Impossible to Find Beer, Heady Topper, coming to Noelia on May 13th

1319 F Street, NW

From a press release:

“Spring rarely conjures up thoughts of skiing, frosty mountain evenings and knit hats with ear flaps. But at Noelia, a taste of Vermont’s frostiness cools down a warm evening.

On May 13th, from 5-7 pm, the bar at Noelia tips it’s earmuffs to The Green Mountain State by offering a variety of craft Vermont beers paired with its Chicken & Waffle sandwich with Vermont Maple. Featured will be the wildly popular yet difficult to find Heady Topper, a pale India ale named #1 beer in the world by Beer Advocate. Also featured will be IPAs, Long Trail, Otter Creek, and Shed Vermont, all at a special price of $10.

It’s not just the beer, but also the maple that make Vermont great. Noelia’s new chicken and waffle sandwich with Vermont maple pairs perfectly with the suds. This delectable fowl served between homemade waffles drizzled with maple syrup is available daily at the bar for $7 and is also a featured lunch menu item. Paired with the beer, the beer and sandwich combo will be available at $15 during this event.

Noelia is located at 1319 F Street, NW, Washington DC 20004. The restaurant is open for lunch weekdays from 11:30 am-2:30 pm; dinner Monday-Thursday 5 pm to 10 pm, and 5 pm to 11 pm on Friday & Saturday.”

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  • Tsar of Truxton

    Sooo, a bunch of beers that can be had for $3-5 (or less) every night in Burlington are available at the special low price of $10? No thanks. I guess it is easy for me to say since i have a few Heady Toppers sitting in my fridge…

    I also wonder if the Alchemist even knows this is happening since it only distributes within like 30 or 40 miles of the brewery. It is not “hard to find” since the distribution list (locations, dates, and times) is posted on its website, but rather limited in quantity and only locally distributed. If you go on the date and time listed, you will get some.

    • everyone in BTV is kinda over this beer anyway. go cats go!

    • Heady Topper is one of my White Whales. Ive heard so many good things- $10 is way too much for a beer.

      • Have you actually tried it? I’m a huge IPA fan and it’s definitely something else.

        • Nope- I got a couple of my “Whales” in California recently- Ballast Point- Habanero Sculpin and Pliny the Elder. This on my list with Pliny the Younger.

        • I tried it and was pleasantly surprised. It’s blindingly hoppy, but really aromatic in a way that doesn’t make the bitterness overwhelming.

          • +1, “aromatic” is definitely the word. I expected this to be all hype, but as it turns out Heady is fantastically good.

      • but $15 isn’t that much for lunch and a beer

      • It’s worth trying, even for $10, since you cannot easily get it down here. You could drink an easier to find Flower Power, Sculpin, Dirt Wolf… IPA and get a similar result, but its nice to indulge and cross things off “the list”.

    • I’d imagine the expense of getting to Burlington would far out weigh the extra $5.

      • Right! When a two-hearted goes for $6-7, getting an out of market high demand beer (16 oz too I believe?) for $10 seems relatively reasonable. How much is Heady Topper at a bar in Vermont? Probably at least $6.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        If you want to give it a try, more power to you, but I have an issue with a place calling it a “special low price” when it is clearly a drastically inflated price.

        • It is not drastically inflated for being in DC. We are all jealous you go there and buy a lot of Heady Topper. Is that what you want us to say?

          For the rest of us who aren’t there regularly, this is one of the chances to try the beer.

        • Drastically inflated price? Maybe.
          But stop touting Burlington and UVM, the most expensive STATE school in the country. All yall are rich yuppies who love to complain about authenticity. We get it, you had it for less in Vermont, same story can be said about anything else anywhere else.

    • Heady Topper is allowed to be sold in DC (don’t know exactly how//why but it is legal). Is $10 really alot for a beer at a bar? I don’t think so. How many beers are over $10 at Churchkey? There are definitely a handful. Also it’s worth it imo, got to have one a few years back when some bar in Admo had them for I think also $10.

      • I believe DC is a gray market for alcohol sales which is why you are allowed to sell beers which dont have a distributor in the city.

        • This is correct. Some of the better liquor stores can special order hard to find liquors as long as they don’t have a distributor.

          • Accountering

            This is not correct. It is essentially an open market. Any bar can simple drive to a store and bring whatever they want to sell. They just have to charge 10% sales tax on the sales in DC.
            A bar wanted to do a Long Island beer night. One of their staff had family in Long Island, so they had him swing by breweries on his way home, and he drove it back to DC in his truck. Thats all it takes.

          • It’s not an open market. If a beer is officially distributed in DC,, you can’t bring it in yourself and just pay the tax on it. There are rules.

