made in a good, clean kitchen under hygenic practices lol.

    • I Dont Get It

      I had to Google poke cake. I had it as a kid but we never called it that. I think we called it lemon or lime cake since that was the flavor of Jello we used.

  • That One Guy

    Question: As a kid did you dig around your cereal box for the toy or did you wait until it magically fall out? Also, what was the best toy you ever received?

    • Definitely dug around. I can’t actually remember any! They must have all disappointed.

    • My mom refused to buy any cereal that came with a toy. 🙁

    • binpetworth

      Yes, I always dug around first, in an attempt to beat my sister to the toy. Best toys ever were the glow in the dark bicycle spoke covers, which coordinated beautifully with my blue sparkly banana seat bicycle with white tire rims.

  • Rant: So many rude people in my building. You have to walk through a heavy gate and then a set of doors to get into the building (both are keyed). When you hold the doors for these rude people they don’t say thank you, don’t try to grab the door as they walk through and expect you to continue to hold it, and/or walk ahead to the second door and then let it shut in your face. The elevators are even worse. If you don’t ask “what floor?” (as I usually do), they just inform you what floor they want and don’t say thank you. These people seem to be multiplying lately.
    Rave: These are my biggest neighbor complaints.
    Rave: Tiny Dog has been especially cuddly lately.
    Rave: Taking a whole week off of running in favor of yoga and other strength work. I don’t hate it.

  • Oh – and a Question: Does anyone know of a reputable place to get copies of keys made in the downtown/georgetown/tenleytown general area? Ace doesn’t have the right template/metal/something to make a copy of one of my keys, so I need an actual locksmith.

    • palisades

      Just googled it. Looks like there’s a locksmith in Georgetown. Couple blocks away from the entrance of the University. Called “Expert Locksmith”

    • Is this for your subletter? You might need to talk to your landlord about whether this is a specialty lock.
      I’m not entirely sure this is something a regular locksmith can do (although perhaps it is). I am in the same position with a security-door lock I replaced recently. The ironworks company that I hired to fit the door with an emergency release told me to get a specific kind of lock at a specialty lock shop. I bought it, and they installed it.
      When I went to Ace to make copies of the keys, they didn’t have the right base/template/whatever for it. When I called the specialty lock shop, they told me to bring them my receipt and they could give me copies. (I’m not clear whether they were going to make copies or look up the code on the key and find existing keys with the same code.) I still need to make a trip there and get it sorted…

      • Already did, landlord told me I’d have to make copies of my set of keys — but that any locksmith that’s not like a home depot should be able to do it. (Also, not the kind where they come and do it at the house… just the store copying where you stand and wait is all I need….) I’ll try that place in Georgetown and see if they can do it. Otherwise I’ll have to figure out what to do.

        • If the locksmith can do the copying, let me know — it might be less of a hassle for me to get copies made at a locksmith than to go to the specialty lock shop.
          Are you going to confront your landlord about his (illegal) refusal to let your lease go month to month? Or is it not worth it at this point, now that you’ve found a subletter? (Not sure how many months you have left on the current “lease.”)

          • Ok! And hah, yeah, I saw the link yesterday evening — it’s not worth it at this point. I’ve found a subletter through mid-August and I’ll be moving out by the end of August when my lease is up one way or another. I only wish I had known last year, but you live and you learn.

    • saf

      Tenleytown Ace Hardware

  • That One Guy

    Rant: This week’s work is/was especially soul sucking. Doesn’t help that boss is such a prick.
    Rave: Walked a lot little this morning so that was good.
    Rant: Still waiting for Beards Papa to open up in Georgetown. Hope it’s worth the wait.

  • Rave: First date tonight that seems promising.
    Rant: Working on huge guest list. Going cross-eyed trying to edit it.
    Rant: I had sworn to be out of this job before having to do this annual event again because it’s such a pain. Oh well…
    Rave: I have the best mom. She’s been sending me recipes for alcoholic jello cakes (she made one for my birthday a few years ago, which friends still talk about – in a bundt mold, multiple layers of colors, almost a whole bottle of vodka). She also ordered me some molds so I can try making them, haha. The main one she sent is a Pimms Cup jelly.

