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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Where and when was the picture taken? I keep meaning to get to a horseshoe crab event, whatever they’re called. And a monarch migration stop, too.

  • Feeling kind of cranky today, so mostly rants…
    Rant: My allergies are KILLING ME. I feel like I can’t even think straight, my head is in such a fog.
    Rant: Somehow managed to gain eight pounds this weekend?! I feel like that’s biologically impossible.
    Rant: Old houses. ‘Nuff said.
    Rant: Back at work after a long weekend.
    And I guess I’ll try to be a little positive…
    Rave: Get to spend the next six weekends straight in DC which I feel like is some sort of record.

    • According to my scale (the same one I always use), I managed to gain 15 pounds in a day two weeks ago. Equally miraculously, I lost all 15 by the following day. I can’t begin to explain what happened, but I offer this as grounds for you to forget about it and assume that all will be well tomorrow.

  • Oh, just remembered: I saw a sinkhole this morning on 15th street NW, just north of Fuller, east side of the street next to the curb. I don’t have a twitter account; does some good citizen want to tweet that to DPW? It’s not huge, obviously. Maybe the size of a basketball, of indeterminate depth.

    • That would be DDOT, not DPW. If you don’t have Twitter you could always call 311 or send an email.

  • Rant: a lot of shooting this weekend.
    Rave: At least we’re not Baltimore where they had 35 shootings and 9 fatalities. #Brightside
    Neither: Given that people are now swarming individual cops with cameras, etc when they try to do basic police work in Baltimore, you can expect less policing in general in that town. Arrests are down by half compared to this time last year.

  • Rave: Spent all day at the pool yesterday, happy summer!!
    Rave: Boy #1 was pretty good about being in touch this weekend despite being out of town
    Rave/Rant: Met a second boy. Completely the opposite of the first. They run in similar circles though so that’s unfortunate?
    Rant: After a year of not meeting anyone interesting I meet two super great guys in the span of two weeks – & of course they know each other. Universe, that was a dick move.
    Rave: A really, really good weekend
    Rave: Went to the RFK Carnival on Saturday afternoon and it was great! Definitely going back in the evening sometime this week!

    • Feast or famine; there is never a perfect dating scenario.

    • This is legit a consistent fear of mine. I went on a date this weekend with a guy who knows my ex-nearly-fiance’s brother. He was mostly cool overall, but I really don’t want the entire eastern seaboard to know my romantic life.

  • Rave: Vacation.
    Rave: Date planned after vacation.
    Rave: Weekend full of good times.
    Rant: Roomie leaving dirty dishes in the sink then going on vacation. She was off the whole week prior. I can’t!

  • Rave: Wonderful and relaxing long weekend.
    Rant: Supervisor wanted to have a talk with me about my apparent lack of enthusiasm right before I left the office for the weekend. I felt like I was called to the principal’s office. Putting on my happy face this week but still feeling weird about it…
    Rant: Family medicial issues, family financial issues.
    Rant: Unauthorized charges on debit card. I only use that card for the ATM and as a backup at CVS and the grocery store if my other card gets locked for some reason. No clue how anyone got the info to use it.
    Rave: Only 2.5 more weeks until I head out for the summer. I can do this.

    • You got this!

    • Unfortunately, it’s not all that uncommon for skimmers to be installed on ATMs 🙁 I hope you can get your money back with not too much hassle! It happens to everyone. There really isn’t much you can do to entirely avoid it, unless you get into the habit of paying for literally everything with cash.

      • Thanks eggs! It’s particularly weird because I only go to the bank ATM inside the bank branch near me… not other ATMs (like the ones on . BUT I suppose it could still happen (although I think they’d catch it). It wasn’t very much money, and there wasn’t much in the account since I only use it for cash, but the inconvenience! Arg.

