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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • justinbc

    Reminder: PoPville HH tomorrow at Bluejacket! I’ll get there around 5-530, as will a few others. We usually stay til 10 or later, but feel free to come and go as you please. I would say look for the guy with the beard, but at that bar there are probably more with than without…

  • Rant: Did anyone in Park View hear about nine gun shots just before midnight last night? So frustrating because I called 911 and it took me about two minutes to get through. They had me on hold! So scary. Once I finally got them I said I was calling about gun shots, but I had been on hold. They asked where and said yes, they had a lot of calls coming in about it and were already responding.
    Rave: The weather this morning!

    • I convinced myself those were fireworks. Was I wrong?

    • I heard what might have been gunshots around that time – I live near Sherman Circle. Wasn’t sure if it was fireworks or guns.

    • Park View is a fairly big area. Where was this?

    • I also heard about that many gun shots just before midnight as well – I live near 8th and Upshur and they sounded close (although I also wasn’t sure if it was fireworks or guns either). I also called 911 and was on hold for a few minutes as well before it went through.

      • This was on Morton Street, but I felt like the shots were maybe a block over on Park or further. I don’t know enough about gun shots to say exactly how close or far they were. However, I am 99% sure they were gun shots and my call to the police seemed to confirm it since they said they were getting a lot of calls about it.

        • Hmm – so either we all heard the same gunshots and they are loud enough to hear all the way from Morton St. up through Sherman circle (I don’t know enough about this to know whether that’s possible), or this was happening in more than one place around the same time.

    • Was there a slight pause in between, more so than usual? I heard something in Mt. Pleasant but it definitely wasn’t very close.

      • I am not sure because I was just about asleep when my fiancee said “Did you hear that?” and I said what? I sat up and listened, but probably missed the first 2-3. To me they were too spaced out to be fire works. It wasn’t a pop, pop, pop! It was pop 1, 2, 3 pop 1, 2,3 etc and then my fiancee said, but it sped up at the end? I said well, maybe the criminal started firing more quickly. She also thought 9 was a lot of shots for one round? But again I don’t know enough about guns to say yes or no to that. I don’t think it’s too many though.

        • That’s how I heard it too, a few spaced out shots, then close together at the end. I thought it was coming from west of me and I live near the House, but I was also really really tired and not putting too much effort into figuring it out.

        • a 9mm magazine usually holds 10 rounds, 45s slightly fewer. but if I were a criminal, I’d have a high-capacity magazine, which could hold 17 (or more).

          What I heard started off slow, with a few quick pops at the end. I thought it was maybe west of Sherman Circle.

    • I heard fireworks in Columbia Heights around that time, just as others described– space out, then closer together at the end. Definitely fireworks. Far too much resonance to be gunshots, unless the cowboys have seriously upgraded their weaponry.

    • FWIW, this issue came up this morning on the Petworth Yahoo group and one person (who is reliable, as far as I know) reported hearing and *seeing* fireworks in the vicinity of EL Haynes around 11:40pm last night.

      • Obviously doesn’t explain sounds of gunfire in Park View but whatever people heard further up near Sherman Circle was probably fireworks.

    RAVE: Really enjoying my sister interning in town thus far. Seriously haven’t been around her this much since before I graduated college. Because of the age difference (6 years) we’re just getting to know one another and I really enjoy her company.
    Query: How is Dan’s Cafe still Dan’s Cafe… there isn’t a register for god’s sake. I went again this weekend and while I love it and don’t want it to change, wow. I know it opened around 1965. I assume it has some New Orleans origins… Anyone know the history?

  • Rave: Husband got in to top choice law school!!!!!!!!!
    Rave: We get to go home!!!!!
    Rant: Another f’ing move
    Rant: I have NO idea how to relocate
    Rave/Rant: Starting to think about all that DC has to offer kids, like all the parks and playgrounds….then I remember how badly the one we love stinks like pot, or the circle has homeless people urinating on trees. Then I remember, ultimately, moving isn’t a terrible idea

    • Congrats!

    • Ah, congrats! So exciting!

    • Congratulations! I think you’ll be happy to be closer to family too. And it’s plenty early that you’ve got time to make decisions about the move at a reasonable pace–so that’s great too.

      • thanks! I think so, too – and it’s important for me that my kid have family near by. I always did. It’s just a completely different life. It’ll be a major adjustment. Not that we really take advantage of all DC has, but things like Harambe, walking everywhere, just being outside in parks…it’s very different. Not worse, just different!

        • I think you’ll find a new brand of great stuff in PA (Philly, right?). It’ll be different, but still awesome. Good luck sorting through the relocation process!

    • Wonderful news!

    • Hooray! And mtpresident is right — you have a lot of time to work these things out. One step at a time!

    • justinbc

      Not just homeless people urinating on trees, if PoPville letters-to-the-editor are to be believed.

      • definitely true, but having been in the neighborhood for such a long time, I’m aware of who my local park residents are.

    • Great news for you and your family!

    • Congrats! You will also likely have cheaper rent/mortgage, so I am jealous of you there.

    • Ally

      Congrats!! Does this mean you’re leaving DC or staying local?

    • Congrats! Might it be a move to philly? If so, you’ll find your way around and love it. Well, seems like you will find your space any where you head! So best of luck!

      • thanks so much! We’re excited to go ‘home’ and have our families near by, be in a little bit calmer area, and for my husband to start Penn Law! Should be….fun!

        • That’s awesome – congrats!! What a wonderful school (I’m a bit biased as it’s my alma matter!) Our home in Philly opens up mid-July for rental if you’re interested (Dog friendly, across the street from an awesome park (playground, dog park, and tennis courts), Wash West neighborhood, 3 BR + den) – still holding onto it in hopes of one day moving back home to Philly!

          • That’s awesome, but not sure we’re going to live in the city. but you can have Dan give my email address to you and I’ll look at it!

    • Congrats! I am very jealous of your upcoming more to Philadelphia.

  • jack5

    Rant: Requested alley sweeping still not done. Too many alcoholic neighbors that throw tons of beer bottles in recycle bins that tip over way too easily in our alleyways, It’s also amazing that some of the parents think the alley is an acceptable place for kids to play instead of the park nearby citing this and speeding cars.

    Rant: Tired of the irony that plays out every day about crime and police brutality. I think it’s amazing that we pay taxes which perpetuate a system that doesn’t feel any obligation to provide customer service or fundamental fairness. Things may never change until there’s an unfortunate revolution.

