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  • If they’re willing to sell a lot of scarfs and ties, Hermes might be one of the few places there to draw actual customer traffic. City Center continues to be dead except for the bakery and restaurants whenever I walk through.

  • Is anybody shopping at these high-end stores? Every time I walk through City Center, it’s a ghost town, not to mention all the grey and black feels so cold and sterile. It’s not an inviting or welcoming place and I really question if DC has enough of a market for these expensive retailers. It will be very interesting to see in a year if things have picked-up, or shuttered.

    • Yes, people are shopping in the stores. I’m one of them. When I was in Tumi a few weeks ago, there were 8 other shoppers that came in during the 35 minutes or so that I was there. Most people left with purchases. Business at the Hugo Boss store has steadily been picking up, too. There were other shoppers in Zadig & Voltaire along with me the few times I’ve been there.

    • I think there is a lot of latent wealth in DC and that there is indeed enough money to sustain these places – and I hope it to be so. So… Even if you and I can’t afford to shop regularly in City Centre (altho Vince and Zadig are gonna tempt me..), let’s be upbeat. We need places like this and frankly – I am sick and tired of the same run-down, down-in-the-mouth places that DC has. Tired of the grotty places that have no design spirit and wreak mediocrity. I love City Centre and appreciate being able to walk West to East from work to home through a development like City Centre….

    • As people have mentioned on here many times, luxury stores like these don’t need to be swamped 24/7 to stay in business. A steady trickle of people actually buying things is all they need. Friendship Heights is more crowded, but the actual stores themselves often appear empty, and they seem to be doing fine. As CityCenter has filled out, I have seen it get more popular and crowded, and I think it will be fine. It just needs to get on people’s maps as far as a place to go shopping (like Friendship Heights, Georgetown are now).

    • Luxury retail has higher margins than other retail, so as others have said, there doesn’t need to be the same volume of business as, say, Banana Republic or Ann Taylor Loft for these places to be profitable. Yesterday I went to Alexis Bittar for a mother’s day gift, and at 630pm on a Sunday there seemed to me a pretty reasonable amount of business.

  • Every major city in the world has a district where the wealthy can go to drop some cash as they’re passing through on business or pleasure. It’s about time DC had one.

  • Gucci put up a job posting last week for “Associate Store Manager – City Center DC.” Italian fluency required!

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