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  • For the longest time, I thought this was a vacant storefront because it was never, ever open when I passed by.

    • west_egg

      I came here to say the same thing — their hours are very odd. I basically never see them open.

    • I thought the same thing, but I noticed the owner has clearly spruced the place up and seems to be doing well. They serve a breakfast and lunch crowd during the week, but I’m at work and not around.

  • I like Bonchon the best, but to be honest, they’re all almost identical in texture. The only difference I’ve noticed is the heat level of the hot chicken. It seems to be inconsistent, even at the same locations.

  • not as good as kochix which isn’t as good as bonchon. Doesn’t matter though because eatmore chicken is never open. Seen it open once in the 4 years I’ve been living in petworth

  • Eatmore seems to only be open during standard business hours. I see the owners opening the gate around 8 or 8:30 in the morning, but they’re always closed by the time I get home from work. Never open on the weekends, either.

    • Quincy-Street-Neighbor

      They’re serve a breakfast and lunch crowd. Good option for me whenever I telework.

  • Never open and doesn’t seem the cleanest from the outside. I’ve never tried bc of this. Probably never will.

  • I’m with you on the sign change. That was one of the best around – all it needed was a power wash. The ambiguous “pl bugs me.

    As for the chicken I’ve had it once. If these guys would stay open til 8 or 9 they’d do a lot more business. They mostly serve local construction crews.

  • Don’t eat here. I used to live in Petworth and agree this is almost never open but one day we found it open and tried it. The oil is clearly not changed very often and the food was disgusting.

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