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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Recommendation request: I’ve got a laptop bag with 2 busted zippers (on the track but doesn’t close the zipper). I tried fixing it myself the other day through some youtube tutorials but all I got were sore hands and a broken zipper. Does anyone know a luggage repair place in dc, preferably around dupont or near union station, that could fix it for around 10$? (More than that I’ll just get a new bag, I suppose)
    Rant: carrying a laptop in a laptop bag with two broken zippers
    Rave: a three day weekend!
    Rant: …to do about 20 hours of overtime thanks to a really terrible client.

    • That One Guy

      +1 on the zipper recommendation. I too am in need of a place to have some zippers (for a jacket) repaired.

      • I have heard great things about Philip’s Shoe Repair, in Petworth on Upshur Street. Haven’t been there yet, but I have a coat with a missing zipper pull that I’ve been meaning to take there.

        • That One Guy

          Philip is great, but wish the prices were posted somewhere so that they don’t feel so arbitrary. I’ve only taken shoes to have fixed up so don’t know if he does zippers. Also, Remember he only takes cash so have some on hand.

    • My gut feeling is that two busted zippers are going to cost you more than $10.
      There’s a place that does luggage repair a block or so north of the Avalon, just off Connecticut Avenue NW near the D.C.-Maryland border. (I can’t remember the name.)

    • Anyone have a suggestion on a place for replacing wheels on luggage? How much would it cost?
      The suitcase is still in good shape but the wheels are falling apart (it’s two main wheels for a carry-on sized roller bag). I actually really like this bag because it’s just a bit larger than the official carry-on size but no one can really tell. I’ve never been forced to pay at the gate to check it in.

      • I’d try the place I mentioned near the Avalon. I took a UK-made rolling bag there when one of the wheels go stuck. They couldn’t fix it because they didn’t have the right kind of replacement wheel, but I got the impression that they’d be able to fix problems that were less nonstandard.

      • Most rolling bag wheels these days are just cheap roller blade type wheels. If you can figure out how to pop the busted wheel off the bag (no easy feat, i know), you should be able to find a replacement with the same dimensions inexpensively

  • jack5

    Sorry I missed the follow-up from Wednesday, I figured it was too late in the day to post.

    Rant: I have no idea on how to contribute to relationship advice because after 40 years I still have no idea how it all works… I just like that early feeling you get when there is a strong attraction and urge to get to know someone (when they have the same enthusiasm as you) and that first 3 weeks is amazing, (usually until week 4, when relationship inconvenience and personal baggage resurfaces)… 😛

    Rave: It’s Friday! Happy Friday everyone! hopefully the weather holds up well for the 3 day weekend! (Sorry if you’re not on a 3 day weekend)

    Rave: I’m really having fun running on Beach Drive and Sligo Creek trails… They’re close to home and shaded by the trees, it just feels a lot more natural than running around a high school track in the sun, and there’s plenty of space for bicyclists to pass without most saying “on your left” (that’s quite annoying to conscious joggers.

    Rave: Work from home days are cool, I’m not used to them after so many years of slaving in the office 5 days a week. I really think it’s a pseudo vacation day because no one really gets anything done except for conference calls. Meh…

    • Anonynon

      hahah your first rant…spot on.

    • On your rant: you hit the nail on the head with the 3 weeks of bliss when dating someone new. I’m in my 20s so I expect relationships to be messy and confusing at this point in life. Does it not get better as we age? I don’t think I can handle this for another decade.

      • What?! It’s only 3 weeks before the excitement fades for you? Wow, the honeymoon/excitement phase in my relationship lasted like 6 months. Even now after two years I sign onto gchat every morning and wait for my fiancee to come online so I can chat her! And that’s after just seeing her at the house 30 minutes before that. LOL.

        • I”m not the only one, see OP and Anonymous. Again, you’re probably the exception not the rule. This is more than likely when dating someone completely new, and you’re still figuring them out. After a month, you get a sense of who they really are, and then decide if it’s worth pursuing.

          • Anonynon

            That is a different honeymoon phase. There is the initial 3 weeks where you see if theres long term potential, the first 3 weeks seem great (but then eventually theres questions that need to be answered, it seems most the time things just fizzle out) or you can become a ‘thing’. Then after 6 months the new official relationship honeymoon phase ends, life continues though 🙂

          • Then I guess I see that differently than the excitement fading. It sounds like you weigh the pros and cons and there end up being too many cons so you stop pursuing/dating.

          • Yup, it’s great in the first few weeks when you’re trying to really impress someone. Then after a while true colors show, and you have to decide if it’s worth continuing. If you say no, then maybe the excitement faded or you figured the person is just not right for you.

        • phl2dc

          That’s so sweet!

        • I hear you! First thing I do when I get into the office is fire up Gchat so I can chat with my wife, who I just saw an hour ago at the breakfast table. And we’ve been together for a loooooong time.