    Rant: Dating in this area is doomed… it’s good for the first week when you meet someone, but as soon as unreal expectations arise, jump off that train or suffer!

    • Anonynon

      What are unreal expectations?

      • jack5

        Just my experience, not the norm I acknowledge, but the last girl I dated said I had to wait 6 months before going out to dinner (solo) with her, I had to visit her where she worked at least 3x a week (which is 28 miles in the opposite direction of my house), and I had to bring her a gift (flowers, candy, etc…) every time I visited her…

        I gave up on week 3.

        • Was this the 24-year-old (22-year-old?) who kept bringing her sister with her and who (IIRC) I think was also from another country/culture?
          I don’t think those expectations/restrictions are representative.

          • I don’t really think 28 miles is even in this area, but I have no idea of the dating rituals of Millersville MD or Sterling Virginia. Seems like they really cherish the dinner date more than Popvilleans.

          • jack5

            Nope, I moved on from that episode long ago! This is a totally new frustrating experience… It has been a long time since we spoke last, many things have happened since our last conversation about my short commings. 😛

          • +1. Not going to lie, it sounds like a cultural thing.
            I mean, I could also say that guys have expected me to sleep with them after 2-3 dates, expected me to travel to locations that are near their neighborhood when they never come to mine, and that I’ve only received only one flower from one guy, ever. Not that I like flowers much but the point is… I think we all have some “unreal” expectations, whether we feel a potential match is demanding too much or doing too little.

          • Wow, the fact that you subjected yourself to that at all is amazing to me. And to think all I ask for is movie watching and cuddles.

          • jack5

            I am a pretty patient guy, I’m not motivated by an unsatiable sex drive, I’m working on my issues with trust, so for the past year I’ve been turning off my spider senses about dating and just focusing on enjoying the individual moments…

            I have fun dating until things become too contentious or overburdening… The best dates are ones with no pressure and without a heightened sense of nerves in play. Cuddling and watching a good movie, ordering take-out or cooking is my favorite type of date, attraction has to be a factor of course, but it would be nice if I could find someone locally whom I was attracted to. I’ve only been dating women that live far out in Virginia lately, possibly because I’m dumb… 😛

          • When I hear you talk about how gorgeous she was and how the way she looked at you was amazing as the two indicators as to why you would hang on to a ridiculous arrangement for so long, I get your issues.

        • Wow…. just curious, but why would you subject yourself to such inequality in a relationship? And were you courting or dating? This sounds like it’s not an expectation issue but a clash of cultures.

        • Anonynon

          That sounds like a mess. You lost me at ‘she lived 28 miles away’. Thats an unreal expectation since i don’t have a car 🙂

        • justinbc

          3 weeks?! I would have said no shortly after Hello.

          • Agreed.

          • +1
            Also wondering how she went about presenting all of these rules.

          • justinbc

            Especially if he couldn’t even have alone time with her until month 6.

          • jack5

            You’d have to see how gorgeous she was… And the way she looked at me every time I was around, she made me feel like I was a gourmet steak dinner with all the trimmings… hah.

          • palisades

            She has expectations like that because of dinguses like you. There are too many women in DC to waste your time on something like that

          • Seriously, you’ll put up with that kind of BS (and that’s what it is, complete BS!) because she is gorgeous and looks at you a certain way?! As palisades says there are tons of women in DC, tons of attractive women who won’t put such ridiculous stipulations on you. And always remember, beauty fades, but her realistic expectations will only [likely] get worse.

          • jack5

            @ParkViewRes let me know where these magically receptive women congregate and I’ll start hangin out there! I usually end up in DC places where groups of women form a closed circle and only talk amongst themselves to not enable guys to break in conversationally… 😛

          • justinbc

            “where these magically receptive women congregate”
            I dunno, our monthly happy hours seem to be practically full of them. In fact it’s a regular point of contention that there aren’t enough men there to balance them out.

        • Ally

          That’s totally bizarre. Was the person from a different country (I say this only because I can’t think of anything other than cultural reasons that would justify something so far outside of normal dating behavior)?

      • Obviously cultural, and good on you for trying something different even if it was crazy.

        As far as unrealistic expectations, I think that may be the biggest issue hurting some people here. Like you expect the guy to pay for every date but want him to accommodate your location, bring you gifts, and talk to you daily…but he cannot expect sex (3 dates seems pretty normal to me). I look for mutuality when I date, and I think if people approached things in that light it would be easier. Also being upfront as this woman was about whatever you expect esp. when it’s outside of the norm. It’ll save everyone time.
        Now if I can only find people who aren’t simply good on paper…I’ll be set.

        • You do you Anon Spock. What’s right for some people isn’t going to work for everyone. That was my point at least. There will literally always be something about dating for each of us to complain about. I was simply giving an example.

          • This was not an effort to pick on you. You have simply given some very specific examples of things you prefer while also complaining about how hard dating is in DC including having a guy here you’ve dated giving another prospective. I was simply using your examples to make a point about how being mutual and upfront would probably benefit everyone. If that doesn’t work for you, keep doing what you’re doing.

          • When the guy in question gave his perspective, I believe most people here thought FridayGirl was the more reasonable of the two.

          • Yes, I was one of them, but that is because Friday didn’t mention what she expected until recently. Had I heard both sides of the story originally my opinion would certainly have been different.

          • I do think Mr. Bagel could have handled things better and not been so pig-ish.

          • Also, perhaps maybe I didn’t phrase this well in the past but — I never said I was expecting ” the guy to pay for every date but want him to accommodate your location, bring you gifts”. What I do expect is reciprocity. I enjoy making small-but-nice gestures towards someone I’m dating, whether it be making them a playlist or planning a picnic. I would expect that they would similarly enjoy treating me to dinner or a drink periodically. Without reciprocity, it’s one-sided love. If I show you I like you you better show me back somehow. And part of that is also coming to my place sometimes and not making me take the bus for an hour every time I want to see you.

          • FridayGirl and I are on the same page I think. The issue is reciprocity. Dating isn’t about gaming what you can get out of people.

            Or maybe I’m doing it wrong.
            Jack5, would you like to contribute to our dating book?

          • For whatever it’s worth, if I were a single guy, I’d totally date you, FridayGirl. You seem super cool.

          • justinbc

            I’ve never met either of you, and I really don’t follow these dating threads, but just by reading the crap he would write I’m more than willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on that end.

