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  • Maybe I’m a curmudgeon, but I’m completely bummed out by this place. I don’t like how they’ve packaged the sushi, the “wacky” styles, and it’s pretty expensive for what you get. I was hoping for a slick competitor to Whole Foods sushi, but this place just isn’t that good.

  • Have had it a few times. the idea is pretty cool, sushi is decent, nothing mind-blowing, but its not super expensive.

    a fast way to get dinner and eat on the run. i’d go back.

  • I went last week Tuesday in the evening and I wasn’t impressed. They had some sort of “happy hour” deal after 9pm.

    First, the ambiance is lacking; the store was cold, bad pop music blaring in the echo-y space, and the awkward U-shaped counter dining area in the center means you can’t sit face-to-face with a friend.

    As for the food, it was… unique. The signature Maki Rolls are like mini burrito sushi rolls. The fish one was decent, but the beef and chicken rolls were pretty dry. If you go definitely remember to get sauce (the rolls are really just a vehicle for the sauce).

  • Mug of Glop

    I went there once. It was pretty okay. Nothing fabulous, but I wasn’t put off by it. It was clean and the people there were friendly. The fare certainly is unique, though. It’s perhaps slightly overpriced, though, even for the location. If they maybe took a dollar off each roll, and then expanded their hours so I could grab one on the way home after a Friday or Saturday evening, they’d be a super-great alternative to Amsterdam as my post-drinking snack.

  • I live nearby and have been about 4 times now. I was really surprised by the negative Yelp response. If I’m really hungry, a sashimi order and one roll will fill me up, for $12. If I just need a post-snack dinner, one $6 roll will do the job. We need more quick options like this in the neighborhood, it’s a welcome addition. Also, the late-night deal is 3-for-2 price on any items that are already made in the case. They also have sauces, including the always welcome spicy mayo. And… FRESH GINGER. Not the nasty pink pickled stuff. And despite the reviews I’ve found a very generous amount of fish in my rolls. This place is legit.

  • I really like how fresh the nori is on the rolls. It’s tasty

  • This place is no-frills, fast-casual and low-cost for Logan. It’s exactly what it markets itself as and it’s exactly what we needed in this neighborhood. The rolls are pretty decent, even stacked up against more elaborate (read: overpriced) rolls at Teak Wood or Tsunami.

    There is some work involved in unwrapping the food but I think it’s a great concept and personally, I rather enjoy rolling it up myself. The nori is pretty damn good, as are the sauce varieties. I hope it sticks around – it fills the much needed niche of scrumptious, low-cost food in our area!

    • Totally agree. My wife and I have grabbed rolls here several times on the way home after work. A little pricey, but so what. It’s cheaper than any sit down option. And the fish is solid. Haven’t even bothered trying any of the wacky varieties (e.g., short rib, curry chicken, etc.). I figure as the owner supposedly owned Kushi, he has a good source for excellent fish. We’ve been very happy – it is what it says it is and it’s very solid. You want to have a real sushi dinner though, go somewhere else (e.g., Kaz, Sushi Ko, etc.). And pay a hell of a lot more.

    • +1. I’m a big fan of the place all around. I would also highly recommend all of the vegetarian options, and think vegans have a lot of delicious choices here.

      • I’m also a big fan. I agree their fish rolls are great. I tried their beef one and while tasty, their fish shines. I think it adds much to the neighborhood!

  • I liked it – it’s like sushi roll burritos. Pretty standard rolls, nothing mind blowing, but they’re individually packaged in a way that makes them easy to pack for lunch. Each roll is $6, which I think is reasonable for what you get. Also, ditto on the sauces – they’re delicious.

  • Was really looking forward to this place, but very disappointed and have not returned. Main gripe: the packaging and “construction” of the roll is annoying. Minor gripe: interior space, given how small it is, could have been done a bit more interestingly. Rolls are tasty enough; price not a bargain, nor absurdly high. Will be surprised if the place lasts long (and usually seems fairly empty when I pass it).

  • Huge fan of this place. It’s no frills but given that there is a lack of quick casual places around there I think it’s a great addition to the neighborhood. I don’t understand people complaining about the price, $5 or $6 for a huge roll isn’t bad. I’ll definitely be a repeat customer.

  • I like it and agree with a few other comments that Logan/14th could use more of this– relatively inexpensive easy healthy food. The rolls are tasty and filling, easy to eat on the go with vegetarian options and not too hard on the wallet. Also, I think the Maki rolls are much better than what you would get for the same price at whole foods. And yes, the sauces win as well!

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