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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Happy Friday! It’s lovely out!
    Rant/Rave: Masons finally getting to work on our house–which is great, though we won’t be able to use our front door for two weeks.
    Rave: PoPville happy hour tonight! I’m going to try to stop by with the kiddo on our way home. Anyone want to split a beer with a pregnant lady? 😉

  • palisades

    Rave: Got free tickets to the Wiz game tonight. Should be interesting.

  • RAVE: My long distance BFF was offered a job in Arlington and will be relocating from Florida back to the DMV in two weeks!!!!! This is the best news I’ve heard in forever. This summer is going to be amazing!

    Rant: This isnt really a rant but my weekend is so full I get tired every time I think about it. Drinks tonight with my boyfriends father then a quick shopping trip to the National Harbor Outlets, College Graduation for one of my dear friends in Baltimore at 9am on Sat. smh, Lunch with her family at the Baltimore Harbor, 50th Birthday Celebration for my aunt later that evening, Nightclub celebration after that for the graduate and then Sunday Brunch birthday party for another friend. I’m not ready. I want to just sleep. :-/

    Rave: I feel a WIz win coming on

  • Mild Rant: the city bus that comes down our narrow street often results in traffic jams. Is there a good way to suggest to WMATA that the bus take a different route (in this case there are obvious alternates that would work much better)? Also WMATA stats show that the stops on our street are little used.

  • I remember someone (someones?) here interested in urban beekeeping, in mushroom growing. These workshops (plus lots more) are offered free through DC Parks and Rec — here’s the 2015 schedule:

  • Rave: Leaving for Italy today, yay!!
    Rave: Dad rescuing me after the Amtrak accident cancelled my train to NYC.
    Rant: Waking up at 6am to get to Dulles to catch this plane.
    Rave: Finally made it to Rose’s Luxury on Monday and my taste buds still haven’t recovered. So, SO amazing!

  • Rave: I saw the New Kids on the Block concert LIVE on FIOS last night. I didn’t know they streamed live concerts until I went to check my emails and saw the concert on their front page.

  • Becks

    Rave: It’s Friday and I am having dinner at Russia House! Borsht, Borsht, Borsht! I’m thinking of trying one of their vodka flights. Do I need reservations?
    Rant: Other teams have noticed that my boss has been tough on me, and there is nothing they nor I can do about it.
    Rant: I’m so sleepy.
    Rave: Coffee!!!

    • palisades

      Russia House is top of my list of restaurants to try. Seems like such an interesting experience.

    • OMG I loooooove Russia House. Their borscht is pretty solid. I’ve gone with and without reservations – it never hurts to make one, is the attitude I have on it. If they’re offering any kind of rabbit or elk, do it.

  • Rave: Making progress towards financial goals is so motivating. It becomes this positive feedback loop that just encourages more savings and paying down debt.
    Rant: Even with major progress over the past few years, some of the big things (a fat down payment for a house, ever managing to pay for child care in this city without bleeding out all our savings, etc) feel very daunting.
    Resolve: We’ll make it work by careful and diligent planning and saving.
    Rave: It is Friday! I am looking forward to a quiet weekend of catching up on housekeeping, television, and sleep.

  • Rave: At home today because I am getting a custom closet installed – thanks to the PoPviller that recommended Capitol Closet Design.
    Bonus Rave: Guy installing the closet asked if he could play his music, and is now singing along to Journey, Elton John, and Queen songs.
    Double Bonus Rave: They should be done soon and I can go spend the rest of the day at the pool!

    • Love your Bonus Rave! Actually made me LOL. 🙂

    • I sometimes fantasize about getting a custom closet- it sounds so fancy! Would you be up for sharing dimensions/costs?

      • I just had a realization of how lame I am that I admitted openly to fantasizing about fancy closets…

        • You’re not alone–I’d love this info as well! My wife has been wanting to re-do our closets for ages, and she’s on a tear of home improvement projects since I’m pregnant.

        • Not lame at all! I’m so excited about it, and am actually looking forward to organizing everything when they are done – my idea of fun…. 🙂

      • Sure! It’s just a regular bedroom closet (not a walk-in), so it’s not too fancy, but last summer I had a wall that separated the two sides removed so I could maximize the space and I’m finally getting the new system put in. Overall the closet is 95″ wide, 102″ tall. The whole project cost just over $1200, and that includes everything – design, materials, installation, and tax. I’ll have three hanging sections, a built-in hamper, and the rest is adjustable shelving.

