New Style Speed Camera Deployed

sneaky speed camera 1500blk of 22nd st NW

A reader tweets us about the photo above:

“Heads up – New sneaky speed camera 1500blk of 22nd st NW (southbound), right before 22nd & 23rd merge.”

and another reader tweets us:

“Speed camera on 395 N. coming from New York Ave. is back. Saw them setting it up this morning in middle of construction site. @PoPville”

Ed. Note: Yes, yes we should all just drive the speed limit. Noted. Thank you.

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  • There’s a raised one on a pole going north on North Capitol just around McMillan Reservoir.

  • What is sneaky about that camera? It looks pretty bulky and visible to me.

    • When you’re driving in the direction that it’s being used for, it looks like a silver box from the back and appears to be a part of the pole (electrical or something similar) so it blends in a lot more.

      • This is pretty ingenious/nefarious.

      • If that is the case, then I wish the city would put in more such cameras. If drivers don’t know where the cameras are, they will be more inclined to obey the speed limit all the time, not just when they see a camera.

        • Yes! If you only have to follow the speed limit in certain locations, it’s not much of a limit. We’ve been so bad about enforcing speed limits for so long, that people feel downright entitled to speed and angry that they would get a ticket for breaking the law.

  • tonyr

    “Speed camera on 395 N. coming from New York Ave.” – doesn’t 395N dead-end at NY Ave?

    • They must mean south. There was one on 395 S that they took down for construction. Most of the traffic at that point is from NY Ave.

  • That is a perfect spot for a camera. That said, it’s too bad they can’t sync up the traffic lights so cars aren’t tempted to rip down 22nd to make the light.

    • Quite true. I’ll confess to having sped down that stretch. It’s tough to catch the P Street light from Mass Ave if you don’t.

      I don’t blame them for putting up the camera but better syncing of the lights would slow many down, too. (Oh, but it wouldn’t make the city money. Right.)

      • Agreed! We should do everything we can to make it easier to follow the law, in addition to punishing bad behavior. Design the streets so they feel like you should be driving 25mph. Set signals so that you’re rewarded for driving below the speed limit and not the other way around.

  • Sweet, put those things everywhere.

  • QUESTION: Can you still look for the repeated horizontal white lines in the pavement to know that there is a speed camera? I thought they need those lines to help measure your speed. But if the new ones don’t need those lines on the pavement then I’m in trouble.

  • justinbc

    This must be due to everyone constantly smashing / running into / otherwise destroying the more bulky, ominous freestanding types. The more the better I say.

  • Good afternoon,

    Thank you for your questions about the camera on 22nd Street NW. It was deployed only to collect data on speeding, not to issue tickets. Before any tickets would be issued at any new location, MPD would: (1) post a sign a block or two before the camera; (2) stripe the road; (3) issue a press release announcing the new location; and (4) issue warning tickets for 30 days. None of that was done in this case because it would affect the data collection.

    Kelly O’Meara

    • very nice clarification. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the clarification! Since you appear to be reading this, I’d like to mention that the yield/crossing just south of this data/camera has become so dangerous for pedestrians. Commuters speeding down the shoot are often looking at traffic (near this camera) and trying to beat the light and don’t see people crossing. I’ve had countless near misses/confrontations. Anyway, thanks for posting here.

  • You’re welcome, Walker and Manamana. Walker, I’ll share your concerns with our Traffic Safety Division, the 2nd District, and DDOT. Thank you for the input, and stay safe.


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