  • Rave: Husband took me to last night’s Nationals game for my birthday. He bought great seats a few rows behind the Yankees dugout
    Rant: The beer, lemonade, and peanut sellers kept blocking the view of home plate while Nationals were batting. A man behind us stole our water and then got mad at us for getting annoyed by it. With the exception of a few Yankees fans, the crowd in that section just weren’t into the game.
    Rave: Nationals won with Zimmerman walk-off!

    • palisades

      Who the hell steals a person’s water? Were you guys gone for a long period of time? Maybe he thought you had left….Just giving him the benefit of the doubt I guess.
      Way too many Yankee fans there. Easily the worst fans to have to deal with, aside from all things Philly.
      Hope you stayed until the walkoff. This time is really something.

  • Rant: Toddler decided she was done with her crib at 5:55am. (hour+ early) Clearly woke up early/tired because she wasn’t content reading in her crib. But an early start is ok because
    Rant: Pediatrician wants to see her this afternoon to make sure her ear infection is gone. Really? The fact that she’s not in pain anymore isn’t evidence enough? I swear if they give me grief over giving it a few days instead of immediately going to the antibiotic, we’re looking into a new pediatrician. (To be clear–the urgent care doc said to give it a few days–so we were following the instructions provided) At any rate, I need to leave work 2 hours early.
    Rant: Wanted an egg & cheese sandwich with turkey sausage. Tynan’s oven was broken & Panera’s turkey sausage sandwich was only with egg white and not with cheese. 🙁
    Rave: It’s a gorgeous day and my rants are largely trivial and/or manageable. And I’ll take the opportunity to hang out a bit more with my awesome kiddo this afternoon. Perhaps a trip to frozen yo is in order. And then a bath 🙂

    • So, apparently kiddo fell asleep on the way to school. And then was a melty mess at drop off. Poor kid. Transitions are tough (she’s in the midst of moving to a new classroom at day care).

    • If you do end up looking for a new pediatrician, our practice actually recommends that exact approach to ear infections (as long as they aren’t severe). They are are very flexible, but at the same time are proactive when they need to be. Love them.

      • Fine, but to be mad that your pediatrician wants to confirm that there is no infection? I don’t get that. Sure, it’s a hassle, but our friends toddler had blockage that inhibited language development for months, until they finally inserted drainage tubes. Toddlers have trouble indicating normal hearing though acute pain is obvious. It’s a tough diagnosis to get right, so be glad your doc takes an interest.

        • More irritated than mad. Kiddo’s told us repeatedly she doesn’t have pain and appears to hear just fine. First ear infection that she’s had (at nearly 2) and her language development is impressive. I was more put off by the startled response I got when I explained that she never went on the antibiotic–but that was whoever answered the phone rather than the doc herself. So I’m trying to reserve judgment. We’ve been on the fence about the practice for quite awhile, so my threshold for annoyance is admittedly low.

          • That One Guy

            An ear infection can be a symptom of some other illness and/or autoimmune issue, no? Maybe the doctor wants to make sure of that.

          • Maybe? I dunno. Hence why I’m bringing her in. I didn’t actually talk to the doctor–the automatic response from the receptionist (possibly also a medical assistant?) when I was trying to leave a message for the doctor caught me off guard.

        • Unless there is a reason to think that there is a prolonged problem (like your friends’ toddler), it is perfectly fine to be annoyed about having to come in for something that small. mtpresident said above that this is the first one she has had and there is no reason to believe there are other issues. If her DD had recurrent ear infections (my niece had them and had to have tubes put in, so I am familiar with the process), then I would say you are right that it is good the doctor is taking an interest. However, in the circumstances as mtpresident laid out, the “shock” by immediately using the antibiotics is a bit unnecessary. And I say this as a parent of a preemie who needed a fair amount of extra attention in the first 6 months of her life.

        • My nephew had the same issue (blockage that inhibited language development). No pain, ever.

          • I do recognize that it’s an issue for some kids (and my mom is a speech & language pathologist in a school system), but I’d be pretty surprised if that’s an issue here. She recently started talking in 3-4 word sentences, knows a lot of words, and repeats bits and pieces of songs she hears on pandora. So that type of hearing obstruction seems unlikely. That said, I don’t feel I have enough knowledge or experience to blow off the follow-up, so we’re going in to get checked out. And hopefully we’ll be in and out out of the office within 90 minutes, but I’m not holding my breath.

      • Who’s your pediatrician? We’ve been on the fence about switching for ages and are thinking about Washington & McKnight over by Children’s & Washington Hospital Center.

        • We are with Washington & McKnight! All three doctors are great. I especially love that even though they have tons of patients, they always remember my daughter and the specifics about her history/care.

          • I was wondering if that might be the case. Argh. We’ll see how this sick visit & the 2-year-old check up next month go and then decide from there. My wife is really tempted to just start our second with them in the fall and then decide whether to switch the baby to our current pediatrician or our first kid to them, depending on how it goes.

          • That actually sounds like a pretty good plan for trying things out, although it might be a bit of a logistical hassle for a while. Are you planning to deliver at WHC too? They are the doctors on call that visit all the newborns there. I didn’t get to see them right after birth because DD was in the NICU, but that is one of the many reasons why I chose them.

          • My daughter sees McNight as well, and we like her a lot. I’m always partial to them because when we switched to them at age 2 (due to a change in insurance) them immediately diagnosed a serious (though not emergent) condition that required major surgery to correct. In 2 years, old practice (one of those massive, 8 doctor practices) never said a word.

          • Lol, maybe I’ll let her talk me into it then 🙂 I’ll be delivering at GW with the midwives like I did with my first, so there isn’t that advantage, but I really liked Dr. Washington when we met her during our pediatrician interviews near the end of my first pregnancy, and I have several friends who have been super happy with them. At present, they’re a little less conveniently located for us (current practice is walking distance from day care–making today’s run much easier!), but that will likely change once kid(s) are in school rather than day care.

        • We use mcknight (as does nearly everyone in Brookland). They have been great. I had a potentially contagious (and serious) issue, and they were fantastic helping me figure out what to do with my daughter (luckily everything turned out OK). They are also great about taking late night calls for silly new parent questions. They also have parking, which is really convenient. The only thing is that you have to be ON TIME for your appointments (ie not ten minutes late), which can be difficult with a new baby, but really is a good policy for keeping parents and appointments on time.