  • Question: Do you have a favorite word?
    Let’s stick with English for this today (maybe I’ll remember to do “favorite words in other languages” soon)
    Mine are “beluga” and “galoshes” – sparked from mtpresident’s post earlier 🙂

  • Double rant: customer service incompetence. I was overcharged $100 by Whole Foods last week – they charged the groceries of the person behind me to my card – and they can’t refund my money, or recognize that they screwed up. And USPS hasn’t forwarded a single piece of mail since I moved 6 weeks ago and talking to them on the phone frustrates me so much I can’t cope afterwards.

    I hate having to take care of things like this during the work day!

    • Wow, how did Whole Foods manage to do that? Did they not give you a receipt?

      • Haha- so this is the problem, in their eyes. I only bought a single item which I was going to drink immediately, so I told the cashier I didn’t need a receipt. She forgot to close out the sale and continued ringing up items behind me under my bill after I left. The management says it’s my responsibility to get a receipt and they’re not liable for anything if I didn’t ensure the sale was complete.

        • Take to the Twittersphere on this one. I bet that will get you a difference response.

          • I hate publicity, but I’ve considered it. Or at least mentioning it in a conversation with the customer service team.

          • Also, Sarah, if it was a credit card charge (rather than a debit charge), call your credit card company and dispute the charge.

          • Thanks- I tried that road. A word of warning to those of you who decline receipts, Bank of America will only process fraudulent charges if you can present a receipt.

        • What?! That’s ridiculous. They cannot steal from you because you told them you didn’t need a receipt!

          • Okay, glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is crazy. Even the national customer service team is reluctant to do anything about it. I’ve been accused of trying to steal groceries from them.

          • I’d think that all you would need to do would be to contact the Whole Foods this happened at and have the cashier write the account of what happened. If it gets notarized I don’t see why that can’t be proof of the fact that they just made a mistake.

          • Yeah, I’m actually a little confused because a lot of places have those signs up that say “It’s free if we don’t give you a receipt!” implying that stores actually have to give receipts — or at least print them.

        • That One Guy

          I habitually decline to receive a receipt. This is just scary.

          • Thanks, I will be getting a receipt for even the smallest purchases now. And so what the person behind you got free groceries?! This is absurd. I would take to Twitter as well and call corporate, seriously blow them up on every possible end. The cashier is the incompetent one because she/he didn’t close our your order, not you because you didn’t get a receipt!

          • I used to not request a receipt. Until a cashier had something resting on the scale and charged me $35 for something that should be $2. Luckily I caught it.

        • Maybe they could review the security camera footage, which would show you walking away with just a soda or something and the person behind you being surprised that they didn’t have to pay. If you could convince them to look at it, that is.

        • Hold on here – so the person behind you fraudulently signed the receipt?
          In my eyes, that would make the transaction null and void. Have you pointed this out to Bank of America?????

    • whole foods generally sucks – they’ve rung up my husband’s salmon as a much more expensive fish before and don’t refund, for example. I have to watch my check out like a hawk anymore. Can’t wait for Wegmans to be my default store!

      • You’re moving to Philly, right? I am, too! Unfortunately, I just signed on an apartment next door to Whole Foods so I am going to have to use a lot of willpower if I want to stop shopping there.

        • yeah – I don’t even know where the WF is in Philly (south street area, right? ) but you can get fresh direct so you might not have to shop at whole foods! (Philly is super underserved with grocery stores….we’ll be living in the burbs, so wegmans for us!)

      • What fish could be more expensive than Salmon?

      • GiantSquid

        Halibut is more expensive than salmon.

    • Not sure it will work for mail forwarding issues, but I’ve had pretty good luck with USPS’ email help.

      • That’s good to know! I’ll switch communication forms. Every time I call, we have to start from the beginning and my blood pressure immediately spikes.

