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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: It’s bad when the sun feels hot when you leave the house in the morning. Hell, it felt hot next to my daughter’s bedroom window! This summer is going to suck so bad.
    Rave: It’s getting cooler for the second half of the week.
    Rant! Carpenter bees. Fortunately, not doing any structural damage, but still need to get rid of them. Was going to call American Pest, unless anyone has a better suggestion?
    Rant: Being between regular and maternity clothing. Almost everything fits awkwardly and I’m sick of rotating between the same 5-7 work outfits. Bah.
    Rave: Really had a lovely weekend.

    • Why not call that beekeeping society/club/whatever that was profiled on here a while back? I think they come and take care of the bees for you without harming them. If I can find the link I’ll post it.

    • Becks

      Last summer, I calked up all of the holes and spots where they started to bore. That has helped so far. Now I just have to get rid of the ground bees.

    • Carpenter bees have a fairly short lifespan of about 6 weeks, which will end soon. They bore holes to lay their eggs, which will hatch next year. So, to get rid of them, spray all the holes with insecticide after the adults have died off, and the eggs will never hatch. Filling the holes doesn’t work because they will just bore out next year. Deterring them with sprays and other methods while the adults are alive is also of limited use because they will just find another place to bore. They are also very hearty and spraying the adults seems mostly to stun them. In short, you have to interrupt their life cycle to get rid of them.

      Also, unlike honey bees, they are not great pollinators. I have read that they actually remove pollen rather than transferring it from plant to plant.

    • Ally

      There was a whole thread about this on the Hill East listserv. You can try a few things other than killing them (if you’re so inclined). They apparently can’t bore through painted wood, so that’s one possible option. I think there are even Carpenter Bee houses you can buy to encourage them to relocate. Anyway, hit up Google. When I looked a few days back, there were a few sites about how to get rid of them without “getting rid of them.” Good luck!

      • Oops–didn’t see your post until after I posted my update. Thanks for the tips–I’ll check them out.

    • UPDATE: heard back from DC beekeepers, and was told that carpenter bees are harmless, the males don’t have stingers (and are the ones who are usually flying around), and that they are great pollinators. Hrm.

  • Rant:I think I have come to a parting of the ways with Game of Thrones. Last night’s episode left me feeling sick. I knew what was coming but watching it made me feel dirty. Nothing entertaining about what transpired last night.
    Rave: Property values in Eckington keeps going up.

    • Red Panda

      Agreed. That was an awful scene to watch right before bed.

    • That’s where I was by the middle of season 2. I would get stressed out before watching. Then I decided life’s too short to watch TV that disgusts me, so I re-committed to Modern Family.

      • But Modern Family has declined in quality the past few seasons. Used to be such a good show, but now it is almost unwatchable.

    • justinbc

      It’s not quite as bad as the group fisting scene from Season 1…

    • What is truly crappy is that scene did not happen in the book, at least not to Sansa. Ramsey married a fake Aria, whom he tormented plenty, but at least our beloved Stark girls were left alone.

  • Rave: Fundraiser for my daughter’s new school this past weekend – met a ton of people and had a lot of fun. I’ve rarely had so much fun at a party where I went in not knowing anyone.
    Rave: 4 hours at fundraiser/party, and not one person asked me what I did for a living. That’s unheard of, and refreshing. People focused, in no particular order, on neighborhood, kids, beer, ping pong, barbeque, and bourbon. So excited.

  • Rave: So happy to meet everyone at the happy hour on Friday! Thanks for being so welcoming! 😀
    Rave: May have snagged myself several free moving boxes from the neighborhood listserv. Debating what the best way to carry them home will be depending on their size since my only method of transport is my two arms and two legs. May have to make two trips.

    • Do you live in a big apartment building (50+ units)? When I moved last Fall, I was able to snag plenty of boxes in the garbage area of my old building. There are also always tons of boxes in the “large garbage” spot of my current building. Saved me from having to drag them home from somewhere else.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t. My building is only 10 units and most of the boxes put out by the dumpster are pretty questionable. If I don’t get these, though, I’ll just go to Whole Foods or Safeway and see what I can get, which is what my old roommate did.

        • Bookstores are a goldmine of clean boxes. Kramerbooks may be on a bus or metro line to you.

        • This may not be necessary for you, but I was surprised to find that Amazon.com has moving box sets at very reasonable prices. I used those for our last move and was really happy with the quality and the value.

    • I had fun Friday as well–wish I could have stayed longer than 20 minutes but it was good to meet & chat briefly with the few of you that I met 🙂

    • Also had fun on Friday chatting with you folks!

    • Depending on how big of boxes you prefer, I’ve always had great luck with asking bars to hold the boxes from their beer/liquor/wine shipments. Find out what day is their delivery day and promise to come get them that same day, preferably not during a busy time of day, and they’ll likely be glad to do it.

      • Good call! Thanks! I actually have several bars/liquor stores within a block of me, so that’s a fantastic idea. Thank you, eggs.

    • Depending how far away the boxes are, picking them up with an Uber XL may work for you.