  • Rant: Today feels like a Monday and then some. Feeling like I Just. Cannot. Deal. today. Hopefully a day cloistered in my office at work will help–although I could really use a day at home by myself to recover.
    Rave: Was lovely to hang out with our friends this weekend. My toddler & theirs got along very well and were very cute together.
    Rant: Chaotic weekend–>goofy sleep schedule for everyone. I need to leave on the early side today so I can get the kiddo home in time for early dinner and a sorely needed bath.
    Rant: Four days with a clingy toddler is EXHAUSTING. I’m beat.
    Rave: It wasn’t gross out this morning like I thought it would be. At least there’s that 🙂

  • Rave: Had an amazing catch-up session with a friend yesterday who was visiting DC for a orientation at her new job.
    Rant: This friend, who is one of the most competent, patient and talented people I know, was fired for her last job for yelling at colleagues who were regularly sexually harassing her. She worked on the trading floor of a major international firm and her team members would say things to her like “we’ve been taking bets on how many fingers we could put inside you.” This makes me so incredibly angry. I hope her new job will be better.
    Rant: 64 items on my to-do list. Up one from last Friday. Can’t even imagine how I’m going to dig myself out of this hole.

    • Your first rant is terrible. Wow. I’m stunned. How the hell is that behavior tolerated? Good for her for standing up for herself, but crap I can’t believe she was fired for it.

      • I can’t believe it either. She told me that she strongly considering suing for a long time, but looked at other cases of women who have sued in similar situations and found (correctly) that the women always lose the lawsuit. Every time. She also works in an incredibly male-dominated industry filled with bro-type guys, so I’m not terribly surprised by the harrassment. But I’m very surprised about the company response.

        • skj84

          Its disgusting that caveman company culture is tolerated in her industry. I understand if she doesn’t want to drag herself into a lawsuit, but its upsetting that she can’t even try. Like any effort she makes will be dismissed.

          • I think she would sue if 1) she hadn’t agreed not to sue as a way of getting 6-months severance (I would have done the same) and 2) if there had been any precedent suggesting she could win the case. I also think she doesn’t want to define herself or her career by this sh-tty experience. It’s just a bad situation all around.

    • Ugh on your rant — that’s disgusting. So they fired her for losing her temper rather than fire the team members for harassing her??

    • Oh my god…that is horrible (re: your friend)! I am assuming her former employer did nothing to stop it? I could not imagine working in an environment like that. I hope she enjoys her new job and that her peers treat her with the respect she deserves.

    • Two words: Labor lawyer.

      • Unfortunately, the standard to prove sex discrimination or sexual harassment is so high. One really does have to consider if it is worth the money and emotional/mental energy to sue or better to just try to move forward with life. It is grossly unfair, but making an effective case is hard, hard, hard.

      • IF she wasn’t in a union, it would actually be two words: employment attorney.

    • skj84

      Holy Crap on your first rant. That shit is not OK. Can she sue for sexual harassment? Or at least whistle blow the company? That behavior should not be tolerated.

    • Oh my god that rant is so upsetting. I can’t even react appropriately to that I’m so shocked
      Good luck with the to-do list. I’ve definitely been there and it was a struggle

    • My jaw just dropped so low that it actually hurt from your first rant. I can’t believe the company’s reaction! If suing isn’t possible, would public humiliation (sending to friends/so’s/parents) work? I guess that could also backfire professionally.

  • I hear you. Small people are hard work. I used to wordlessly hand children off to my husband at the end of a day, and just go to my room and close the door. Just need an hour of NO ONE TOUCHING ME. And this: https: //www.youtube. com/watch?v=aOLxQGLJouI

    • Threading fail. That’s a reply to mtpresident.

      • Thanks. This morning, I was wondering how in hell I’d manage two kids when one is so exhausting. Trying to remind myself that we’ll find a groove and ultimately it’ll become routine–a new routine, but routine nonetheless. Hopefully I’m not deluding myself 🙂

        • Do like my sister and ask some random guy on the street to pick up the second kid and hand it to you.
          Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are that she did that.

          • Ha! Part of me is surprised, and part of me isn’t. But that’s hilarious. Good for your sister 🙂

        • Pablo Raw

          This is a hypothesis that maybe others have tested and confirmed to be true: At some point older kid will help taking care of younger kid and they’ll both play together so you’ll have much more free time.

        • Hang in there, it does get easier. It’s not so much that my older one helps out with the younger ones, but they are all getting to the age now where they are more autonomous, and my oldest just helps me more (with normal things, like chores). Having small ones is just plain hard, but it starts to get much, much easier in just a few years.

  • Rave: I had an awesome, relaxing weekend away.
    Rant: I was only back one day and omg the dishes in the sink! I’m convinced that dishes are like gremlins. You put them in the sink, some water drips on them, and they multiply. Can you tell I don’t have a dishwasher?
    Rave: I made delicious white beans (flavored with the ham bone that’s been waiting in the freezer since Easter). I can’t wait to have it with corn muffins for dinner tonight. Delicious.