          • Accountering – my understanding is that of Anon’s. Back in the day, Pizzeria Paradiso did this with Three Floyds. Oh, and here’s the article with details:

            I can’t believe it’s been 6.5 years. That blows my mind.

    • At this moment, you can go to Churchkey and pay $9 for 14oz of the following American IPAs: Maine Peeper (available at nearly every beer store in town), Green Flash Palate Wrecker (available at nearly every beer store in town), DC Brau Smells Like Freedom (brewed two miles away and sold for $12/6er when it was canned). Heady is cheaper in a town where it doesn’t have to be self-imported and where the cost of living is low? You don’t say!

      • Actually Burlington cost of living is extremely high. But you’re right on point either way.

    • The beer doesn’t transport itself for free. Bar rent in DC is higher than Burlington. Also, people merely have to go to a bar where they live instead of traveling to Vermont and back.

      Yes $10 isn’t cheap, but for many this maybe their only opportunity to try the beer without going to Vermont. It maybe outrageous for you as you go to Vermont on occasion, but not for everyone else.

    • DC is not Vermont. Unless you get me to Vermont and back to DC in less than a couple hours for less than $5-7.

  • I haven’t had many beers that would justify the premium.

  • A bar serving reasonably priced California beers with good food and some TVs showing the game would be so sick. Oh simplicity!

    • I’ll wager that every bar in DC thinks its drinks are “reasonably priced.”

      • Lots of them are using their tap beers as “ATMs”- so they jack the prices up. and it’s pretty subjective to assume what reasonable is around here!

  • I’m guessing the haters haven’t had this… it’s possibly the best IPA in the world. Definitely worth $10 considering stuff like Corruption often runs $7…

    • Yeah exactly. Since when is $10 *shockingly* expensive for a special, rare, high-alcohol beer in this city? Nobody usually bats an eye – especially when, like you say, mediocre local brews can approach that price.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        I guess that would apply to the Heady Topper, but none of the other three beers being sold for $10 fits that description. Long trail you can pick up in numerous liquor stores in DC. I think I have seen Otter Creek as well. I can’t say I have seen Shed, but it is nothing to write home about.

    • justinbc

      HT is definitely worth the $10 bar price. I’ve had a lot more IPAs that I enjoyed more though, but it’s a very diverse style.

  • justinbc

    It’s a good beer, way overrated IMO. Too much grapefruit.

    • It does have an under note of cellophane tape. Which I like but it is an acquired taste. It’s for more of a sophisticated palette….

    • justinbc

      Although, if Bernie Sanders was there I would probably go anyway.

    • It’s understandable that some people would feel that way. Something this good isn’t for everybody. It takes a sophisticated palate to appreciate a beer of this magnitude.

      • Yes, yes, yes!!!

        And it’s not easy to get, even in VT. Easy to get means walk into a store and buy, not scouting the website and driving miles from store to store hoping you get lucky. The last time I was there I had to go to the brewery 3 times before I got a case, and that was mid hype, before they shut the place down because there was too much traffic. I never once saw it in a store, but I’m sure they’ve gotten better in this dept since then.

  • It’s a good beer but not AMAZING and it is a larger size which is always nice. $10 for any drink at a restaurant in the city is not a bad price. People pay $14+ for cocktails and glasses of wine all the time. Yes, of course it sells for less than $10 and if you can get it and have it, then sit at home and drink it for less.

  • How fresh is this Heady Topper. There are going to be a lot of disappointed people if it’s more than say 3-6 weeks old.

    • the brewer is driving it down himself, check out their twitter @alchemistbeer

    • While I agree with your “IPA Freshness Police” handle, quite honestly I’d be disappointed if it’s even that old. IPA’s of high quality don’t even last a month. But that being said I’m an extremist who only drinks the freshest of IPA’s and admittedly have a problem.

        • What’s nonsense? Hops degrade pretty rapidly. A 4-week old IPA tastes very different than a 1-week old IPA.

          For comparison pick up two Stone Enjoy Bys. Drink 1 immediately, and drink the second 2-weeks after the Enjoy By date. It’s still a solid beer, but it’s a very different beer.

          • justinbc

            The statement “IPA’s of high quality don’t even last a month.” is total nonsense. They might alter in taste, but they will absolutely hold up longer than a month. Try a Bells “The Oracle” DIPA after aging for a year and it’s one of the most delicious beers you’ll ever have.

          • I think his point stands that a hoppy beer is better without aging. Even Bells lists the shelf life on the Oracle as 6-months. So while you might be having a malty delicious beer at 12-months, you’re not having the hoppy DIPA that they brewed.

  • Its most likely that the Alchemist is headed to the Taste of Vermont on Capitol Hill on May 7th in the Caucus Room Russell Senate Office Building. If you can make it in there you will probably have one or two for free….

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