Update: Found! Keep an Eye Out for a Lost Dog with Distinctive Under bite


“Dear PoPville,

A friend of mine lost her sweet dog George when he jumped from her car window on May 23 between 4 and 4:30pm. Any help finding him would be appreciated! The route she took was Brandywine St – 46th NW – Mass Ave – Nebraska Ave – Foxhall – Key Bridge – 29 – I-66 W to exit 69 in Falls Church. He could have escaped anywhere alone that route and my friend is desperate to find him. His microchip number is 4C26226956. Call 202-500-6332 with any information. Could you post his info to help get the word out?”

Update: Found!

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  • I hate to break it to the owner, but that dog is half pug, not half pekingese. The ears are 100% pug and pekingese have floppy ears.

    That said, George is adorable and I hope he is found and returned home soon. Poor thing is probably terrified.

  • Question: Why such a long route without noticing the pet missing?

    • Seriously, that’s one irresponsible/distracted pet owner to not know where along your trip your dog got out. I know what mine is doing in the car at all times (usually standing in the back with her head on my shoulder or nose out the window).

      Also, that dog has an underbite, not an overbite.

  • I read the title, then scrolled and saw the pic—-I nearly ruined my keyboard..

  • Um how did she not notice he was missing until she got to her final destination? In any case I hope she finds the little got unharmed.

  • Whoa that is a really long trip to not notice the dog jumped out at some point. Soapboxing for a minute:
    BUCKLE YOUR DOGS IN PEOPLE. Restrain them somehow. There are a million reasons why it’s not a good idea to let them loose in a traveling vehicle, this is just one of them. Think about what’s going to happen to an unrestrained dog in the event of an accident (god forbid at high speeds), or the reaction of the driver if the dog jumps in their lap or gets around their feet while driving. I have a friend whose dog jumped out the window at 65 mph, and the dog had been fine in the car for years leading up to it. There are tons of options. We bought a cheap buckle with a clasp on the other end, it buckles into any seat belt buckle and you can clip it on the dog’s harness (definitely recommend a harness for this, I’m sure it could do more damage in an accident if it was clipped around a collar).
    Sorry, I just had to get it out. I hope this pup is found and isn’t hurt. My thoughts go out to the owner.

    • I second this. A few years ago, my dog very nearly caused me to have an accident when he crawled up into the passenger seat and then started encroaching on my side when I was driving. Since then, I always buckle him in in the back seat using a seatbelt harness. It is pretty easy to get him buckled in, and now I know he can’t get into mischief and is secure if I have to abruptly stop. He doesn’t love it and whines because he would rather be on my lap, but it is so much safer for me, for him, or for others out there on the road.

    • When I was a kid, we had a pug and he used to like to stand up in the open window in the back (picture the early 80s where cars were gigantic boats with bench seating). At a stop sign he jumped out the window and his back leg got caught in the door handle (the old timey open ones, not modern ones) and it broke his leg and his eye popped out of the socket (which happens more easily with pugs and is pretty easy to pop back in – yes, gross, I know). So yeah, dogs are dogs. There is no guarantee that they won’t jump out at any moment.

  • Thank you all for spreading the word and posting on your Facebooks and list serves to help find lost dog George HIs owner is a senior who dedicates her life to fostering dogs She had multiple dogs in her car when George escaped
    Note altho his nose appears smushed in the flyer it is NOT

  • George’s very relieved owner found him this morning after someone called in with a sighting after yesterday’s rain. Thanks everybody for keeping an eye out for the little guy!

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