    • I swear every time I cook I spend 3x longer doing the dishes than I did cooking. I’m always a little tempted to buy one of those little dishwashers, but where on earth would it live?
      Just more reasons to eat at Julia’s Empanadas.

  • skj84

    Rave: Relaxed weekend. Jazz in the Garden, BBQ, and chilled at home. Made my own Cold Brew. It didn’t come out perfect, but its drinkable.

    Rant: Creepers at clubs. Can I dance with my friend without rando dudes trying to grind on me? Is that too much to ask? Why is this OK behavior?

    Rant: Anxiety is back. Between job hunt, house hunt, and guy stuff, I feel like a weight is on my chest. I need something to go in my favor. I want to go into ostrich mode which will not help me one bit.

    • Probably not going to be a popular thought, but I’ve never had any trouble with guys being too insistent at clubs. Sure, they’ll give it a try, but I’ve never had one NOT back off when I said “not looking for a new friend, thanks.” (Then again, I’m old and wear an obvious wedding ring. So your mileage almost certainly varies.)

      However, I have heard women (usually young ones) lament that no one even tried to get with them at the club.

      • skj84

        They would back off when I made it clear I didn’t want to dance. Its just annoying when someone just slides up on you without even asking.

        • Yeah. I’ve had guys at clubs attempt more physical intimacy (like putting an arm around my waist) than guys I’ve actually been on dates with.

  • emvee

    Rave: Eggs, I went to Lisa at Bubbles on Friday and she was fantastic! Thanks for the recommendation! The bob is back for summer.
    Rant: I tried some Warby Parker frames and just wasn’t feeling any of them.
    Rave: 5k run this morning in still fairly cool weather.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Relaxing weekend, I think I only talked to one person; lots of cleaning and organizing, found a favorite hat that I haven’t seen in a while, found a flash and radio trigger that I had lost!
    Rave: I don’t know who in PoPville recommend me “Silicon Valley”. Thank you, that’s my new favorite show!
    Rave: Re-starting to work out. Slowly but I can already feel it.
    Rave: My ancestors were right, even though I’m not religious, I believe the Sun is god. He-She gives us light, food, Summer and vitamin D that keeps us away from depression.
    Rave: I’m not religious which mean no human sacrifices. Everybody relax.
    Rave: First steps on mini remodeling of my place; I bought wood online. I can’t believe it.

    • Silicon Valley is AWESOME.

    • Pablo Raw

      Another Rave: this weekend I finally learned how to make hard boiled eggs to perfection! I’m totally on my way to cooking domination!!!!

    • Blithe

      Yup. Your ancestors were most definitely right. Can we give them credit for chocolate too?

      • Pablo Raw

        Hahahah yes Blithe! how are you? we need to do another museum walk soon!

        • Blithe

          I’d love to. I’m still planning on doing NMAI on or near the summer solstice, and it would be great to have your company! At some point I want to go the the Library of Congress and the Building Museum to revel in the architecture, and I’m definitely up for other options too!

  • Rant: My yard was looking pretty bare and depressing after I dug up all my orange daylilies, pruned my ailing azaleas down to twigs, and dug up all of my (rhizome-based) irises in order to divide and replant them.
    Rave: Got a good amount of digging/planting/mulching done over the weekend, though not as much as I was hoping to do. I’ve now planted summer-blooming iris bulbs — as well as some “gladiolus nanus” bulbs — where most of the daylilies used to be, and I’ve replanted the rhizome-based irises.
    Rant: Hoping the mail carrier doesn’t damage the just-replanted irises by trying to cut through my yard rather than going down to the sidewalk and up to the next house.

  • Rant: Sort of a waste of a beautiful weekend. Didn’t do much, friends were out of town/busy. Wish my apartment building had a pool I could at least lounge at!
    Rant: I know I need to find more things that make me happy that don’t rely on my social life, beyond reading. I used to be a lot more introverted… Now I really need to keep busy with other people and I just don’t enjoy doing things on my own. Not really the healthiest.
    Question: Trying to find lifeguards for a work event. Reached out to DC Department of Parks and Recreation (Aquatic Facilities) and waiting to hear back; any other ideas? We’ve always used to the same two people in past years since I started, but neither of them can do it this year.