        • By the way – I now have a bunch of Elfa system pieces that I’m planning to put on Craig’s List, unless anyone here is interested…? I haven’t done the inventory or pricing yet, probably will do that this weekend.

    • That was me! So glad you liked them. I think Capitol Closets was one of the better big price tag decisions we made on the house.

      • Thanks! They were very easy to work with and the installers are cracking me up. Currently singing along to Tiny Dancer (hold me closer Tony Danza….) 🙂

    • I had Elfa installed in the property we just sold and it was one of the main selling points to people who rented it and then ultimately bought it – the closet was SO great. My mom was jealous. I spent a good bit of money making it excellent, but also took advantage of the sales and added on once I knew how the closet was (or wasn’t) working for me. Then I loved it so much, I had every other closet in the apartment Elfa-ized. Organized closets make life so much easier. It’s the little things! Enjoy it!

  • Rave: Popville HH! Excited about this and getting a start on that dating book!
    Rant: these ridiculous shoe liners (you know, that you wear with flats) that always fall off your heels and get all scrunched up in your shoes and why do we wear these again? Should I just wear crazy patterned socks? I always feel like I get stares when I do that.
    Overall, happy Friday!

  • Rave: when working from home means working from a really nice patio with delicious coffee and a seemingly endless stream of oldies playing.
    Rave: work is challenging right now, but kind of fun too.
    Rant: I think I’m over fostering dogs. I get that these organizations are mostly volunteer run and that’s no easy feat, but I emailed you Monday to say I could foster a specific dog this weekend. Last night you sent out an email asking for someone to foster that dog and I’ve heard nothing. There are some other issues too, so I think I’m done.
    Rave: reminiscing with a good friend about the time we went to see BB King at Wolftrap.

    • That sounds frustrating. Would switching to another foster organization help?

      • I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just switch to driving dogs to events and handling instead of fostering.

        • I don’t know who you work with now, but my limited experience with Homeward Trails has been positive thus far in terms of responsiveness and the like.

          • Good to know, I might look into it.
            For now I’m excited to be dog sitting my friends’ hilarious wrinkle face guy in a few weeks.

          • I’ve also been happy with Homeward Trails, though I’m doing cats not dogs. I think they have their systems & organization pretty well together.

  • I think I’m in an abusive relationship with my boss. She gives me lots of interesting work, encourages me, tells me she trusts me, lets me take trainings… and then the next minute she micromanages me, undoes my work, and criticizes me for incidents that were in no way worthy of criticism. Then she asks for my “thoughts” on these unfounded attacks. My thoughts? I think you’re crazy, how’s that for thoughts??
    She’s moving to another department soon, and I’m starting to think about diplomatic ways to not move with her.

    • I don’t know if I bring out the crazy in people or if I’m just lucky enough to end up working with them frequently… There is a great book I have called “Crazy Bosses” though — it helped me a lot with crazy boss #4. It also gave suggestions on how to make her think she’s crazy, which I whole heartedly appreciated (and did not, I repeat, did not take up and use against her).

    • I think you are me. I am in an identical boat, though my boss is going nowhere.

  • Rave: PoPville HH tonight. And I am over work today, it’s slow so I’ve decided I am going to leave early and get the oil change that I was going to do tomorrow. Then I’ll enjoy the weather!

  • Rave: Spending my morning listening to some epic classic hip hop. Thanks, youtube.
    Rave: Possible telework agreements coming soon to my office
    Rant/rave: the endless debate about staying in the work force once my husband starts law school. He’ll be working FT and going to school at night – it sounds like a ridiculously difficult task to also stay working FT. The GI bill provides money for living expenses. The biggest factor to staying working is fear of re-entering the work force, which seems so difficult I need to keep busting my ass. But it also won’t get any easier once my child is in actual school that lets out at like 3PM. UGH
    Rave: first meeting with my personal trainer since I got pregnant….scared but excited

    • Can he cut back to part time of some kind?
      Yay for the personal trainer date! Enjoy!

