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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • northeazy

    Rant: PoPville feature “What’d I Miss” is no longer in production.

    Revel: Dreaming of a time when it is re-instituted.

  • I need PoPville crowdsourcing help! I recently lost about 20lbs and am looking to have a bunch of my nicer work clothes (suits, skirts) tailored. Who do you all recommend for this kind of work in the District?

  • Rave: Stamp Out Hunger is tomorrow and I’m actually ready. Every year I forget to prepare a bag until after the mail man comes by.

    • Ally

      +1. I’m even having some groceries delivered in tonight so I can bundle it up for tomorrow. Really neat program.

  • palisades

    Rant: RIP Wizards season. I jinxed it yesterday by being happy about DC sports.

    • jim_ed


      • I’m so sad about it. Seriously down

      • You do! They are called DC United, and they were nice last year, and they’re nice this year. They’re also playing at home on Saturday!

        • jim_ed

          It’s great that DC United is doing well, but you’re delusional if you think they have even a fraction of the relevance of the big 4 sports in this town. Considering MLS is what, the 4th most popular domestic soccer league in the U.S., DC United sits at the same kids table with World Team Tennis and National League Lacrosse

          • While I don’t dispute that soccer isn’t on the same footing as baseball, football, basketball and even hockey, I think the sport is far more relevant than you think it is.

            For example, DC United averaged 17,030 fans last year. The Wizards averages 18,238 fans this year. That’s pretty close.

            Also, MLS as a whole actually averaged a higher attendance per game than both the NBA and the NHL. MLS averaged 19,151, whereas the NBA averaged 17,407 and the NHL averaged 17,455. National League Lacross, on the other hand, averaged only 9,722 spectators last year.

            I understand that the size of the sporting venues plays some role here, but I think MLS deserves a little more credit.

      • palisades

        Just ridiculous. John Wall is seriously the nicest dude and such a hard worker. He deserves to win it all. I think next year he’ll come back even hungrier.

    • Speaking of jinxing things, I am not allowed to watch or even think about the Caps games… because I will jinx them. It’s happened too many time to risk it. So… wake me when it’s over.
      When’s the next game? (NO – DON”T TELL ME.)

  • Rant: software updates to my work computer for the past hour. Haven’t gotten anything done this morning. 3 computer restarts so far.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rant:  My father’s wife answering his cellphone.  If I wanted to talk to you I’d call you on your cell phone.

    Rant:  Long anxiety dream where I lost someone’s dog named Abby.

    Rave:  Eating oatmeal with a fork.

    Rant:  If your dog’s name is Abby, I’m sorry!

    Not sure if this is a rave or Rant but Tom Brady came across quite foolish last night.

    • You last comment is without question a rave, unless you are a Patriots sycophan . . . err, fan.

    • I can relate to your first rant. Even better when I can hear my dad in the background telling her to tell me he can’t talk.

  • Rant: Woke up much too early and couldn’t get back to sleep. Feeling very groggy. And I’ve run out of caffeinated sofa. 🙁
    Rave: Took advantage of the insomnia by doing a little gardening work while it was still relatively cool outside.
    Rant: I had resolved that this year, I was going to get all of my digging/planting done before it got hot, so that during the heat, I wouldn’t have to do anything other than water and weed… but the more I look at my daylilies, the more I’m tempted to evict them. (Maybe by moving them to the treebox.)
    Rave: I suppose planting conundrums are good conundrums to have.

    • Orange daylilies? Evict! And into the trash, not freecycle

      • That bad, eh? I think Squish (or maybe it was Giant Squid?) from here had expressed interest in them, and since I got them from Freecycle in the first place, I was also thinking about re-Freecycling them.
        I am also eyeing some neighbors’ treeboxes — the ones that are filled with weeds.

      • What’s wrong with orange daylilies?

        • I Dont Get It

          In the Midwest they are used on embankments to prevent erosion. Also I vaguely recall you can eat their tubers.

          • It is used for erosion control (one common name is “ditch lily”), but the same characteristics that help it thrive in poor soils/etc make it tough to control so it takes over and crowds out native plants. A number of states (MD, PA, others) list it as an invasive species

      • The buds are edible and quite tasty.

    • I want a caffeinated sofa 😉

    • Ally

      I think orange daylilies are rather pretty. Bet you could get a taker easily on Freecycle.

  • Rave: DC is getting a snapchat story today. Going to add the Flyover (Arsenal of Democracy) to it.
    Rave: My amazing starbucks people always give me free things. So they always get big tips on my paydays.
    Revel: All my hard work in hiring people has paid off. 4 internal positions which have been open for an extended period of time now all have offers / acceptances going on.
    Embassy hopping tomorrow! Gleeful! Is there a meetup or anything like that I could join?

    • Extra Rave: my housemate has an interview today. She just finished a masters program so I’m super excited for her!

    • skj84

      So how does one post to the snapchat stories? Does it automatically pick moments from users accounts? I actually would like to post to the Flyover story.

    • To piggyback on skj84’s question, how do you -get- Snapchat stories? I feel like I need a 20 year old to explain the way Snapchat works to me.

      • You can view the stories of your friends if you swipe left from your home (camera) page. Or you can tap on the little numbered button on the lower right side of the screen. From there you’ll see promoted city and all your friends’ stories. (You can also see who watched your story, and download it if you so choose).

        • Thanks — that was actually easy. Not sure why it feels like it’s in some secret code, but it does.

          • I still don’t understand how vine works, and why I can’t watch them on my phone. My former intern keeps sending me links and I cannot for the life of me watch them without emailing the link to myself and opening it in a browser, so I know the feel. Someday we’ll just have a thought and that electrical impulse will command the computer, right?

    • How did you find out DC is getting a Snapchat story today?! I’m always watching for that, so excited! Will definitely do some snaps from HH later in Dupont 🙂

      • I was posting an image of my giant iced coffee and it gave me the option! I was so excited the people in the elevator were suddenly very concerned for their safety.

    • Apparently there is also an audio / video feed for those who can’t see it, with information about the formations that will be flying. Link here:

    • Will definitely posting from Washington National Cathedral!