    • Do YMCAs here do life guard training and certification? If so, they might be able to put you in contact with some certified folks.

    • I know a ton of college kids (CUA, AU come to mind) are lifeguards. I would call their gyms and see if the staff knows if they’d like to pick up an extra gig.

    • Blithe

      If you google dc lifeguards a few options pop up including Happy Swimmers.

    • Call the aquatic directors of country clubs with pools. They might have closer relationship with the lifeguards who work for them than someone picking up a phone at DPR, and know who’s looking for extra work.

    • Re: your second rant. I’m in the exact same situation. I’m married now and it definitely has made it even harder for me to feel comfortable doing things on my own, since I just simply haven’t had to in so long now. I used to be so happy just being by myself and doing things on my own…what happened?!

      • Hah yeah, I think between developing a good group of friends the last few years for the first time ever and my really close last relationship it’s made me realize that I prefer being with other people so much more.
        And my married/living with their SO friends aren’t as interested in hanging out since they have someone they can just chill at home with. Whereas I don’t like my roommates and don’t like being home. Ah well!

        • Similar experience for me – formerly a through and through introvert, but transformed into some weird extrovert-hybrid the last few years. One evening a week to do my own thing is really all I need, prefer to spend time with friends the rest of the time. Friends from college still don’t understand this person who they never encountered! I think I’ve just realized that close connections with good people is an important element of adult life.

  • Non-gardening rants/raves:
    Rant: My house has gone feral and needs re-taming.
    Rave: Made some progress last night in house-tidying and receipt-organizing.
    Rave: Kittycat was in a very snuggly mood all weekend.

    • textdoc, do you have a particular system you use for receipt-organizing? This is something I cannot seem to master!

      • I am not very good at sticking to my system, but in theory I keep receipts in chronological order by store, for the stores where I shop a lot and sometimes need to return stuff, and in an “other” category (for restaurants, stores I don’t go to frequently, etc.).
        I got a hold of some old check-filing accordion envelopes a while back, and have been trying to use those for receipt-organizing.

        • Yeah, for a while I was trying to just file everything chronologically by month, keeping receipts in separate envelops for 30-, 60-, and 90-days, and a separate folder for important receipts, but it just got too annoying and it made me feel ocd-ish, trying to calculate if something was really 30 or 60 days old, and realizing it would never be perfect, so for now, most of my receipts are crammed in a small plastic bin under my bed!

          • Yeah, the 30/60/90-day thing sounds like it’d be hard to keep up with, especially because on any given day you could have multiple receipts needing to be moved from one category to the next.
            I’ve also taken to writing at the top of a receipt (in pen) the date of purchase (some stores print it at the bottom of the receipt, which is annoying) and the deadline for returning stuff for a refund. This helps when the original receipt is hard to read or if the print fades.
            I probably do more buying and returning than I should… but sometimes it’s hard to know in advance what I need, what’s going to work, etc.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Multiple birthday celebrations with wonderful friends. I love having my birthday on a holiday that’s an introduction to summer.
    Rave: Fresh honey roasted peanut butter. I never got the cookie butter thing. This stuff though, is freaking yummy.
    Rave: Hung out in a garden for hours, hung out on a deck for hours, and the mosquitoes didn’t eat me. This feels like a miracle!
    Rave: Hygge.

  • Rave: Short week.
    Rant: The dog owner who twice let her off-leash dog make a 50 yard beeline for my leashed, not-so-friendly dog yesterday in Meridian Hill park without even trying to call her dog back. I sarcastically told her she is an amazing dog owner. Her insult and reply was pretty funny but just leash your dog. Mine only barks/lunges. Some day, one will bite.

    • Did you see the long post a few weeks ago about off leash dogs in Meridian Hill Park? Those dog owners need to be fined more often. I also have a dog who barks and lunges at other dogs while on leash. Good that nothing bad happened when that dog came running to your dog. I think mine would go for a bite.

  • Rave: Dating someone who is not what I would consider my usual type is working out very, very well. Good to keep an open mind.

  • This weekend was great, surprisingly so. Very busy though.

    Props to business owners who play music on the side walks — you make my life more lively and dancey!