      • no, he has the higher paying job….so if anyone cuts back, it’s me. I’ve also just been offered a VSIP. But I think that’s just a way to screw me. lol

        • Perhaps I misunderstood? I thought that if the GI bill partially covers living expenses, that may cover his salary reduction? But maybe it’s not enough?
          What’s a VSIP?

          • no, I mean that he earns more and has a higher salary trajectory (his full-promotion-potential, which is eligible for in the fall, is much more than I currently earn). So if I stay home, that can give HIM the reduced stress of getting home in time to relieve the nanny or if he wants to go right to school to study, he can do that.

            VISP is the government paying you to quit your job

          • Gotcha. Ugh. Do you work in an area that you could parlay into the private sector? If so, might this be an opportunity to revamp the resume and spend some time looking for another job that you might be happier in? It doesn’t seem like you’ve been terribly happy where you are.

          • I’ve had some offers but the pay is so low it would be a stupid move, sadly.

    • I totally feel your husband on that. Working full time while in grad school is certainly not the easiest thing I’ve ever done by a long shot. I’ve got a year and a half more to go…so far it has been doable. Although I do get jealous and feel a tiny bit if resentment for my classmates who take my night classes but also have no job to go to during the day (yet somehow still manage to come to class unprepared – WTF?).
      I also remember as a kid my dad went back to law school while working full time and it was definitely a stressful time, but totally worth it in the end.

      • yeah, I am hoping it’s worth it. We are still keeping our fingers crossed that he gets in via the waitlist at his #1 pick. Otherwise, 🙁

  • Rave: Finally friday
    Rave: my sister is graduating
    Rant: I have to go to Charlottesville tomorrow for it. I just know it is 120% a cluster on that weekend (having done it myself years ago) and I hate crowds. And its supposed to rain/storm down there too (which it did on my grad weekend as well. Some kind of family curse?)
    Rave: finally hit 100k miles, a couple more months and I’ll be booking trips to Japan.

  • Rave – Had a great time celebrating my birthday yesterday at DC Reynolds! It was a beautiful day.
    Rant – So, so sleepy today. Won’t make it to the PoPville happy hour.
    Rave – Looking forward to getting out of the city this weekend to do some hiking with the dog.

  • Is anyone really familiar with Hill Country area of Texas? I need to spend some time with an old friend who is temporarily living near there. Option 1 – he comes here (lots to do, no housing costs) Option 2 – I go there and we see Austin, Hill country & San Antonio. All the Google-webs praise Hill country, but we’re not into bbq, wineries or quaint shopping, and “natural wonders” are often hyped. I’ve been to every National Park in the country and traveled extensively (for years at a time) all over the world – so my question is – is Hill Country worth spending $1000.00?

    • The Hill Country area is beautiful. Austin also has great food (not just BBQ and OMG the margaritas), and music almost all of the time. Good hiking (although, it is starting to get to the time when it is too hot for me). A lot of people like San Antonio, but I found the river walk and Alamo to be just so-so.

      Other considerations – do you need to spend time with your friend because he is stressed/having a hard time or vice versa (hard to tell from your post). If so, is your taking the hit on the stress of travel worth sparing him that? Is he temporarily living near there and usually lives near here? Then visiting here may not be a real vacation for him (or may be a welcome visit home).

      You could always pick a neutral third spot if neither the Hill Country nor DC seem right – somewhere in Mexico, New Orleans, New Mexico, etc.

    • I wouldn’t say I’m “familiar” with it, but my one swing through the area suggests that if you’re not into bbq, wineries or quaint shopping, you may be out of luck. You could always head to the Admiral Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg (and, while downtown, shop at some quaint…oh, never mind). The Alamo is right around the corner. There’s some LBJ stuff scattered around if you’re feel all Great Society-ish (not in the Grace Slick sense).. Shouldn’t there be some place to get drunk at an ice house not located on V Street NW, listen to some loud music and then look at the stars (possible while skinny dipping’)? Maybe buy a gun and shoot at varmints.
      James McMurtry plays in Austin every Wednesday night when he’s not touring and if you’re not familiar with him, Google “Can’t Make it Here Any More,” “Choctaw Bingo” or “south Dakota.”