    • palisades

      Snapchat stories might be my favorite thing. Snapchat has really become quite something. I think people will look back in a few years and realize how huge it was for social media. About frickin time DC got a story!!!

      • skj84

        I actually like reading the news feature on Snapchat.

      • RIGHT? Updated Rant: None of my flyover images posted because of lack of service. Also, I was nearly killed by a segway tour — they should have known better to roll through the mall at that time.

      • +1. I think it’s also going to be super important for the 2016 election. Now I have to just figure out how to properly use it.

  • Rant: Slept mayyyybe three hours last night due to move-related anxiety and dog-care related anxiety. I feel like a total zombie today. Have red eyes and everything.
    Rant: The price of SF real estate. And I thought DC was crazy.
    Rave: The pup is an amazing snuggler. When I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic, he curled up next to me and licked my face as if he knew that was just what I needed.
    Rave: FRIDAY

    • Dogs are awesome when you’re having a bad day.

      • Are you looking to buy out there right away, or rent first? The real estate out there is CRAZY!

        • Wonder if sf is a flip of dc…hard to rent, easy to buy. I’ve heard nothing good about the former.

          • Hard to rent, hard to buy. Seems like a complete sh-tshow. We have no idea what we’re doing. We have a lot of “help” — a real estate agent and a sort of rental concierge — but I feel more confused and frustrated after talking to them.

          • I should mention that we have two months of corporate housing once we arrive, so we have a bit of a cushion, but after that?

          • Yeah my friends are looking for a new place out there now and she said it’s crazy competitive. Basically if you like a place (rental) you better be ready to sign that day! I can’t even imagine the real estate. And their budget for a 1 bedroom is $3000!

          • Relax, relate, release. Is there any potential to extend corporate an extra month or 2 if needed? 2 months (even if you’re overall 4-6 months out) doesn’t seem like a lot in a crazy market. Maybe you can negotiate that a bit to get a bigger cushion.

          • It’s -crazy- competitive. The role of our concierge is basically to set us up so we can cut ahead of Craigslist people to offer cash on the spot for something we like. It’s completely absurd and feels borderline unethical. Not that I’m above it, but I really don’t like it. Also, I really thought that stage of my life was over. I’m tempted to rent a plain vanilla apartment in a plain vanilla apartment tower just so I can avoid all of this nonsense.

          • I actually don’t want to stay in corporate housing a moment longer than necessary. I’d like to have my own place and my own things.

          • I see nothing wrong with the concierge. You’re not local yet, so you’re at a big disadvantage. If vanilla can make the process snappy and less painful, I’d do it. Maybe reconsider after a year.

          • Next time you’re there (or when you’re out for good), treat yourself to the day boat scallops and crispy imperial rolls at The Slanted Door, and throw in a whiskey cocktail. Guaranteed to improve your day

          • dcd, now you’re talkin’.

          • Shawess, I used to live in SF and I love it. Literally the city will force you to fall in love with it. It’s amazing. I drove across country and found a random place and a random job and knew no one. Oh to be young again… that said I have a lot of friends out there still and the housing is insane. This isn’t to scare you just to prepare you. It seems like every house that sells is over a million dollars even if the asking price was $600k. You may want to expand into Oakland and Berkeley and know that it may take some time. But it’ll work out.

          • shadesofpale, that’s exactly what I’m hearing, except that Oakland and Berkeley are no exceptions to the $1 million rule. I think we’re going to have to be renters, which is a huge bummer after having a house in DC. I’m a grown-up and I want to feel like one.

          • Accountering

            When Facebook alone went public, it created 1000 millionaires. Take into account all of the other tech companies, a SERIOUS lack of new building (much less than DC even) in the 2007-2010 period, and foreign money flowing in from Asia to purchase properties as a safe investment, and SF is incredibly expensive. $1,000,000 in SF is nothing when thousands of people in theirs 20s and 30s have it in cash from recent IPOs.

          • My friends, both bay area born and raised, finally bought a place in Berkeley. Seems like the key is to find one that hasn’t been made over and do the work yourself. They’ve been looking for about a year and a half. So get a rental, let the market stop being so crazy, and you’ll find a place. Good news? they have some great rentals out there, I think they have more room and more character than DC rentals. and the parks? and the bridges? and should you like to run and or eat you’ll be happy in the city and temporarily forget about the housing. I worked downtown and lived in north beach and got to walk to work. But I knew plenty of people that made the commute from the east bay and didn’t sound that bad, notlike the nova commute to DC.

    • Dogs are so amazing like that. Post-spinal tap, my pup was so concerned about me — it was so sweet! Though it kind of backfired when my bf came over to walk her because she refused to leave my side (still super sweet though. 🙂 ) Glad Gary is a good snuggler too!

      • He’s the best 🙂 A big fan of spooning and face licking.

        • Oh, and he likes to be the BIG spoon. Which KILLS me.

          • houseintherear

            My tiny 9 lb cat likes to be the big spoon. He bellies up to my back and supermans his arms up to my neck (then makes biscuits on my neck for hours!!) and stretches his back legs down to my legs. It’s all I can do not to eat him.

          • My cat does that too. We start out with him in little-spoon position– he likes to have his head on my arm, but he drools when he’s happy, so, no– and then when I roll over, he rolls over and plasters himself to my back. I wish I could teach him your cat’s neck rub trick.

          • houseintherear

            Aww <3
            Yeah he's one of those constant biscuit makers, probably separated from his momma too early. It's really cute but only when I keep up with cutting his nails! He also makes biscuits on my face in the middle of the night which is not cute.

          • Sweet! Though sad. My first cat was weaned too early, and he had an overwhelming obsession with chenille and other soft knits. When he found an unattended sweater, (or even sometimes an occupied one) he would knead AND suck. It made me sad to see my giant alpha cat still looking for his mama after all those years.

          • Never had a cat. What’s making biscuits?

          • houseintherear

            The kneading thing they do with their paws (they do it on their mommas to help milk production, and it later translates into “I’m happy/I love you” for adult cats). Constant biscuit making usually means they left momma too soon.

