GDoN? “exposed brick on all western facing walls” edition

1029 Euclid Street Northwest

This house is located at 1029 Euclid Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Beautifully renovated Columbia Heights row home with exposed brick on all western facing walls. The luxurious renovation features a modern kitchen, open floor plan, custom master closet, skylights, and airy bedrooms. The property also includes an in-law suite with two separate private entrances. True city living being located in walking distance to shops, restaurants and a rumored Whole Foods”


You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $899,000.

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  • I’m sorry, what “rumored Whole Foods?”

  • I peeked in the windows of this the other night when I was walking by with a friend who lives on the block, we were flabbergasted. That is way too much for that place, especially with such a tiny kitchen. And the floors in the basement are an unlevel disaster.
    I like some of the design choices, but I wouldn’t pay that much for it.

  • The kitchen does look tiny and appears to have a poor layout. I wonder why they didn’t do a galley style layout with shallow cabinets along the party wall. It would have at least given them more storage.
    Even with a tenant in the basement to offset the mortgage, the pricing does seem a bit ambitious.

  • justinbc

    I like the look of the place. I don’t think it’s terribly overpriced either based on size and location, although I can’t speak to the quality of the renovation like Jeslett can since she’s actually seen it in person. I would say maybe $50K over, which at this price leaves you plenty of room to negotiate.

    • “Seen” would be a generous way to put it. The superficial stuff on the first floor looked fine, dare I say good even, but the basement scares the heck out of me. I wonder if they didn’t level the floor because the ceiling height would be too low. Is there any other reason not to? The whole floor takes a dive mid way down the carpet and comes up around the peninsula and does some other wobbly things towards the back door. I wouldn’t feel good marketing that as a great apartment.

    • justinbc

      If the poster below who quotes 1100 square foot is correct, and not the 1700 per Zillow (which may be including the basement), then I amend my previous statement to say I definitely think this place is a lot overpriced. I was basing it off of 1700 for the top 2 floors, 1100 makes 3BR / 3.5BA way too tight.

      • Just thinking… it says “in-law suite” so I am guessing that the third bedroom and third bathroom are downstairs in the basement, with only two bedrooms and two bathrooms in the actual 1100 sq ft section. Still small though.

  • I’m surprised this GDoN? was not titled “rumored Whole Foods” edition

  • How do you squeeze 3 BR and 3.5 bath in 1100 square feet? This house is more bathroom than kitchen or living room.

    • Also, $791 a square foot is extremely ambitious for this area. Well, for most areas in DC.

  • Am I the only person who doesn’t like exposed brick? Maybe in an old industrial loft building, where the brick would have been exposed in the first place (maybe), but in a sweet old house like this? No, that brick would not have been on display; it seems indecorous. I sometimes wonder what the people of 1915 would say if they were to be told that their descendants would be ripping down plaster to show the old bricks; they’d probably have a laughing fit. (And modern-day house prices would probably give them a heart attack!)

    • justinbc

      Modern day prices for anything would surprise them.

    • You are not alone. I am not a fan of exposed brick either.

    • I love exposed brick

    • I agree. I very much dislike exposed brick interiors.

    • I’m not a fan of exposed brick either, but it seems to be de rigueur in flips these days.

    • I like it but a little goes a long way. Also, it’s very 1980s.

    • I like exposed brick in an older home but as an accent and feel like there is way too much of it going on here. Having it the entire length of the house just feels like it’s an exterior wall in your living room and takes it from being a point of interest to almost making the room feel uncomfortable (to me).

      • This. It can give your eyes relief from drywall on 3 sides but it has to be in moderation.

  • Seems like a bad day to have your flip featured on GDoN, given the flipper conversation earlier, particularly given jeslett’s comments about uneven floors.

    • Agreed! Was wondering if I’d see the results of a Google search on “Latitudes LLC” somewhere in the comments. Did a quick search just for the hell of it and didn’t find much. Only thing is that its address seems to be a residential building on W St. NW?

      • Isn’t Latitudes just the real estate company, though?
        I’m having a hard time figuring out from the online records what the deal with this property is. From the permits in PIVS, it looks like all the renovation work was done starting in February. But the property also doesn’t appear to have been sold since 2006.
        There’s also a property with the same street address but a different lot number that’s so low in assessed value that I’m wondering if it’s a parking spot. That would be kind of inconvenient, seeing as it has different ownership.

    • My first thought too! It will be interesting to see how the flip fiasco is going to affect the market. But this is WAY overpriced.

  • I’m surprised nobody has asked this, unless it’s common knowledge I’m unaware of – what’s the significance of mentioning a brick wall that faces west as opposed to any other direction?

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