Lost Cat, Bernardo O’Higgins (UPDATE: Bernardo Found!) and Found Dog


“Our cat, Bernardo O’Higgins, is a small little dude, and he is yellow/ginger-colored with yellow/green eyes, a white chest, white patch on his belly, white tips on his front paws, and white back paws. He also has some light striping on his whole body. He is also a little cross-eyed, which just makes him more endearing. He is fast and could probably survive just fine outdoors, but we love him very much and want him back home (inside!).

We live Riggs Park along the border with Maryland, so we are hoping that O’Higgins is still somewhere in the neighborhood. If anyone spots him, they can call us at 248-345-7563 and ask for Eben. O’Higgins is a friendly guy, but he might run if anyone tries to chase him…so they shouldn’t do that.”


“Could you post this photo of a dog on the unit block of R st NW. Collar but no tags. Male, about 35 lbs. Seems skittish but like he’s a pet. Won’t let me catch him. Maybe just escaped from the yard? Seen at 7:15 am.”

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  • houseintherear

    That black dog lives along the unit block of Q St NW. They let it roam. I learned this one day after spending 30+ mins and an entire package of cheese slices trying to lure it close to check its tags… a neighbor said he’s always running around. I almost ran him over. It’s absurd. Called WHS to report, but didn’t know the house # so not sure if anything happened.

    • I will never understand why some people let their pets roam around in a city. In a rural setting, fine, but in DC? This dog is going to end up getting hit by a car or worse one day : (

      • In my experience, indoor-outdoor cats last longer in the city than in the country. Farm cats are constantly getting run over on country roads, poisoned by stuff people store in barns, killed by roaming dogs or other bigger predators, catching nasty diseases, etc. Whereas city cats generally stay close to home and have plenty of places to hide from any threats. It almost might have something to do with the fact that urban pets are more likely to be neutered, thus less likely to fight and wander.

        • *also might have something to do with being spayed. Not almost. Wake up, fingers.

        • All bets are off if you’re near a thoroughfare (and it doesn’t have to be a 4 lane highway), city or country. My brother has lost a long string of indoor/outdoor and outdoor cats thanks to the busy street nearby

        • Ally

          Just had to euthanize my cat yesterday because her prior owners let her outside and she contracted FIV. Indoor all the way.

          • Very sorry to hear of your loss. It takes a big heart to adopt an FIV positive cat (or cat with any disabilities), especially when you know there is a possibility there life may not be as long as a regular one. I am sure your cat enjoyed a peaceful home and lots of love with you.
            FWIW, I also believe people should make every effort to keep their cats indoors at all times. There are books and websites out there to help you make the transition.

  • This dog lives on Quincy Pl and is not lost. It’s owners regularly let it hang out outside. I’m guessing he was escaping the heat in the shade. Friendly, but skittish.

  • Bernardo O’Higgins has a great history-inspired name! Hope you find him soon.

  • I too spent about 10 minutes trying to catch the dog one morning on my way to work. It’s definitely not mindful of roads. I thought I had it cornered in the church yard on the NW side of R & North Capitol, but it shot right past me, crossed the street, and darted into the alley south of R. Like the dog I had growing up, it seemed like it really wanted to be chased around. I hope someone can get it corralled so that it doesn’t get hit by a car. Drivers on North Capitol would have no chance to stop.

  • I also live in Riggs Park so I’ll be on the lookout for Bernardo.

  • I am very relieved to report that Bernardo O’Higgins returned home to us safely last night! Whether he was out patrolling the neighborhood or attempting his return to Chile, we will never know, but we are just so thrilled to have him back indoors. Thank you all for your support and well wishes!! Our neighbors were particularly sympathetic and invested, and we are so thankful that people care about O’Higgins.

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