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  • west_egg

    4 Kings Landscaping. My contact is Terry Franklin – 202-270-3737. The price will depend on your lot size/layout, etc. but having worked with a few landscapers over the years I can tell you their rates are very reasonable.

  • Are you talking just grass cutting or the whole 9 yards? My neighbor cuts my grass (and that of a few neighbors). TruGreen does the fertilizing/weed management and I do the flowers and herbs.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Is TruGreen any good? My back yard is all dandelions and clover. I would love to get some grass, but the soil seems horrible (more like clay). Is it pricey?

  • We use ‘Mowing & more’. $35 per cut for a larger than average row house back yard. Not especially cheap for the amount of time it takes, but they’re reliable and the work is of a reasonable standard.

  • Ally

    We’ve just started with Clean Green Team (Little Lights). It provides employment opportunities to public housing residents. Their quote to use for monthly yard work was $65. Or, if they came out twice a month, $45/time. This covers them mowing our little front area between the sidewalk and road, the larger grassy area behind our house, and weeding/trimming a long, narrow area along our fence.

  • Find your neighborhood handyman. Every block has one. I live next door to mine and get the “neigbhor rate.” I pay $25 a week for lawn mow and trim along the fence. Plus the occasional bonus “I got rid of those weeds over there.” Corner lot in Petworth.

  • I used http://www.neighborlylawns.com/ when I lived in Petworth and will probably go with them again here in Columbia Heights. I have been happy with their service and price which is, as you might expect, based on lawn size. The fee is now $25 to trim a pretty small yard.

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