  • RANT: So yesterday while leaving the grocery store, I was informed that a childhood acquaintance of mine moved into my “sister” apt building. -_- I wanted to cry. I was also told that about 12 of our dear middle school/high school classmates were enjoying themselves on the rooftop. Why on earth did she have to chose my part of town? Out of all the places in the city? I moved to get away from those ppl. How? why? I’m sad
    Rave: I had fun yesterday.
    Rant: My boyfriend’s ex girlfriend is an unhappy person. She needs a hug.
    Rave: This coffee is pretty spectacular
    Rave: I’m going to eat lunch outside.
    Rave: Happy Short Work Week Popville!

    • If it’s your “sister” apartment building, it’s not actually your building, right? So will you really run into her that often?

      • Oops, I didn’t phrase that well. Was aiming for reassuring (“you probably won’t run into her that often”).

        • I pray that I don’t. And your right, it could be worse, she could have moved into my actual building. Cruse the thought. lol Thanks for reassuring me. 🙂

    • I grew up half way around the world, and I run into old classmates and acquaintances in DC too. I can only imagine if you grew up in VA or MD, you’d run into old classmates.

      • Yes. Its inevitable. I grew up in Maryland and cannot go to a restaurant in Maryland DC or Virginia without knowing someone. I used to think it was cool but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become a bit anti. (social) sigh.

        • Most of mine stayed in my hometown in Virginia, thank god. They still think DC is a scary, gross place. Works for me since I’d prefer not to run into about 90 percent of them!

          • Lucky you. That was my dream! I too once thought DC was scary. lol

          • Same. So many friends from HS haven’t gone any further than a town or two over from where we grew up. When I told them I lived in DC, they looked at me like I said I lived in a war zone.

  • Rant: friends I tech set-up broke up this weekend. one did not see it coming and is crushed. Good thing I am good at cheering people up.
    Neither: over online dating. zero motivation to meet people. talk to me in the Fall. I might change my mind.
    Rant: rain this week. boo.
    Rave: outdoor movie season!

    • Wait, you can’t stop dating until the Fall because that means we won’t get to hear any additional dating stories!

      • Sorry to disappoint my fans. I could still date but not online date. Sometimes I think I go on iffy dates just to see how things to turn out and if I can at least get a free drink and a good story out of it.

  • Rave: excellent weekend and I didn’t kill anyone.
    Rant: my mother still isn’t sure she can consistently answer her new phone. Ugh.
    Rave: nice seeing friends and having a good catch up yesterday.
    Rant: I’m not feeling like myself. I feel better, basically fine, but not like me. I bailed early last night because I felt so thrown off.
    Rave: hauled out the bike for the first time in a while. The penny in your pants thing really works.

  • Rant: having 3 days to find a job placement or get stuck in district heights.
    Rant: coworkers who should have retired years ago who are taking their issues out on everybody else.
    Rave: 3 day week
    Rave: 20 days left of school!
    Rave: all my traveling!

  • jim_ed

    Rave: Had perfect weather at the Nats game friday, got there early, baby was well behaved throughout, and even met some cool Phillies fans who sat next to us and bought me a beer.
    Rave: Overall a great Memorial Day weekend visiting my parents. Even the white trash jamboree that is my extended family didn’t ruin it this year. Now that our daughter is ambulatory, my dad is taking much more interest in spending time with her, which is so much fun to watch.
    Rant: My parents guest room contains the worlds most uncomfortable mattress, which is also only a full-size, and at one point contained me and my wife, our daughter, and the dog. No one gets any sleep on these trips.
    Rant: Tons of violence in the neighborhood while we were gone. Two shootings within a 5 minute walk of the house during robberies? Ugh.

    • palisades

      Another amazing Scherzer start. Another Bryce bomb. Desi heating up. I’d say you definitely chose a good game.

    • We were there for Stras’s game on Saturday. Beautiful day, but terrible game. At least we were with good friends and had a fun time regardless 🙂

  • Neither rave nor rant: anyone going to awesome con this weekend?

    • skj84

      Debating. I really want to attend the Pond Family reunion.

      • Karen Gillen cancelled. And the remaining two are $370!!

        • Oh well that makes me feel a lot better about not having shelled out stupid amounts of money for that now lol

        • skj84

          Ah, boo! Well that answers that question!

          • Will be present all 3 days! Maybe I’ll dress up as Karen G and can pretend to be Amy for various photo ops.