          • The timeliness thing is nice–particularly coming from a practice that is characteristically running way late. A friend of mine had also mentioned they’re very timely, so it’s nice to have that backed up. Thanks 🙂

        • We were with McKnight for years, and finally had to leave because of their front-office policies. They seem to be able to handle getting people checked in and into rooms relatively on schedule, and that’s it. If you need any kind of documentation, god help you. They don’t keep the standard forms on hand. You have to bring one to them (which is a 30 minute errand). And then you have to come back and pick it up. No, they won’t provide a stamp, or even put the cost of the stamp on your bill. If you want it mailed back, you provide your own envelope and your own stamp. They won’t take a credit card over the phone for the form fee, but that’s fine, since you have to hand-carry the blank form (and your SASE) to them anyway.
          The practice was fine with babies. But with school aged kids who do camps and other activities, I need a little more from the front office.
          (And I strongly disliked McKnight. I found her cold and condescending. I liked the other two quite well.)

  • skj84

    Rave: booked another part time gig! Everyday I’m hustling, it seems.

    Rave: Explored Old Town for a bit yesterday. Got coffee at Killer ESP and then had a beer on the Waterfront. I need to make my way out there more often.

  • Rant: I woke up this morning feeling oh so very nauseous and skipped the gym once again. This has not been a good week on the exercise front.
    Rant: Still feeling sick to my stomach.

    • Artemis, I haven’t been following RRRR super closely the past few days (minus the ice cream ordeal yesterday) so sorry if I missed this — Do you know what could be making your stomach so upset? IIRC, you saw a doctor about it? Or was that someone else?

      • Thanks for checking in, FridayGirl. It really is just nerves. This has been how my anxiety/stress manifests itself since I was in middle school. I’m doing lots of yoga and trying to practice good self-care.

        • Ah, I’m glad you at least know what it is. One of my best friends has the same problem. I hope you feel better soon!

  • Rave I forgot to mention earlier: I was running an errand in Capitol Hill on Monday night, and did a double take when I turned onto a street and recognized the corner house as being JustinBC’s. I always feel like I’m spotting a celebrity when I see a house that I’ve previously seen only on PoPville.
    Rave: Cooler weather for a few days.
    Rant: The high on Memorial Day is supposed to be 90.
    Rant: I was originally thinking about taking a vacation over Memorial Day, to either London or Buenos Aires, but I didn’t get organized in time.

    • This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. And he was outside gardening. I was too awk to say hi, so I just whispered the story to my friends as we walked by. Creeper status: 1000!

    • Ally

      Yeah, I Ubered by it the other day! Apparently we’re all stalking you, Justin 🙂 And, still love the bold paint scheme!

    • justinbc

      Hopefully you weren’t the one who left an open bag of Doritos in my freshly mulched pomegranate tree area! 🙂 🙁

      • Nah — even if I 1) ate Doritos and 2) littered I wouldn’t have been able to reach your yard. (I was driving by, coming from the west and turning north.) 😉

  • Rave: Heading home tomorrow for the long weekend.
    Rave: Quiet day so far at work today.
    Rant: Thinking of getting lunch out, but I’m not sure where. Maybe I’ll get dinner out instead. I’m one meal short but I’m not going to the store if I won’t be here the rest of the weekend.

  • Rave: I got a nice thank you card and gift card for all of my work on our big meeting that was a few weeks ago. Now to decide how to treat myself.
    Rave: I was also given gift cards to give to my two right hand people, which is nice because they deserve recognition too.
    Rave: my sister brought the birthday girl, my little niece, to me yesterday afternoon and that definitely made me feel better.
    Rant: my parents finally got their first smart phones and it’s going to be even worse than I thought. They’re visiting this weekend and I fully intend to tap out due to “medical necessity” whenever my frustration level gets high. I love them, but this is going to test all of us.

    • I woke up to 81 text messages from my parents on Saturday morning. Don’t let them learn how to group message!

      • skj84

        Oh God. Group messages. I have been trapped in some epic conversations between my parents and extended family.

      • It was a terrible day when my mother discovered group messaging. I now get dozens of messages between her and my aunts as a results. It drives me crazy.

    • Hope you’re feeling better today!
      Aw, that’s great that your work is giving you recognition! 🙂

    • Hope you’re feeling better! And yay for getting a visit from the birthday girl 🙂
      Ugh on the technology issue. I’m so lucky that my dad is more technologically adept than I am–so that he helps my mom & my sister and I generally don’t need to field those sorts of questions. Ditto, though on the group messaging. Wow. I used to get especially slammed with that before I had a smart phone & other family members did. Though now I leave my ringer totally off overnight, so it’s less of an intrusion either way.

      • Thanks!
        I’ve never been involved in family group texting, but it sounds like I should count myself lucky and not teach group texting.

    • justinbc

      I already gave my mom the “dont tag me in stuff on Facebook” talk. My grandmother requested me as a friend earlier this week…I’m trying trying to figure out how to disable comments from someone before I accept that one.

      • just block them from seeing things. That’s what I do – my MIL can see my limited profile, that’s it.

        • justinbc

          I don’t care if she sees things, I just don’t want her commenting stupid crap all over them. Is that possible?

          • It’s possible to lock your page overall, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to exclude certain people from making comments. Perhaps if you set up a group to include everyone you’re ok with making comments & see if there’s a setting to only allow that group or groups to comment?

      • My grandmother’s over enthusiastic, broken English comments are some of the best things on my FB page.
        My mother hasn’t even installed the FB app yet because she doesn’t know how to view her existing apps, so she’s can’t access the horribly named “play store” to download it.
        My dad has coworkers who’ve already helped him and he’s just more intuitive anyway.

  • Rave: Second round job interview today. I’m not 100% sure it’s going to be the right fit for me, but in comparison to my current job, it’s definitely better, but I”m just not sure I “love” it. But, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

  • That One Guy

    May be hallucinating but thought I saw Jeremy Lin on Monday and think I saw Ben Stein yesterday. (Had to google Visine commercial Ben to figure out his last name because I can’t recall the TV show he hosted.)

    Both people looked at me suspiciously as I walked by.

  • Additional rants/raves:
    Rave: Made it to Safeway in time to catch their sale on Haagen-Dazs. Thanks to Jeslett for mentioning the sale!
    Rant: Safeway is so overpriced that “sale” means $3.99 for a pseudopint.
    Rant: Didn’t see until I was in the checkout line that the current flyer had a coupon for $10 off an order of $50. Had I known, I would have gone by car and bought more stuff.
    Rave: Found my backup pair of glasses, which I had misplaced. (I don’t see very well without glasses/contacts, so when my glasses get knocked off my nightstand — usually by my cat — I really do need another pair of glasses to find my glasses.)
    Rave: My cat makes me laugh.