        • jack5

          That’s because you found the right person @ParkViewRes! I haven’t been so lucky yet… 😛

        • I’m with ParkViewRes. I’ve been with my husband for more than 4 years and my favorite parts of the day are waking up next to him and seeing him when we both get home at night. I still enjoy getting to know him. Yes there is some inconvenience and personal baggage, but I think that is inevitable. People are human and life has ups and downs. I think that in good relationships, both people have to be aware that the other person -will- be imperfect and part of what makes you a couple is working though inconvenience and baggage together. The toughest part is finding a person who will work with you on your own baggage and whose baggage you want to take on.

          • Your last sentence is amazing and I hope I have a relationship like yours someday. I think I tend to appear closed-off or not into someone because I’m scared of sharing my own baggage which then devolves into not even dating in the first place.

          • anonforthistoo, I think being closed off is reasonable, especially early in a relationship. It’s the people who assume that the other person should be perfect, or think that they themselves are perfect, or want the relationship to exist in a friction-less world are the ones who may have trouble making meaningful connections, not the people who are cautious about sharing their baggage.

        • Still feel like I’m in the Honeymoon phase and its nearly 2 years later.

          • +1 me too. I think we were in the true honeymoon phase for the first 10 months or so of dating but three years in and we still gchat right away at work every day and look forward to hanging out at home every night. There’s just the occasional “you need to do your dishes” thrown in. 🙂

      • jack5

        Haha, it only gets worse as you age if you don’t find someone who works early on…

        I’m realizing I let the right one go about 3 times in my late 20’s… my 30’s were a relationship “dead zone” (in terms of finding someone I was into, and in terms of being available for dating) and now at 40 I’m just beginning to see dating as an interesting (and possible) thing again, now that I’ve witnessed real outcomes of most marriages I’ve held in high esteem.

        Good luck! 😛

        • Motivation to get moving now. I am 100% I have not let the right one go at this point. All duds. I’m assuming you’re a male in your 40s. The odds are in your favor as opposed to women in their 40s. Good luck out there!

          • The numbers do thin out as you get older, and the baggage does get a little heavier (divorces, kids, heaviness,etc). It isn’t all bad either. You should mature as you get older. Other people will get more interesting as they get older (through experiences and hobbies). They also get more mature. Improving communication skills to figure out how to better manage personal histories can help immensely. Glean as many lessons from prior relationships as possible. Branching out into new communities can help a lot too (hobbies). I got into social dancing, and dated a couple of lovely women in their 30s (it didn’t work out, but that was on me, not them). Based on anecdotal experience, I would use online dating as a last resort, and be selective as hell.
            A good friend pointed out to me that the only constant in all of my failed relationships was me. It took a while to sink in, but it made me much more thoughtful in how I approached relationships.

        • I think things as far as relationships go are very different at different stages. I also think it’s interesting coming from the perspective of being labeled the one that got away. I have apparently earned this title from three different men – two in my 20s, one in my 30s. I only agreed with one of them that what we had actually was something special, we were just too young to be successful and our time has passed. The other two? I really honestly don’t know what they were thinking.

          • jack5

            Money is the #1 reason why problems pop-up in relationships… I’m glad now that at 40 my life is a lot more stable and wiser… I was a total idiot with money in my earlier years. I have an open mind as far as age goes when dating, and I can be a very giving person, but I am a bit guarded, and I do run for cover when I encounter women that have tough brick walls or when they appear to not be reciprocators in terms of caring and/or always wanting me to pay for everything.

          • Hmmm. Money can be a major issue in relationships, but honestly I think it boils down more to trust and honesty. Usually when money becomes an issue, the real underlying factor is trust/honesty.

        • Re: “real outcomes of most marriages I’ve held in high esteem”
          I’m seeing this a lot the last year or two personally…and I’m only heading into my late 20s 🙁 It really makes me nervous about my own marriage sometimes, but I like to think we learn from those friends.

        • That sound pretty spot on with my experience, too!

  • palisades

    Rave: Chincoteague for the long weekend with the girlfriend and friends. Weather forecast is looking perfect. So excited to get out of here for a few days.

    • palisades

      Additional Rave: NPR Listening Tour thing at the headquarters last night. Got to meet Audie Cornish. Super cool lady.

      • Nice! How does one go about doing that tour?

        • palisades

          Oh I should have expanded on that. The Listening Tour was this 30 day trip that a couple of NPR people took around the country, meeting with radio stations, and discussing music and all that fun stuff. DC was their last stop. NPR had an event to celebrate the end of the trip and they had panel discussions. It was interesting. The building is amazing too.

          • Ahh, OK… so the NPR folks were the ones touring.
            How did you find out about the end-of-tour event — did they mention it on NPR?

