PoPville T-Shirts continue to Travel the Globe – Chamonix, France


“a February snowboarding trip I took to Chamonix, France. It has clearly taken me a while to go through all my pictures, but better late than never.”


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  • I went to Chamonix with a bunch of friends in July of last year, it was the most magical place I’d been to!

  • I spent a month there in ’78, it was like living in a winter post card. Horse drawn sleds were the taxis. Went back in “79 as I was staying on the Italian side of the Alps that year so thought I would have lunch in France. Couldn’t believe the changes in just one year. I shutter to think what Chamoix is like today, BUT I was pleased to hear that this beautiful spot is still thought of as MAGICAL!

  • These are beautiful and great to see another Popville snowboarder! (I was the Park City one.)

  • The irony is that this isn’t me (I was also in Cham in February, but I forgot my t-shirt)
    And you had much better weather than I!

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Oh man, that is too bad. I showed up after it had been puking for like 4 days, so there was waste deep powder and beautiful sunshine for the first few days. Snowed a little towards the middle as well, but overall it was gorgeous weather. By the end, the snow was a little wind/sun effected, so you had to search a little harder to find the good stuff, but I can’t complain too much. I was lucky enough to be there when they finished building the arete to give access to la vallee blanche as well.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        Errr, “waist”…I should really proofread before I hit post, haha.

      • So you did ride the Vallee Blanche? I want to do that next time, but hiring a guide is $$$.
        My first day there, it snowed 30cm of fresh powder the night before. The weather was glorious until 12 noon and then it got overcast/foggy very quickly. Next two days were extremely foggy and the clouds were dumping ice pellets. We actually drove the tunnel to Courmeyeur to enjoy better weather (also, waaaaaaaay less crowded than Cham)
        I’m in the region frequently for work, so I’m planning on doing Vallee Blanche next year. Though I need to buy a full avalanche kit and air-bag backpack.

        • Tsar of Truxton

          Yeah, I did it, but I have a friend who was living over there for the winter, so we had some locals to “guide” us. I would say an avalanche kit and glacier/crevasse gear are the most important pieces of gear. No one I went with was wearing an airbag (obv not a bad thing to have, but they are super expensive). The run takes like 3+ hours so having an airbag would make your pack pretty heavy. I managed to get over to Courmeyeur one day, and it was pretty solid, but I would say more crowded than Cham. In Cham, the only lines I really experienced were at the trams.

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