    • You can also buy fresh clean boxes in various sizes (and other packing supplies) at the storage facility in the 1400 block of U Street. I don’t work for them, but did just but a bunch of boxes recently. I hate used boxes.

  • Rave: Mad Men finale last night. It didn’t disappoint.
    Rant: I took a long nap on Sunday evening which meant that I was up all night. I am so very tired.
    Rant: This heat. I am not ready for it.

  • Rave: mad max!
    Rant: the theater power cutting out like 15 minutes before the end of the movie. It didn’t come back after nearly 20 minutes so my bf and I bailed, but I did get a refund and I read what happened at the end on wikipedia so it turned out alright.
    Rant: this morning’s weather. It should be illegal to be that hot before 9 am.

    • Mad Max was definitely amazing! Sorry you missed the end, every minute was worth watching. In a just world, Charlize Theron deserves an Oscar nod.
      Rave: Catching the first matinee at Gallery Place and enjoying a not-packed theater. Far more people, mostly couples, going into Pitch Perfect 2. Those poor souls…

    • +1 on your weather rant. It’s not usually this hot in mid-May, right? (I don’t remember it being this hot… but also wondered if I was remembering selectively.)
      I guess thanks to climate change, there’s no “usually” anymore. 🙁

  • Rave: Maybe this shouldn’t be a rave, but I’m quite single again. Ladyfriend informed me that even though she enjoyed seeing me and acting like a couple (going to events, holding hands, etc) she just “wasn’t feeling it”. I hung out with my friends, and I’m right as rain.
    Rave: Vacation next week.
    Rave: Friend has family in the area, so we get a nice house to share for free.
    Rant: Tourney didn’t go well, but we’re all motivated to learn and keep prepping for the next one.

    • Ally

      Hope you at least had fun at the tourney! I seriously miss playing, but realized that my poker abilities in my 3rd trimester are about on-par with a 2-year-olds, so it would be a total waste of money 😉

      • This post referred to a martial arts tourney where someone having dumb luck and hitting on the river doesn’t happen. I did have fun and saw lots of improvement from my teammates.

  • justinbc

    Rave: Great weekend of festivals with ABV on Saturday and Lamb Jam on Sunday. I really like the Union Market layout for Lamb Jam so much more than the previous cramped Eastern Market location. ABV was fun, until the monster thunderstorm hit and we had to bike home in torrential rain.
    Rant: Missed the HH on Friday due to leaving rather late from contractor appointment in VA.
    Rant: Bathroom revised estimate is $5K more than the original estimate. It’s not quite as bad as the $60K jump in estimates in phases for the kitchen, but it still sucks paying more than you anticipated.
    Rave: Empty office this week. So much easier to be productive without people constantly bugging me.

    • ABV was a ton of fun. We ended up leaving just before the rain but got caught in it while walking over to Bonchon to watch the Preakness.

      • justinbc

        I started feeling drops long before she did and kept saying, it’s definitely going to rain soon. I wish I had remembered Bonchon was right there! Although when I got home I made some monster bacon grilled cheese sandwiches…

        • palisades

          Enjoy. I recommend reading episode discussions on blogs like TomandLorenzo and AVClub. They really help understand the layers and different themes that run through each episode.

  • skj84

    Rave: weekend was fun, yet fast paced. Culminated with a homemade spa day with my bestie. Pedis, wine and movies are a great way to spend a Sunday!

    Rant: The fifth anniversary of my Grandmothers death is this week. I always get super anxious around this time of the year. My Aunt and I were her caretakers. Her decline was rapid and shocking. I wasn’t emotionally prepared for what came. I didn’t handle it well at all. I feel guilty for being freaked out at the time.

    • Blithe

      skj84, I’m sorry for your loss. I don’t think that there IS a way to prepare yourself for the rapid, shocking decline and death of someone that you love. As one of your Grandmother’s caretakers, I”m sure that you did your best for her, and I hope that you can do your best for yourself as well — and resolve any lingering guilt that you might feel.
      – If you’re a book-person, you might want to check out Roz Chast’s “Can’t we talk about something more pleasant”. I think it accurately captures the horrible, wonderful, sometimes painful and sometimes even funny stresses and blessings of being a caretaker. I hope you have some positive rituals and support to help you with this annivesary.


  • palisades

    Rave: Successfully purchased a road bike via CraigsList. I know squat about bikes, but it was a great price, and I am so excited to ride again (my last bike was stolen last year).
    Rant: Wizards. I was at the game. Absolute heartbreaker. Total DC sports ending. Oh well.
    Rave: Nats. Bryce. I could have this rave everyday. I love this team.
    Rave: Mad Men finale. Everything I could have dreamed of and more. So bittersweet.

  • Pablo Raw

    Rave: Sporting my new PoPville t-shirt today
    Rave: Once again, nice to see everybody and make new friends at the official PoPville HH!

    • GiantSquid

      Hey Pablo, I still have that film for you. Also, I have an old compact digital camera and an old, film SLR. Do you know of any donation programs those could go to? Moving soonish and cleaning house.