          • I saw this on the NPR website. NPR has free events that you can get tickets for hosted in NPR Studio 1. You can track their events on twitter too: https://twitter.com/npr_studio1

          • palisades

            My roommate knows a guy that knows a guy. That’s about the extent of my knowledge. I was just there for free food, booze, and meeting Audie Cornish.

          • My comment didn’t make it! I posted a link to the NPR Studio 1 twitter. They host free events at NPR and you just have to sign up to get free tix to guarantee entry to the event. Look up NPR Studio 1 and you should be able to follow the events they host and grab tickets.

  • Rave: margarita wars was a blast
    Rant: maybe too much of a blast for a Thursday evening…
    Revel: got to try Bonchon chicken for the first time. SO good!

    • Oh, additional rave: Jazz in the Garden starts tonight!

    • That One Guy

      Did you get both types of chicken and which did you like better? Did you try the white radish?

      • I can’t handle too much spicy, so I stuck with soy garlic. I didn’t try the white radish, but I did get my own side of fries which I nearly polished off. All the food was great!

  • Rave: Had a blast at Margarita Wars with AJNE and a couple other friends! Tried some really tasty things (and some definite misses).
    Rant: oh god why wasn’t it on a weekend. this morning has been a struggle.
    Rave: Went to Bon Chon after, which I haven’t been to in ages.
    Rant: …. I need to go again, at a time when I can actually remember eating it.
    Rant: Missed the PoPville happy hour!
    Rave: Long weekend ahead, hooray!!

    • What were the best ones? I wanted to go so badly but the weather kept me away. I love margs and am always looking for a good place to get them!

      • The hits: the smoky pomegranate margarita (can’t remember where from), the Alejandra (regular margarita with cucumber drops) from El Camino, and the floral margarita from Room 11 were my favorites! I might go back to Room 11 just to get that margarita, it was so good.

      • We were trying to keep the best ones in mind at the beginning but after a while we sort of failed with that, it was too loud and crowded to check what was in them and who they were from. We also didn’t manage to make it to all the tastings… I would’ve been on the floor if we did.

        One of my favorites that I remember clearly was a smokehouse margarita. It had smoked pomegranate syrup, cinnamon, and paprika. I don’t like spicy things, but it wasn’t too much and it was really delicious – and great with the cold, wet weather.

        Also just lots of good fruity or mint and cucumber-y ones. There was a cilantro one I really didn’t like, despite liking cilantro, and something with avacado in that I was also not a fan of.

        • lol I just wanted to know what restaurants/bars were worth going to based on what they produced! I’m a marg purist though so maybe I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Just give me a well-made original margarita on the rocks (no sale! I know I know…) and I’m happy. No sweet-n-sour, no sour mix, just fresh squeezed limes and tequila and simple syrup and maybe a little triple sec.

          • Ahh yeah I didn’t to as good of a job remember that, AJNE was much better at it up there. I need to figure out where the pomegranate one was from. And yeah, a lot of them were quite fancy/experimental, though there were some more traditional ones.

          • Oops I meant “no salt”

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Hate it when I get the feeling that I’m tasting dish soap in food/beverages like someone didn’t rinse out a cup or whatever food was cooked in well and there’s still soap residue.

    Baked & Wired coffee tastes funny to me today.

  • Rave: THIS WEATHER. Especially when you compare it to yesterday
    Rave: Had a crazy wonderful night with friends I’ll be seeing a lot less of in coming weeks. Bittersweet
    Rant: Best friend’s birthday in NYC tonight. Not going because I found out too late and Memorial Day travelling is my least favorite. But still very tempted to somehow bite the bullet and find a way up
    (Funny in an unfortunate way: the guy from earlier this week is actually driving up to New York for a friends bach party, wish we were at a spot where I could just ask him for a ride since that would be the most convenient)
    Rave: Three day weekend and getting let out early today! Don’t have any plans but maybe that’s for the best?
    Rant: Still haven’t heard from the guy. Not even a text since Monday. So there’s that I guess.

  • Rave: Leaving at 2:30 today! because…
    Rant: Worked 10 hours the last two days. But it’s worth it for an early start to the weekend!
    Rave: Cookout tonight with some good friends!
    Rave: Not much planned for the long weekend, so ready to just relax and hang out by the pool since it’ll be opening (!!!)

  • Rave: The weather is Just Right, and it’s supposed to be nice on Saturday too.
    Rave: Good chance of early dismissal from work today.
    Rave: Small but nice unofficial PoPville happy hour last night.

