Public Tenley changes name to Tenley Gastropub – Check Out the new Menu


Thanks to a reader for sending photos. Another reader writes:

“Public Tenley is no more. It has been replaced by something called TenleyGastropub. I looked at their brunch menu and noticed that a fried egg seems to be part of every item. How 2010. Unfortunately the tater tots – the only thing worth eating at Public – did not survive.”

You can see the full menu here.

4611 41 Street, NW

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  • Can’t say I’m sad to see Public go. That place started out okay, but rapidly went downhill. This menu certainly looks much better — will be interesting to see how it does.

    • Sadly, it’s an attempt at polishing a turd. It’s the sane vibe, same overpriced food, and mediocre drinks. I wish it was something better.

  • Is it still owned by the Public people? if public wasn’t working I don’t see much of a change. Also, $6 for fries at happy hour?

  • A fried egg is SO 2010 but not tater tots?

  • Pretty sure every brunch menu in the city has a fried egg on just about all of their items. I’m fully ready for weekend LUNCH to make a comeback.

  • The prices for “grass-fed” beef are suspiciously cheap. Can anyone confirm that it is 100% grass-fed beef and the provenance of the “farm raised” Angus?

  • Went here and really enjoyed the food. I got the truffle fries, brussel sprouts and the grilled vegetables. If I could do it all over i’d double order the brussel sprouts…thems is good.

    Anyways, I’ll be back soon.

  • Haven’t tried the new menu yet, but the interior is 100 percent unchanged from Public, which is fine by me because it’s one of the few pure sports bars that I can walk to.

    • The restaurant is all new staff and had a complete renovation inside. It’s definitely not the same as Public. As well, they still have tator tots… And it’s true grass-fed beef.

  • glad they’re not getting rid of the TV’s. Always a good place to catch the games during football season.

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