    • Pablo Raw

      Rant: Sears recalled my stove, and even though I ask them many times to deliver the parts to my office, they delivered them to a store 2 blocks away from where I live. It wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t that it’s a huge and dirty box that I had to carry home this morning before coming to work.

  • Rave: great Drugs of Faith show at Smash yesterday.
    Rave: great Lost Civilizations show at Black Squirrel last night.
    Rave: great little birthday brunch for my little sister yesterday.
    Rave: pretty good photoshoot with one of the cooler sounding bands I’ve heard: NarkotroniK.
    Rant: the heat/humidity.
    other than that, the weekend was fantastic!

  • Rant: Opera in the Outfield wasn’t as terrific this year as in the past. Sure, it’s still free world-class opera, but the rain was a downer. And more importantly, their costume designer needs to be canned, pronto. The garish, clownish costumes were ugly and distracting. Looked like something an uncoordinated bunch of kindergarteners would have thought was “fancy”. Pink and purple hair, blue beards, makeup courtesy of someone’s toddler… ick ick ick. Given that the sound quality at the ballpark isn’t great, the visuals are even more important.
    Rave: Free opera at the ballpark.

    • Yeah… I had thought about going, but the rain changed my mind.

    • Pablo Raw

      I had the pleasure of working with a theater company on set design a while ago; I wish I could do that for a living. In any case, sometimes the vision of the director has to do with the design of everything and maybe what you saw is what they wanted to show, the point of view of a kingergartener or how a kid would view Cinderella; like “who is telling the story”.

    • skj84

      As someone who was wearing one of the costumes, I loved the design. It was fun and silly. It’s Cinderella and marketed towards kids. The last few shows have been so dark, I’m
      Glad WNO choose a bright one to end the season. Also the costumes weren’t designed by the wonderful costumers at WNO.

    • SouthwestDC

      Glad to hear we didn’t miss much. We were all set to go, but once it started pouring we weren’t sure if it was still on. Ended up checking out the live jazz Mr. Henry’s which was fantastic!

  • Rant: We had to put one of our dogs to sleep over the weekend. Way worse than what I had prepared myself for, but in the end I know he isn’t suffering anymore.

    Rave: Lots of support from friends and family.

    Random question: Does anyone in PoPville have solar panels on their house? If so did you purchase or lease? Do you see any evidence of it raising your property value?

  • Rave: fun and relaxing weekend
    Rave: my latest homebrew is pretty good
    Rave: the Postmodern Jukebox show last night was awesome. They brought way more of their vocalists than I thought they would and the really expanded the role of the tap dancer.
    Rant: I could really use some more sleep

    • Additional Rant: my coworker came over to try to badger me into accepting a bunch of nominations for leadership roles I don’t want. Sorry, but “we’re all busy” isn’t a helpful argument. I know they all think I’m good at this thing and want me to take on more, but I don’t want to be anything more than a member. I’m trying to get over my propensity to over-join things.
      Rave: sticking by my “no” feels good.

  • Rave: HH on Friday was great. I’m so glad I got to meet so many cool people!
    Rant: Boss “strongly invited” me to volunteer on Saturday “for the company,” but I still had to pay money to participate (I don’t want your t-shirt and pizza lunch, but apparently I have to have it?). I’m still super bitter about paying money to lose one of my weekend days.
    Rave: Awesome day Sunday with several besties! Ended at the Argonaut playing games with brilliant people.

  • Rave: Great weekend with fun friends!

    Rant: One of the people I work for is super getting on my nerves and I don’t know how to resolve it just yet.

    Rave: Looking forward to the upcoming long weekend!

  • Rant/Rave (undecided): Finally decided to turn down the offer I received for my “dream job.” This was actually my dream job when I was 20 and I’ve been working for the past 12 years to try and get it. But, in the end, I guess priorities change. Still, it kinda feels like when you’re sad a relationship has ended, even when you know it wouldn’t have worked out in the end.

    • Your picture is my favorite Van Gogh. 🙂 I don’t know about the decision you were facing, but it sounds like the work you’ve been doing the past 12 years has put you in a position you’re happy with, even though it’s not resulting in the “dream job”?

      • Have you been to the Met to see it?

        It’s too long of a story to tell on PoP, but suffice it to say, I enjoy the freedom I currently have and my quality of life and wasn’t ready to give it up for the “coolness” factor of the dream job.

        • I actually saw it along with The Starry Night at the Yale Art Gallery back in 2008 – stunning. Also, how cool is it that you were presented with the Dream Job opportunity, even if it wasn’t the right move? That’s definitely a win all on it’s own.

          • Have you been back to the Yale Art Gallery since the renovations were completed in 2012? I think they did a really great job.

            Haha, right. I can take solace in the fact that at least I received the offer! 🙂

  • Becks

    Rave: Love the picture!
    Rant: Last week, a friend called and stated that she and her boyfriend wanted to take a break from being my friend. I had seen her boyfriend at a picnic the previous week and everything seemed ok. I had talked to her the earlier last week and everything seemed ok. I have no idea what happened!
    Rant: Uncertainty at job. I just never know where I stand and I think my boss likes it that way.
    Rave: Rainy Saturday afternoons with nothing to do but drink iced tea and watch the rain.