  • Rave: Just sent $200 to the Girl, in Marseille, with specific instructions that it be used on a blowout meal and nothing sensible. Sometimes its fun being the dad, even when it’s expensive.
    Rant: Not in Marseille which — oddly — is a major romantic touchstone with the Girlfriend. “We’ll always have Marseille.”
    Questions for veteran Berlin/Prague travelers: Are these cirties like Paris, in that, if you arrive in late August, they’re overrun with tourists and half the pace is closed up?
    Question for you young whippersnappers: If you’re in your mid-50s but have avoided that suburban sort of vibe (to the extent possible — 15 years of PTA meetings takes its toll) all of our parents gave off at that age, can you go to bizarre and fashionable Berlin nightclubs without looking too out of place or being mistaken for the cops?

    • “can you go to bizarre and fashionable Berlin nightclubs without looking too out of place or being mistaken for the cops?”
      It’s totally fine. You’ll definitely be in the minority, but lots of older clubber types (think: ad agency creatives, artists, journos, etc.) still hit the clubs in Berlin. That said, it’s waaaaay different than clubbing in places like Paris or Geneva, where looking like a rich old guy is the norm. You got to look the part in Berlin, otherwise you won’t get in.

      • The Girfriend is very thin, has laser eyes and Warhol white hair. I told her all she needs to do is wear her sunglasses and everyone we’ll assume that she does avant-garde installations for pop-up art galleries in bad neighborhoods. I’ll just hand around and try to look like an semiotics professor or something.

    • Age ain’t nothing but a number, Irving Streete. Just make sure to dress the part not like A Night at the Roxbury or anything though.

    • Are you looking to get into Berghain? 😉

      • He might actually have a better chance than the younger, all-black wearing American tourists from Brooklyn. Sven likes variety. Be creative and be yourself.

        • I heard recently about some guy who DJ’d there and then was denied entry a few weeks (or maybe it was even a few days?) later.

          • Felix da Housecat. According to Resident Advisor gig history, he’s played there. He’s not Berghain’s type of music. He usually plays at Prince Charles, which is a bit more mainstream.
            factmag. com/2015/02/21/felix-da-housecat-denied-entry-berghain-unleashes-rant-twitter/

          • Edit – he’s NEVER played there. Gah.

          • I don’t remember who the DJ in question was, but I don’t think it was Felix da Housecat.

      • (Now that I’ve Googled it) How can we not be?

    • On Prague: I can’t speak as to late August, but when I was there in early August several years ago, it didn’t seem overrun or closed up.

    • German states do the sensible thing and stagger their summer vacations, so not everyone is leaving or coming back at the same time. This year, kids in Berlin (and surrounding Brandenburg) will return to school on August 28; those in Cologne will return as early as August 11, those in Munich as late as September 14.

  • I’m so exhausted from this week that I can’t even get excited about the long weekend.
    It’s not going to be hot enough to really enjoy the pool tomorrow.
    I developed allergies in my old age, and it’s as if they’re making up for lost time.
    I don’t have any books I want to read right now.
    I’m cranky.
    Maybe if someone recommends something fluffy for me to read? I like historical fiction, moderate sci-fi/ fantasy, and really, lots of different genres, provided it’s well-written. And above all, no stories involving rape or violence against children or torture or desperate mental illness or true crime. Seems like so many of our modern authors have fallen back on shock and horror and misery to demonstrate how Very Serious they are. I just want a nice story.

    • Speaking of trashy romance novels, this is why I read them. (And some are well written if you know what authors to look for).
      For sci fi/fantasy (with a dash of history) maybe try the Temeraire books? They’re pretty straightforward adventure tales, with some political intrigue but not much violence or heavy Game of Thrones type stuff. And if you like the first one there are a bunch in the story.

      • If you like smutty romance, but need believable characters and decent writing, I recommend Sherry Thomas. The covers are the kind of thing you’d be embarrassed to be seen with. But the characters are wonderful.
        I’ll check out Temeraire, thanks!

    • phl2dc

      🙁 I hope everything gets better for you on those fronts. I’m not excited about the cooler weather either, but apparently next week is going to be a scorcher.

      I read a book called Buddy: How a Rooster Made Me a Family Man some time ago; it was an easy read and a sweet story. I don’t remember hating the writing, so there’s that.

    • Someone on here recommended Beautiful Ruins, which I just started reading and I’m liking it so far. I also like Liane Moriarty and Jojo Moyers lately for “chick lit with substance” type books.

    • Have you read anything by Edward Rutherford? He basically writes the history of a geographical location through the intertwined tales of several fictional families. Very interesting but also easy and enjoyable reading. London, Paris and the two Ireland books were good. I haven’t read the rest.

    • The Goblin Emperor is a really lovely fantasy book that was actually recommended me after complaining about all the grimdark books as well. I recently enjoyed the Parasol Protectorate series by Gail Carriger for something really light and fun – Victorian England sort of steampunk-y fantasy. Terry Pratchett is absolutely amazing if you haven’t tried his Discworld series already. Tamora Pierce (young adult, but I love them to pieces and they’re comfort reads to me). Umm~ The Detective Inspector Chen books by Liz Williams are kind of different and interesting.