          • Carmie – report back here next week as to whether it was worth it! We had a really awful time last year, but I’ve heard that they did a LOT of work to fix all the issues they had then. I’d be open to it next year if they really did fix their problems.

          • Yeah, last year was weird, but it was also a first year for them. It worked out really well for me bc pretty much everyone I knew went. I think fewer of my friends are going this year (largely bc of last year) but I’ll fill y’all in!

    • I really want to based on the guests, but the pricing combined with my experience last year…it’s not going to happen this year. I’d really want to pay for the Doctor Who VIP but it’s insanely priced.

  • Rant: Why do people act to weird when they encounter a new person on the job? I get it, you’ve never seen a black female do statistical work before but damn. I don’t need to be yelled at, stared at, or asked a million questions about my educational background and family. This is the 3rd job I’ve been on where this has happened.
    Rave: the weather.
    Rave: my birthday is tomorrow and my mother is coming to help me celebrate.

    • And don’t forget the fake co-workers who choose to speak or smile only when THEY want to when they pass you in the hall or on a elevator. And don’t forget the sidebar emails that they send between themselves that are all about discussing the new gal and not a word about business and the work at hand. Oh corporate America, it’s a real live trip.
      BTW: Happy Birthday!

  • Bear

    Rave: Finished the b*tch of a proposal that has been making me miserable lately. Now trying to get back to normal life where I have time to see friends, hang out with my fiance without complaining about proposal stuff, planning my wedding, and sleeping.
    Rant: Word is there’s another one in the pipeline. I have GOT to get out of this group before that comes through. VP wants to talk this week, hoping there are options for me.

  • DC Driving Test – I’ve heard it’s really easy – just pull out of the spot, go around the block or so and pull back in – any intel? I’m a late bloomer in the driving department and taking lessons, but my type A self is already freaking out.

    • What you’ve heard is right. The test is just a little trip around the neighborhood. I wasn’t ever asked to park – parallel or otherwise, other than the stop the car at the end of the test. If you want to look like an overachiever and set a good tone, you can check your side- and rear view mirrors again when the test administrator gets in the car to show that you’re conscientious. Otherwise, just follow directions and you should be fine.

    • Fellow late bloomer here (I just got my license in November and I’m 28). I got my license in VA but friends have told me it’s about the same. The road test was super easy. In fact, as I’ve ranted on here before, after 5 driving lessons and passing the test I still don’t really feel like I know how to drive. :-/
      Good luck! If I can do it, anyone can! 🙂

      • Are you the person I offered to take highway driving or was that Shawess? If not, I’ll offer, and if so, offer stands.

        I’ve taken my mother out for all sorts of situational driving lessons…highway, lane changing, day, night, etc, and the amount of stuff she didn’t learn is shocking. For example, she didn’t know the lower the speed the sharper the curve. We have avoided any true near misses, so I’ll consider myself a pretty good teacher.

  • Another rant, which I think you may agree deserves it own separate post. Last week I saw a group of police officers hanging out near the northeast corner of City Market at O, and I said hi to them and told them it was good to see them there. They asked why — was there a problem they should know about? — and I said that as they probably know, there had been two shootings nearby in the last month and it was good to see that they were keeping an eye on the neighborhood. One of the officers replied that I didn’t have anything to worry about [note: presumably he meant as a white lady] because “they are just shooting each other.” I’m still kicking myself for not asking if he was implying that black lives don’t matter.

    • WOW is right.

    • Ally

      I’d assume (hopefully, anyway), that he meant gang on gang or criminal on criminal action. Not that that’s okay either, but would be much less offensive than if they were implying race.

      • +1 but still startling.

      • This is exactly why I wish I had asked – it would have been useful to clarify that the comment wasn’t just racist. That said, I think it’s pretty bold to assume that I was only concerned about my own safety when I made my comments. It’s disconcerting that -anyone- is getting shot.

    • Ugh, that is awful. And even if it is gang on gang violence, that is a crap attitude for the police to take. It is still their job to stop the shootings. And white or not, you could still get caught in the crossfire.

