Heads Up – Traffic Advisory for Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom this Sunday

Photo by PoPville flickr user Lucas Keene

From MPD:

“On Sunday, May 24, 2015, the Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom will take place in the District of Columbia. In conjunction with this event, there will be several street closures that motorists should take into consideration:

Assembly Area

The rally area will be at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, on the north and south parking lots, which will be open at 7:00 am.

The staging area will be in front of the Lincoln Memorial at Ohio and Independence Avenue, S.W.

Parade Route

The roads mentioned will be closed from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

The motorcycle ride will form in North Pentagon Parking Lot (Arlington County Police permit is required) and will proceed over the following route: Across Memorial Bridge to 23rd Street, North on 23rd Street to Constitution Ave (United States Park Police permit is required), East on Constitution Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue, East on Pennsylvania Avenue to 3rd St, South on 3rd Street to Independence Avenue, West on Independence Avenue to West Basin Drive, Southwest on West Basin Drive to Ohio Drive, Northwest on Ohio Drive to Franklin D. Roosevelt Park (United States Park Police permit is required) where they will disband.”

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  • ledroittiger

    Here’s hoping the Cossacks, Scimitars and Bandidos don’t join the ride into town…

    • jack5

      No worse than the 12 o’clock boys, except for maybe more noise…

      • No worse, except for all the beating, stabbing, and shooting. Or do the 12 o’clock boys do that too?

        • Actually, I would rather see the 12 O’clock Boys ride. They do some wicked stunts. Far more entertaining than a parade of motorcycles. Interesting to think about what would happen if DC or Baltimore cleared a stretch of roadway for a few hours one day a year and let these urban bike groups do their thing on the streets without worrying about being chased by police. Of course, major potential issues with liability if someone got hurt by or doing a stunt.

        • Less violent crime, more traffic violations. Some people see these as equivalent.

        • jack5

          You did see the news about Waco Texas right? Or are you living in a bubble?

          • Uh yeah, that’s precisely what I was referring to. You replied to a post about the Cossacks, Scimitars and Bandidos, saying “no worse than the 12 o’clock boys” and that’s obviously not true. Unless you meant something else completely.

  • pcat

    I believe that the United House of Prayer parade around Logan Circle is happening on Saturday.

  • There are also some “unofficial” routes into the city that get police escorts for riders not assembling at the Pentagon. Florida Ave NW is usually impassable for 30-45 minutes around 10:00 as a large group rolls in from the MD suburbs.

  • I’ll come out and say it, I hate this event. Don’t go any where near it without ear plugs and an oxygen tank.

    • I agree with spookiness. I loathe this weekend because of Rolling Thunder. I live on the Hill and it’s a constant parade all weekend long at all hours up and down Constitution. Ugh….

  • It’s been 15 years since I first encountered this event as a resident. I feel I can both respect our veterans, honor those who have been lost, and be disturbed by the massive traffic, noise and air pollution their form of doing the same brings with it.

  • A bit nit-picky, but I wish they would word these announcements “that travelers should take into consideration” instead of “motorists.” Lots of people (bicyclists, bus riders, and even pedestrians) will likely be inconvenienced by the closures.

    Thanks pcat for the heads up about the United House of Prayer parade. I got caught in that thing last year and it was awful.

  • In all honesty people this a great Memorial Ride to honor our Soldiers either Missing in Action or Prisoners of War. It lasts a few hours on a Sunday after most churches have service and pre-brunch and most DC Residents are out of town, and it’s 100% in non-residential areas. It lasts all of a few hours and other than a little noise pollution and brief street closures, no one is affected by this any more than any other run, march, protest, motorcade, or other event that happens in a major city. If you like motorcycles enjoy. If you don’t at least know that it’s for a good cause.

    • I put up with it, but there has to be a better way to honor veterans than intentionally modifying your motor vehicle to annoy other people and pollute more.
      That said, Rolling Thunder is 1,000 times less terrible than Police Week.

    • saf

      I love motorcycles, and I ride. I also park legally, don’t block roads, have a decent muffler…

      So yeah, the ride itself lasts only a few hours, but the bikers are here all weekend, parking all over the place, making tons of noise, and generally being annoying.

      Yes, the other events are annoying too.

      A good cause? Explain how this specifically benefits MIA/POW people.

    • “Most D.C. residents are out of town”? Do you have any evidence for that statement? I certainly don’t get the impression that the majority of people are out of town.

  • Any suggestions for seeing them Sunday morning on 395N as they head up to the Pentagon? I know of a pedestrian bridge that would be perfect, but I”m unsure of what time is prime.

  • I hate Rolling Thunder.

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