      • The rec for the Goblin Emperor led me to look for a list of Hugo Award winners. Going to spend some quality time tonight with that list, the DCPL app, and my kindle. 🙂
        Parasol Protectorate sounds fun! (As a “social tribulation:”…”her father is both Italian and dead.” LOL!) I do enjoy some Terry Pratchett, but from the three or four I’ve read, he seems like kind of a one-trick pony. Many of his books and characters have a very similar feel, no?

        • Oh good! 😀 Hope you find some good ones off there! And yeah, the Parasol books are just really entertaining and quirky, there are some great characters in it too.
          Hmm, really? I don’t think so! A lot of them do have a similar feel though. Which ones did you try?

  • Rant: I have nothing to do today and it’s only 10 AM. If I didn’t have a cubicle on the end of the row, by the hall where people can see me, I would just start reading the trashy romance novel I brought with me. Making yourself look busy reading Prince of Petworth can only entertain a person for so long.

    Rave: At least they’re letting us go an hour early today.

  • Hoping that I didn’t permanently f#ck up my current relationship. Fingers crossed, she’s awesome.
    I have a hard time talking about painful past experiences. It’s going to be a work in progress for the rest of my life, unfortunately.

    • What did you do that you think might have screwed up your relationship (if you feel comfortable answering that question on PoPville)?

    • Like, Textdoc, I’m curious to hear more if you want to share it. I’d add that if she really is awesome, she should be okay with your processing your past experiences out loud. Everyone has baggage, and many people have really tough baggage! The people who matter stick by you.

  • Rave: The Mad Men finale. I know I’m a bit late posting on it, but I thought it was pretty much the perfect way to end a pretty-much-perfect series. I keep thinking about the last five minutes — especially that hug. It’s hard to put into words what that means to me, but it means a whole lot.
    Rave: Peggy on Mad Men in the last few episodes. I’m not sure which I like better: roller skates Peggy, or Octopus-painting-holding, bad-ss Peggy.

    • I just watched the finale last night. I loved that scene where Peggy walks in the office smoking a cigarette holding that painting. So bad-ass. I was a little surprised she didn’t take Joan up on her offer though. I also loved how they ended Betty’s story, despite everything she seemed at peace with herself for the first time.

    • palisades

      Only a rave for Peggy the last 5 episodes? She has consistently been one of the strongest and most admirable characters for the entirety of the show. I love everything about her storyline.
      I also like how all the storylines were wrapped up. I was so afraid we’d have an open-ended finale with a bunch of questions. Pete is finally happy realizing he doesn’t need to be Don. Peggy and Stan fall in love. Joan becomes her own boss. And Don comes to term with his own life! Obviously the Betty storyline is tragic, but I still think she dies feeling good about herself, and happy about the fact that Sally grows into a wonderful human being.

      • Oh, I definitely didn’t mean that I -only- liked her in the last few episodes. She’s my favorite character on the show and has been since the first season. I was just trying to make a distinction between the Peggy storyline with Stan in the last episode, which was maybe a bit too romcom tidy for me, and the way that she proved to be a total bad b-tch at McCann.

        • To clarify, I’m really glad they gave Peggy a happy romantic ending. I just thought the “resolution” of the career arc was more interesting than the “resolution” of the finding love arc.

        • palisades

          haha I figured, I just wanted an opportunity to discuss Mad Men.

        • I wanted some wrap up on whatever happened to Peggy’s child. I think her sister was raising it – but does Peggy ever visit? And did she ever tell Pete?

          • My understanding (and please correct me if I’m wrong) is that she gave up the baby for adoption and never told Pete.

          • I thought it did come out to Pete (not directly but through some inference) in an earlier season…maybe 3 or 4? I could be mistaken though.

          • From the Pete Campbell Wikipedia page:
            Early in Season 2 (episode 6, “Maidenform”) Peter meets Susie (portrayed by actress Sarah Wright) after a casting call for Playtex and they talk in the elevator. Much to Pete’s surprise, she lives with her mother but that doesn’t stop them from sleeping together. Peter then goes home and seems to feel very accomplished. During the Season Two finale, when everyone in the office has left for the day, Pete asks Peggy to come sit down with him. Pete tells Peggy that he thinks she is “perfect,” and then confesses that he is in love with her and wishes that he had married her. This declaration prompts Peggy to finally admit that she had his baby and gave it away two years before.

    • Anonynon

      I loved when Peggy was on the phone (with that guy what was his name??) and she just started talking and talking and then realized she was in love. I thought that was amazing. Definitely teared up.

    • Trying so so hard to avoid spoilers because i haven’t seen it yet BUT it’s impossible because I know the man who made Don Draper cry!!!! And it’s all over my facebook because the guy is our friend and he’s awesome and he kept it a secret and he has been working in Hollywood for years and it’s so awesome.
      Almost wish it was crappy weather and I had no plans so I could just watch it!