  • Rave: Took Friday off post-big work event and did a lot of good stuff for me. First manicure/pedicure since October, went to the movies solo, bought some new summer clothes.
    Rave: Spent Sunday afternoon at our friends’ house, grilling out, watching an outdoor movie with the kids, introducing them to their first s’mores.
    Rant: Said friends are moving to Arizona for work and we are heartbroken. Our daughter and their son have been together since they were four months old (four years old now) and we’ve become such great friends. They’ll be back in DC within the next few years and I know we’ll visit them, but man, we’ll miss them!

  • Also, since I appear to be thinking a lot about social justice today and have no qualms about multiple postings, can we discuss the case of the woman at Columbia University who carried her mattress around campus all year to protest the administration’s handling of her rape accusation? Do you think the administration and the people involved handled the situation correctly?

    • skj84

      I think the administration dropped the ball. Completely.

    • After I read some NYT articles on the subject a while ago, my feeling was that universities are ill-equipped to adjudicate this kind of thing and that they should refer these cases to law enforcement rather than trying to handle them internally.

      • I don’t think they like doing that though, since then it can get into the media. I went to a school where the administration cared more about proper handling than image, but our neighboring college had a lot more issues and they swept things under the rug all the time.

    • I think that at no point did they handle it correctly, especially when the president refused to shake her hand. And agreed that universities aren’t equipped to handle criminal matters, so I’m not sure why they are still allowed to.

    • If you get a chance and want to get really disheartened about college sexual assault- try to find a screening of ‘The Hunting Ground.’ Goes into a ton of detail about how victims are mistreated, statistics are manipulated, frats save/make universities money, and how almost impossible it is to actually get a case prosecuted appropriately through the college system.

      It’s by the same people who directed/produced the also amazing/horrible ‘The Invisible War,’ which is about military sexual assault.

      /sorry, partner works in the SJ/sexual assault field

  • topscallop

    Rave: my vacation was great, a combination of relaxing and seeing and trying new things. I feel refreshed and ready to get back to work. I instagrammed the hell out of my trip and if that makes me basic, I don’t care 🙂 Also I bought some beautiful Berber rugs and I’m looking forward to figuring out where in my house to put them.
    Rave: Same as always when I return from vacation – I’m looking forward to cooking for myself, getting back into my workout routine, and sleeping in my own bed (Moroccan beds are HARD)
    Rant: shootings in Shaw. It’s scary how easy it would be to get caught in a crossfire or drive by (not that the person who was shot did anything wrong or to deserve it, of course!)
    Rant: online dating makes me feel shallow, but also like everyone else on there is also shallow. not good for the psyche, that.

    • Unless you’re only picking out the hunks and babes (6 pack having types), I’d think you probably just have standards which are a good thing. Attraction of all sorts have to happen for it to work, and obviously, every person cannot work for every other person.

  • First day back in the office after two awesome weeks over in Europe! She said yes!
    Already getting stressed out about wedding stuff, who knew you had to pick colors?

    • Congrats!! So glad it went well 🙂
      I’ll let you in on the most important thing I learned while planning my wedding: you do NOT have to do ANYTHING when it comes to getting married. Other than sign the paperwork and get legally married, that is. I didn’t pick colors, you definitely don’t have to do that. You also don’t have to have a theme, a bridal party, a day-after brunch, a welcome party/BBQ/whatever, favors, a plated dinner/buffet, etc etc. Focus on what’s important to you and your fiancee and what you want to spend your money on. Good luck!

      • Hooray and best wishes to you both! I agree with eggs — it’s your wedding and you can choose exactly what you do and don’t want to do. We didn’t have colors either and I don’t regret that for a second.

        • Echo what others have said. You don’t HAVE TO do anything…it’s your wedding. You’ll still get lots of unsolicited advice–you HAVE to have a videographer and it’s TOTALLY WORTH $6,000! (Ugh not IMO). People ask us all the time if we’re stressed out, still have tons of stuff to do, etc. Honestly, it wasn’t stressful for us at all and we had 80 percent of the wedding planned in a month.

      • All that said, while you don’t HAVE to do it – an open bar sure is nice (if you can afford it).

    • Congrats! And you don’t have to pick wedding colors or a theme. I highly recommend reading the book A Practical Wedding. It has kept me sane!

      • Well, he does have to do these things if she wants that sort of wedding (or he has to learn the art of marital negotiations early).

    • Ally

      Aw, congrats!!