          • Kneading. Tons of videos online of happy cats kneading.
            It’s thought to be a comfort-behavior left over from nursing days, when kittens knead the mother cat’s belly to stimulate milk production. They mostly do it when they’re happy and comfortable, and many cats do it for their whole lives.
            (Some people like to think that it’s the cat’s way of “petting” their human, to show affection, but I don’t believe cats are capable of affection. Just comfort-seeking, which is in turn comforting to us.)

          • Sorry, houseintherear, my comment (about cats and affection) wasn’t a response to yours. Just my own humble opinion. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            wdc you are lucky to get those neck rubs! Donna likes to make biscuits on a stuffed rhino I have. She may love the rhino more than she loves me even though I feed her.
            Had a cat growing up who was taken away from her momma too soon, so she decided our male poodle would be the replacement. She would suck on his curls and make biscuits. And the dog let her!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Donna “pets” me. When she walks by me she licks my leg once or twice, just like when I walk by her I scratch her head once or twice.

          • houseintherear

            Haha, no prob! I’m one of those who believes in the deep emotions of pets… not everyone’s belief, I know. 🙂

          • Emilie, Donna is seeing if you’re tasty. Because you know if you became incapacitated, she would eat you in a heartbeat. (I love my kitties, I actively enjoy their company, but I have no illusions.)
            At the risk of rambling about something no one cares about, this is one of the things I love about the cat-human relationship. That a bloodthirsty predator with no emotions can live in harmony with weird bald monkeys like us, in *our* environment, just for the comforts we can provide. And we get constant feedback on what a great job we’re doing for our feline bosses.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Yeah, if I ever get incapacitated I hope it’s not at home b/c she’ll eat my face off so fast (she’s a little piggy). If I die, then it’s ok. I just don’t want to be in a coma with no face.

    • Are you considering the East Bay or anywhere else outside of SF proper? It’s not cheap anywhere but more reasonable in say, Oakland.

      • We’re considering everything, especially Oakland. It looks like Oakland rentals may be cheaper, but more competitive. And from what our real estate agent tells us, listing prices in Oakland aren’t a good indication of market prices. Apparently nicer places can escalate by 200-300k (!!!!!!!!!). As a friend of mine said, everything is pretty much equally expensive.

        • Dear friends of mine live in Rockridge (in Oakland). It is not a cheap area, but such a sweet neighborhood with cute bungalows and lots of shopping and eating close by as well.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      I highly recommend looking in the East Bay. I have friends in Bezerkly and Oakland who are long time residents. Also friends with the BADRAP folks and spent a weekend at the Rescue Barn, which is in the Oakland hills and has an incredible view. Very affordable. A friend who had lived in SF moved to Sonoma when his rent was doubled. Wine country and quite affordable.

      Nice to know Gary is a good snuggler. Jeep and Savannah were pestering me to get up, then Savannah snuggles. (Abys don’t snuggle except on their own terms).

      • I’ve tagged a few places in the Oakland hills, but wonder if I would feel really isolated out there after living in central DC for so long. Do you have any idea of how bad the commute would be to the financial district in SF from out there? I worry that driving in and out of the city, over the bridge, might be a bit soul crushing and the BART doesn’t go that far out, as far as I can tell.

        • hey Shawess, email me what you’re looking for? I have a number of SF friends and my dad knows a ton via the wine bidness….I can see if anyone has leads through work/friends?

          • Thanks, jindc. We’re still so early in this process I don’t know exactly what I want, except that it seems to be impossible to get. I mean, I’d love a 3-bedroom, two bath house with updated everything in Noe Valley, Upper Castro or the west side of Lake Merritt for less than $800k, but that is literally -never- going to happen.

          • I meant Castro/Upper Market.

        • anonymouse_dianne

          BART goes out to Oakland for sure. I stayed in a hotel at Jack London Square and the BART station was maybe two blocks from there. I rented a car at the airport which was incredibly cheap – I think I paid more to rent the GPS than the car. One of my friends uses a BMW motorcycle to come into SF – he took me out to dinner for my birthday last time I was in SF for a conference. I think you’d want to use BART tho to avoid the bridge. They also have pretty good taxi service, they have ZIP car and might have other like Uber.

          • BART goes to Oakland, yes, but I don’t think it goes up to the affordable places in hills … which is why I think they’re affordable 🙁

          • BART most definitely does not go near the oakland hills. Living in the hills is like living in annandale. Kinda close but sucks public transportation wise.

            My dad commuted from Montclair to downtown SF every day for 30+ years. Usually took him 30-45 minutes door to door. He would pick up carpoolers on park Blvd on his way in. It isn’t bad commute if you drive. His work paid for his parking though.

            AC transit also has express buses that might work for you.

          • oakland hills native, I actually have seen a bunch of awesome places listed in Montclair and they’re among out best options right now. Sounds like you would recommend it?

          • (I say the above knowing full well that living there could make me feel like I’m in The Shining. My house right now has a walk score of 91 and I like it that way.)

          • Yes and no. It is very safe and quiet. Lots of parks and hiking trails nearby. Easy to get elsewhere via car. I grew up there as a kid though, not sure if I’d want to live there now unless I had kids.

            Have you looked at the San Antonio neighborhood? My mom lives just west of Lake Merritt now, but not sure how affordable it is now unfortunately.

        • I lived in the Oakland hills near Joaquin Miller and it was really lovely, but I did miss being able to walk to get groceries or coffee. If I lived there and worked in SF, I’d bus or drive to BART and take BART into SF rather than drive all the way.

  • Rant/rave: Did not get first choice brunch place for Sunday, but choice is still pretty good.
    Rant: Co-workers who randomly interject nonsensical info when I’m asking a question to someone else.
    Rant: Not hungry enough to eat breakfast which will only make ravenous later.
    Rave: Lots of good gym time this week.

  • skj84

    Rave: I’m really excited about the Flyover today! Still debating between Jefferson Memorial and Air and Space. I’m closer to Air and Space, but the view over the Potomac should be amazing.

    Rant: I kinda over booked myself today. While there is one event I could skip, I do want to go for networking opportunities.

