Lotus Blooms, “education based adult boutique” coming to Adams Morgan

NY Diva
2408 18th Street, NW

At last a replacement for NY NY Diva in Adams Morgan. Lotus Booms is coming in June:

“Lotus Blooms is an education based adult boutique founded in Alexandria, VA. Our mission is to provide an elegant, relaxed, discreet environment with the educational resources necessary for people to take charge of their sexuality. Our environment will encourage creativity in sexual expression to help keep relationships exciting. We want to nurture all people towards positive sexual wellness that will keep their bodies and souls healthy, happy and fulfilled. Learn More!”

Ed. Note: RIP Instant Noodles, Savour, Sutra, Felix, Viet Thai, Spy Lounge and NY NY Diva of course.

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  • Anything is an improvement on NY NY, and surprisingly it’s not another club. Adds to the retail diversity on that block. With BicycleSpace opening up the block and Toro Mata next door, folks will be able to get their chain lube, personal lube, and alpaca apparel all in one trip 🙂

  • ughhhhh just when I thought something better could replace Diva NY – AdMo is a waste land, why can’t anything good open and stay in business?

    • Mintwood, Cashions, Perrys, Pops, Smoke and Barrel, Tryst/Diner, Sakuramen, Donburi and Roofers Union…..I Think AdMo is doing just fine.

      • Don’t forget BUL, too. It’s not clear what Dupont Resident is looking for but this space was never going to be another nice restaurant given the cheesy metal facade. And AdMo has a ton of new restaurant options, anyway. I expected this location to become another night club or to remain empty forever so am glad to see a retailer move in.

      • +1. The 18th Street strip is getting better and better. I’m so glad we now have so many businesses that serve the people who actually live here.

      • For each of those places you listed, there is an equal and opposite store front “business”. Adams Morgan may be “better” than it was, because I don’t think it could have gotten worse from 15 years ago. Have you ever walked up 18th street during the day or late at night? Right. It’s still a mess. I’m also very interested in how some of the businesses along that corridor stay in business.

        By the way, just to check yourself – Mintwood, Cashions, Perry’s and Pops are not on 18th st. They’re on Columbia. There’s a difference.

        • By the way, just to check yourself- You did not specify 18th street in your, “AdMo is a wasteland” comment.

      • +1. Not to mention Jack Rose, L’Enfant, Duplex Diner, Bourbon, Little Fountain Café….

    • I disagree! I think this preserves the funky vibe (tee hee) of the neighborhood. It doesn’t look like a cheap sex shop targeting teenage boy fantasies. It actually looks pretty classy, like it’s aimed at adults interested in enhancing their relationships. It’s the 21st century! We are sex-positive now!

      • It’s actually a really good fit! I stumbled on this place a few months ago while exploring Old Town and really loved it. It is certainly a sex shop, but it’s not skeezy feeling (looking at you creepy Dupont shop…). The ladies who assisted me were educated and pleasant and I for one am so excited this is coming to my neighborhood!

    • Dupont Resident, please come to Adams Morgan sometime and get a clue. Do you really think that a store like Lotus Blooms makes a neighborhood a wasteland? If so, I guess Georgetown (Pleasure Place), U St. (Secret Pleasures), and even your namesake Dupont (Capitol Video Sales, Bite the Fruit, and until recently, The Leather Rack and The Pleasure Chest) must be wastelands as well.

      Lotus Blooms is one of the classiest, most sex-positive adult boutiques in the region. It’ll be a great addition to Adams Morgan. LB has another retail store on King Street in Old Town. But maybe that’s a wasteland too?

      Srsly, have you even been to Adams Morgan in the last 2-3 years?

      • I can totally see how a sex shop would be useless to someone who is no longer interested in sex.

      • I never do this, but if U Street, Georgetown, Connecticut Ave in Dupont, and Adams Morgan all fail to live up to your standards, perhaps it’s time to move?
        (also, it’s kind of funny that you’re bagging on dcbird for “get a clue” when you used “ugghhhh” and “AdMo” and an ad hominem attack in your own post.)

  • This sounds very exciting! I want to work there!

  • Been to the one in Alexandria. It’s not a skeevy, nasty shop. It’s pretty cool and they focus on sex education/ sex positivity. Glad it’s coming into DC.

  • Great addition to the neighborhood! An adult store actually makes for a good neighbor – they are quiet, discreet, and won’t contribute to the drunken madness.
    Plus, local residents will actually patronize this place 😉

  • Interesting. But I’m a little confused as to why it has to be “discreet”. That doesn’t exactly scream sex-positivity.

  • Dang. It’s all stuff for girls. And cross-dressers. Just when I’m getting in shape to rock a pair of leather chaps.
    I vote we have a PoPville Happy Hour next door.

  • Nearly every club/bar/restaurant conversion in AdMo gets a +1 in my book. We are fast moving away from the “Bourbon Street” era of the 90’s and early 00’s. The new restaurant additions already mentioned by others are all welcome upgrades, and the arrival of BicycleSpace and now this are great signs for more diverse retail. I think with the arrival of the Line Hotel and the imminent conversion of the old retail strip on Columbia, we will be looking at a very different AdMo in 3 years (for better or worse). I hope the neighborhood keeps its funk and quirkiness, but I’m not shedding tears over the loss of places like NYNY.

    For those not paying too much attention, here are recent AdMo arrivals: Donburi, Bul, BicycleSpace, Sakuramen, Roofers, Pops, Songbird…and so on.

  • Dupont Resident: I was in Adams Morgan a few times this week and I saw tons of people sitting outside at cafes, (locals and visitors alike), the most popular coffee shop in the city, one of the longest running independent bookstores, two great record shops and about 400 people — who would disagree with your depiction of the neighborhood — at Adams Morgan Movie Nights. No need to snark your way through life.

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