GDoN? “ample room for a pool & tennis court” edition


This house is located at 4800 Woodway Lane, Northwest. The listing says:

“Sited high on a hill with bucolic views of the 1.66 acre lot, this elegant stone residence is a rare opportunity for a private estate. The light-filled rooms are generously sized with high ceilings and original moldings and floors. There is a lovely master suite plus 7 additional bedrooms and 6 baths. 2 car garage and ample room for a pool & tennis court. Additional .22 acre lot available for sale”


You can see more photos here.

This 8 bed/6 full/2 half bath is going for $5,490,000.

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  • Emmaleigh504

    I think I could settle for this.

  • Does this place come equipped with a kitchen? Seems a little bland and uninteresting for my $5.5 million, but I like the yard.

  • justinbc

    This place is beautiful, especially that back deck area.

  • Weird. According to tax records this sold last year for over $6.8M to an LLC based in San Francisco. There has to be a story there.

    • I know! I was wondering the same thing. Why are they selling it for so much less than they paid for it last year? Other than that, I love the house.

      • WaPo also has a blurb on it saying it was on the market last year for the first time since it was originally built.

      • because it doesn’t have a kitchen?? Or it had a major remodeling disaster, aka, a remuddling.

        • My first though was that they found something that’s going to cost over $1M to fix. Chemical weapons cleanup? That was Spring Valley, right? Maybe some barely-post-pubescent Silicon Valley mogul got taken.

        • Not sure if I can post a link, but – a house right behind this was demoed by the Army Corps of Engineers because of “materials of concern.”
          I’m going to say maybe NOT a good deal?

    • It was sold as part of multiple homes. So the package sold for 7m, not the individual house.

  • I am totally unfamiliar with the market in this neighborhood and price bracket.

    That said, I would guess there is a lot of room for negotiating on the asking price. For that kind of money I would expect the pool and tennis court to be ready and waiting for me. Perhaps you could subdivide the property, but that is most of the appeal of the estate.

    Plus it seems like there is a small market for this type of house. It isn’t flashy enough for the nouveau riche and the old money already have their own estate; so who’s left?

  • The property is gorgeous, but the house is very generic especially for that much money. For $10K more, I’d get this gorgeous place in the same neighborhood…and it already has a pool!

  • This is the 50 Shades of Grey of house porn – not that exciting and kind of cliche.

  • I hate this house for being so beautifully perfect. Not flashy, but that’s not DC anyhow.
    But, as people have mentioned, I would would want to know a lot more about it’s status re: the WWI munitions before plopping down my $5.5m. A relative worked on the munitions removal and I visited him once at the site; it was very close to this IIRC.

  • Dining room chairs. Where can I get those dining room chairs?? For under $200 each, preferably.

  • I’d like to have this house just so I could say “release the hounds” when Jehovah’s Witnesses come knocking. Then clasp my hands and say excccelllent…

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