Glen’s Garden Market coming to Shaw


Scuttlebutt confirmed! Back in January 2014 we learned that Glen’s Garden Market plans to open a second spot in Takoma had fallen through. The scuttlebutt at the time was “they have a new partnership with a developer in Shaw.” Yesterday the City Paper reported a lease being finalized in the new Shay building at 8th and U St, NW:

“The new market will be a smaller version of the Dupont original with 2,100-square feet of retail space versus 5,300. The Shaw location won’t have room for a pizza oven or a smoker, but other than that, it will offer the same things, just in tighter confines.”

Standby for a November opening according to the report.

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  • I’m excited – have never been to the one in Dupont, but have always wanted to try! Hopefully they get a few good years in before Whole Foods….which I imagine will eat their lunch.

    • I imagine GGM gets a lot of business from people just going to the bar to drink and eat which I’m sure will be replicated in the new location.

  • Yeah, the Whole Foods location makes this seem like a really terrible idea. Glen’s is even more expensive than Whole Foods. I went to it when I lived nearby mostly b/c Whole Foods was too far to walk, but this location at 8th and U with Whole Foods going in a few blocks away seems like a bad idea.

    • ledroittiger

      It’s too bad that when all we wanted was a grocery store farther north than the O St. market, we now have these two places coming. I’m fine with spending $10 on a container of organic hummus (as long as the packaging can tell me where the individual chickpeas were raised down to the county level) from Whole Foods, but $20 is where I draw the limit.

    • Just how expensive is Glen’s? Like how much for milk or other grocery staple items? The local produce that WF does get in season is actually pretty competitive. Or is Glen’s more of an outlet for overpriced, artisanal, locally crafted condiments?

      • The latter. They have very nice things, but not somewhere to stock up on staples.

      • Glens is great for its prepared foods and cheap drafts, but a very difficult place to grocery shop given the lack of stock and the expensiveness of what is in stock. I imagine they make almost all profit from prepared foods and alcohol.

      • Don’t go there if you need staples. It’s like a basket of tomatoes that you’re not good enough for and a cooler with artisanal goat’s milk and whatever the big thing after kombucha is. It’s good if you want to have a fancy picnic.

        • When it first opened, I went in and a loaf of bread was $10. I walked out. I think it is a tad better now and they have a greater selection of fancy, but more familiar brands (like Whole Foods), but they are in no way cheaper than Whole Foods.

          I will say I love their sandwiches and used to only stop by Glen’s to get a nice deli sandwich. I have heard people like their pizzas as well.

      • Glen’s is like a museum gift shop — all the stuff is beautiful/high quality and the store is beautifully curated but it is not a place you would go for your everyday needs — but for food. They have great (and reasonable) drafts and snacks, but I also wonder how this will play out with the Whole Foods coming to the same place.

  • Hooray for GleGaMa NoSha!

  • Anonynon

    Glens is nice….they have a bar and small menu of items at the dupont location. I have never actually browsed around the market for individual items. But $4 pints for happy hour and grilled cheese = yes please

  • All this whining is the same (less actually) than when Glen’s first opened in Dupont. But before you know it, everyone will be going there and often. Especially those folks who moved here two days ago and don’t know how good they – we all – have it.

    • Except the one in Dupont has nothing near it similar to that. And really very few bars anyone wants to go to. It filled a much needed niche in that neighborhood in a way that is not necessarily going to replicate itself in fancy schmancy NoSha or whatever tf they are calling U Street these days.

      • There goes Duponter complaining about Dupont again.

        Glen’s in Shaw will do great if for no other reason than there ARE plenty of places ON U Street that folk WANT to do (although there are STILL plenty in Dupont).

        In addition, if uber expensive and crappy Smuckers Farm can make it – Glen’s will dominate.

        Be honest Duponter – you’ll be there also —- each week, minimum.

      • Stomp Stomp Stomp …

        But I want this near ME!

        It will fail because it’s not near ME! Unless I haz bars, grocery, farmers’ markets, transit, and all I want NOW it will not work.

        I WANT IT NOW!

        Stomp, Stomp, Stomp!

        ME = Duponter (she/he already has one, but whatever) = Petulance

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