    • laurelo

      I’m a Texan so take this with a grain of (margarita) salt, but definitely go to the Hill Country. There’s so much more than BBQ, wine, shopping, etc. You can float the river, go to a concert at Luckenbach or Gruene Hall, hang out in Austin (which needs a whole other post on what to do) and explore the various things in and around San Antonio. I would go there in a heartbeat. But, also, don’t spend $1,000! I’d recommend flying to Dallas and renting a car to drive to Austin–easy 3 hour drive and there’s great stops along the way if you need it. Flights on Southwest and Virgin America to Dallas are less than $200 depending on when you fly.

      • Thanks all. I think friend will come here. Hill country sounds great if one is just staying in the area anyway and wants to explore – but as a destination, not so much.

  • Rave: Bike to work day – so much fun.
    Rave: Egg sandwich run with colleagues – love my colleagues!
    Rant: Egg sandwich is all gone…
    Rave: 6 more days till vacation!

  • Rave: Ducklings in today’s RRRR photo.
    Rave: PoPville official happy hour tonight (at Acre 121).
    Rave: Gloriously cool weather this morning!
    Rant: Hot weather this coming weekend.
    Rant: My front yard is looking a little bare, now that I’ve dug up all my orange daylilies AND — as of yesterday — severely pruned back three ailing-looking azaleas. I know it’s just a temporary stage until I’ve planted other stuff in place of the daylilies (and until the azaleas grow back), but it’s a little disheartening.
    Rant/Gardening Query: I think the azaleas have some kind of bug — I saw lots of little black specks on the underside of the leaves. What kind of spray should I use? (Or does it not matter what kind, as long as it has permethrin in it?)

  • Rave: Just discovered that Amazon now lets you sign up to receive texts updating you about package delivery! Friday!

    Rant: At work.

  • Rave: Blueberry pancakes for breakfast on a Friday morning. That almost never happens.
    Rant: Pollen. Allergies. Blah
    Rave: My parents are almost as excited about my wife’s naturalization. We have already been informed that they will be coming up for the ceremony. They are just too cute sometimes.

    • That should have read: “My parents are almost as excited about my wife’s naturalization as we are.” I apparently need more coffee today.

      • What country is her current cit with? Will she be a dual citizen? I ask because my partner is also not a US citizen, but she’ll keep her cit and have dual!

        • +1. I envy people with dual citizenship.

        • She’s South African but she won’t be keeping her RSA citizenship after naturalization. It’s a long story dealing with a very drawn out passport fight with the RSA government. It’s part of the reason this is a huge deal for us.

  • Mild Rant: Moving next week, and realized that my South Mountain Creamery delivery is ending and I have 6 returnable milk jugs and no way to return them. Anyone (jindc?) want to grab them and get the deposit back? Or, anyone know where I can return them (with an absolute modicum of effort) and get the deposit myself? At this point, I really don’t care which it is, leading me to . . .
    Super Rant: Just Too Much To Do.

  • Rave: Stayed home from work today, sinuses feeling better than yesterday. Hooray!
    Rant: My mom keeps sending me emails telling me to stay home this weekend and lay low and not do anything. She’s probably right, but at the same time, I’m going to go absolutely crazy if I don’t do anything. I’m already doing chores and errands this morning because I can’t just sit here bored. It’s not making me feel any better — and I already forced myself to go to work when it was the worst earlier this week.
    Rant: Worst timing on my part — I finally could have gotten to this happy hour! :[ I’m traveling next week and then I’ll be away until early August. Fail.

  • RANT: AirBnB. I’ve been trying to book an AirBnB apartment for the last 5 days and have either been rejected each time or the owner never responds! I’m flying to Europe tonight and I’m getting pretty desperate. I got no where to sleep tomorrow! :-/
    RAVE: next week in Europe. And the weather looks to be awesome. Will take advantage of the cheap Euro and do some shopping (RANT….because all the clothes in the US are made for fat guys).

    • Anonynon

      its hard if you don’t already have a positive review for your account!

    • Have you tried looking into hostels just for a night or two? I used AirBnB with no problem when I was abroad and hadn’t been reviewed, but I booked like, two months in advance.