  • RAVE: Friday
    RANT: Gun fire. Lots and Lots of gun fire everywhere :-/
    RAVE: I am in tremendous pain from my workout yesterday… Is it bikini season yet?
    RANT: I really want a donut! a FAT glazed donut but i cant. See rave above

    • about your last rant – a coworker who NEVER EVER brings anything in to the office – I mean ever…brought two boxes of donuts in from Shoppers. You know, those beautiful huge donuts? My boss had a meeting and poached a box. My coworker was so upset! It was awfully rude. But, long story short….those things are huge!

      • Those are thee EXACT ones I am craving! I grew up with a Shoppers walking distance from my home. My sister and I would save up pennies to get 2 for $1 fat glazed donuts, OMG #iWANT lol

      • Huge, but not all that good. I try to bring a couple of boxes of Munchkins in instead every once in a while. So much easier to share and you can just have one or two with your coffee instead of a massive chew toy of junk food.

        • Emmaleigh504

          At my old job some ladies would bring donuts for everyone and then only eat 1/2 a donut or 1/4 a donut. The box was always full of dismemebered donuts. I never understood why they didn’t just get munckins since they only wanted a bite or two.

  • Rave – Hoping to see the WWII planes today!
    Rant – Friends leaving the DC area for Chicago. I’ll miss them.
    Rave – Now I have friends to visit in Chicago.

  • Rant: I won’t get to see the flyover today. It sounds awesome and is a great day for it. Thanks, job. Pentagon should be encouraging folks to go.
    Rant: Article in the Post about Millenials valuing flexibility over everything in jobs. No crap. why can’t the feds get this? That article, coupled with the ‘why parenting as a millennial is so difficult’….it’s sad.
    Rant: Far, far worse was the article in the NYT about nail salons in New York. OMG.
    Rave: Starting up with my trainer again – really, really trying to get back to a good work out schedule. That said, it’ll all go to ‘ish once my husband starts law school. Oh well 🙁

    • Oh mans, that NYT story had me in tears and swearing off salons yesterday. It makes me hope they’re investigating salons here as well.

      • I have developed a relationship with the woman I go to – we talk all the time, she was in school for a while and has plans to become a nurse. I don’t think the same thing happens in DC, but the aspect of the ‘racism’ was crazy too! Also, the Nail Saloon isn’t NOT like that, if you’re looking for a place. I specifically ask the ladies there if they enjoy the environment and I believe they do. And also, tip in cash. Directly to your tech. I think DC does a better job regulating the certifications, though. WHY does NYC need that many? I hope it’s a wake up call and things change. Those poor women.

      • saf

        My manicurist is a one-woman shop. She owns it, she does all the services. She’s great. Looking at that story makes me glad I go to her.

        • Where is she? I’ve been looking to make a change for a while.

          • saf

            Bare Necessities
            4115 Wisconsin Ave NW # 106 Washington, DC 20016
            (202) 244-3399

            That’s at Wisconsin and Van Ness. She doesn’t have a web page.

            Manis, pedis, waxing – I like her. She is NOT as cheap as many other salons, but I find her prices reasonable and her services very good.

    • If you can work out at home, do it. The to and fro to the gym takes up precious moments. Weights or a band, maybe some dvds or your trainer setting up a plan, and you can hopefully stick with a good routine.

      • I don’t have the space. I can go to trainer on weekends, but that’s not enough. I’ll probably just walk with my son in his stroller, but he also HATES being in the stroller. sooooo we’ll see. I can workout during the day at work, but it’s not great between getting to the gym (crazy walk to get there in my building) and showering and getting back, it’s like 2 hrs.

        • Jogging stroller? Maybe the wee factor will make him like it more. Can you do a late lunch, so you can work out and leave? Shower when you get home and maybe baby wipes and dry clothes to reduce the commuting stink.
          You can always do bodyweight stuff…pushups (decline off the bed is great for the arms), situps, tricep dips or using stuff in your house like the kid. Play time can equal work out time for you.

          • no, I don’t have a flexible job. And no, I’m not buying a jogging stroller. It’ll be fine. Playtime with a young toddler is active, but you can’t really “work out” with them.

          • You can use kid as a weight (that’s what I meant) if he’s agreeable to pick up and carrying and yes, there are family workout programs out there. I’m sure you’ll figure it out if you want to get fit.

  • Rave: Last long training run tomorrow!
    Rave: After exploring a million options, we’ve narrowed down the list for a short vacation and will hopefully book it this weekend. Likely St. Pete’s or Miami. We decided we just want to sit on a beach for a few days.
    Rave: My parents are starting the process of downsizing and I’m really excited for them. They have been talking about it forever and it seems like they are now both on the same page. Lots of “look at this new listing!” group text messages. Looks like we will be spending Mother’s Day cleaning their current house and touching up paint.

    • If you just want to sit on a beach, I would rec St. Pete. Marginally fewer tourists, you still have access to good cuban food, and better time with traffic (though there is still traffic). In my opinion it’s a generally prettier area. Plus Ybor is there (and completely terrible, but so is South Beach) if you decide to go “out.”

      • +1000 totally agreed. It’s so beautiful and the beaches aren’t too packed. You can take the trolley up and down the beach to Clearwater and back, and the beaches in Redington Shores and Madeira Beach are so empty and beautiful.

    • Thank you both! We were leaning towards St. Pete and your insight is very helpful. Do you have favorite hotels? We are thinking about the Don Cesar but open to suggestions.

      • …used to live there, no idea on the hotel situation.

        • In that case… restaurants?

          • I’m usually the person who eats at hole in the wall joints. The 1905 salad at Columbia is great, but on the whole I wouldn’t spend too much time there. You can find some great places, whether by yelp or otherwise depending on where you are. Unfortunately you’re at the end of the season for Stone Crab, so none of those. 🙁 Find a place on the water that sells fish and you’ll be happy overall. Florida is best when it’s not trying too hard.

