Reader Alleges “had to wrestle my neighbor’s package away from his bag full of other people’s mail!”

Reader requested photo be removed without an official police report. Update a police report has been filed.

A reader alleges yesterday afternoon:

“caught the guy stealing packages over on 8th Street NW between S and T – had to wrestle my neighbor’s package away from his bag full of other people’s mail!”

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  • Please tell me you called the cops.

  • I caught this exact same guy stealing 2 packages from my porch last Saturday on Euclid st NW between Georgia and Sherman. I yelled at him and he reluctantly put the packages down but I wasn’t able to get a picture in time. I called the cops and provided a description. He was even wearing the same outfit.

    • There have been packages stolen from my former residence on 3rd and H st NE. They even put a sign up warning delivery workers to call the office and not leave packages out in our gated community. The description matched this man exactly, except it also notes that he usually has a bike with a milk crate attached to haul even more loot! If this is the same person he must spend all day doing this to get around all of these mentioned neighborhoods.

  • What are the details here? Did you “catch” him as in restrain him? Or did you just take this pic while he was walking away? Did the cops come?

  • Pretty good pic of the guy…cops should have a pretty easy time finding him, if they even bother.

  • DC CapHill

    Kudos for getting one back, but why not just grab the entire bag and get ALL the mail back? Seems like a bigger target to aim for with more leverage.

    Was he caught? Detained? Deterred?

    Can we please, just once, have one of these end with the package thief getting their comeuppance at the hands of a good samaritan?

    • justinbc

      There have been multiple reported arrests of these guys reported here on this blog.

    • gotryit

      There’s a guy in jail/rehab for stealing a package off my porch. Police recognized him from my surveillance cameras. Maybe I’ll put more details / video once things are settled with the courts.

  • Isn’t this a guy a little old to be doing this? Seriously, how pathetic do you have to be to be this old and stealing people’s packages from their doorsteps. This is more sad than anything else (well, infuriating if it was my package).

    • justinbc

      He looks about the same age as most all of the others we’ve seen video of here.

    • I spoke with him recently, and unfortunately his stock portfolio from his company’s 401k plan declined during his last few years before retirement. He re-allocated his investments, but wasn’t able to recoup the losses in time. So he has found that package theft as a lucrative way to supplement his retirement income so that he can live a comfortable lifestyle.

      Also, he smokes a lot of PCP.

    • Well, perhaps he is poor and the contents of the packages make him some decent money? Stealing is pretty shitty (I’ve had things stolen from my building) but I’m not sure age really matters.

    • dcgator

      Not sure poverty and desperation (not condoning it) has an age limit.

  • This guy looks really familiar. Has a photo or video of him been posted on PoPville before?!?
    Or otherwise I may have seen him around the neighborhood (Euclid/11th here)

  • I have had packages stolen too in a similar area, you should email the council members as well, as they have been concerned about stolen packages. This photo might give them a little leverage, especially if the police do nothing.

  • Make a complaint and send the pic to the USPS Postal Inspectors its a Federal offence and they’ll actually investigate not DC Police. its not their jurisdiction.

    • Actually, it *IS* within the jurisdiction of DC Police. DC Metropolitan Police are one of the few police agencies that, by law, can fully investigate and initiate prosecute for theft of U.S. Mail.

  • I live on Otis Pl NW in Columbia Heights, and have been lucky to only have one package stolen from my front porch. Ironically, it was a box full of Christian books from my boyfriend’s very religious mother.

  • This Jabroni hangs out at the 7th and T Bus Stop by CVS.

  • Hey I live on that block! What time did this happen?

  • My solution to the threat of theft was to simply have packages sent to my office instead. It means I have to carry stuff home on metro sometimes, but I never worry about losing a box.

    Though obviously that’s not a solution for everybody.

  • I live a block away from there and had a package stolen recently (I always have stuff sent to my office, but this was a surprise baby gift from a relative). The photo’s been removed, but I’d like to see what the guy looks like, especially if he hangs out in front of the CVS.. Can anyone send me the photo?

  • I filed a police report and provided them with the photos. The officer that I spoke with says that he knew who the thief is…also said he would likely find him before he got off shift. I hope he did!!

  • Is there a higher resolution image available so we can better recognize him? Do we call the cops if we see him so he can be arrested?

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