Mom with Baby Struck by Hit and Run Driver at 14th and L St, NW this Morning – Any Witnesses?

“Dear PoPville,

I thought I’d write you to express my disgust with a HIT AND RUN Driver, as well as the fact that NO PEOPLE came to the aid of my good friend and her 11 month old son who were hit this morning at the corner of 14th & L Sts NW at approx. 7:45am.

NOTE: Mom is an especially cautious jogger when her son is in tow. She pays careful attention to all cars, especially when she’s crossing the street.

Mom had the right of way and was crossing through the intersection of 14th and L Sts NW, headed East on L St., when suddenly she found herself on the ground, and the stroller with her son inside doing a somersault in the street. The front wheel was gone, and a 2nd tire also flew off. She’d been clipped by a car as it tried to turn south onto 14th St, not paying any attention to her. The car did NOT stop. Mom landed on the ground with a cut knee, and immediately jumped up to check on her son who was silent. She was terrified that he’d hit his head. Thankfully, the baby was just fine. His silence likely because he was stunned and thrown upside down.

But then, even more incomprehensible is that NO ONE came to her aid. No one helped pick her and her son off the middle of the street in a major intersection. And No one even called 911! The Mom was the one who called 911, terrified that something happened to her son.

At 7:53am, Mom called me saying that she’d been in an accident, and could I please come to the location ASAP. I arrived as quickly as possible, and she and her son were already sitting in the back of an ambulance getting checked out. When I saw the condition of the stroller, I was in shock. The U bar of the front wheel was bent. The wheel was obviously off, as was another rear wheel. But thankfully, Baby was totally fine. In fact, he was laughing when I arrived. His Mom was obviously in shock over the accident, as was I – the godmother, but ever so thankful that the strength of the BOB stroller saved the Baby’s life!

So I ask PoPville: Did anyone witness this accident today? Did anyone see a car clip a jogging stroller at 14th and L Sts around 7:45am??? Please help to restore our faith in humanity.”

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  • Ugh. Absolutely disgusting. My thoughts are with the victims, so thankful no one was hurt.

  • Whoa. I don’t know if I can restore your faith in humanity, but please know that I would have done something if I was there. There are certainly bad characters out there. (On a side note: One of the animal welfare groups I follow on FB posts stories where an animal was neglected or abused, and people inevitably talk about how bad humans are. But the reality is, for all the abusers out there, there are more of us who are concerned and good people who are doing the rescuing/donating/volunteering.) I’m wondering if people didn’t help because a) they thought someone else would, or b) they were tired commuters not paying attention. I can’t even begin to imagine it’s because they were cold-hearted bastards who were too busy getting to work, although that could be a possibility. Thank goodness the mother and her child are both alright. What a very scary story to read.

    • The Bystander Effect is completely real, and the more people who are around, the less likely any one will act, which becomes reinforcing. If you are the victim in a situation like this, the best response, assuming you’re conscious, is to specifically point to someone – anyone will do – and tell them to help. Once one person moves to do so, others will follow.

      When I was assaulted on Randolph and Kansas Ave, NW, a decade ago, that’s exactly what I did to get drivers to stop and help me, and I was bleeding profusely from the head. It does work.

      • Disturbingly true about the bystander effect, and excellent tip. Although I think I am still left with the icky feeling about humanity.

  • Sorry to hear that happened to your friend…. i would like to think I would run over and help if I saw it happen….that being said I think it would help your cause to avoid saying how disgusted you are towards the same people your asking be an eye witness

    • I agree… May be not the best way to encourage people to come forward. I work close to that intersection and have forwarded the post to my office.

  • Hopefully a surveillance camera or traffic camera (providing mom got the make/model/color) captured the car in the area and this Jack@$$ can be brought to justice.
    So scary

  • That someone could drive away from that is seriously disturbing. I am surprised that none of the pedestrians stopped because, contrary to this incident, I’ve several times seen people rush in to help when there’s been some sort of accident. I am glad that they will both be alright and hope you’re able to track down witnesses who may be able to help identify the driver.

  • I feel bad for your friend and her child. Unfortunately when you scold someone (witnesses) it is harder for them to speak up. I hope someone does come forward but can’t blame those who don’t after they have been singled out for being part of your loosing faith in humanity.

    • O.F.F.S.

      The way to make amends when you have behaved shamefully is to stand up and make it right.

  • This is horrendous. I am glad your friend and her baby are more-or-less unhurt, and hope the perp gets tracked down.