    • A break from being friends?! That is one of the more bizzare things I’ve heard recently…

    • On your friend rant, how does that happen? They didn’t even explain what’s up. Some friends.

    • You can declare a take a break in a friendship? that’s hilarious, and has nothing to do with you. I’m sure that for decades into your life, you’ll be able to tell that story and you and your new friends will bond over the absurdity of those idiots and their declaration.

    • That’s very odd about your friend’s declaration… and it seems rather passive-aggressive of her not to offer any explanation.

    • Say what? People who announce they want to “take a break from being friends” are not friends. Friends talk to you about stuff. They don’t cut you off.
      Is the boyfriend, by chance, a controlling jerk? The kind who wouldn’t want his woman hanging out with someone he personally doesn’t get along with? Or does the friend have a history of weird and controlling behavior herself? Because that’s what else this could be: an attempt to get you to chase her and try to win her back.
      I don’t know about you, but I am too old for manipulative bullshit.

      • Becks

        They are both friendly outgoing fun people. I never noticed any jealousy. I am a big girl and he and she are tall, thin people, so that wouldn’t be it at all. I never noticed any problems and then suddenly, BAM.

    • They don’t sound like particularly good people. That’s absurd/crazy. If a friendship isn’t working for you, that’s fine – it’s a two-way street. If it isn’t working, you don’t need to go down that street. But announcing such formally? Very weird.

    • Re: the friend break, is it possible there was some jealousy? Maybe (assuming you’re a woman) the boyfriend commented about how he thought you were cute after seeing you, or commented that you have been very friendly and interpreted that as flirting, and the friend is concerned he may break up with her for you? But yeah, that’s just weird.

    • I’ve had a couple of friendships just sort of end gradually on their own due to just losing touch or whatever, but sometimes people grow apart, don’t vibe anymore, and just like with a romantic relationship, you have to pull the plug. That happened to me once and it sucked a lot, but we were making each other miserable. What I find strange is that your friend broke up on behalf of herself and her boyfriend. That’s really awkward.

    • Becks

      I know where I stand. I was fired. Thankfully, I had a resignation letter in hand to turn over.

      • Becks

        My friend said that I embarrassed her boyfriend and he was too shy to tell me. I never noticed ANY discomfort or embarrassment. And my other friends make the same types of jokes.

        • Wow, that’s ridiculous! Is she his mother or his girlfriend?

        • So, what sort of jokes?

          • Becks

            He had put on sunscreen and I had given everyone necklaces to wear for our picnic. Well, the red necklace stained his shirt and neck when it interacted with the sunscreen. I said I would wash it and someone else shouted, “Take it off” And then we all started joking that he should take it off. Not seriously (there wasn’t any place to wash it). My friend said that had greatly embarrassed him.

          • Does seem a little oversensitive on his part. Maybe he hadn’t had enough to drink yet. Did he seem like a particularly shy type? He sure apparently got assertive when he got home, though.

          • Well I don’t think it’s fair to assume that kind of thing wouldn’t embarrass him just because he’s a man. It’s probably not the sort of joke you should make toward someone you don’t know fairly well. Still, it’s weird to tell someone you want to take a break from being their friend. I assume you said you were sorry and certainly hadn’t meant to embarrass him?

      • Just now? I’m so sorry!

      • Yikes! Sorry to hear that.

      • That One Guy

        Sorry to hear this.

      • Ah, what a day! I’m so sorry!!!

        • Becks

          Yes, today has so far sucked.
          Question: I had prepared a letter of resignation stating that my last day would be June 19th. They refused to accept the resignation and stated that they were going to have a meeting this afternoon to see if the firing would be sooner. What are my options?

          • You probably need to see if there is some sort HR procedure that has to be followed. Otherwise, make it clear that it will be easier for them if they just accept the resignation on your terms. I don;t know what sort of organization you work for, but threatening to gum up the works and increase office tensions through appeals and implied legal action, versus a quick and professional endgame as long as they cut that one month severance check might be the way to go.

          • If you don’t want to be fired, trump them by writing another letter stating that your plans have changed, and you are amending your last date to tomorrow, or Friday, or whatever works for you.

          • Becks

            I do not want to be fired but I would like to submit my resignation. I no longer want to work here but would HATE a fired on my record since I do plan to stay with this agency in another capacity. What is that about severance?

          • I thought (perhaps inaccurately) that you don’t get severance if you’re fired — only if you’re laid off. No?
            I get the impression that Becks is less concerned about severance $ than about having a firing in her record.

          • Ally

            If you have a union where you work, I’d strongly consider seeing them, even if you’re not a member. The union where I work will support all staff in events like this, regardless of whether they’re dues-paying members or not. Hang in there. Sounds like you’re having the week from hell.

    • Ah, the Gift of Good-bye. I’ve been through it and it stings, I know, but it may well turn out for the best. If that’s their choice you probably wouldn’t want to be around them much anyhow.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave:  WDS + Adderall = Front yard weeds pulled in 30 minutes.

