Help Getting an Abandoned Wrecked Car Removed?

wrecked car

“Dear PoPville,

We found a navy blue Cadillac in the parking garage at Techworld (800 K Street) in Chinatown that has been wrecked and abandoned. It’s parked in an area reserved for Hotel Valet in two spots with a dented front fender and destroyed front right tire. It’s clearly been in an accident with something white. We called MPD to have them come look at the vehicle and maybe match it up with any reports of a hit and run but upon calling them and asking for a report to be taken they said “That’s not gonna happen” and hung up.”

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  • jim_ed

    Call back and tell them you think it’s an abandoned stolen vehicle. If it isn’t, then its the garage owner/garage management company’s problem.

  • had you called via 911? i would think that they would definitely come out for something like that. It would seem to at least have been stolen, if not, as you state, perhaps involved in a hit-and-run.

    perhaps it’s worth a direct call to your (police) district LT. the numbers are on their www site, i believe.

  • +1 to what jim_ed and Marty said.

  • “…they said “That’s not gonna happen” and hung up.””

    “I’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your policework there, Lou”

  • Call the district commander and tell him/her what the above commenters suggest, and while you’re at it, also mention the totally unacceptable response you got from your initial call. If the commander doesn’t reply, email Cathy Lanier with your experience and ask her if this is an acceptable response from her rank&file.
    As long as residents accept this kind of crap from our government workforce, we will continue to receive it.

    • +1

      In my experience, getting MPD officers to do very basic police work requires elevating their lazy inaction to District Commanders via email. Seems like maybe not the most efficient way to run a department.

  • Why not let the hotel valet company deal with it? It is unlikely that they will let this car sit in one of their spots.

    • I believe the OP was trying to do a good deed, in case someone out there was looking for this vehicle.

  • Had a car abandoned in our condo driveway, called 911 and within 20 mins. an officer responded. They verified it was not reported stolen and told us they can ticket it for removal. Once the ticket was in place I then needed to call a private tow company which was more than happy to impound. Whole process took about 2 hours but wasn’t difficult.

  • Report it to 311 as an abandoned vehicle. They will be right out. (Just had this done on my street with a wrecked MD car that appeared overnight and belonged to none of the neighbors.)

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