GDoN? “offers unusual brightness” edition

309 Seaton Place Northeast

This house is located at 309 Seaton Place, Northeast. The listing says:

“The total package in Hot Eckington! Stunning renovation offers unusual brightness-40″x40″ skylight sends sunlight throughout- beautiful,secluded rear patio and deck- elegant lower-level living area-Perfect for entertaining!-gorgeous hardwood floors-gourmet kitchen-Spacious master bedroom with dramatic vaulted ceiling and full bath. Minutes to Downtown DC -NY Ave Metro very close- Don’t miss it!”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $699,000.

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  • That kitchen needs an island. Badly. Also, tiny little sink in the kitchen?

    • No kidding- the kitchen is tiny as is.

    • Totally agree with Too Much Tuna. A big island with breakfast bar area would be ideal.

      Otherwise this seems like a lot of house for the money. Am I missing something? Wonder why there is no parking. Is the lot landlocked?

    • Whoa! You’re so right. It looks like it’s missing half the kitchen.

    • Very odd kitchen, although an island would be easy to add. Basement living area = not a legal rental unit. I wonder if the square footage includes the basement. A skylight is just asking for trouble…leaks keeping it clean, etc.

      • Not only would it not be a legal rental, it wouldn’t even be feasible as an illegal one — since there are no stairs off the back deck, the owner would have to go through the basement to take out the trash, etc.

  • Anonomnom

    Anyone else curious why there seem to be concrete stairs in the middle of the back brick patio that seemingly go into the ground, facing away from the house?

  • What is going on with the underground stairs in the back??? They seem to be going down away from the back door and under the patio? If this place comes with an underground lair, I’m calling my agent right now!

  • Seems okay. A little small. The 2nd and 3rd bedrooms are TINY. The downstairs is just okay, I wouldn’t pay over 600 for this.

  • This is down from the original asking price of 799k. I did see it in person during an open house about 6wks ago. Yes it needs more counter space. Also the back deck configuration is weird with no access to patio from main floor. The weird steps are to step down and forward int the patio withou clunking your head on the deck above. Weird, rushed and far reaching on price.

    • 799 is laughable. When flippers put these up for way over the reasonable amount they tend to languish on the market. Especially when it’s something this this that’s pretty unremarkable as far as finishes go and has no wow component.
      The places that list just below what it should sell for and let it get bid up in a frenzy seem to do better. The upside of a tight market is sales can be very quick, but DC buyers are also fickle and once something has been on the market a week or two it doesn’t get much attention. 699 is still quite a reach for this property.

    • “The weird steps are to step down and forward int[o] the patio withou[t] clunking your head on the deck above.” That is crazy — what was this developer thinking??
      “Also the back deck configuration is weird with no access to patio from main floor.” That sounds like a hassle. So you can’t take your trash bags out from the kitchen — you have to bring them through the basement and under the deck, going down and up the stairs so you don’t whack your head?

    • “The weird steps are to step down and forward int the patio withou clunking your head on the deck above.” What?????? Is this a thing in DC now? Nuts! How tall is that door that you can see underneath the patio?

      • the door is to code, but there is little headroom under the deck. they needed to dig out the steps to give enough headroom when walking into patio. Very poorly thought out and like i said, no access to patio from main floor/deck.
        The limited patio access and lack of counter space was the major topic of discussion during the open house. The agent seemed almost embarrassed by these facts and said she’d let the developer know…

      • Hahahahaha! They absolutely built that deck and patio, had an inspection where it was pointed out that there was not enough head room to walk under the deck beam and not up to code. Instead of ripping out and regrading the back yard or rebuilding the deck with more integrated support beams they installed that little staircase to nowhere. This is hilarious.

  • I live around the corner from this house, and while I would love someone to buy it at this price in order to up my appraisal, the price is utterly ridiculous. And this is the REDUCED price. I love my neighborhood and think Eckington has a lot to offer, but the prices folks have been asking for flipped homes is absurd.

    • That house will definitely sell for close to $699K unless I’m missing something. 2200 square feet is pretty big and $317/square foot is pretty much a deal.

      • That sq foot number is misleading. I have no idea how realtors come up with these numbers but it has to include the basement which is not particularly great, and both the bedrooms are so tiny. This would go for 699 in Dupont, but not in Eckington.

      • There’s no way that house is 2200 sq ft above ground. That realtor is counting the basement.

  • Not liking the fence/railing out front and on the porch — wishing they’d gone with something more traditional.
    The almost-complete lack of balusters (if that’s the right word) on the railing for the stairs between the first and second floors freaks me out, and I’m not even a parent. I wonder if that’s even to code? (Not to mention that I thought new builds/renovations had to have a wall-mounted railing too.) Similar with the basement stairs.
    Like others, I think the kitchen needs an island — there’s very little counter space. And those second and third bedrooms look really small.

    • west_egg

      I *think* I can barely make out steel cables serving as (balusters? banisters? balustrades? things to keep you from falling off the stairs). I agree with the rest of your assessment as well. And Eckie’s explanation of the stairs out back is just…sad. Weird and rushed, indeed.

      • Ahh — I think I see them now! They’re almost invisible in the first shot of the stairs, but they’re sliiiightly visible in the next one.
        No excuse for the basement stairs, though. And the stairs-to-avoid-whacking-your-head are the craziest thing ever.

  • What’s the thing in the patio that looks like a manhole — a fire pit?

  • AnonV2 hit the nail on the head. I was originally thinking why would anyone build the stairs like that. They messed up originally and that was the cheapest fix rather than regarding the entire back patio

  • That little back step blip along with the lack of steps from the deck make me wonder what else is wrong with this house. Besides the ridiculous, useless kitchen, that is.

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