    • congrats!
      re: colors…..you don’t have to pick them, in fact I purposefully crossed vendors off my list who got judgmental when I told them I didn’t have “colors” and that the “theme” was a wedding…..just stick to your tastes and you’ll be fine 🙂

      • Thanks everyone for the warm wishes! Yeah my fiance (!) got a book from one of her best friends and it’s really detailed and organized in the sense that it lists the things that we should check off by a certain amount of time. So there’s some organization to it.

    • Congrats! I echo what everyone else has said- just do it your way. If you do want colors, you can also just be really vague. My colors were “fall-like” (November wedding) and I had a friend who just had bright colors.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: We got a dog! Winston Leblanc is the cutest little fluff of a Corgi.
    Rave: Bazile Lanneau is wary but curious.
    Rant: Magnolia Delacroix is pissed as hell.
    Rant: Realllllly contentious meeting at work this morning. My boss seems unable to hear the consistent message coming from every member of the staff.
    Rant: F-ing Socrates.

  • Rave: Wonderful long weekend. Didn’t do too much, but still got out to the pool and did some grilling.
    Rant: Do NOT want to be at work. At all.
    Rave: Short work week!
    Rant/Rave: Talking with a close friend all morning about our planned move to FL in a few years…and now all I can think about is moving to FL and buying a beautiful affordable house and beach times every weekend.

  • Ally

    Rant: After having to have our sweet cat with cancer euthanized last Tuesday, we unbelievably had to euthanize a second cat yesterday (took her to the vet Saturday because she suddenly stopped eating, diagnosed with kidney failure, spent $2,000 having the 24 hour hospital do all that they could for 3 days, only to, in the end, have to euthanize her too). So, quite a long week. I’ve informed my remaining two pets (a tomcat and a rabbit) that neither is even allowed to sneeze for at least a year.
    Rave: I can’t help but assume life has to calm down from what it’s been this previous week.
    Rave: Totally unrelated, but this did provide us with some joy during an awful weekend: Alton Brown’s recipe for Refrigerator Pie (it’s basically a quiche with leftovers from the fridge). Turned out amazing,

    • Ally

      I should note that, when the vet saw I was 8 months pregnant and my husband informed her that we were having to euthanize our second pet in a week, she broke down crying too. Vets are nice folks. The ones up at Friendship Animal Hospital took care of her as best they could.

      • Oh man–I’m so sorry to hear about all of this. So so hard. 🙁

        • Ally

          Thanks. We’re doing okay. In some ways there was a weird benefit to both happening in the same week. I think we were still stunned from Tuesday, so the weekend was mostly a blur.

      • Ally

        Thanks, Guys. Appreciate the warm thoughts. Sometimes you just have bad weeks, and at least our little furbies aren’t in any pain any longer. Next up, though: A pet rock.

    • Oh no, I am so sorry!!!

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. That almost exact scenario happened to us with our first dog (the sudden kidney failure, $$$ at an emergency vet, and realizing there was nothing they could do) so my heart absolutely breaks for you.

    • So sorry to hear about ]your loss, esp. with it coming unexpectedly and so close to the first.

    • I’m sorry Ally, that’s a really terrible loss.

    • That is absolutely terrible! I’m so sorry. I can’t even imagine. 🙁

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: 300 workout.
    Rant: 300 workout.

  • Rave: Short week; vacation to my family’s house on Martha’s Vineyard starting on Thursday!

    Rant: None (see Rave :-))

  • Rave: Enjoyed the half marathon on Sunday. The start was delayed by 30 minutes which through off my hydration/nutrition/inhaler plan a bit but no major issues.
    Rant: My parents are staying downtown to celebrate their 30th anniversary in early June. I’ve been trying to call the hotel to arrange surprise room service and my dad keeps switching hotels.
    Rave: Finally booked a mini vacation at a resort in Charlottesville since we now have new time constraints and wanted to stay fairly close. I’m glad we finally picked something. The inability to stick to a travel plan must run in the family.

  • Rant: What is wrong with ANC 1D? Looks like the same commissioner who tried to stop the Mt. P Farmers Market (because he thinks it’s racist — not kidding) is now trying to overhaul how the ANC deals with permits for Lamont Park and waive the fee to reserve the plaza for commissioners (???!?!!!). This guy has loud annoying concerts there that he plans there himself occasionally, so presumably this is all so he can annoy neighbors for free.

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