    • I only go wild when Talenti gelato is on sale. Is Haagen-Dazs that good?

      • palisades

        haagen-dazs is like crack.

      • Haagen-Dazs’s black cherry amaretto is divine. I also decided on a whim to try their limoncello, but it’s unremarkable.
        Talenti gelato was actually on sale at Safeway too, so I bought a pint of it (also on a whim). Glad to hear it’s recommended!
        I am bummed that I haven’t seen Ben & Jerry’s “Volun-Tiramisu” (hokey name, but delicious) in Target in a month or two. (It is/was a flavor exclusive to Target.) It’s extremely good, and Haagen-Dazs’s tiramisu flavor is disappointing in comparison.

        • I like Talenti a lot. Look at the ingredients list. There are only a handful of ingredients, which is usually a good since for a supermarket product.

      • That One Guy

        Their Green Tea ice cream is good.

      • justinbc

        I love the Talenti sales. HT does them 2 for 1 sometimes. EEp.

    • Whenever I cant find my glasses on my night stand I am about 15 mins late to work because it literally takes me that long to find my glasses which were right in front of me the entire time. You are not alone. People who wear glasses need our glasses to find our glasses.

      • Oh man I’m so with you. In college I had to get a leave my dorm room (by following the walls), wander down the hallway, and find a janitor to beg to come back to my dorm room to help me find my glasses.
        I’m always worried about emergencies – what happens when there’s a fire and you can’t see! Or when I have kids and they cry in the middle of night and I can’t see anything!

      • I am glad that I am not alone in this! And my cat is no help when I ask her, she just follows me around making chirping noises (I like to think that she’s speaking encouraging thoughts to me) while I try to find them.

        • Is training the kitty to be a seeing eye kitty a possibility? 😉 Sounds like she’s a great motivator

      • justinbc

        Could you maybe put an “emergency” pair of glasses in a location that’s easily reachable without good eyesight?

        • Yes – but… glasses are SO expensive for those of us with really bad eyesight. I’m so bad I don’t even have a back-up pair. I’ve tried my whole life to have a system for putting the glasses where they are easily reachable but they always move!

          • justinbc

            Yeah, everyone I’ve ever been in a relationship with has either worn glasses or contacts, so I’m used to the ordeals they have to go through. My current partner does contacts only, and they’re very expensive prescription ones, so I’ve definitely been down on the floor trying to hunt for her lost lenses.

          • That One Guy

            Have you tried Warby Parker?

          • I just use my previous pair as a backup for my current pair.

      • My most face-palm moment as an adult was a time that I was looking all over for my glasses – bathroom, bedroom, retracing my steps…only to realize I was wearing them. It didn’t register to me that the reason I could see while I was looking for them is because they were on my face.

        • I’ve done that. I’ve also poked my eye for 10 minutes, trying to take out a contact lens that wasn’t IN. Like I couldn’t have just glanced up, seen that everything was blurry, and known this before seriously abrading my eyeball??

          • Oh, that’s rich. I just figure that for using eyewear all day every day, stupid things are bound to happen occasionally. Like wearing two different shoes or something.

      • skj84

        I’m super sensitive about knocking my glasses off the nightstand. I once woke up one morning and couldn’t find them. I start crawling around the bed in effort to search and of course kneeled directly on to my glasses. Snapped them right down the middle. Of course I didn’t have an extra pair.

  • Big Rave: My first job application via USAJobs was forwarded to management!! This is the first time I have broken through the HR juggernaut. I likely won’t get an interview, but just making it through the HR hurdle is an accomplishment!
    Rant: Position is for one grade up AND at a prestigious agency (the one I really want to work at), which means competition would be very intense.
    Rave: Maybe USAJobs will eventually work for me? Probably have a long way to go on that with many more applications, but maybe, just maybe, I will be able to successfully transfer from one agency to another eventually. 🙂

    • Congratulations on making it past HR! The way government job applications work, that really is an accomplishment.

    • Congrats on making it passed HR! I am trying to switch agencies as well. My commute to Rockville is like death especially when there are so many agencies walking distance from my home.. Heres hoping you get a call.. and me too. 🙂

      • Thank you! For this particular position, it’s probably a long shot, but it feels great to finally get past HR (a seemingly herculean task!). Good luck to you!

    • Congrats! Its a huge hurdle – and not easy to clear!

    • Congrats! My wife is waiting to hear any progress besides “we have your application & it’s being reviewed” or whatever the usual lingo is on a GAO position she applied to ages ago. Getting past HR seems to be an impressive hurdle!

      • Thank you! I still think there is just a lot of luck involved in getting past HR. I’ve been “qualified” for one position in one city, and then “not qualified” for the exact same position in another city. The process if far from perfect and ultimately discourages a lot of good people from joining the government. I consider it a small miracle I made it past HR finally- haha! Good luck to you wife!

        • Oops, a couple typos there: “IS far from perfect,” and “YOUR wife.”

        • anonymouse_dianne

          Absolutely luck. If an even less qualified Veteran applies for the position it pretty much hoses everyone else and even the hiring agency. I’ve made it to a fed position where I was working as a contractor. I’ve made it to the referral to management a couple times and even got an interview a place I’ve worked before and at a higher grade. I’m pretty much stuck where I am as I’m in step 10. Good luck and congrats.

      • Hahaha I once applied for a GAO position and was rated “highly qualified” and they said they’d be calling several applicants for interviews. I inquired about two weeks later as to when I might hear — they said they already interviewed around 50 other “highly qualified” people for several positions and weren’t planning to interview more.
        I have no faith in the federal hiring system. Good luck to your wife though! Maybe she will be one of the lucky ones!! At least we know there are a handful…

      • Ally

        Best of luck to her! I worked at GAO years ago Everything moves slow over there.

    • Good luck! don’t be surprised though if you don’t hear back for months. I just had my first interview for a fed position I applied for over 3 months ago. Only 3 people were interviewed and just found out a former co-worker who was a level under me got the position (another co-worker was his reference). Yet, the director has yet to inform me I wasn’t selected. Not sure what is so hard about communicating that I didn’t get the position.