      • I think your friend had the most important role in the entire show. Matthew Weiner has said as much, too! And I don’t want to give anything more away, but will say that I think i was about more than Don crying. I think it was about him having a moment in which he wasn’t just seeking out his own gratification (through women, drink, winning accounts), but also recognizing the deep humanity of other people. Somehow this seemed like a much more important and lasting kind of gratification.

  • Rant – Jet lagged and at work.
    Rave – No bosses in today. Should be an easy day.
    Rant – Made a to-do list for my wedding and then freaked out about it.
    Rave – My dog was so cuddly this morning! It’s Friday! Coffee!

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Is your dog the same May featured in this month’s All Animals from HSUS? Article says she was fostered and then adopted via Wash Humane.

      • Haha my little May is famous! Yes that’s her. The WHS folks hooked us up with a staff writer from All Animals who was looking for a success story on fostering. 🙂

        • anonymouse_dianne

          It was a great article. It’s a real turn around for HSUS to

        • anonymouse_dianne

          I thought it was a good article. Its good to hear HSUS touting fostering, and they even gave a nod to Austin Alive!

  • I Dont Get It

    ​Rave:  Whoever left their “Southern Living” magazine on the Green Line.  OMG Lemon Buttermilk Icebox pie!!!!!  Yes, NOW, please!

    Rant:  WDS.  He asked if two friends could crash at our place and when I asked why he said ” Because they are on acid and diabetic.”

    IDGI:  ???

  • Rave: 1 or 2 dates planned post-vacation.
    Rant: Roomie goes out of her way not to clean like refusing to throw something into recycling when its almost full. I am trying to figure out a nice way to broach the topic….again!
    Rave: Full weekend: friend date, cookout, and dinner.
    Rave: Really enjoying the free time. I’m usually going nuts by now.

    • I had a roommate like that in NYC. She was the only roommate who NEVER swept, took out trash, or cleaned in general unless we asked her to clean up. When she did, she complained about it! Never living with a spoiled person whose parents pay their rent again even though then I was also a spoiled person whose parents paid her rent too. At least I cleaned! It’s difficult to tell someone to do something as basic as pick up after yourself. We’re adults. Living in squalor is unacceptable.

      • I sent a detailed email about what I expected after 6 weeks of absolutely no help with upkeep (when we almost never saw one another hence the email), and things were going fine. She does take out the trash sometimes, but never the bathroom or laundry trash. With the summer coming, I’m leery of bugs, and she is a very messy cook. I believe she has a hard time seeing it, but simply running your hand over the counter would easily pick up crumbs and sugar. The stove is white, so the food splashes are just too easy to see. That’s my issue. I shouldn’t have to say anything, but I have gathered if I don’t mention it, most things aren’t going to get done. The shower though it’s spotless, so she knows how to clean or not be messy just not in the kitchen.
        I’m going to wait until after the holiday to broach this issue.

        • In my experience those types of roommates would improve when I said something then it would drop off and I was back to square one with messy common spaces! I had one of the messiest, laziest roommates and it drove me nuts. We had a trash chute literally 10 feet from our door, yet she never emptied the trash and let it overflow and smell! She also never cleaned her food out of the fridge and let it spoil. Some people are just messy and cannot be helped!

          • She isn’t that bad, so I think there is hope. I have bitten my tongue about some minor messes..grains of rice here or there, but when I’m eye level with the counter, and I see it’s COVERED in all sort of baking stuff, then I’m like wtf. Ironically the one time I left the stove really messy to see what she’d do, she cleaned it, but never cleans her own similar messes. I’m just confused. I’ve actually never had the food spoiling thing happen to me. My roommates like to eat or they’re poor enough to care about everything.

  • Rant: I really wanted to it out last night but after hearing the news of losing my job, hauling ass to two unfruitful interview fairs, and all the emotional/frustrating things that go along with it, all I wanted to do was cry and sleep.
    Rave: they caught the murderer in woodland normanstone
    Rave: long weekend
    Rant: no plans for it

    • Wanted make it out last night to HH, I mean

    • emvee

      You should take advantage of your zero plans and do something for yourself! Go on a hike, get a massage, take yourself on a date to an awesome dinner. Self-care is super important, and you deserve it! In the words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, “Treat ‘yo self!”

  • Revel: I finally slept through the night! It’s amazing what 7 hours of consecutive sleep can do to a person.
    Rave: New popsicle molds. Watermelon popsicles are going to be happening this weekend.
    Rave: Long weekend with no plans. Just the way I like it.
    No rants today. In just too good of a mood.