  • That One Guy

    Rant: Jeans must have shrunk in the wash. Theres this weird sensation when I turn akin to corduroy rubbing between boxer and denim material. At least it’s not audible.
    Rant: Didn’t make any reservations for Mother’s Day. So screwed.
    Rave: Bojangles IPO. Hopefully I’ll have a couple shares purchased by the end of the day.
    Pondering: How is it that Indonesia is so harsh in its drug sentencing but so lax in its tobacco regulation? That just does not compute for me.

    • I found lots of places had space for brunch at least even at the prime time of near noon. This was just for 2 though. Also some places don’t book all possible reservations and cancellations will happen, so calling could get you in somewhere even if it shows booked online. Good luck!

    • Accountering

      Watch the Vice episode about smoking in Indonesia. What a disaster.

  • Rave: heading to the flyover shortly!
    Jeslett – the tree ID class is through Knowledge Commons. This iteration of the class is full. It sounds like you could teach a tree ID class.

    • Thanks Beau! That’s too bad it’s full, but I’ll have to see if I can check it out another time.
      My AP Biology teacher was basically the best thing to happen to me in high school and after the AP exam we all used Tree Finder to go around the school and key trees and do a big project on it, laminating leaves and everything. I’m pretty sure everyone who took the class can still pick out a few trees, but I got a little extra into it and picked up a copy of Tree Finder for myself. I high recommend it, it’s $6 and a great portable size.
      MtPResident, you did this too, right?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Speaking of trees, thanks Jeslett for the book rec! When I looked at it Amazon suggested some other books, one of whick was Bark, identifying trees by their bark or something. It is a perfect birthday present for my dad who is the hardest person in the world to shop for. Thank you!

      • Jeslett you might like the book “City of Trees: The Complete Field Guide to Trees of DC”

      • Oh yeah–I knew exactly what you were talking about as soon as I started reading your post. The two most memorable tidbits from that were ginkgo trees & him telling us about kudzu and my neighbor telling me it wasn’t actually kudzu, but something else similarly invasive. I asked him about it & he kind of just shrugged, which was disappointing.

        • Hmm, strange. I loved that guy.
          This reminds me that I need to save the tree book I made before my parents downsize. My mom is on a rampage to get rid of stuff and I would be sad if that got tossed (yes, I still have a HS project, I said I’m a tree nerd).

          • Oh–and I strongly remember dissecting the pregnant sharks, largely because the bag leaked onto my backpack, which had to go through the washing machine several times to get rid of the formaldehyde stench!!!
            I adored him as well, until the end of the year with the kudzu thing. Oh well.

  • Becks

    Rant: Massive migraine last night has left me feeling exhausted and wiped out today.
    Rave: Normally uncooperative boss has allowed me to work from home today.
    Rave: Fuzzy socks and warm kitten hugs!
    Rant: I can feel the migraine coming back.

  • Mug of Glop

    Rave: All the posts on here reminding me of the airplane thing today! I won’t be at the Mall, but I should be able to see them from work, depending on the precise route.
    Rant: Race I’d been looking forward-ish to was canceled this morning. Blech.
    Rave: Ran fast at the track last night, despite the disgusting heat and humidity. Not looking forward to it getting hotter and wetter.
    Rave: Big sandwich waiting for me for lunch.
    Rave: Happenings all weekend.
    Rant: Apartment is gross. Need to find time to clean it.

  • Rant: New dining table delivery had to be delayed by a day. At least it will be here on Sat.
    Rave: Our backyard is now home to a pair of broad-headed skinks. I have named them Zoe and Wash (bonus points to anyone who gets the reference).
    Rave: I am married to an amazing human being who not only puts up with my type of weirdness (like naming the random fauna in our lives) but actively supports it. She loves the names and agrees that it was weird when we were calling them “the skinks”.

  • Rave: date went well. no immediate fireworks (as to be expected) but it’s a nice segue back into dating. guess we’re going on a second one. trying to date nice guys for once. let’s see how this works out.
    Rant: dog training. will my dog ever learn NOT to bark at other dogs when we’re walking. also, anyone have trouble with their dogs refusing to walk in the direction you want to walk? mine plants herself and sometimes sits and refuses to walk where I want to go. I end up picking her up out of frustration.

    • Please tell me your type isn’t bad boys. They’re the worst!

      • I have a penchant for men who are a little reckless. They’re usually on point professionally and intellectually but personally a little off-kilter. I don’t want to be bored but stability would be good.

        • There are types of reckless…I’d throw instability in the bad. Find a guy with a motorcycle or a penchant for spontaneous trips instead.

          • Yup, figuring out the type of a little reckless that I can handle. Note: not someone who is pretty consistently drunk and/or stoned.

          • Oh god, no. I’m so lucky to be dating someone who drinks like me. A couple drinks or nothing, and we still have fun. I’m coming to realize some people don’t know how to have fun without booze or drugs.

          • Anon Spock – That’s great! You get it. Last jerk I dated said though he really liked me, we weren’t a good match because I didn’t drink a lot and didn’t do drugs. So that happened. Usually that’s a good thing.

          • Being “dumped” because you have it together is one of the best things you can hope for.
            I can’t deal with ppl that lack self control. My ex was like that. At work awesome, but drunk pretty much every other time. I’m glad you’re moving on from that as well.

          • Thanks Anon Spock.

    • That One Guy

      If you dog is food motivated have a few treats on hand to divert attention and/or reward for good behavior.

      Sometimes you just have to follow the dog to see what s/he is up to. Maybe they only want to pee/poop in a very particular spot. Who knows.

      • She is treat motivated until we go outside. She ignores treats when we’re walking around. The world is more interesting to her. She loves to explore and doesn’t like taking the same route, so I change it up but she still would rather go her own way.

        • That One Guy

          I find that Greenies are nearly impossible for a dog to pass up. You can try to have your dog sit when you see another one coming into close proximity and see if the greenie holds your dog’s attention long enough to let them pass.

          You can also try it with ice cream and as dumb as it sounds tuna fish might work too.

          • I use salmon jerky for training, since it has a strong scent. She loves that when we train, but in the real world, it doesn’t work. It’s hard because I don’t have a friend with a dog I can practice the pass and ignore with my dog.

          • That One Guy

            I’m sure there are other popville dog owners who you can practice with. If you’re desperate I’ll volunteer my dog for walk by practice some future weekend.