    • That’s awesome! Honestly that’s the #1 reason why I don’t even considering switching from contracting to government. Why should I put in all that time on USAJobs when nothing will ever come of it? I gave up years ago.

  • Rant – graffiti in the alley of the 1300 block between Irving and Kenyon yesterday. Brick green paint tagging houses, driveways and cars (!!) with obscenities and graphic drawings (attempted, at least – we’re not talking Michelangelo here). It happened between 3:30 and 6:15 in the afternoon, so likely kids just out of school. Little A-holes.

  • Rant: almost got hit by a car while crossing the crosswalk and walking my dog. Driver kept rolling forward into the crosswalk until I looked directly at the windshield and shouted Hey and noticed the driver wasn’t even looking forward. He was looking to his left for cars passing by. It took a lot for me not to slam my hand on his hood for coming within a foot of my body. Jackhole. Thankfully my dog was on the other side of me and was injured.
    Rave: friend crush invited me to hangout last night but I had to turn down because I was busy. I take that as a good sign. Not tired of me yet after hanging out twice last week.

    • I meant dog was “uninjured.” If she was injured, that would be a whole different story.

    • Glad you and your dog are ok! I actually HAVE slammed people’s hoods for rolling through crosswalks when I have the right of way because they’ve been looking down at their phones!!!

      • I wish there was a DC way to say “I’m walking here!” Maybe “do you even KNOW who I work for?” or something equally terrible.

        • I wish I yelled “I’m walking here!” Darn.

        • Possibilities:
          “I’m a lawyer and I will SUE you!”
          “My best friend is a lawyer and she will SUE you!”
          “My wife is a lawyer and we will SUE you!”
          Let’s be real everyone just wants to sue everyone here so that’s a likely one.

          • *locks eyes with driver* *points at sky* *points at driver*
            Predator Drones will come for you.

      • emvee

        Oh yeah, the hood slam is real and necessary.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: “responsibilities”. Would have loved to call out today and just lounge outside enjoying this weather. Can’t recall the last time I laid on the grass to take a nap and/or watch the clouds roll by.

  • Rave: Ran through the zoo last night – need to remember to run through there more often and say hi to the animals
    Rave: Weather finally changed – feels so much better
    Rave: Feel pretty good about the interview yesterday, know clearly where I can improve next time and glad I have zero expectations about getting the job
    Rave: less than 48 hours and I’ll be on a ten day vacation!!!

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Ryan Zimmerman

  • Rant: Lower back pain. I think it’s sciatica but I’m not entirely sure. And I can’t take anything for it right now.
    Rave: Reconnecting with my cousin. We live pretty close to each other but have managed to not see each other in about 4 years.
    Rave: Getting closer to a super long weekend. Mid-day Friday through Tuesday off. I’m excited.

    • Yuck. Are you familiar with cat-cow poses from yoga? That can help, particularly in the shower with warm/hot (not scalding) water coming down on your lower back. Also–try to get up and walk as much as possible. That’s helped my back pain tremendously in the past. Hope that helps & you feel better soon!

      • Thanks mtpresident! I’m not familiar with the cat-cow pose but I’ll give it a try. I transferred to my home office so I can get up and walk as much as I like today. While I’ve had sciatica pain in the past, this time is a little different – I normally get it on the right side but this is on the left.

        • I just had back pain over Mother’s Day weekend. Spent the day flat and/or crawling around to avoid back spasms. Running extremely hot water on the area as mtpresident suggests was really helpful. Good luck!

    • Any way to go in for some physical therapy? I’m not allowed to take pain killers at all and have low back pain because my SI joint is always misaligned. PT works wonders, and she’s given me exercises to do at home to get the joint back in alignment on my own when I need to.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Decided to step up my game; clearly I’m now an expert on microwave potatoes so I decided to take the next challenge: I bought a toaster oven. Those bagels are going to be asking for mercy pretty soon….
    Rave: Client happy with the portraits I did of her
    Rant: I was on H St. last night, bought a (huge) slice of pizza to take home; a guy followed me across the st. (it was around 11:00pm and I got a bit nervous so I decided to stop a cab instead of waiting for the bus; when I opened the cab’s door the guy still following me started screaming: “Are we going? can I go with you?” :/ not sure what to think about it

  • Rant: In just a terrible mood today. My date for tonight cancelled, and my wishy-washyness on the main squeeze is making me cray. Still I do nothing because I want him to show his hand.
    Rave: long weekend and my boss is taking next week off! Hey! I can do things! I like doing things.
    Rant: Instead of going away I am petsitting. Anyone wanna hang out with me around Sunday? Preferably by sitting in the sun and not being even a little productive?

  • Rant: Body not feeling well. Horse still lame after his gallop through the woods.
    Rant: Friend dealing with major anxiety is deflecting questions about how she’s doing and swears she’s just fine. I’m worried. I wish she wasn’t on the other coast.
    Rant: Friend having major surgery tomorrow.
    Rave: Hanging with her tonight to have some fun before the scariness ensues.

  • Rave: Interested in someone for the first time in forever!
    Rant: Getting cautionary advice that maybe I moved a little quickly physically this time around? I normally wouldn’t prescribe to that kind of thinking but I asked him if he wanted to hang out soon and I got the “super busy this week” answer so I’m nervous…
    Rave: Cooler weather! Even if it is just slightly so
    Rant: My dreams have been incredibly weird/disturbing lately.
    Rave: Despite all of these rants I’m still in a pretty good mood 🙂

    INQUIRY: Going camping (cabin or tent) the first weekend of June – still trying to find a suitable place within 2 hours of DC. Any suggestions?

    • Who ever is giving you that advice is super sex-negative. You do you. I hate when things don’t work out, but you’ve slept with the person, everyone says: it’s because you gave the goods too quickly. And, not surprisingly, people only say that to women.

      • Agreed. It’s like, I’m sorry, but I truly don’t believe that any guy consciously says to themselves “Oh, well she’s slept with me already so I guess I’ll go away now!” If anything I think it would be like a “So that happened, let me take advantage of the fact that could happen again.”

        • Hahaha, like I said, usually the thought would never cross my mind- I generally think all people think along the lines that FridayGirl laid out. I got burned recently and it seems like I’m overanalyzing because of it! Hopefully he really is busy and next week will bring more fun times!

        • ditto.

