Lost shitzu/poodle mix last seen in Mount Pleasant


“My dog went missing 5/19 on 17th and Kilbourne in Mt. Pleasant early morning. Her name is Coco and she is a shitzu/poodle with a green tattoo on her stomach. Please call Michelle at 202-810-4103 if found.”

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  • post Coco on https://www.facebook.com/LostFoundDogs.MetroDC
    on craigslist too and keep checking found dogs
    file lost dog report with Washhumane and Warl
    post on all list serves
    put up tons of flyers in plastic sleeves with open side facing down

  • Hi! I picked up Coco on 5/19 on the corner of Hobart and Mt. Pleasant. She didn’t have tags/collar so I posted to Craigslist and the LostFoundDogs on Facebook. I couldn’t keep her in my place any longer, so I contacted Animal Control. They scanned her and didn’t find a microchip, so I relinquished her to them. You can call them (202-576-6664) and hopefully pick her up ASAP. I did give her bath and food when I found her, she was super sweet and hope you get reunited soon!

    • Kris – thank you so much for picking her up, caring for her, and making sure she was safe. I hope she has been reunited with her owner. I also sincerely hope that the owner microchips Coco, and puts a collar with ID tags on Coco for her own safety.

  • I just got in touch with Michelle and confirmed that she saw Kris’s post — Michelle and Coco have been reunited!

  • Why does the dog have a tattoo on her stomach? Is this a joke? Who tattoos their dog!!!???!

    • Wow! So glad to hear they were reunited!!

      And Janet, the tattoo is a small mark that vets use to indicate that the dog has been spayed.

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