GDoN? “Serenity Found!” edition

1504 Otis Street Northeast

This house is located at 1504 Otis Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Serenity Found! Beautiful Brick Craftsman. Inviting front yard, Large front porch. Fireplace, HWD floors, granite/stainless kitchen, Tons of windows/light. Central AC, In-law suite in basement with separate entrance and full kitchen/bath. Huge Deck/Yard with views of Monastery. Off-street Parking.”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $719,000.

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  • justinbc

    Wow, what a great house. I definitely would have considered this back when we were shopping, with that price you could do a lot to add some custom updates. Looks like it’s already under contract.

  • Great deal. Looks like it’s already pending. If someone got this house at that price it’s a steal. I would have said closer to 775 or 800.

    • brookland_rez

      I agree. Based on recent comps, I would expect it to sell for around $800K. At that list price I’m sure they had a bidding war. There’s been row houses (in more renovated states) selling for $700K.

  • Agreed that the list price is still a deal, but check out the house next door…

  • Love the original character, and it looks in phenomenal shape. Would like a bigger kitchen and perhaps a different stain on the woodwork, but I am not surprised that it is under contract.

  • I think I saw something from the listing agent yesterday on facebook or the neighborhood listserv that it got four offers in a week. And I love the color of the stucco house next door. It looks great in person.

  • Beautiful.

  • Not to my taste, but extremely well-kept regardless. Given what stuff is going for in Brookland lately and that it’s probably never going to have a house built behind it, I agree that this probably went for way over list. A house with oil heat, no AC, a 90-year-old kitchen, and several unfinished rooms a couple blocks down on Newton recently went for $715k.

  • Saw this in person. Just beautiful, and it even has most of the original windows (which looked to be in great shape) with old-school pulleys. Seemed like you’d have a nice view of the monastery in the winter since it was just behind the house. Great deck, studio apartment in the basement is nicer than the pictures.
    Think it’s actually priced only a smidge low though – smallish kitchen with not enough storage for my liking, and the upstairs bedroom layout was a little odd. The latter could be fixed by replacing a set of French doors with a wall so not a terribly expensive fix, but both factors might affect the price a little. I’d say maybe $750k?

    • Yes, it struck me as needing some work, so not underpriced at all. A really handsome house, BUT: the kitchen needs more storage, and that won’t be accomplished cheaply – (I like cooking in narrow galley kitchens, but the ones I’ve had were longer, with more storage) – I’d want to maybe take out that wall between the kitchen and the dining room, install a long wide counter there instead with storage underneath on both sides, maybe move the back door over to where the window next to it is, to lengthen the kitchen, and perhaps incorporate the hallway with the stairs to the basement into the kitchen on the other side for more storage on that end, and I’d eat in the room in back that is the closed-in porchnd eat in the room that is the closed in porch room, to take advantage of the view and the light there. The woodwork looks like it needs some work to really shine, and that is not cheap work, or fast if you take it on yourself. I love the green tile in the old bath, but I’d want to replace the clubfoot tub for one I don’t have to clean under, a deep vintage one that hugs the wall on three sides, and replace the ugly vanity for a nice squarish pedestal sink that looks right with the era of the tile, and replace that mirror with the light fixture growing on it like a mushroom. The interconnected bedrooms would work fine for me, because I’d use one as a dressing room and one as an office, and one for guests, but for larger families it wouldn’t be ideal as is. The lower level could use some love. The bones are there, though.

      • I don’t know about *needing* work, and I certainly thought the woodwork looked fine. It just had a few quirks that might affect the price. The kitchen was workable if you put in one of those overhead racks for your pots and pans or if you don’t have a million kitchen tools and appliances like I do.
        Every house has some “wants” in terms of decorating (the tub would actually be a plus for me; the tile not so much), so I don’t think those things matter much in deciding whether this is a good deal.

        • justinbc

          I like the tub more than the tile, but that vanity and mirror combo would have to go (cheap fixes). And I would have to totally rework that kitchen ASAP.

      • The basement unit does not have a C of O (at least according to PIVS) and there’s not record of a BZA variance of the DC Zoning Map, so it’s possible the basement is not rentable.

  • Bought one similar one block over for under 500k last year. Was on the market 1 day before I made an offer. Had been watching the area. It’s where I wanted to live….
    The thing about Brookland is that it’s not historical and the yards are big. The house needed work and I added an addition.

  • Looks very nice. I’m not keen on the green tile in the bathroom (would prefer white), but otherwise, I like it.

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