        • Having lots of guy friends I can say that definitely happens. The guy who feels that way will keep looking for “the one”, and they’ll keep you around as a backup. I do not think that is a majority of men at all. On the flip side, holding out forever isn’t going to guarantee anything either because they’ll think you’re not interested after a while.

        • justinbc

          Depends on how good “it” was.

        • There are plenty of men who will do exactly that. Their only interest was to sleep with them. Some will string it along if they think it’s “good” but go away when things get too “serious”.

      • Honestly, if someone is going to fade out because you had sex early on, he so isn’t worth your time. He was also in that bed. Anyone who has that double standard regarding relationships is a hypocrite.

      • This! Honestly, if a guy is going to ditch you because he got what he wanted and he’s done, then that really isn’t a loss. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having safe, mutually agreeable relations with someone on the first, second, third, whatever date. And yes, women do it too. To be perfectly frank and honest, I have slept with guys on the first date. I have met up with guys for the express intent of sex and nothing else. Really, there has never been a time that I have slept with a guy, wanted more, and he’s like, yeah, thanks but why buy the cow. Maybe I’m just good at picking like-minded individuals, maybe I’m just secure enough with myself and my sexuality that I don’t need to follow what society tells us is the way to date, idk, but this sex-negative stuff is what gives women complexes.

    • Cause and effect? “maybe I moved a little quickly physically” > ” Despite all of these rants I’m still in a pretty good mood” 🙂

      Speaking as a guy, I’d say that someone who backed away after he, um,”got the goods” would probably have done so had not gotten the goods, or had you held out for weeks. I’m going out on a limp here, but I’m thinking that for most of us men, the strong possibility of more sex is a persuasive argument in favor of another date — especially since we know that the women of PoPville are beautiful, charming and intelligent, as well as passionate.

    • justinbc

      In spring / summer season lots of people actually are really busy pretty much every weekend in DC. So, while that may not be a lie, it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try to fit you in, if he was genuinely interested and worth his salt.

    • Agreed that the “cautionary advice” is BS. If that scared him off, you didn’t really want to date him anyway.

      RE; camping, it’s more like 3 hours away, but Assateague is a fun place. The campsite is near the beach and you get the bonus of wild ponies wandering the island.

    • Seems there a lot of people on Popville disappointed in relationships, especially how men “do the fade” which I think is representative of a lot of single people in their late 20’s and beyond. And at no time have people felt as free to become intimate in the earliest stages of relationships. Not a coincidence.
      But keep doing what you’re doing and seeking affirmation in your perspective, but don’t get your hopes to high about sharing your life in a loving, supportive, and healthy relationship.

      • Disagree. There are a TON of reasons for this, not just physical intimacy. We’re a lot more connected, we have had many shifts in the definitions of relationships and what they mean culturally, plus tons of social shifts. Having sex early on isn’t why PoPvillians are disappointed in relationships; DC is notorious (apparently) for being a hard city to “find love” in.

        But sure, let’s blame generational shifts. It’s easier.

        • “And at no time have people felt as free to become intimate in the earliest stages of relationships.”
          Also, I find it hard to believe that young adults were not engaging in similar behavior during the ’60s and ’70s. Have we really changed THAT much or is it just more apparent now?

          • justinbc

            People just discuss it more openly now, in many more channels. Anyone who thinks there’s a one-size-fits-all for this is myopic.

    • Ally

      Yeah, don’t beat yourself up at all over this (if you are). I think there are some dating rules that are just fine to break. My now husband, for example, threw out the first “I love you” when we were “together” for the first time. I’ll admit, it set up a few red flags with me (one friend even advised that I immediately dump him based on that alone), but it didn’t concern me enough that we didn’t keep right on dating and got married a year later. Some people just operate on their own time frame when it comes to intimacy and pace. This guy, if he is being flaky (he may not be; hard to tell yet), probably would have been flaky regardless of whether you’d slept with him or not.

  • Question: My fiance wants to get engagement photos, but I think they’re incredibly tacky. What are you guys opinions about them?

    • palisades

      I think they’re super tacky and unnecessary.

    • It’s between you and your fiance, and if this would make him happy, it’s a small thing for you to agree to. Maybe ask him what he wants to do with the finished product? Try to come around to his thinking? Or subtly make him come around to yours?

    • I’m always a fan of photos that capture a time together that’s worth celebrating. You CAN have them that aren’t Tacky – ask Pablo! (not a fan of the “ring on a flower/book picture” that people seem to do). Find a place you both like, and take photos together – you’ll want to remember that time. I wish we had done more of that, and even wish we’d taken more with our son when he was a newborn. Better to think you don’t need them than to look back and wish you had them!

    • I think they’re cute if done right and many wedding photographers use them as “test shoots” to get to know the couple (as in: the session would be free). I’d ask your wedding photographer.

      • I thought they were the worst thing ever until a friend explained to me why some people do them. As AJNE said it really helps you get ready for the actual wedding day and get comfortable being photographed. Also helps develop a rapport with your photographer. We ended up doing them in Yards Park and I love the way they turned out. They can end up looking really corny, but I am glad we did it so we have some professional shots that aren’t wedding day photos. He also took some great shots of the river, park, etc! And bonus we used one of them as the background for our invitation!

      • Good idea but we don’t have a wedding photographer yet since it’s about a year away.

        • Get one ASAP! A year away is not an unreasonable window of time to book a photographer. Then you can do engagement pics with them and get an idea of how they are.

          • Agree with eggs. Our wedding is this September and we had our venue, photog, and a few other things locked down by beginning of July 2014.

    • I didn’t want to get them either, but am thankful that I had a friend who 1) insisted I get them, 2) is a talented photographer who offered to take them for us, and 3) did so for free, in a style we actually liked. We didn’t use them in the way many couples do — wedding announcements, wedding website, hanging them on our wall, etc. — but I’m thankful we have them as a document of ourselves the year we got married. Our friend/photographer printed them in ones of those Apple book things and every so often we look at the book and smile at the photos.

      • Yeah she wants to use them as save the date announcement things. I hate seeing when people post those pics all over Fb. It’s even more obnoxious than the nonstop baby pics that all look the same.

        • Maybe you could compromise by agreeing to do the photos for yourselves, but not using them in announcements or on FB?

        • people sharing their lives on social media are SO annoying. Can’t we just use it to argue politics, share articles, and post clips from jimmy fallon?

