GDoN? “custom designed kitchen” edition

308 13th Street Southeast

This unit is located at 308 13th Street, Southeast. The listing says:

“Beautiful 1 bedroom 1 bath with dining/office features hardwood floors throughout, high ceilings, custom designed kitchen with stainless steel appliances, granite counters and ceramic tile in kitchen and bathroom. conveniently located within a short distance to 2 metros stations, Eastern Market and Potomac.”

308 13th Street Southeast inside

You can see more photos here.

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $349,000 ($225 monthly fee.)

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  • Funny. I live across the street from this (you can see my house in one of those pictures) and wondered how these were on the inside. Pretty much what I expected. I think the price is pretty much on point. Two blocks to a Safeway, 4 blocks to a Harris Teeter, halfway between Eastern Market / Potomac metro stations, 10 min walk to Eastern Market, 2 blocks to Lincoln Park, close to the Pretzel Bakery / Curbside Cafe, and a quick shot onto 295 / 395.

  • justinbc

    Good location, fair price.

    • Anonomnom

      Agree, but man is that bedroom situation odd!

      • Right? The front door opens into the bedroom? And it’s open to the kitchen? Why isn’t that the living room (and the living room could be the bedroom)? I like the look of the kitchen in particular (other than the orange paint). But, weird.

        • Anonomnom

          I imagine the back room actually is the bedroom, and the front room was supposed to be a (very) tiny living room, and they staged it this way for some reason? Otherwise, I am not sure how you could count this as a 1 BR when there is no real wall between the bedroom and the kitchen.

          • Yeah — in its current configuration, it’d count as a “junior one-bedroom” at best.

      • Good catch — I totally missed that. (I thought it was odd that right next to the front door there was what looked like an IKEA PAX-type wardrobe with glass doors, but I figured, “Well, that must be in lieu of a hall closet.)
        The more I look at the photos, the more confused I am about the layout. ET, you said your house across the street is visible in some of the photos — is it one of the houses that’s visible through the windows in the room that’s furnished as a living room? Are there stairs here that aren’t being shown, and the unit occupies part of the first floor and part of the second floor? Or is the unit entirely on the second floor — maybe you walk in the main front door, go up a set of stairs toward the back, and that’s where the security gate with the entrance to the bedroom is??

  • Odd layout. Small rooms (I know it’s only 619 sf but there’s no hallway). No dishwasher (they could have put one in next to the sink and made the island bigger to compensate for lost space). The eat-in kitchen is not the best use of space. Nice location, though. Probably a high-ish price, overall, given the odd, inefficient layout.

    • I think that is a DW on the other end of the counter from the stove. There is a handle at the top and it has a solid front. It looks like those new DWs that are supposed to blend in with the cabinets.

  • Okay, I actually think the bedroom is on the back of the building and that door is a back door. The bedroom has three windows. If you look at the picture of the front of the building, there are no sets of three windows in a row. There are only two in a row, which matches the living room. The living room also has a door, so it’s probably the front door. There are probably two entrances to this place. Why they showed the back door open, I don’t know, unless that really is the primary entrance. Anyway, I still don’t get the lack of a full wall between the kitchen and bedroom. I thought jr. one-bedroom immediately too.

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