    • palisades

      I don’t know where you do your shopping but every mainstream men’s clothing store caters to slimmer folks. Unless you’re shopping at Big & Tall and Men’s Wearhouse, then in that case, you need to go elsewhere.

    • Try VRBO.com. People who rent there mostly do it full-time instead of the more slap-dash now and then of Airbnb. You don’t generally get as many rock-bottom prices, and no cheap shares, but many prices are still competitive. Especially since you pay no fee to book, as opposed to the 9-12% Airbnb charges the guest.

      But for tomorrow night, I’d start looking for a budget hotel, B&B, guesthouse or hostel. What city?

  • Revel: First paycheck after coming back from maternity leave!
    Rant: Unpaid maternity leave. Why do some Americans consider paid maternity leave a handout? Its as if I went to the spa for three months, rather than having a child, which benefits society…
    Revel: Getting to hang out with the little baby this weekend. Now that I am off maternity leave, I really get to enjoy all of the time I Have with her.

    • RE: Maternity leave
      A big hurdle is convincing people who didn’t get the benefit of leave to allow it for the next generation. Misery loves company and it’s “not fair!” that someone gets a benefit that they did not receive.
      In sum, people are selfish a##holes. Especially in this country, which seems to thrive on petty illogical spite.

    • Not sure I agree with the idea that having a child is a “benefit to society” per se, but nonetheless, I think maternity leave should be paid.

      • It is and it isn’t, depending on how you look at it. But in the long run, the next generations will be paying for your social security and Medicare benefits, as well as providing the care you need in hospitals and the like. Countries with stagnating/falling birth rates (Japan, parts of Europe) are seriously worried about long-term budgetary effects because it’s very helpful to have a high ratio of workers to non-workers. Immigration helps, but less so when the country is trying to fight it so fewer people come in.

      • I tend to agree about being on the fence about children & benefit to society, but once they’re here, it is in everyone’s best interest that children are cared for and nurtured to the best of our ability/knowledge.

    • Fed here – I just learned that even under FMLA, if someone takes 80hrs of LWOP, they then earn ZERO leave for the rest of the year. How is this OK? 80hrs of LWOP is two weeks. You’re not getting paid. You SHOULD be able to come back, once you start working again, and earn leave. Disgusting.

      But I also agree – “I didn’t have any paid maternity leave and I did fine” is a part of it. It’s also because there’s a GIANT chunk of the population who thinks women shouldn’t work, and fathers don’t need time off to bond with children. I’m very active in the family leave advocacy world….one thing is true – a huge majority of people have someone that they might have to help take care of, be it a sick parent, sibling, spouse, or new child….family leave benefits everyone. And every company that offers paid leave and flexibility sees tremendous benefits back from their workforce (turnover, loyalty, productivity). But again, it’s all part of the race to the bottom so a few can benefit and people aren’t outraged until it directly benefits them. One woman here got admonished for using too much sick leave for her BREAST CANCER TREATMENT. Yep. America!

      • I don’t think that’s true. My understanding is that you lose one pay period’s worth of leave for each 80 hours of LWOP in a year. That’s how I recall HR & my division’s administrative assistant explain it, at least.

        • HR explained it to me as once you take 80LWOP in a year, you lose all leave earnings. They could be wrong, too. HR tends to not know much.

        • No, you just don’t earn leave for that 80 hour period. It’s not the rest of the year.

          • But it also accumulates- so if you take lwop intermittently, once you reach 80 hours, then you don’t earn leave in that pay period. Then it resets, so after 160 hours, the same thing happens again.

          • Yes, this was exactly my impression of how it works.

    • Blithe

      I strongly support paid maternity, paternity, and other kinds of family/caregiver leave. BUT: please chill with the “having a child, which benefits society….” argument. The likelihood that your particular sprog will benefit my particular life or even my particular chunk of society is probably close to non-existent. And there are lots of kids who are already here leading grim lives that I’d like to support with the chunk of my particular tax dollars that are not already going for Lady Bird Johnson’s tulips. Paid maternity leave is a handout. Although I’d rather refer to it as a “benefit”. As I think it should be. Along with other types of benefits that I think a decent, functioning society should provide: from quality public education to healthcare, to eldercare to easily available mental health services. But I’m a “socialistcommieradical” like that.