    Rant:  WDS + Adderall = Some Oriental lilies pulled also.

    Rave/Rant:  I couldn’t figure out why WDS had a vase of filled with water while he was working.  When I asked him he said something like “That’s a vase?  I thought I was being all fancy drinking from a glass decanter. “

  • Rant: Sore. Sad. Had a rough weekend ride where I parted ways from the horse, who then promptly galloped the three miles home alone. And now I’m sore and he’s sore/lame and I feel awful.
    Rave: Had an otherwise nice weekend in the neighborhood, dancing salsa, playing games, going for walks, and talking about big life changes coming up.
    Rant: Good friend heads in for big scary surgery this week. Hope the results are good news.

    • 3 miles!! wow! Glad neither of you were hurt worse. What did he spook at? I once rode a horse that would spook at everything – butterflies, a falling leaf, you name it.

  • Rant: lackluster dating life. can I get excited about someone please?
    Rant: dog has separation anxiety. even with Kongs, she still chews my shoes when I’m away. she doesn’t do that when I’m at home.
    Rave: the friends I set up are doing well dating. they’re basically officially bf and gf. YAY! Still waiting on good dating karma from that. What’s taking so long, universe?

    • You have to get her a crate which may make her feel more secure when you’re away and make sure your shoes are safe.
      RE: Dating…We had a good run there for a minute. Back to the drawing board.

      • She has a crate. When we’re at home, she hangs out in her crate and naps there too. I leave the crate door open even at night though, so I find her sleeping on the couch when I wake up. Dating…meh.

        • Why don’t you lock the crate when you leave? Shoe eating seems like a very easy problem to fix if she already likes the crate.
          Dating: I’m just confused. One minute it was let’s be friends, the next she’s flipping out, to the next minute she is offering to buy tickets off me for an event we had planned later in the month which she originally offered then refused to do when asked.
          I’m hopefully for the both of us.

          • I’m one of those people who feels bad for crating my dog up for more than a few hours. It’s okay at j

          • I meant it’s okay at night but during the day I’d feel pretty bad even if she had her kong and toys. And dating, looks like you’re gonna have to really let her go no rekindling if she’s this flighty and keeps changing her mind. Sorry you had to deal with this.

          • LA- She couldn’t pay me enough to give it a 3rd try. LOL
            She is so smart but so emotionally stunted, and I’m frankly too busy to deal with confused women. She’s deleted and blocked everywhere. Maybe I should be more disappointed, but I can’t gather such emotions. I was only mad in the moment because as she’s friendzoning me she offered to still go to the 2nd venue and meet my friend. Why would I ever say ok to such a thing? I was just so confused by the whole thing…still am.
            Sorry no quality dudes are keeping your interest, but I’m still glad you opened up the criteria a bit. It’ll work itself out.

          • If she’s taken to her crate as “her spot” and isn’t agitating when left in there while alone, you shouldn’t “feel bad” about it — quite the contrary, that’s where she’ll want to be! But a lot of dogs with separation anxiety panic when they’re crated and left alone. In that case, the crate is actually counterproductive and even dangerous.

          • (Don’t feel guilty about locking your dog up during the day, especially if she’s destructive. You’re in charge, and her knowing that will make her more comfortable too).

          • I’ll opt not to crate her up during the day. I don’t like the idea of keeping her locked up while I’m away. It will likely result in bad things, and trainers don’t recommend it either.

          • What trainers have you spoken with who don’t recommend crates during the day? I’ve literally never heard such a thing. Crate training is key to the development of your pups habits (sleeping, eating, playing…) If your pup has access to your shoes during the day, there is no one there to stop him or her from eating them. By the time you get home, it’s too late to teach. Brain stimulating toys inside of a crate or very small restricted area during the day will teach him/her how to occupy time in a responsible manner.

          • With my hyperactive adult dog, the trainer suggested tiring her out before I leave and dog daycare. I’m going to do both. Daycare once a week for socializing. She needs to play with other dogs in a safer environment than a random park.

          • Yeah, I’ve never heard a trainer opposed to crate training. It some cases (as with us), it serves as a trigger for their anxiety and so it becomes counterproductive. Our dog would sweat and drool all through his crate padding, try to push his way out, dig at the plastic mat, non-stop. If there are those kind of signs, that means she is probably not a great match for being crated while alone. Ideally, if you could videotape her behavior (via Skype or an iPad or something) while confined in the crate, you’ll have a much better sense of whether she should hang out there while you’re gone. Absent any of that evidence, I would absolutely encourage you to use the crate (as would every trainer I’ve ever worked with). At some point, after she’s demonstrated she can be trusted not to be destructive, she could earn more and more freedom, but again, that must be earned. If she really does have anxiety, I BESEECH THEE to take this deadly seriously now, talk to a trainer and try to prevent it from getting out of hand.

          • She still needs to be able to go to crate on command. That’s what I’m working in doing. She goes in voluntarily sometimes but I cannot wait for her to decide to go the crate when leaving for work. That could take forever. I’m going to try alt methods until she’s mastered go to your spot/crate.

