Hill Country Backyard BBQ not coming back to the Building Museum but They’re Gonna do Something in Navy Yard

hill country
401 F Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Have you heard anything about Hill Country doing their Backyard BBQ at the Building Museum again this year? Last year it started at the beginning of May, but I haven’t heard anything, and can’t find any updates online.”

Folks from Hill Country tell me:

“We will not be at the Building Museum this year, but will have happenings at the Navy Yard. We should have more info soon!”

In 2013 Hill Country had plans for:

“Seasonal Outdoor Tavern at Tingey Plaza South East Federal Center serving barbecue food and beverages with Live Entertainment.”

Stay tuned to see if that’s back on track.

101 Tingey Street, SE

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  • Red Panda


  • I was so sad to hear that HC BBQ wasn’t coming back, and now I have never been happier with my decision to move to Navy Yard. Ever.

  • justinbc

    No big loss, they were mediocre quality for way too much $ than what good BBQ should cost.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I think the disappointment many feel is not necessarily for the quality of the bbq but rather the whole scene – drinking beers outside with friends listening to live music etc.

      • +1. I work close and it was fun to have a beer outdoors with colleagues or friends – never ate the food..

      • Red Panda

        Exactly. I’ve been there several times, and have never eaten the food. But sitting outside with a drink and listening to live music is one of my favorite hobbies.

        • If Friday’s mob scene was any indication, there’s a huge demand for live outdoor music at the Navy Yard area. So the more places/nights it’s happening the better!

          • Seriously, I can’t believe how many people are out and about down there when there’s no ballgame going on. I think all of clarendon has relocated to that area.

          • I saw a lot of VA plates so you might be right.

      • +1.
        Never ate the food but it’s a great HH destination. I hope they plan on replacing it with something.

  • The sides are great, but their barbecue is not good by any measure. Way too much liquid smoke and not enough real smoke.

  • interesting choice to consider that spot again with willies brew-n-que and music at the yards park just down the street.

  • They’re setting up shop at the corner of N St. SE and South Capitol where the gas station used to be. They have string lights, picnic tables, bathrooms and a ‘Hill Country’ bar set up already.

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