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  • I walk by this place every day, and every day I’ve been surprised that no one has stolen archibald. I guess his luck ran out.

  • samanda_bynes

    man, this type of shit really pisses me off. like stealing something of value is understandable, i get that, i peep that. but this is just causing sadness and annoyance. honestly, there’s something more sinister about it – you’re a happiness bandit….

  • That is the most adorable skeleton ever. The position and wide smile…what a loss.
    I used to make little handlebar sculptures for my bikes and I was using up too much time replacing them as they were always stolen quickly.

  • I literally just took a photo yesterday of this guy! I walk past it almost every day and it always made me chuckle. I’d throw down some cash to get a replacement.

  • washington20009

    I have a spare you can have. Is there a way for PoP to give you my email address?

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