      • We say this a lot here but: BULLET DODGED! And I have opened up the criteria a lot for better or for worse.

        • Yea ma’am, but now she’s messaging me with the same flowery language she kept giving me (I like you, you’re great, blah blah blah). She did admit she has stuff going on in her life…obviously. What, who knows?
          I think options are always better…law of averages and all that good stuff.

          • Ah, I hate when people do the “You’re great but…” thing. Someday I’m going to turn it around and be like, “Yeah, I know I’m great but right now I think you suck!”

          • In this case, I basically did that…calling out that there is OBVIOUSLY something going on since she went out of her way to show an interest only to friendzone me hard. The fact that she keeps going back and forth from pissed off to apologetic leads me to believe there is much more to the story. I just wonder if she’ll come clean in the meantime. I’m fascinated.

    • Anonynon

      Weren’t you just excited about a guy who ‘changed your perspective’ on who you want as a partner like on friday? What happened to him? From an outsider perspective who knows little to nothing about nothing, it sounds like you aren’t giving anyone a fair chance and are too quick to jump ship at the slightest disturbance. You might also want to filter guys who you don’t have a good gut feeling about to begin with. Dating at least for me can be an emotional drag, I don’t like meeting people unless i truly believe there is a chance for long term success. It is tiring getting that ‘high for a first date’ and then realizing the low after it doesn’t work out.

      • Not sure I agree with the rest of this, but +1 to “Weren’t you just excited about a guy who ‘changed your perspective’ on who you want as a partner like on friday? What happened to him?”

      • I don’t date a lot or often. I really do filter them out. It’s exhausting because even the ones I filter through, aren’t that great, and I have to start all over again. As for friend, I’m going to keep it as friends. If anything happens, it’s better if just develops on it’s own.

        • “As for friend, I’m going to keep it as friends. If anything happens, it’s better if just develops on its own.” I thought he’d already indicated that he was interested in you as more than friends. Doesn’t that mean the ball is in your court now? How is anything going to “develop on its own” if you don’t do anything to let him know that his interest is reciprocated?

          • We’re really new friends, so I would rather get to know him better without it being a date. I would much rather hangout and spend time with someone than focus on “is this a date?” Formally dating isn’t fun for me as I’ve learned.

          • And he definitely knows I would like to hangout with him. I made that clear. We’ll see each other soon enough with other friends around so I’m not worried. Keeping it chill. No rush.

          • I’m actually going to side with LA on this one. You do you, LA.

          • Thanks, FridayGirl! We all move at our own pace, and I’m choosing slow.

    • Re: the separation anxiety, you will want to get a handle of this ASAP — consider hiring a dog trainer to help with this. I recommend Anytime Canine, who helped us immensely. Our pup developed a severe case of separation anxiety to the point where he was trying to bust out of his crate, and almost/or was hurting himself, food distractions be damned. For many dogs, a crate actually causes them more anxiety, which was true for us. He caused a bunch of damage to our apartment, too. We had to focus on a few things — establishing dominance and making sure he was mentally and physically exhausted, desensitization around leaving (going through leaving routine, then returning many times) and arriving (just ignoring him whenever we get home for several mins), and using better food distractions.

      • She just started chewing my shoes! Pretty sure the solution is longer walks in the morning (if she can take it) and play background music in my home to keep her busy in addition to having a frozen kong and toys. She never chewed my shoes until I shortened our morning walks to 20 minutes and stopped playing music.

        • Maybe that will work, but it’s not all about physical exercise and distractions. If she is really having anxiety issues, I doubt it. I cannot tell you how much time and energy we have spent trying to make progress with our severely anxiety dog, which we would’ve avoided had we been aware of some of the things we should’ve done better. So, suit yourself, but it might be the best $100 you’ll spend in 2015.

          • She doesn’t have severe separation anxiety. I say that I need to change up our exercise routine because this just started happening and it was after I shortened our walks and time of walks and other factors. She rarely barks at home too. Pretty sure it’s sheer boredom and restless energy. When she’s tired she could care less where I am in the house or what I’m doing. When she’s energetic she likes attention.

      • Much as I love seeing all dogs go to a home – it is worth noting that “separation anxiety” really comes from SEPARATION. If you are gone 8-10 hours every day, you might not be able to offer a good environment for most dogs. Dogs are social animals. Yeah, they get to accept the crate as their “den” to a degree, but no creature wants to live all day/half their life in confinement.

    • Ally

      If you don’t mind my asking, what’s been the issue with the prior dates: Not attracted to them physically, mentally, or all of the above?

      • Just not attracted generally. Combination of all. Looks are not that important, I can overlook that if the personality and interests align with mine. That being said though, be a little bit attractive. I’m not the hottest girl, but I’m not unattractive. Be close to my level of okay looking.

        • Ally

          Gotcha. Sometimes the spark just isn’t there. Well, hope you’re at least going to restaurants you love so you get a great meal out of it, if nothing else 😉

    • That One Guy

      Look into a mid-day walker/service. This can be a blessing since it breaks their day and allows them to pee/poop.

    • That One Guy

      Also, how is your dog doing with the walks/training?