  • Rant: this week has had a few incidents of going on the internet and seeing posts by or with people I’ve dated. Mentioned one yesterday. Another one again. A band I really liked posted a #tbt on instagram and guess who was in the photo too…someone I dated. Haven’t thought about him in a while and looked him up online. Heteroflexible again, I see. At this point, just admit you’re bisexual. I know you like men and women.

    • You really need to start a blog. It’d be so much easier to follow all of your dating (mis)adventures!

      • Funny thing is, I don’t date a lot of people, but when I do, they lead to some interesting stories.

        • That One Guy

          The answer is to date a broader selection of men. Small sample are skewing your results. Either that or your biased towards one particular subset of the male population.

          Someone with a deeper understanding of statistics can elaborate more mathematically.

          *pushed up glasses and adjusts pocket protector.*

    • I never understood all those extra labels: hetero/homo flexible, pansexual….I have no idea what they mean.
      On your rant, you’re going to see your exes out there because you have a very specific type. Don’t sweat it unless they’re badmouthing you or something. Think about it, the more you open the options, the less chance of you seeing them coming up in your social life.

      • Pretty sure one in particular (the blocked one) badmouths me. Wasn’t even my bf just someone I dated, but he’s uber sensitive. Heteroflexible, yeah, still not sure about that. When we broke up, he saw me at a show and said that in our “scene” I must do pretty well (as in dating) and then proceeded to say how he could probably get a guy to sleep with him but he’d rather sleep with me. TRUE STORY. NOPE. NEVER AGAIN. When I put it in writing, it’s just unbelievable.

        • And I thought my I’m just not feeling it but please be my friend was strange. Yes, getting a man to sleep with you is a challenge (spoiler alert, it’s easy). You cannot stop him from talking, and it’s not worth hunting him down to talk about it. My suggestion was more in line with catching it early and trying to quash it which I’ve had success with.
          Would I rather keep meeting people who aren’t a match but miss out on the good stores? I’m not sure. 🙂
          Hopefully, you’ll be able to get over these guys soon enough. Good luck!

          • I’m super over these guys. I think it’s good not to forget how bad they were so I remember not to go for it or that type again. There are just so many bad matches out there.. I’m taking a step back from online dating since so few people pique my interest of all the messages. And they’re getting creepier as in white dude messaging me in my Asian language. Nope.

          • Why do you consider that creepy? IF he actually speaks your language, then maybe he’s using it as a chance to connect or practice. I’ve done it in that vein; although, the other person was not the race that matched the language. If he doesn’t speak the language, then yea, I’d call that creepy.

          • I don’t mention my ethnicity and multiple men just assume what Asian language I speak and open with a phrase in my language. That’s creepy. My Asian women friends stopped online dating becaus yellow fever is real and gross.

          • Unless 1) LA’s first language is not English and 2) she’s indicated that in her profile, it’s weird/creepy for a guy to be messaging her in a language other than English.
            Asian women often get unwanted attention from non-Asian men who have a fetish for Asian women.

          • Aww ok
            That is creepy. I thought you mentioned the language or your race in your profile. Yellow fever is definitely real…jungle fever is too. See the girl dating my doppelganger after we broke up. Yikes!

          • Textdoc- it didn’t click that her profile didn’t mention it. In my case, it was mentioned, and the person wasn’t that race anyway.
            Yes, I’m familiar with the concept and term “yellow fever” even if I didn’t realize it jumped to the bounds of guess my race.

          • Asia is a HUGE continent too so men just make assumptions based on how I look what Asian I am. Assumptions based on their preference for one type of Asian woman. Literally one white guy had a username that says white4asian or something like that. Ewwwwwww.

          • I have no preference for Asian women, and I am pretty good at telling Asian races apart. I do not think that makes the guys any less creepy, but I do not think inferring your race by your appearance is inherently wrong. I find much more issue with they all look alike.
            At least the guy is telling you upfront he has a preference. I much prefer that to someone being sneaky racist or fetishist.

        • Anonynon

          So there is Yellow Fever, Jungle Fever, etc etc…so your saying men like women? This is not news.

  • I’m in the middle of “Us” by David Nicholls. It was nominated for the Man Booker prize. Very well written and so far, I’m really enjoying it. It’s a love story, a family story, a travel story, and probably more; and not a deep heavy read, as Man Booker nominees can sometimes be.

  • hispanicandproud

    Rave: Spending quality time with my nephew the Marine this weekend before he leaves for his embassy post overseas. Lots on our to do list— can’t wait. So proud of him.
    Rave: Glad I don’t have to deal terrible traffic to the beach to see the same obnoxious people who I see all the time here.
    Rave: So excited about the number of people who have RSVP’d to my farewell pub run! I’m so blessed to have such great friends in DC. It sure does make it difficult to leave them behind.

