Pepco Scheduled Power Outage Monday (Memorial Day)


“Dear PoPville,

I’m curious if any readers received notification of a scheduled power outage on Monday (Memorial Day)?

My apartment building located in Adams Morgan received notification yesterday saying the outage is between 8:30 to 5pm.

I spoke to a Pepco customer representative and I also spoke to a regional representative. They both were sketchy about information saying the power outage will affect the Washington region (they did not provide any neighborhood or street names, etc.). When asked if the service interruption could be rescheduled for Tuesday, May 26th Pepco replied no because the information had already been sent to dispatch. They also could not provide any information on what repairs or improvements were being worked on.”

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  • if your apartment got this notice, the outage will affect your apartment. what’s the point of calling Pepco about it? the notice was left by a member of the crew that’s going to be working in your area on Monday.

    • for what it’s worth i’ve gotten these notices probably once a year over a ten year period in bloomingdale. sometimes weather causes them to change their plans.

    • Similar to the OP, I would assume this is a mistake. They are doing scheduled maintenance on a holiday? I know they have emergency people available (on holiday pay, no doubt) but I would think most of the staff has the day off.

  • I got a note on my door saying there would be a scheduled power outage this Thursday from 12:30am to 6am. That’s in 18th and Monroe in Mt. Pleasant

    • Hey neighbor! I got the same note. That’s prime Netflix hours for those of us who never sleep.

  • Time to find a friend with AC that’s having a BBQ! It’s going to be 90 on Monday.

  • I think they forgot it is Memorial Day and that people may be home (rather than working) during those hours.
    I got a notification that was starting at 11pm on Tuesday and ending at 6am on Wednesday. However, they cut us of the day before (11pm Monday-6am Tuesday). Sigh….

  • I go to american university and we got an email about the upcoming all day power outage on campus a few days ago.

  • I agree it will suck to have the power out on a day when you intended to be home (and it’s supposed to be 90 degrees, as has been mentioned), so the best I can say is that at least you received the notification and can prepare (make plans to go out, make sure your phone is charged up, etc.). When we have scheduled outages in our neighborhood, for some reason not everyone ends up getting the notices and so we’ve had neighbors who had no idea what was going on when they suddenly lost power.

  • Whenever I’ve received those notices, the power is indeed out for those times – at least you can plan for it. But LOL to you asking Pepco to reschedule! I recognize it’s an inconvenience but they do not GAF.

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