    • I want to know how that even happens! Do they save credit card info? That worries me.

      • Not saved, but you have to close it out first. Think how gas stations work. If you walked away before it was finalized, someone could ring on your card.

  • Rant: ants everywhere at work. Wtf.
    Rant: exhausted from job interviews
    Rave: half a day left until a long weekend. Thank goodness

    • Yucky. Not sure you can do this yourself at work, but the borax bait stations worked SO WELL for us this year. We usually have weeks or months of springtime ant invasions in our kitchen, but we put them out at first sight of them, and it’s really taken care of the issue. Amazing.

    • Cleaning vinegar gets rid of ants as well as other pests. Walmart has the gallon jugs at 0.69 cents a gallon. Be sure it is cleaning vinegar and not just vinegar otherwise it won’t work.

  • Accountering

    Rave: Moving company starts tomorrow morning at 9:00am!
    Rave2: Hired my recently graduated and unemployed little bro to be a gopher. Help carry boxes, assemble this bed etc.
    Rave3: They are making good, steady progress to get the house finished. Things that still need to be done include installing shower fixtures, sink fixtures, appliances and a few other small things. All of the hook-ups are there, so it is basically just screwing things in at this point! Very excited to live less than a block from Dacha starting tomorrow night!
    Rave4: Drink the district event at 5th and New York in that big parking lot Saturday night. Very excited to be able to walk from home to the event! Anyone else going?

    • Yay for your raves! All very exciting! This is random, but would you be interested in selling (or donating- but I don’t want to be presumptuous!) some moving boxes once you’ve unpacked? Maybe 5 or 6? I wouldn’t need them til late July at the earliest but can take them off your hands at your convenience. I’ve been told to try liquor stores and book stores but so far the ones I’ve seen look a little worse for wear. If that allows you to cross “get rid of boxes” off your to-do list, then I’d be happy to help you help me! 😉

      • Accountering

        Yes! We just bought another 10 or so last night at Lowes. I was pretty shocked how cheap they were. Small ones were like $.75, medium were about $1.25, and the large ones were $1.50. We will happily give you as many as you would like… I know Andie will be happy that they aren’t going in the trash. Need any old magazines while you are at it? 🙂

        • Also put any remaining boxes and moving supplies on FreecycleDC. Someone will pick them up from you within 24 hours, guaranteed. People are always looking for moving stuff on there – I’ve actually received boxes for two different moves years apart from the same woman!

        • Terrific! Thank you! This move is REALLY expensive and any little bit helps. Can Dan connect us perhaps? I’m good on magazines, but thx! I’m trying to get rid of stuff, remember? lol!

      • Another place to check is grocery stores for apple & banana boxes–I’ve used them for several moves and they work out great. Sturdy and not too big for carrying.

  • Bear

    Rave: Heading home for dress shopping this weekend with my favorite ladies!
    Potential rant: Bridal salespeople. Hoping they aren’t too ridiculous, I have a low tolerance for saccharine pushiness.

    • Ugh I had some really awful experiences wedding dress shopping, so I hope yours are all wonderful! The best advice I’ve got is to not be afraid to say no and stand your ground, whether it be on the budget or the dress style or color or anything else. Having friends along helps a lot. Good luck!

    • Good luck! And if you get the saccahrine pushiness, just give them the side eye and “well, aren’t you a dear” treatment.

      • Haha, I so was not into wedding dress shopping and found one I really loved on J. Crew’s website. It went on sale around Xmas, I bought it, and it fit! I just need to get it hemmed.

    • PSA to anyone on the market for bridal dresses–check out Brides Against Breast Cancer. They travel to different cities each weekend and sell dresses that have been donated by designers and people who didn’t want to keep their dresses for whatever reason–MUCH cheaper than you’ll find most elsewhere, and proceeds go to their breast cancer foundation, Making Memories. (It’s like make a wish foundation for people with breast cancer)

    • Have fun! I shopped around at a few different places and the salespeople were mostly really helpful. They were quick to realize I wasn’t the kind of bride who wanted to be fussed over like a princess. I ended buying my dress from a very nice, no-nonsense, grandmotherly saleslady who gave me just the right amount of honesty and encouragement. I didn’t enjoy trying on all those dresses, they all look the same after a while, but she made it fun.