  • Rant: have I arrived,? I have single family house in DC, with a $250K mortgage, appraised at $600K , about $10k in credit card debt and and $500k in my retirement savings account. Why do I still feel I am running to keep up.
    Rant: Need a new roof
    Rave: taking a day trip to Balto

    • Depends on how old you are.
      But I’d address the credit card debt, pronto. If you don’t have the cash flow, reduce your retirement contributions (but never below what you need to put in to get the employer match) and redirect toward the debt for a while. Then address the lack of liquid savings for the roof and other predictable house needs.

    • If you have enough money to contribute to your retirement savings account, can’t you pay off your credit card debt?

      • That’s odd to me too? Why would you have $500k in retirement, but carry $10k in cc debt? Unless that $10k cc debt is on 0% interest, but that usually only lasts a year. Also, yes do you have an emergency/savings account to address home repairs and other life events?

    • It depends on the nature of the cc debt. I have maybe 5k in cc debt which is interest free. I’m paying the exact amount every month I need to pay off the debt before it collects interest. I see no reason to rush to pay this amount off more quickly. I don’t carry a balance on my day to day cc.
      I think May is a bit older based on the new roof and amount in retirement, but I still think my method works under the right scenario. Having a good retirement is important, but if you don’t have any savings to cover unexpected expenses, then I agree reduce retirement a bit if you cannot easily draw it out when needed.

      • A reason to pay off your cc is to keep your credit available for dire emergencies. How awful would it be to need $6k TODAY (to pay to have your whole sewer line torn up, for example, because it was spewing into your basement), but not be able to get it because of that 0% balance you’re carrying? In my model, that’s what credit cards are for. For large unexpected expenses that need to be paid more quickly than you can convert non-liquid assets.

        • Well, if that 5k is all or most of the credit limit, I agree, but it’s less than 1/2 of the limit for the card in question. Unlike May, I also have a savings should anything go wrong in my condo. I use my primary cc daily and pay it off monthly (not the one with the balance) which has given me a high credit limit and rewards with low interest. I know the idea of carrying cc debt is repugnant to some people, but I think in the right situation, it’s perfectly fine to do.

    • Sounds like you’re doing just fine in terms of wealth, but what about income? All that wealth is going to disappear pretty quick if you don’t have a job. (I’m assuming you have a job, just making the point that wealth is only part of the equation and unless it’s *a lot* of wealth it’s not the most important part.)
      To answer your question, I’d guess you still feel like you’re running to keep up because you have unrealistic expectations, you’re focusing on the “wrong” things, or you’re comparing yourself to other people who have more than you.

    • You still feel like you’re running to keep up because day-to-day expenses probably consume a high percentage of your take-home — making big expenses like roofs, vacations, a new frock and a big night out still challenge you. But, mostly you still feel like you’re running because you still need to run. $350K in equity and $500K in savings are pretty sweet, but nowhere near enough to retire on. And, if you’re like me there’s always a nagging fear that the good times won’t last — a fire, a layoff, a global financial meltdown, a freak accident or lingering disease and you’re screwed.
      Take a deep breath, put your head down, remind yourself that you’re doing things right — you’re not just running, you’re kind of “winning” — have a glass of wine (a nice one — you deserve it) and keep your fingers crossed.
      “If you have enough money to contribute to your retirement savings account, can’t you pay off your credit card debt?”
      Again, could be that May is like me (I hope not, for her sake, on a lot of levels) and needs to treat long-term retirement and short-term debt as unrelated. I have a good chunk of credit card debt (from my home reno) but I can’t guarantee that if I take the money out of retirement to pay it off, that I won’t just run the debt back up — in fact, past experience suggests that’s exactly what I’d do — so I meet my own financial irrationality with equal and opposite irrationality. Also, I’m getting a home equity loan equal to the debt, cutting my interest payments dramatically and, with the tax break, will actually come out a little ahead if my retirement realizes 4% gains this year.

  • Rave: Friend made it through surgery well and is heading home to start recuperating before the next huge hurdle.
    Rave: Had a nice evening at home with the husband – watched Mud and had burrito bowls. Yum on both accounts (matthew mcconaughey with his shirt off)….
    Rant: Still haven’t seen Mad Men finale. Need more time.
    Rant: Lots of work but no team to support me or even to just work collectively on something.
    Rave: Weekend. Family visiting. Beautiful weather.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Not giving up

  • Rave: 3-day weekend!
    Rant: no plans – I guess that could be a rave, but I’m really in the mood to do something! Suggestions?

  • skj84

    Rave: Jazz in the Garden tonight! I have a chill weekend planned. I’ve been on the go for the past two weeks, all I want to do is relax.

    Rant: got my ass handed to me at work. Breakfast rush is no joke! Sorry to anyone who’s order I screwed up.

  • RANT: More toxic treats left in sidewalk giveaway boxes, such as water-soaked pills and rusted squat cans of turpentine.

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