        • That One Guy

          Also, watch out for the warning signs of when your dog is agitated. Sometimes, depending on the type of dog, you can see the hair/fur on their shoulders start to stand up, their tail curl up, or head/ears perk up.

          • Ears perk up. Body stiffens. It happens every time she sees another dog. Not once is she chill when she sees a dog.

      • My dog definitely does this – she will walk in any direction but “back to the apartment.” One day a couple of years ago, I tried this strategy, thinking that she would turn back when she got tired. We ended up 25 blocks from home and had to take a taxi back.

    • Some thoughts…You need a corrective harness, if you’re not using one already. It clips in the front and back, and basically you correct the pulling EVERY time she is trying to do her own thing; conversely, you reward the obedient behavior EVERY time she is following direction. She should be at your knee, never in front of you. And make her sit at every corner, no extraneous sniffing, and if you can manage it, don’t let her greet unknown dogs or people without your permission. It sounds like she is exhibiting dominance on your walks, by not following direction, and when you pick her up, she might even perceive that as a “reward” for her behavior.

      • She had an easy walk harness (amazing) but she chewed it off. I need to get another one because she’s been worse with the regular collar. I really cannot control her when other dogs are around. I try to distract her and keep her focused on me, but when a dog passes, she lunges and barks. Still training her. I’ve had her for a less than a month. She’s a shelter dog a former stray, so old habits die hard. It’ll take a while I assume. She was the most difficult dog in our training class.

        • My dog does this sometimes. In his case, he sees or smells something that says Danger to him, and will lie down on the sidewalk and refuse to budge. I just go with it. Easy walk harnesses are great! It is easy to forget that every second you are with your dog, you are training her. When she barks or lunges at another dog, an immediate yank on the harness and tap on the butt with your foot will remind her who she should be paying attention to, but you have to do it every single time. My dog used to be a puller, but this technique and the harness cured him. I will also periodically make him sit and wait while we are on walks. For me it’s the dog equivalent of making a horse stop and back up – reminding them who is in charge.

        • Keep at it, you’ll get there. I think the front/back clipping style harness is more effective, because they get corrected from both their chest and in between their shoulders. It’s important to return slack in the leash after every correction…even if you’re tugging it again right away. She will eventually make the connection (and probably fast). The stuff around other dogs is really challenging, but it’s really the same principle – she wants to/feels the need to confront other dogs because she isn’t perceiving your dominance. As soon as she sees another dog, you need to establish that you are in control, and she will not be moving until you have permitted it — sit and heel, tight, close control of the leash while dog passes, reward if silent/well behaved. Start with really small steps… and work up from there. Patience and consistency will win, I promise! Congrats on the pup!

        • Have a tried using a Gentle Leader? It’s like a head halter. It’s made a world of difference for my anxious, reactive rescue dog. I can easily control her with less leash pressure, which means it less stressful for her. Also use the stinkiest, most delicious treats for outside training. Use them only for outside training, so they are special rewards. My dog likes these fish/liver jerky treats, they are so foul smelling, but they get her attention outside. Start small. My dog can look at dog other dogs at a distance without freaking out, but I know she’ll start whining and pulling if they get too close so try to avoid those instances. If I see a dog that approaching too closely, I just turn around and go in the other direction or go down an alley or something. It’s frustrating I know! But keep at it. Set her up for success as best you can.

          • Dog trainer recommended the freedom harness (which has front and back clip) or an easy walk. I want to try the freedom harness. Trainer did not like the gentle leader. I don’t think my dog will like it. She smallish part pug, so it’s not advisable to use that on her anyway. I always do the turnaround, but when she sees the dog, it’s hard to get her to follow me. Frustrating.

          • anonymouse_dianne

            Some of the positive-reinforcement only trainers don’t like the Gentle Leader or the Halti. Its based on negative reinforcement. I say use whatever works. I grew up with my mom using a choke collar on our family dog. I watched a school yard of pit bulls in prong collars going through obedience training in Berkeley. I’ve used GL on shelter dogs and gotten very good results. It forces them to look at you.

          • Ah, you’re right, gentle leaders are not great for dogs with smooshed noses. Hopefully the freedom harness will help. My dog also uses the easy walk harnesses sometimes. For the turnaround, we tried to make a game of it. We say “let’s go!!” and turn around and run for a few seconds then give her loads of treats once we’re far enough away from the trigger. If I can get her attention before she goes into full freak out mode, it works. If I wait to long to turn around and she gets too fixated, it usually doesn’t work. I totally understand your frustration, especially in urban areas with dogs everywhere. The worst for us is being surprised by another dog, like when turning a corner.

    • My dog does this on occasion. I either bribe – I mean motivate – her with treats, or will walk in a different direction for a few feet then turn back the way we were going.

      • Also, I tried my pup with Gentle Leader harness but it wasn’t a good fit for her. Switched to the Freedom No-Pull Harness which is much much better.

    • About your rant, my dog does the same thing. I will let him sit there for about a minute and then he usually forgets he was trying to go a different way and will continue on going where I want. He then gets a lot of praise. This is probably the wrong way to handle but works for me and my stubborn guy.

  • Rant: Israeli friend wrote the following when I told her how disappointed I am:
    “I haven’t decided what to do although either way someone will resent me. She is like my sister (our family owns a vacation home together and I’ve known her my whole life). She is not just any normal friend and that’s why I’m so confused.
    I wish she’d keep me out of her drama
    Rant: my coteacher is a crappy enforcer.
    Rave: as bad as things are, at least I didn’t track down my stolen iPhone with the cops to find it at my students house.

    • For sure that is annoying, but just go and have a great time, even if you need to AirBnB it for a few nights. Traveling by yourself is unbelievably great and liberating. You can probably meet some cool people through AirBnB, as well.

    • palisades

      Ew that’s a lame response. No offense, but she doesn’t sound like someone I would enjoy being friends with. She just needs to own up to it. Apologize.

      • +1 that response would pretty much do me in. I may be picky but that response would totally turn me off from the friendship.