    • My wife and I had a lot of fun with ours, and it was a great way to try out a photographer to use for our wedding. We also used the photos to create a book for guests to sign, which was nice to have.
      FWIW, we picked a spot that had meaning to us (Old Town Alexandria, in our case), and then the three of us walked around. The photographer would sometimes suggest poses or activities (skipping down the street, for example), but was otherwise trying to get reasonably candid shots. Posed photos in a studio would have been less fun and less meaningful.

    • Quotia Zelda

      I think an engagement photo is only a good idea if you are planning to do an engagement announcement in the paper in lieu of a wedding announcement (this is common in the areas where I grew up). In that case, however, the photo really should be just the bride-elect.
      Disclaimer: I am notoriously old-fashioned and somewhat rigid.

    • We didn’t do them and don’t regret that choice. The ones I see generally seem tacky but honestly they’re only tacky if you make them tacky. I think many appear tacky because they don’t seem to reflect the actual character of the people in them – I don’t know many folks who spend time in orchards dressed in business casual/cocktail attire staring “lovingly” into each others’ eyes with only 4 inches of separation (while holding a pet, in some cases). Now if you can get some photos done that realistically depict your character and joy as a newly-engaged couple then why not?

    • Mr. Eggs and I didn’t do “engagement photos” exactly…he hired our wedding photographer to follow me around the day of the proposal and to get a few shots while/after he proposed. He knew that I didn’t want engagement photos (I feel the same way you do about them) but that I also wanted to “test drive” the photographer (who is a friend of ours and had only recently started doing wedding photography in addition to family/pet/newborn/etc.) so he wanted to see how she would handle a lot of candid shots. We had briefly discussed it prior to him proposing so he knew what I was hoping to see out of it to confirm we wanted to book her for the wedding. We didn’t use those photos for anything, but they’re nice to have. I second the opinions here to go ahead and pick who you would like to do your wedding and do some engagement shots with them to test them out and see how it goes.

    • Ally

      I think it depends on how you use them. I’m not a big fan of mailing them out to all friends and family, but having some nice couple shots is something you might appreciate down the road. Highly recommend our wedding photographer Amber Wilkie if you go that route. She made the whole experience fun and gave us a great mix of traditional and artsy shots.

    • HaileUnlikely

      My wife and I were not planning to get engagement photos, and had already been engaged for a couple months when we hired our wedding photographer, but the photographer persuaded us to do them to get comfortable with her and get comfortable being photographed (and she included them for free when you hired her for a full day for a wedding). In retrospect it was totally worth it for the experience with the photographer, regardless of desire to have engagement photos.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Florida and family tomorrow.
    Rant: For my grandpa’s funeral.
    Rant: So much to do before we leave.

    • I hope the time with family is relaxing and refreshing & you’re able to cherish memories together.

      • Quotia Zelda

        Thank you!
        I think mostly I’ll be trying to keep Emilie from throttling our uncle when he’s being an asshat. 😉

        • Emmaleigh504

          I plan on not being in the same room as him ever. Trying to avoid Dad’s sisters as well. Can’t wait to be done with these people forever.

  • Rave: Had a pretty girl smile at me a bit too long yesterday. I tried to catch up to her and her dog, but she went opposite of me, and I didn’t want to seem creepy. I will make sure to walk my dog at that time soon.
    Rave: Actually happy to have extra time off between projects.
    Rave/rant: Roomie hung out with my friends the other day, but now she’s back to not speaking unless absolutely needed. So strange!
    Rave: Already got friend date planned this week. Woot!

  • Ally

    Rave/Rant: Euthanizing our sick cat yesterday went as well as could be expected. Glad she’s not in any pain anymore. The husband was especially supportive. Highly recommend Lap of Love if anyone ever needs to have a vet come out to put a sick pet to sleep. They’re pricey, but very compassionate and good.
    Rave/Question for the Group: Any good Father’s Day ideas for first-time dads-to-be? Have a few ideas, but wanted to see if anyone had done something in the past that you thought was especially neat or creative.

    • This may sound quirky, but a pack of undershirts. When my niece was born, my BIL would come home from work, hang out in an undershirt and pj pants, and get spit up on mercilessly. Needless to say, he went through a lot of undershirts. 😉 Maybe that along with his favorite non-decaf coffee?

    • And I’m so sorry about your cat. I’ve been there. 🙁

      • Ally

        Thank you 🙂 And appreciate the suggestion. It’s always stuff like the undershirts that you don’t think about (my Mom has informed me that I can’t have enough burp/spit-up cloths).

    • So sorry about your kitty. For Fathers Day there’s a cute book called “I Love My Daddy” about some bears and all the things daddies do for their little ones. It’s a sweet baby library addition 🙂

  • Rant: it’s been a rollercoaster of emotion this week with the re-opening of Hill Country’s Backyard BBQ in Navy Yard. I thought it’d be like the one at the National Building Museum, with music and drinks, but it appears to just be barbecue (no drinks) and only on game days. Bummer.

  • Rave: Embryo transfer is next week and my doctor seems cautiously optimistic.
    Rant: Despite her optimism, I’m feeling really low this week, almost a pre-emptive sadness about the possible failure of the transfer. Even though the doctor is optimistic, the statistics only put my chances in the 40% range and statistics haven’t been on my side so far. I’m so emotionally messed up from this round that I’m not sure I have another round in me right now. I also don’t know if we have the spare funds for another round.
    Rant: I need to find a way to stop feeling so low.

    • Ugh, I’m sorry. I’m sending positive vibes your way!

    • I’m sorry you’re so sad – try to stay positive….you’ve made it so far already! I know it feels helpless, but you’re not helpless and you’re not hopeless. sending love.

    • Ally

      Thinking of you and hoping all goes well with the transfer!

    • Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Just send me an email if you need any one to vent to.

      • amandal, you’re the best, and I know I still owe you an email. Part of my terrible mood is that I’m behind in my entire personal life. My inbox is overflowing. I suck and I know it.

    • Fingers crossed for the transfer, and I hope you feel better soon!

  • Rant: my substitute was so mean to my kids yesterday. He will not be returning to my school if I have anything to do with it.

  • phl2dc

    Rant: A mosquito bit me –through my pants!– right below my knee yesterday and it’s now the size of a quarter and then some.

    • justinbc

      Apparently DC is one of the worst areas in the whole country for mosquitoes. I’m pretty sure I read that on a local blog somewhere…

      • phl2dc

        Yeah, read that same article. We’re also third in parks apparently! YAY PARKS! BOO MOSQUITOES!

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