    • have fun! bhldn was my saving grace! they were so laid back and not at all “bridal salon” about it, I had one appointment and ended up ordering the dress i waned online, with no problems. good luck!

    • Quotia Zelda

      Good luck! I ended up with a great saleswoman when I bought my dress. She asked me a few questions, then went off and pulled 5-6 dresses, and I loved each one. I actually ended up buying the first dress I tried on.

  • Rave: planning one last date before I sign off the online dating world. Lowest match %. I swear a good (bad) story will come out of this. He appears to be my “type.”
    Rave: going to a show with my meetup group tonight. I love those guys.
    Rave: signed dog up for doggy daycare at City Dogs next week. Anyone have experience with them for daycare and boarding?

    • Looking forward to it! My terrible date from Tuesday was a high match, so maybe low is the way to go!

      • +1 to this. I’ve found that even if we don’t work out, I tend to have more fun with my lower-match dates than dates who are supposedly more similar to me (ugh. does this mean i wouldn’t want to date me if i was someone else?)

      • And by low I mean less than 50% match and quite a bit of incompatibility %. Oh it’ll be interesting. Honestly I wouldn’t date me so I’m going for someone different.

        • Percentages are great, but they can be heavily skewed pretty easily. I like looking for specific questions of interest rather than the percentage alone

  • Rave: Serial is returning this fall! And next Spring! Koenig is speaking at Worlftrap next weekend.
    Rave: when I got to work today the liquid nitrogen truck was here, refilling the tank. All of the liquid nitrogen steam made it like driving through a haunted house, which is an oddly exciting way to start the work day. There was definitely a “wheeeee!!” involved.
    Rant: I’m over a bunch of my sun dresses and need new ones.

    • Check out NY&Co, they (surprisingly) have a LOT of great dresses right now.

    • I desperately want to go sundress shopping!

      • One can never have enough cute sundresses! They’re definitely a weakness of mine…

        • Oh I feel you, I love to buy sundresses. One of my favorites is just so worn out and stretched, that it’s just not working out anymore. And there’s the extremely versatile J Crew strapless one I got at a clothing swap that is just a tad too snug these days. I need to increase the turn over in that part of my closet.

    • GiantSquid

      I just bought two on e-Shakti and can’t wait to see how the fit is. Otherwise, my go-to is Lands End and once in a blue moon, Talbots. All during sales.

  • Rave, I think: Gary is wearing the cone of shame after his “big surgery” and is just the cutest little floppy thing as he regains strength after the surgery. Maybe it’s terrible to think and say this, but there is something so sweet about feeding him from my hand and letting him nuzzle up against me as he heals. He kept wanting to put his two front paws in my hand last night, like we were holding hands. I died.
    Rant: GD is San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area expensive. I just read this morning that even engineers are being priced out of the area. This move feels like financial suicide to me, but maybe I’m just being dramatic. And we’ve already agreed to do it, so I’m not sure we have any choice at this point other than to deal with the consequences of that decision.

  • Rave: next monday, will have job interview for fed job in San Francisco.
    Rant or rave?: it will be a short interview. Not sure if that is a good or bad sign.
    Rave: there are multiple vacancies, so liking my odds.

