New Cafe, Habit, Coming to Mount Pleasant


A new cafe is coming to Mount Pleasant to the former Last Exit space underneath Radius. The cafe, to be called Habit, comes from the owners of the newly opened American–Filipino restaurant, Purple Patch, next door. I’m told that there will be coffee and pastries but other details are still being worked out. Sounds like it could be a little friendly competition for Flying Fish. Stay tuned.

3155 Mt. Pleasant St, NW

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  • Thank heaven for this block/building in MtP for real.

  • Unpopular opinion, but I really don’t like Flying Fish (too expensive, bad service) so I hope this does turn out to be a better alternative.

    • Thirded. The often surly baristas would be forgivable if the coffee was really good but it’s unfortunately not–and they charge as much as in anyone in the city does.

    • Agreed. Although I’ve found that to be the case at a lot of our independent coffee shops (as well as the chains now that I think of it…but that seems to be a different kind of surliness).

  • MtP is on the up and up.

  • Since it’s the owners of Purple Patch, fingers crossed that they will have ensaymada as one of their pastry options.

  • I wonder how they are going to separate the entrance to Tonic? It was just closed by a flimsy retractable cage. Guess they are able to lease only a portion of the space. Wonder what happens if / when someone else moves into that old Tonic space.

    I wonder about a lot of things.

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