Please Keep Your Eyes Peeled for a Lost Cat Last Seen around 13th and Upshur St, NW


A reader writes:

“Our cat, Maggie, usually an indoor-outdoor cat has been missing for the past couple of days and we are really worried that she’s lost. We adopted her with her sister- the foster mom wouldn’t let them be separated and her sister is definitely worried as well.
Maggie is a small (about 9 lbs) dark grey domestic short hair cat. When we last saw her (sometime Friday night) she was wearing a green belled collar – though she is prone to losing them so she might not be wearing it still. We’ve hunted around around the alleys nearby (at Upshur and 13th) with no luck.

Please let us know if you have seen any cats around that meet that description. We appreciate any info you may have- it is really important that we find her.

(Contact info: phone #: Jake at 617-429-7302 or email: Alison at this email: [email protected])”

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  • Is that cat walking out of a toaster oven?

  • binpetworth

    Kitty, go home! I live in this area and will keep an eye peeled for her!

  • non-cat owner here with serious question —
    why do you let your cat just freely come and go? seems very strange to me.

  • @binpetworth: Thanks for keeping a lookout
    @lm: we tried keeping them in when we were away but they are just much happier outside – this was only the 2nd week of allowing them to come and go as they pleased- apparently it did more harm than good. If we get her back (finger’s crossed) we will have to reconsider…
    Please feel free to call or text me also if you see any Maggie look-alikes around: 781=367-1911

    and yes, that was a dehydrator- Maggie really enjoyed hanging out on that, especially when it was blowing warm air.

  • I hope you find your kitty. And please be careful, because there are a lot of cats in the area – my bf’s included – that resemble your cat.

  • She’s back!
    Thank you all for your help in looking out for her! After days of following all your tips and lots of worrying, she decided she was ready to come home.

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