From the Forum – What kind of instagram scavenger hunt should we start in DC?

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What kind of instagram scavenger hunt should we start in DC?

“So I came across this and thought it pretty funny. Scavenger Hunt – JCrew Gingam Shirt addition.

What kind of instagram scavenger hunt should we start in DC? What would be a good item that we see all too often, sometimes in packs, sometimes ironically, and sometimes when we least expect it?”

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  • Earlier this week, late afternoon, I passed 12 people on one block of Connecticut Avenue, nine of whom (seven men, two women) were wearing khakis and blue oxford shirts.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Brown flip flops, but then we’d have to look at people’s feet. ew

  • A working metro station escalator

  • I love this instagram account. Last summer we were eating at Le Diplomate and looked around and counted 8 navy J.Crew gingham shirts! 8!

    • I thought DC was more purple J Crew gingham shirt. I bought my ex one because I actually liked it and once on the way to meet him I ran into two other guys wear it, then he showed up wearing it too.
      I also bought myself the mini gingham version without thinking and there are a few times one of use had to change :-/

  • Clearly tourists with “FBI Witness Protection/You Don’t Know Me” t-shirts.

    • Confused tourists on Metro is my favorite thing ever. Triple points for the Perfect storm: sensible walking shoes, khaki shorts + actual/physical Metro map.

    • I’d say generally anything people wear that’s labeled FBI or CIA would be fair game here. I heart DC shirts are too obvious.

  • jim_ed

    You should take pictures of other people taking pictures of strangers so they can feel superior to them and mock them anonymously online . It would be very meta.

    • Perfect.

    • palisades

      A couple years ago, Hugh and Crye (DC menswear brand) tried to start a trend of taking pictures of guys in DC wearing ill-fitting dress shirts.
      I think it lasted one or two posts before they were lambasted for the general d-baggery of it all. This situation seems similar

      • Yeah. I remember back when the “look at this f***ing hipster” site (Tumblr?) came out — I chuckled at the first few photos, but after a while I started feeling sorry for the people being pictured. The whole thing just seemed mean-spirited.

    • I didn’t see this Instagram account as a way to mock people at all, but I see how it could turn that way, depending on the topic. I have no issue with that shirt or the people who wear it, but the situations where its popularity become very apparent could be funny.

      I’ve actually been in that same situation before at work. My friend and I just kept complimenting each other on our excellent taste all day. It was fun. I remember seeing 2 guys at the Brixton fully embrace wearing the same shirt by walking up to random people and introducing each other as their long lost twin. Based on the number of drinks they had throughout the night, and the reactions of people around them, they were not being mocked, but rather embracing the funny situation.

      Who knows, maybe it would be people wearing “I love NYC” shirts standing next to DC monuments.

  • The season is over, but let’s pre-plan for women wearing boots and jeans for Friday casual day. If DC needed to quickly form an army, they could simply make the uniform boots and jeans and they’d instantly have an unstoppable force.
    Failing that: lumbersexuals.

  • This is easy.

    Navy Polo. Pink Shorts.

  • People walking down the street with their friend/partner while both are looking at their cell phones.

    Yes I know this isn’t just in DC, but it’s been driving me so crazy I’ve thought of starting a blog just for this very type of photo…

  • I Dont Get It

    When I was at Compass Rose I saw 4 guys at the bar wearing that shirt. The more you know…

  • Can anyone tell what bar the pic was taken in? That looks a lot like me from behind or maybe just a back doppleganger.

  • foreign tourists taking pics of squirrels!

  • figby

    Buns and beards are happening here now.

  • how about guys wearing white dress shirts? Or maybe people in adrk jeans? Oh, I’ve got one, people wearing khaki pants! In all seriousness, at a certain point, when it comes to fashion, there are just some basic things out there that most people wear, and to a large degreeI find the people trying to find something mock-worthy about that to just be pathetic. Yes, I can see the J Crew navy gingham shirt being kind of amusing to mock (and I also own one BTW) but I also see it is just being a case of people going out of their way to find something to mock. Gray suits are common because they’re a neutral suit. Powder blue shirts are versatile office casual wear. Khaki slacks are also versatile office casual wear. A basic navy blue gingham shirt is a versatile button-down that works well as office casual or simply as a more refined shirt than a basic t-shirt when going out. Sandals are comfortable in the summer, easy to slip on when running a quick errand, and have been worn for thousands of years. Is it any wonder some of these things are common? If so, what’s the point in mocking them?

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