    • I think at this point, you have to let it go and go on your trip. No more drama – just tell her to go to the wedding and that you’ll be fine in Israel on your own. Research if hostels are safe – if they are, they are a great way to meet people while travelling and not feel alone. I’ve done several months-long trips and never felt alone because I meet people along the way to hang out with when I want, and then go do my own thing when I want.

      It sounds like your friend has really made her decision to go to the wedding, but just isn’t gutting up to make it final because somewhere deep inside she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. Your choice now is to not let this ruin your trip. You can have an amazing time without her in Israel. I had a friend cancel on me going to Ireland about 3 weeks before we were supposed to leave. I went anyway and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. At some point, you’ll need to decide whether this is a friendship ending event. I’m not sure I have much advice on that, but I would try to take this event into account based on what you know of her past actions and see if it is out of character or just another data point of a pattern. Then make a decision on the totality of the circumstances.

      Full disclosure: There is one person in my life that I’d likely cancel on a visiting friend to go to their wedding, too. I’d pretty much describe her like your friend describes – like my sister. But I’d feel like crap about it and apologize profusely, which it sounds like your friend has not. And I recognize that a lot of people would strongly disagree with that decision (luckily, she’s already married, so I’ll never be faced with the choice).

      • Israel has great, brand-new hostels. Plus, it’s easy to get around by car or train. Go and have fun!

  • laduvet

    rave: on my 5th day of working out – between running and swimming – feeling powerful!
    rave: got a small grant for grad school in the fall!!! YAYYYYYYY so helpful!
    rant: sleeping is bad this week! i feel like everyone is in the same “lack of sleep” boat!

  • Rave: sister’s birthday!
    Rant: things at work are…hectic
    Query: I’m moving to Boston end of August (both a rant and a rave). Anyone have connections or recommendations for realtors or landlords there? I’m looking to live in/near the South End. I’ll be a (doctoral) student, so finances are tight, but I’d really, really, really like to live alone.

  • Ally

    Rant: Having a cold when you’re in your 3rd trimester and can’t take all your usual meds is no bueno.
    Rave: Could be worse. And it’s Friday, so hard to complain!
    Rave: SE DC Library book sale is this weekend. More crack for my already severe book habit.

    • Ally

      Oh, one more Rave/Question: Looking for a new/fun place to order in some food from tonight. Any recommendations from any of you Postmates, seamless, caviar users on a delivery spot you really like?

      • I don’t know about the delivery services, but Salt & Pepper Grill is good Indian food. There are two (three?) locations.

        • palisades

          Be careful. There’s a crappy restaurant by me (in the Palisades) that is called Salt and Pepper. Don’t mistake it!

      • laduvet

        i like grubhub…. recently been ordering alot of Tono Sushi 🙂

      • have you ever done Galley?

      • Ally

        Thanks for the recommendations, all!

        And, jindc: definitely a cold. I’ve had the standard pregnancy congestion from the get-go, so this is new. Nothing major to complain about, though. I was worried at first it could hurt the kiddo, but apparently that’s a non-issue. Thanks for the recommendations 🙂

    • are you sure it’s a cold? I ended up having a runny nose through a good portion of my pregnancy. You can have tea, saline, and some pain relievers….

    • Re: book habit
      A couple weeks ago I hosted a little book swap at Tryst where people were free to bring and/or take whatever they wanted. Would PoPville be interested in something like this?

      • Ally

        I certainly would (when I’m not in weeble-wobble, pregnant mode). I love book swaps. I’m lucky to also have 3 little free libraries in people’s yards walking distance from my house 🙂

  • Rant: so very tired. When did I stop sleeping through the night?
    Rave: Friday! And all good things planned this weekend.

  • Rave: this weather. I love spring and summer weather in DC.
    Rant: Househunting. There are a few decent options, but I would have to make fairly significant compromises for each. So I don’t know which to choose. And while it is still early, I feel like I should lock something down soon, because the prices keep going up.
    Rave: I did get a good discount offered for the place that I think is my first choice. I’m nervous about the drawbacks, but about 75% sure this is the one.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: pneumonia (or possibly whooping cough…which illness is trendy right now?)
    Rave: modern medicine has me coughing way less violently
    Rant: Grandpa died. I have no more grandparents.
    Rave: Dad says Grandpa died just the way he wanted, the center of attention. (Grandpa liked to pontificate.)

    • Oh no, I’m so sorry (about your illness and your grandpa.)

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, Emilie.

    • I’m so sorry Emilie.

    • skj84

      I’m sorry for your loss Emilie.

    • So sorry to hear about your grandpa Emilie (and Quotia Zelda)
      Hope you feel better soon.

    • Ally

      I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa. Hope you feel better, sweetie.

    • I’m so sorry, Emilie.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss Emilie. That’s never easy, even if you know it’s coming. You’ll be in my thoughts today!

    • I’m so so sorry to hear of your & Quotia Zelda’s loss. Your rave did, however, make me smile. May your grandpa’s memory be for a blessing. {HUGS}

    • Quotia Zelda

      I’m so not ready for our parents to be the top generation.

      • Sorry about your grandpa, Emilie and Zelda. I felt the same why when my grandma died and I had no more grandparents. Very weird to know that your parents now the top generation.

      • saf

        At a family event late last year, my (younger, but has kids), cousin pointed out that we were now the middle/older folks in the place. (my parents are still around, as is one aunt. Cousin’s dad is gone, but her mom is still around.)

        It’s such a shock to look at her kids and my sister’s kids and think about it that way. I am not ready to be as old as I am, and I am really not ready for my parents to be as old as they are.

        Best of luck in navigating the changes.

    • I Dont Get It

      Im sprry for your loss but happy went out on his terms.

    • saf

      I’m sorry – it’s so sad to reach that point.

    • Emilie, I’m so sorry for your loss, and even more so that you had to be so sick when you received the news. Hugs to you and your family and I hope for your quick recovery.

    • I’m so sorry. He sounded like a character and was well loved. On behalf of Popville thank you for sharing stories about him. I also lost my last one a couple of years ago and it’s a strange transition to make. Hugs to you and QZ.

