How to Stop a Car Alarm?

car alarm
A previous frustration articulated nicely

“Dear PoPville,

Checking to see if anyone knows what can be done to stop a car alarm which keeps going off down the street from my house on 10th St in Shaw. It will beep for about ten min, stop for about a min and then start again. This has been going on for about an hour. Wondering if anyone has suggestions (anyone to call?) otherwise it’s going to be a long night!!”

Ed. Note: Previously folks have had success calling 311.

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  • Happened to us the other night. We called 911 and they were very nice about it, said an officer (or someone, I can’t remember – it was 3am) would go check it out. I’ve heard in the past that what they do is slim jim the car door, pop the hood, disable the battery and leave a note/ticket for the owner. Whatever happened the noise stopped outside our house shortly after the call.

    I’ve also heard that some neighbors place notes and then ultimately put bricks through the car windows if no action is taken. I have never done nor do I advocate that, however I can understand why it might be a good solution to those who choose to ignore the wellbeing of others.

    • >those who choose to ignore the wellbeing of others.

      Is this the case here? No one is deliberately letting their car alarm run. I’m sure they are just unaware of it.

      • Don’t be so sure. There was a car alarm going off for nearly a week on my block. It turns out that it was someone living up the street, that knew it was going off. They parked it on my block, so they didn’t have to listen to it.

      • No one needs an after-market versions that go off with vibrations/movement. They are worthless and a relic of a prior era when cars were easier to steal. IMO, installing such an alarm is like giving a finger to your neighbors. Thankfully, not many people buy them anymore.

  • Yes – call the police and they will take care of it. I was woken up one morning about 3 am by a cop at my door, telling me that my alarm was going off. A neighbor must have called, and they tracked the license plate to my door. I felt really bad for the neighbors, as the car was not near my house so I couldn’t hear the alarm.

  • If you lift the rear end at an angle greater than 45 degrees the mercury switch activates the automatic cut-off system, so that the alarm’s computer thinks that the car is being towed and shuts off..

  • I used to have a car with a “sensitive horn plate” so the alarm would go off randomly when parked and sometimes even while I was driving it. The solution was to pull the fuse for the horn (and in turn alarm) when I parked so no one would be disturbed. Easy fix.

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