GDoN? “rooms on opposite ends” edition


This unit is located at 5040 1st Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Large Top Floor 2BR/2BA condo w/ rooms on opposite ends. Hardwoods, plenty of nat light, in-unit W/D, dual walk-in closets, granite counter-tops, stainless steel appliances. Great building with roof top terrace and fenced rear yard with patios and grilling station. Low Condo Fees, building renovated in 2010. Close to Ft Totten Metro”


You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $299,999 ($398 monthly fee.)

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  • Hardwoods? Looks like laminate flooring to me…

  • $300K for a nice looking 2 BR 2 BA within walking distance of 3 Metro lines? Great deal.

  • What’s the catch? This seems like a steal. What else is around that building I wonder?

    • Pretty much nothing.

      • Yep. It’s a bit of a desert right there for now. But easy to get pretty much anywhere. 1 stop from Brookland/Takoma/Petworth, 2 from CoHi/Silver Spring, 3 from U St. Bus lines are great too.

  • I live around the corner. The catch is not such good retail. On the other hand, the neighborhood is safe. Lots of new neighbors. Great transportation. It’s just not Park View yet.

  • Well, yeah, it is what passes for a good deal for the amount of space. Though I see carpeting in the bedrooms which means hardwood flooring might have to be put in if it is not there underneath, cause allergies don’t coexist with carpeting, and if the other “wood” flooring is ugly, then the whole flooring needs to be replaced – likely anyway, because you want all the flooring to match. And then you’re still left with the ugly brown/tan kitchen and bathroom – does anyone who puts this stuff in really think anyone likes it? I mean, they buy it because that is all there is, but it is truly ugly.

    • People put carpet in bedrooms to dampen noise. You can find it even in “Best Address” buildings. It’s certainly typical for a mid-century place like this.

    • The kitchen and bathroom are a bit on the generic side, sure, but “ugly”? That seems much too harsh, especially given the number of kitchens/bathrooms whose faults are worse than blandness — like the ones with the crazy backsplashes, competing patterns, etc., etc.

  • I believe this listing is no longer active.

  • I live on this part of First Street. I love this location in that you’re very close to Fort Totten, and also the 64 bus gets me to Petworth restaurants in <10 minutes.

  • Good Deal. I like it. Details such as carpet, color of cabinets etc…are not important to me. I will make a place my home. In a purchase I’m looking for sq footage, quality of construction, logistics, and safety. Again, this is a good deal.

  • Good deal.

    I’ve visited a friend in the building before and like the place.

  • We will follow up! We bought it!

    • Congrats! I used to live in the building and I think you’ll find it great. Friendly neighbors!

    • Congrats! There’s a growing community of folks on Gallatin and and NH. The neighborhood is very safe and friendly.

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