    • Your grandpa sounds like quite a character. So sorry for your loss, Emilie504 and Quotia Zelda.

  • topscallop

    Rant: fighting off a cold, if my sore throat and swollen glands are any indication
    Rave: I think I’m winning, which is a good thing because
    Rave: 1 week til Morocco!
    Rant: dating is hard work

    • Emmaleigh504

      I”m sorry you are feeling poorly. More importantly, don’t over do when you start to feel better, becuase it’s the relapse that will kill you.

      • topscallop

        Today I’m drowning my germs in carbs, tomorrow in beer (which is also carbs I guess)…that’s what the old wives’ tales say to do, right?

  • skj84

    Rave: at The Jefferson Memorial! Great view!

    Rant: I did not eat before I left. I feel dizzy. Hoping water will keep me going.

  • Rant: My Fitness Pal is SUPER judgmental about sugar. It’s mostly fruit! And some peanut butter…
    Rave: Lean Cuisine is great for losing weight, because after you choke down those 280 calories, you feel nauseated from all the additives, and you don’t eat your planned afternoon snack! Ah, healthy living.

    • Re: MyFitnessPal and sugar, I’ve noticed this too. Even on days when I have nothing with added sugar, I seem to exceed the limit just by eating whole grains and fruit. It’s kind of discouraging.

      • SouthwestDC

        I’m always over on sugar and fat, but that’s just because I eat a lot of fruit and avocados and coconut products. It also seems like the only way to reach their protein goal is to eat meat with every meal. I’ve been meaning to customize the nutrition goals so they make more sense for my diet.

        • Now that you mention it, I think my recent protein kick has been partially motivated by their recommendations. I might need to do some research on the right balance for my own needs too. I’ve been eating more protein, and less sugar and fat and I’m not sure it’s really working for me.

          • You definitely need fat to lose fat, and I find many diets underestimate fats and don’t really separate good from bad. I never gained more weight than when I unintentionally made my diet mostly fat free and cut calories.

  • we’ll file this under random: I’m worried about lyme disease. I spend a lot of time outdoors and even if you check yourself for ticks you can miss it. And then it’s hard to diagnose and treat. Ugh thanks runnersworld for that article and now my paranoia.
    Rave: harpers ferry half tomorrow
    rant: all those HF hills tomorrow, haven’t trained a bit outside of my normal 5 days a week running. eek.

    • If you feel “less than great” for a while and have found a tick, you should force your doc to test for lyme. A lot of times they won’t, but in this area they really need to.

      I spent a lot of time explaining to dog owners that if their dog is lyme positive and the owner has been feeling less than great for a while, they probably have lyme. About 70% called me a few months later to let me know they did.

      Not to scare you or anything.

      • But what if I don’t find the tick? What if I just assume I’m tired from over training? plus I’m always tired. What if it is, in fact, the flu?

        AHHHHH, hahah don’t worry slightly joking, my paranoia can reach amazing levels on it’s own you can’t further scare me. The things I sit and worry about, mind blowing. But I hadn’t thought about how lyme disease with animals, is it easier to treat? I hope so, my animals are everything to me. 4 legs > 2 legs.

        • SouthwestDC

          Don’t go down that rabbit hole unless you have obvious symptoms. My girlfriend thought she might have it, and after half a year of doctors visits and hundreds of dollars of testing we decided she probably didn’t. The tests tend to contradict each other and are usually inconclusive, which makes it almost impossible to diagnose. Some doctors tell everyone they have it.

          • Good point. To be clear, I don’t actually think I have it. My father and a few of my friends have had it though, and caught it early. Just saying it’s so tricky, if no test can really tell you either way it’s a little disconcerting. But thank you both for indulging me. Back to being happy that it’s FRIDAY!

        • If caught before serious liver and kidney damage, yeah dogs respond favorably. Doxycycline is the antibiotic of choice, but there was a shortage a few years ago and it was prohibitively expensive. It’s available again now. 🙂 These dogs will also test positive for a few years after the fact.
          — There is a lyme vaccine for dogs, if this is a big concern of yours. If you frequent wooded areas and tall grasses, I would recommend it. It’s good for a year at a time, and if your dog does contract lyme, the vaccine company will pay for treatment.

  • Rave: Today is better.
    Rave: Got ice cream and a salad for lunch.
    Unknown: Visited friend in the hospital (I feel funny using the word “friend” when he has so many closer friends). He’s still “asleep” but he’s doing okay. He’s an amazing person, and his family is wonderful, too. I know praying isn’t a lot of people’s thing, but if you can, please send some good thoughts and prayers his way that he fights through this.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Slow friday after a long week, got to check out colony club and do a little work there. Very nice space!
    Rave/Rant: Its friday and i have no plans

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: To say I am not a plane person is putting it mildly, but the WWII flyover was so cool.
    Rave: And as a bonus, I ran into a friend on my way there, so we got to catch up.
    Rant: I’m sure if I thought hard enough, I could come up with something, but I don’t want to. 🙂

  • skj84

    Rave: the flyover was amazing. I had a great view at The Jefferson Memorial. Lots of pictures.

    Rave: grabbing lunch at the Fish Market.

    • It was SO COOL! Not so cool? Explaining to my coworkers who Rosie the Riveter was.

  • RAVE: Thanks to PoPvillagers for discussing the Flyover in today’s RRRR, I was able to see it from Iwo Jima. I had no idea this was happening until 11:45 this morning. Luckily I work close enough that I was able to get there in time to see most of the planes. I got some pretty good photos and video. It was pretty rad!

    • The first time I’d heard of the flyover was when SKJ84 mentioned it in RRRR yesterday. I had no idea what “Arsenal of Democracy” was supposed to mean (and had a negative gut reaction to it — it sounds really jingoistic), but when I found out that it involved WWII planes, I became more and more intrigued.
      Sort of like Quotia Zelda was saying earlier… I’m not a big airplane buff, but it was REALLY COOL to see — and hear — the flyover. I loved that they were flying low enough that you could even see the different colors painted on the planes. Very cool to think that these machines that are 70+ years old and still airworthy!
      So, RAVE to people for spreading the word!

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