  • Rave: Today is going so much better than yesterday
    Does anyone have tips to keep running when you’ve overbooked everything? My time management is reaching it’s end and I’m again considering the Everyman Sleep Schedule…

  • Rant: Dove has stopped making the fragrance-free antiperspirant that I’d been using for something like 10 years, changing it to an “unscented” formulation (which, unfortunately, is not the same thing).
    A few months ago (when I thought the Dove fragrance-free was just out of stock rather than discontinued), I’d bought a Sure “unscented” antiperspirant. The first time I opened it, the smell was so rank that I double-checked the label, thinking I’d bought the scented one by mistake. Turns out “unscented” has a “masking fragrance,” and that masking fragrance is BLECH.
    I was having so much trouble finding a fragrance-free alternative at Target, etc. that I ended up having to order one (from Almay) via Amazon. I know many PoPville people use Amazon for toiletries/sundries… but I rarely do, and I’m peeved that such a product isn’t available in stores. Especially as more “free of perfumes, clear of dyes” laundry detergents catch on, I would have thought there would be more fragrance-free cosmetic-type things, not fewer. Grrr.

    • I’d love some recommendations for anti-perspirant/ deodorants that actually work. I’ve tried most of them, and nothing keeps me dry, or even merely damp, in this heat/ humidity. It’s gross. I’m considering the botox route, but I’m afraid of needles.

      • LOL at the botox comment. Is that a thing? It’s the humidity that gets me! I never had this problem when I was living in california.

    • I’m fragrance-phobe in most cases, other than scents made from totally natural ingredients, but like the Secret liquid roll-on in “powder fresh” scent and it’s available at any CVS or Target. (This one: http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Original-Anti-Perspirant-Deodorant-fl-Ounces/dp/B001F51W1K) It smells powdery, but it’s not too aggressively scented, and the liquid goes on very smoothly. For whatever it’s worth, the liquid roll-ons are the standards in Rio de Janeiro, where 90-degree days are pretty common. After living there, I couldn’t go back to the regular sticks.

      • Hmm… will definitely keep this in mind, but after having gone the fragrance-free route, I’m not sure I can go back.
        A while back, I had a travel-size freebie of Secret powder scent (in a solid)… but I stopped taking it on trips because I didn’t like the smell. I decided it was worth the hassle of bringing my regular fragrance-free solid with me, even if it was larger/heavier than ideal.
        I did feel a little better after visiting the Dove product page yesterday and seeing that the first three pages or so of product comments were from people saying “Why did you change this from fragrance-free to ‘unscented’? I can’t use it anymore!”

    • I switched to Toms of Maine for anti-perspirant/deoderant when I got pregnant the first time around. I think they work pretty well–no worse that what I was using before from what I could tell. And the scented options are rather light rather than overpowering.

      • Toms of Maine lover over here! I like their deodorants. I do not use antiperspirants even though Toms makes one because I don’t like using aluminum or whatever is in antiperspirants because they lead to nasty put stains. I’m more into the natural products.

        • I also avoid aluminum and have one by Arm and Hammer that I really like called “fresh” or something. I can’t find it in stores now and will probably have to order more online.

          • My mom and my sister use the arm & hammer one and it smells good. My mom got hooked after she saw/smelled us using it.

        • I’ve never been so smelly as the day I tried Tom’s. It was just like having nothing at all, except with a fake lavender smell. At least it confirmed for me that my usual product works… just not as well as I’d like.

          • I have the lavender and it doesn’t mesh that well with my body chemistry. It happens. I use the floral one. Lots of natural options out there that beat the typical chemical laden stuff.

    • saf

      Tom’s of Maine has a good fragrance free antiperspirant.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: There was the most delightful little boy, maybe 6 or 7, on my train today. He conversed charmingly with the elderly lady next to him and pretty much won the who train car over. I heard several people complimenting his parents on his maturity and good manners.
    Rant: Starting adventures in orthodontia with Littlest Zelda. This won’t be cheap.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: lost b/c I don’t know what to do about the rest of my Thanksgivings.
    Rave: burying one of Grandpa’s broken South-West pots for future archeologists. (I recommend burying all broken dishes in the backyard for the archeologists. Your kids will love it.)
    Rant: those b!tch as women who took his dog tags even though I have his name! Some how Charles got EVERYTHING with Charles’s name, but I don’t get sh!t with my name.
    Rave: Done with that side of the family FOREVER!

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