      • She’s still lunging and barking at dogs. Trainer was really working on her threshold. She knows how to follow commands but it’s really just to distract her before eye contact is made with another dog. Eye contact leads to barking and lunging. It’s a lot of work to get her not to bark. I think socializing her with dogs is the next step.

  • Rant: Saddened about the fire/homicide in Woodley
    Rant: Coworkers daughter’s house burned down
    Rave: Collected lots of donated baby stuff from the Tenleytown listserv
    Rave: 25.5 school days left this year
    Rave: My friend in Israel decided to stick around rather than travel to America for her friend’s wedding while I’m there.
    Rave: Happy hour to vote my friend “Jewish Guy of the Year” on Wednesday
    Rant: Missed the official PoPville HH Friday – was babysitting. Womp womp.

    • Good news on the friend not reneging on her plans with you after all! I just hope she doesn’t act sullen and perceive herself as a martyr for doing so.

  • Rave: Had a great time at the HH on Friday. So great to see and meet many of you.
    Rave: Enjoyed the Capitol Hill 10k…
    Rant: …but that mile and a half (ish) around the parking lot behind the stadium was ROUGH. Such a muggy day for a race.
    Rave: Fun and lazy weekend otherwise.

    • Agreed, it was a fun race, although the start was pretty squishy. Wish they’d done some pace corrals. The RFK parking lot tour was definitely a bit dull. Would have been nice to add some more neighborhood blocks, maybe loop it down towards Congressional Cemetery instead.
      Happy with my time though, even though I was a soaking mess at the end. Sadly looks like no more lunchtime runs for a while, back to hitting the pavement at 5AM.

      • Yes, I really wanted to see more of the area– not a parking lot– but overall I had a good time.

        Ugh. I was just thinking about how I need to switch back to morning runs all the time now.

    • skj84

      I didn’t run this year, but that mile you described almost did me in last year. It was also the point shin splints kicked in. I don’t know how I finished the race, but I powered through.

  • I found this story about bogus arrests for assault on police to be painfully troubling. It’s definitely worth a listen.


    • Yes – you know police everywhere have always charged people with resisting arrest when the police have attacked them, to cover themselves, which is disturbing.

      But to learn that the DC statute has been written so as to absurdly re-define the word “assault” to mean the police think you didn’t do what they ordered you to do fast enough, or just didn’t like what you were doing – that makes the law a joke. Essentially, there is no law at when when dealing with police.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Wonderful weekend at my college reunion. I laughed so much, cried during “Bread and Roses,” ate many cider doughnuts, and bored my non-college friends with an endless stream of photos on FB.
    Rant: Eldest Zelda had prom on Saturday while I was out of town. She reports that she had a great time, but has not yet produced pictures. I want to see her all dressed up in the pretty, pretty princess dress!

  • WARN: Last Wednesday I was on a 90 bus going home and a woman had put her bike on the front rack and boarded the bus, as other people boarded a man walked up unlatched her bike and rode away. The bus driver honked the horn and yelled “Hey! He is stealing your bike!”. Personally I would have taken my foot off the brake and tapped the thief, but I don’t drive a bus for a living. (I just have a strong hatred of bike thieves) So apparently this is a thing, since the driver told the woman that he has seen this before. If you need to take a bus with your bike, be sure to lock the bike to the rack with your lock, not just the lock that keeps the bike attached to the bus. It was crazy!

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Found this new band Morning Show – reminds me a lot of Death Cab for Cutie
    Rave: Stuff iv been raving about seems to still be going really well.
    Rant: Sounds like HH was fun 🙂 still waiting to make my grand appearance

  • anonymouse_dianne

    How to make and train with a Flirt Pole. We have had some discussion on training and amusing dogs. PS I have shared pizza with Elliot. Also I noticed that this month’s HSUS magazine All Animals featured a foster dog MAY from Wash Humane who I believe has been mentioned here.

  • Rant: 5:30 Friday reminder that a disclosure form was due by COB killed Happy Hour appearance.
    Rant/Rave: Got wayyyyy to much done this weekend. I really wanted to spend a lot more time goofing off.
    Rave: One of the things I go done was 2K erg test for the rowing team. 1.3 seconds off my PR, which is good for early in the season, and I beat a few friends/rivals/young whippersnappers who are more than 20 years younger than me.
    Rant: Have no idea how to work the programmable thermostat in my house. It’s currently set for 78 degrees and I can’t get it down to anything more bearable. I want an old fashioned kind, where you just twist the dial.
    Rave: In a strangely good mood for a Monday.

    • Until your eyes get to the point where you can’t read the dials anymore… then you appreciate an LED readout. Read the directions on programming – they aren’t hard.

      • “Read the directions on programming – they aren’t hard.” That really depends on the model — I’ve used some that are user-friendly and others that are a nightmare.

        • There is probably a youtube video on how to program it, so if it’s confusing google a video.

    • Get a Nest. You can twist the dial and don’t need to learn anything, it learns you.

    • Part of the problem is that I’m just impatient. Another Part is that the manual is lost among all the other renovation crap.