      • It’s actually not a handout if it’s part of a larger insurance scheme. We all pay in to it, and we can all use it when needed. Hence reframing it as paid family leave vs. maternity leave. The fact that the US refers to so many of these programs like they’re welfare is part of the reason why we don’t have them (whereas the idea of “welfare” in many social democracies is completely different)

  • skj84

    Rave: Biking to work today. At least part of the way. I have an event after work where I can’t store my bike so I’m bike sharing in.

    Rant: will miss the official happy hour tonight. I’m called at 5.

  • Rant: PoPville Happy Hour on my actual street and I can’t drink at all tonight.
    Rave: I hear they serve an excellent club soda at Acre 121.

    • Rave: Popville happy hour! I can’t stay too long but will stop by for a bit.
      Rant: Playing a serious game of phone tag with one of my best friends.
      Rant: All of my friends seem to be buying houses and I’m about to move into a dorm. Nervous/excited about all of the upcoming change and feeling a little envious of my settled friends.
      Rave: But hey, at least the dorm looks like a castle.
      Rave: Looking forward to the Capitol Hill 10k on Sunday.

    • I’ll be doing club soda, too! No worries.

  • In the season of sweat: anyone got smart tips for keeping the pits of your white shirts white? I launder my own, and I don’t know if it’s the deodorant or the sweat itself, but the pits of my shirts all get yellow within a few wearings. How to prevent, and how to remediate??

    • I just don’t wear white shirts. 🙂

    • Blithe

      Since the shirts are ruined anyway, I’d try: 1. Non-chlorine bleach; 2. A mixture of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and detergent with enzymes or Dawn dish washing liquid; 3. Chlorine bleach, slightly diluted. I don’t know if they still make them, but I remember something called “dress shields” that were made to protect the pits of clothing. Maybe someplace like the Vermont Country Store would have something similar. Try changing antiperspirants. Personally though, I like Sassy’s solution. Unless your office has a strict dress code, wear some nice madras shirts for the summer.

      • I’m also wondering if those new unstainable shirts that just came out (though I think they’re only for women currently) would work.

    • I also have the same problem and recommend that you try: http://www.armpitstainremover.com/

      Be careful with it as it can stain non-white shirts.

    • my husband has had success with the undershirts from Duluth if you’re a guy. He likes them.

    • Ralphie!

      I’ve had some success switching from a deodorant/antiperspirant that contains aluminum chlorhydrate to one without (Tom’s of Maine, for example). It’s not quite the same, but still pretty effective.

    • I think this is one area where it is better to prevent problems. I don’ t have this problem, though I sweat. It could be the fabric of your shirts, or your deodorant, or both. I wear only all-cotton shirts (occasionally all cotton with a little spandex if the T-shirt is a bit stretchy), sometimes rayon or tencel, and I use the amazing solid crystal deodorant sticks you see, usually at health-food type stores, that you wet and rub on. They really make me not smell, which is the point of deodorant. I follow up with a bit of baby powder (the kind made from corn starch, not talc, talc is bad for you) which helps keep me dryer or dry-ish. NO STAINS, ever.

      I used to get yellow stains when I wore shirts made of silk. Not sure if it is a problem with this fabric, or if I just left them too long before cleaning, because I either hand washed or dry cleaned them, and I’d get lazy and do that infrequently. Sometimes I wondered if having dry cleaned them led to this problem, as dry cleaning does leave chemical residue in your clothing.

      For getting out stains you have already, suggestions above, as well as more you can find on the internet, may work. Though nothing I ever tried got rid of the stains I had on silk. I didn’t try everything out there as suggestions on the internet now, though.

      I do get other tough stains on white cotton (sloppy eater), and spot treating them with actual bleach before washing a bunch of them together with a little bleach added in the wash makes them look like new.

  • Blithe

    Sad Rant: RIP BB King.
    Rave/Rant: Ordered new glasses. They’re awesome. /My prescription has bounced me into a whole new pricing category. Ouch.
    Rave: Major gratitude that my vision problems are fixable. For a variety of reasons, if I had been born 150 years ago, my life would have sucked big time.
    Rave: Yesterday’s questions have sent me on a kid lit tear. I still have all 6 of the Green Knowe by Lucy Boston. My pool reading plans are clear
    Conversion Rave: When I first checked out PoPville, I thought the regular animal posts were kinda weird. The picture of those fluffy baby ducklings made me smile. And I now totally look forward to the daily Animal Fix pics. And miss the Dingo sightings. Clearly I’m overdue for a playdate with someone’s pets.