  • Whoa, so, I think I got to this intersection right after it happened. I saw a woman with a stroller and a group of people around her – though by this point everyone was on the sidewalk right by the curb – with one of them holding a wheel that had come off the front of the stroller. But I had no idea there had been a collision; I assumed that a wheel had just fallen off and that people were helping with the stroller.

    I don’t know if any of them saw the actual incident, but there did seem to be a half-dozen people helping her in what must have been the immediate aftermath (and not no one). Sorry I missed it; what kind of bastard would hit-and-run?

    • Maybe she was in shock and her sense of time was distorted? I”m not being snarky; I was once in a bad accident and everything happened in slow motion and it seemed like forever before anyone got to me, but I’m told it wasn’t very long.

      At least I’m glad some people helped at some point.

      • Happened to me also – the interval between something happening and others coming to help seemed like an eternity (my view) when in fact help came immediately (what really happened).

  • This is a great advertisement for BOB strollers. I don’t have a child, and won’t be having a child, and I just googled the darn thing. Good to hear mother and child are okay and hope they find the driver.

  • This is absolutely infuriating!!! WTF! As a parent who uses a stroller frequently, this is almost enough to make me move to the suburbs.

    I hope to God that a camera caught this.

    • Do you think stuff like this doesn’t happen in the suburbs?

    • While I agree that this is maddening, this stuff definitely happens in the suburbs. I was left-hooked on my bike a few years back in Falls Church on a neighborhood road. I broadsided the car that turned in front of me and flipped over the back of it, and was left in the middle of the street by the fleeing driver. Thankfully, at least 3 people stopped to help and called 911, but unfortunately nobody was there quick enough to see the plates of the offender.

  • If you were to ask DDOT director Leif Dormsjo about this, he would probably blame this on “those students [that] are not paying attention while crossing the street”, or perhaps the lack of driver education on what to do after you hit a mother and her infant child with your car.

    In all seriousness though, I’m glad to hear the mother and child are safe.

  • I’m so glad to hear that your friend and the baby are ok. Rest assured I would have assisted her.

    I’ve long grown weary of the lack of manners in this city. Bitter locals and cold northerners make for a noxious and tense climate.

    • I’m a Northerner originally, and I assure you that geography is not a factor (no matter what you may think). Heartlessness might be a factor, though.

  • Did she file a police report? Is there a vehicle they are looking for?

  • There’s a bank on that corner, I think. They may have footage.

  • I am so upset to read this post and so glad they are ok. I did not witness this and my heart goes out to this mom and her little. What a terrifying experience. Hoping someone witness this and can help. I have had two close calls in the last week – I was crossing the street with my baby in a stroller and someone decided to take an illegal left turn at 14th and Kennedy and they were going incredibly fast. I was in the crosswalk and they slammed on their brakes about 5 feet from us. I was shaking and started screaming and they waved me along like it was not a big deal. I was also cut off by a bus and a car following the bus while in the middle of a crosswalk with the stroller. WTF is wrong with people.

  • That is so disheartening. I don’t even understand. I’m so glad they are both okay!

  • Cars almost ALWAYS hit me when I am walking through crosswalks as they make right turns and don’t even look for pedestrians. I get really nervous crossing now in some areas, despite having the right of way 🙁

    • This is just my opinion, and I’m sure drivers probably won’t agree, but I wish DC had a “no right turn on red” policy like some other cities do. I am always VERY careful crossing the street even when I have the light, I check in all directions before I cross, but I’ve still had several close calls because some jerk decided to turn right on red without even slowing down (much less stopping for a second to look before turning).

      • *what I meant to add is that these cars come out of nowhere because they don’t.slow.down.

      • No. That seems to be just as bad. People then take the red light to pretend like they made the run legally or they almost mow over pedestrians crossing in front of them on green lights. It might be more trouble than it is worth.

  • Damn, so terrible to hear and glad the mother and baby are OK. Drivers in the city are basically held completely unaccountable for their actions and they all certainly act like it. Hope that driver gets what is coming to them.

  • I hear about the bystander effect but every time that I’ve seen someone fall I have seen others make sure that they are ok. The people closest to that person tend to react while the others look to be gauging the situation before moving on.

  • doesn’t surprise me. I was hit while biking down New Hampshire Ave near Dupont Circle. I i crashed to the ground with my foot and ankle caught in the chain of my bike. I was bleeding from several places and had nasty gash in my ankle from the chain ripping into it. My bike was crushed. No one came to help. In fact, they just looked and walked by. While i was laying in the street bleeding, a couple cars just honked and drove around. I had to drag myself and my bike out of the street and call 911 myself.

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