GDoN? “Fully Redone Super Stylish” edition (owner request)

1314 Girard Street Northwest

This house is located at 1314 Girard Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Fully Redone Super Stylish CH TH Boasts Soaring Ceilings, Inlaid HDWDS, Exposed Brick, Great Proportions, Open KIT, Powder RM, Decadent MBR w/Fabulous Bath Renovation, Stellar W/I Closet, Balcony off BR 2, Redone Hall BA, CAC, Celebration Ready Deck + Patio, Lovely Gardens, 2 CAR PARKING, LL In Law Suite w/sep Entry, Mins To METRO, Shops, Dining, Nightlife, U St, Logan.”


You can see more photos here.

The owner writes:

“PoP first had a story on 1314 Girard Street NW in 2008. The house garnered a fair amount of negative commentary, particularly about the master bath and general aesthetics. To be fair, the choice of colors in the house was a bit a garish and the absence of walls dividing the toilet from the master bedroom certainly merited criticism.

You ran another story about the house in 2010. As in 2008, the comments were not endearing. Undeterred, we bought the home in 2010 and proceeded to upgrade, renovate, and polish.

We just put the house on the market yesterday and the photos show what can be done with a little love and a lot of primer.”

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $859,900.

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  • justinbc

    This looks like a great house and actually a really solid price. I dig your red cabinets and the parquet looks in great condition.

  • This seems way under-priced.

  • Dan, is it possible for you to embed a link to the map location for your GDoNs, or to show the little map screenshot like you do for crime stories? Minor pet peeve to always have to open a separate tab to search the location, particularly on a smartphone.

    (Bows and tips hat, walks away backwards)

  • Owner, I’m curious: Is your back gate (to the parking area) mechanized? It looks like it might be, but I can’t tell for sure. If it is — what type is it, and who did you use to install it (if it wasn’t installed by a previous owner)?

  • We toured this house over the weekend. It’s refreshing to see tasteful updates rather than the typical ultra-modern renovations that you see in these older rowhomes. The master bathroom and monstrous closet are AH-MAZING!

  • What’s going on in the first bathroom pic? Is that a standing-room only tub?

    • Looks like a shower stall to me.

    • I think it is actually set into a nook in the wall, though it does have that appearance. Also looks like a mini-hot tub it is so deep. I could get used to it.

      Love the kitchen cabinets! I’ve been toying with the idea of doing red cabinets, though a bit deeper color than this one.

    • If that is indeed a small but super-deep tub, IMO, it’s much better than most American tubs. I had a small but super-deep tub in Japan (where it’s an important part of the culture to soak in a hot bath after you’ve showered), and it was fantastic.

    • I was confused by this, too. It looks like the entry is about waist height, so you’d have to crawl over/vault into it. Or am I just seeing things?

    • It looks like a Japanese soaking tub.

  • I wonder if that back deck is legal? I tried to do the same thing on my home that has the dogleg shape and the city denied me saying it would create a nonconforming courtyard. such bs

    • If only there was a way to look up permits online.

      • Yes, it’s legal. Looks like the lower deck and second story deck were both approved.

        • Then this is a classic case of dcra bs. Because ive tried twice to get my deck approved prretty much this same and they’ve denied for reasons stated above about nonconforming courtyard. They want me to bring the deck the width of property and down into the alley, which means id have to dig down so the rear entrance to the basement has full headroom to access backyard. Makes nonsense.

      • Not saying that this is applicable in this particular case, but… in WAMU’s series last week, wasn’t part of the issue that developers were sometimes getting permits but going way beyond the scope of those permits?

        • Yes, but in this case it seems pretty cut and dry:
          1. Construction/Addition Alteration Repair: Building New Deck
          2. Building a balcony on the 2nd floor

          I would say that deck is within scope of the deck in the photos, but obviously hard to say since I am not the homeowner or the city reviewer. Going beyond the scope of permits is more concerning IMO when they get a permit to remove a non-load bearing wall an then rip out a load bearing wall!

  • Given what we got for our place (2 BR + Den, 2.5 BA) a few blocks north (1300 block of Irving), I’d say you will get your asking price and more. Some people will like our location better, some will like yours better – I think it’s a tossup.

  • Gotta work your high jump skills to get to that tub. Completely dislike it, but everyone can have their own taste.

  • They had me in their corner until the red cabinets and the black speckled countertops…

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