    • Are you coming to tonight’s happy hour?

      • Blithe

        Probably not. I keep trying to convince myself that I can be a “happy hour sort of person” for a few hours, but so far, haven’t managed it successfully. Are you going? I’d love to meet you in person!

        • Yep, I’m going! Would love to meet you too — any chance you can be swayed into attending? (If not, some other time?)

          • Blithe

            Possibly! And thank you for trying to sway me! 🙂 At some point it will occur to me that several people that I’d like to meet are all in one place; that I won’t be the only one not drinking and that there probably will be food too; that I might get to cop a nice PoPville t-shirt, that I can hover with the other introverts if my extroverted self isn’t out that day, and that it’s on the red line. Sooooo, since this is a confluence that’s pretty easy to get to, I defintely can be swayed. I’m also better about doing other types of events — so I need to start collecting for the PoPville swap and sample.

  • Rave/Rant: hungout with new male friend last night & had such a good time. Realized that none of the guys I’ve dated / am dating right now top the chemistry we have. Puts all relationships into perspective, and I don’t know what to do now.

    • Blithe

      Enjoy it? 🙂 I’m not trying to be snarky — just not sure what you mean by the last bit.

      • Anonynon

        It sounds like you are putting this dude on a pedastool….of course things are fun with a guy where you have no intention of hooking up, theres less pressure, less complications. I don’t think one guy could be that much different than all the others you have seen, but what do I know 🙂

        • Possibility of more than friends. He made that clear. I am the hesitant one.

          • What are you hesitant about?

          • I really like his friend group, and they’re now my friends. Overthinking possibility of losing new friends who are amazing.

          • Aw. I’d say go for it since you’re attracted to each other and you have great chemistry! Even if things don’t work out you can stay friends with everyone. Break ups don’t have to be messy. But hopefully things *do* work out and you won’t know unless you give it a shot! 🙂

      • I meant that actual romantic relationships/prospective ones pale in comparison. Conversations and actual time spent together aren’t as fun or interesting.

        • Is this guy off limits as a potential romantic partner? Or do you just not fancy him (to use the British expression)?

          • Not off limits. Def also more attractive than all guys I’ve dated/am dating. Guess I do fancy him. We have a similar background, which a lot of guys I date don’t share.

          • I guess I don’t see why you’re hesitant, then (unless he’s attractive but you don’t actually fancy him). Is the problem that you’re used to “bad boys” and he isn’t one?

          • hahaha I’m over bad guys. Really, I am.

  • Rave: pup seems to be recovering well from her dental surgery yesterday.
    Rave: The weather. And Friday!
    Rant: The accounting firm that took care of my taxes this year. Never again. First time hiring someone to do my taxes (since I am running a business), and they have royally screwed up. They “claim” they did not get my direct debit authorization, even though my e-mail says the email was opened and read. I kept wondering why the money was still sitting in my account. Just now I am mailing it in, one month late, because of this. Do you think I will receive a penalty of some kind for this?
    Rave: Chocolate chip cookies to make me feel better.

    • If you owed taxes and are just paying now, then yes, you will owe a penalty.

    • You can send a letter requesting abatement of penalties with whatever proof you have that you attempted to file and pay on time.

    • IF they are a stand-up firm, they (1) should have followed up with you on or before April 15 if they were still missing your direct debit authorization; (2) should reimburse you for the late payment penalty that you will incur (which, incidentally, goes up for each month you are late, so you should mail your payment today using registered mail, so as to have proof it was mailed on May 15 rather than May 16 and thereby avoid a second month’s worth of penalty). If they did/do neither of these, you should definitely look for a different tax preparer.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: About to turn into That One Angry Guy if I I don’t eat lunch soon.
    Yeah, I’m getting to the point where I talk about myself in the 3rd person.

  • Rant: my kids were little buttheads during career day today.
    Rave: I’ve got babysitting gigs all weekend with my higher paying clients. Yay money!

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