New Web Series about DC — Open House

Open House: Lee and Marty from ChristineDriscoll on Vimeo.

“The first two episodes follow one character, Tabitha, while she looks for a spot in a group house in the competitive and high-strung world of DC group houses. As anyone familiar with the process knows, the challenge of convincing strangers that you are the best possible version of yourself is sometimes demeaning, always strange, and often funny.”

Open House: George and Chuck from ChristineDriscoll on Vimeo.

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  • Pretty solid exploration of how Millennials are the worst

    • This same thing was happening before millennals came around. I’d even say this was a tame portrayal of the reality of trying to get in a group home in Logan Circle 15 years ago.
      Of course, back then you could get a whole apartment for $500 a month.

  • Just had post traumatic flashbacks to moving to DC in the 90s.

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