      • You can use manuals for most things online. Easier to read them online, too.

        • They didn’t have my model number on line! And, of course, it was hot in the house, so my patience was limited.
          Besides, the bottom line is that I don’t want stupid programmable thermostat. It’s hard for me to see, I have little patience for that sort of thing and I’m perfectly capable of turning the thermostat up when I leave and down when I come home. It strikes me as another layer of low-level hassle — like the ridiculously complicated alarm clock that has an 8-step process every time it needs to be reset, which is every time I use it, or the programmable oven that I never programed in the five years I had it before the delicate electronic in the oven melted down or something and I couldn’t even turn the damn thing on.
          I’m not entirely a Luddite, but generally speaking I just want to turn something on and have it work.. (I confess that I’m the same way with co-workers and relationships, but they’ve generally worked out OK).
          It’s not entirely reasonable, but this isn’t “Reasonable Reader Rants and Revels.”

  • Ally

    Rant: Have to euthanize one of my cats tomorrow (she’s been battling cancer, and it’s finally time). Never an easy decision.
    Rave: Very supportive husband who called the vet for me and has minimized the amount of work I’ve had to do during an already difficult situation (He even did the dishes. Keeper).
    Rave: Supposed to be beautiful weather after tomorrow!

  • Rant: Hot and muggy weather.
    Rant: The weather is making it hard for me to finish all of the work I need to do in my front yard.
    Rant: I am sincerely regretting ever having planted orange daylilies. I dug the plants up last week, and over the last few days I’ve been trying to get the remaining tubers out of the ground so that I can plant summer-blooming bulbs instead. Getting the tubers out is taking a lot of work — I’m finding them really deep in the ground (like a foot) as well as closer to the surface. And the plants sent out roots/tubers horizontally too.
    Rant: Frustrated with a family member who keeps making the same self-sabotaging bad decisions again and again. I know that on my end, this is one of those “accept the things you can’t change” situations, and it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to… but it’s still annoying to see the same thing happening over and over.

    • I just realized that was all rants and no raves.
      Rave: Official PoPville happy hour this past Friday — good to see familiar faces and to meet new people as well!
      Rave: Unofficial PoPville happy hour this week (I think Thurs. 5/21 at Bluejacket?).
      Rave: My kittycat.

  • Rave: Good time at PoPville happy hour!
    Rave: Happy hour was on a Friday night so I didn’t have to drag myself to work the next day!
    Rant: Hangovers.
    Rant: Recipe I made for lunch for the week didn’t turn out that well. Grr. At least it’s edible!

  • Rave: Mad Men finale. Can’t stop thinking about it.
    Rant: Mad Men is over!

  • That One Guy

    Nothing productive for me to say, but I did come across this which is entertaining and doesn’t require much of an attention span:


  • Rant: Weird smell under the kitchen sink led me to four dead baby mice. I’ll be having nightmares about that for weeks. We had some mice in the winter but I haven’t seen evidence of any in a few months. Could they have been there since then?

    • They probably got lost once everything was sealed up, and it takes a while for you to notice the smell. Same thing happened to me.

      • I don’t know what you mean by sealed up, but it looked like mom left them before they were old enough to even be running around on their own. They were all laying in the same place. I suppose the cabinet trapped the smell somewhat, and this weekend’s heat made it worse.

  • Rave: I had a wonderful time spending an evening out doing things of mutual interest with a friend.

    Rant: We’re only friends. Don’t know if this person would even be interested in more, but for lots of reasons, we wouldn’t even be able to try. Sigh. I haven’t liked someone like this in a long time and I need to get over it because I don’t want to waste a friend with whom I share this particular interest. (Vague, I know, but I don’t want to get specific in case they read Popville)

  • Rave: Tonight’s dinner will include kale from my own garden. There’s something seriously satisfying about that.
    Rave: Accomplished a lot of things on my to-do list this weekend
    Rant: Didn’t actually get to even half of the things on my to-do list this weekend.
    Rant: Regretting not scheduling a beach trip this weekend.

    • Emmaleigh504

      My cat and I have been enjoying produce from my wee window garden. She nibbles the fancy lettuce (looks pretty, tastes bleh), and I add lemon balm to my salads. Donna does not like the lemon balm at all. Tonight I’m going to put some orange mint in a salad, or maybe iced tea.

      • I think I read somewhere that cats don’t like citrus… so maybe they don’t like citrus-y tasting things either?

      • Ice tea… why didn’t I think of making some? I have a ton of mint that I’ve been trying to think of ways to use it since it’s already in need of a trim.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Ice tea with mint is my favorite summer beverage. The mint makes is extra refreshing and thirst quenching.

  • Rave: Excellent weekend with lots of time for hiking, brunching and drinking. I feel like I’m finally starting to find my group of “DC Friends” after almost 2 years here! *knock on wood*

    Rant: My dating life is a hot mess.

  • Rave: Great to meet people at the happy hour on Friday! Popvillians are good people. You know it’s been a good DC gathering when no one asked you what you do for a living.
    Rant: Springtime construction everywhere I go.

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