From the Forum – Memorial Day Weekend in DC – what to do?

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Memorial Day Weekend in DC – what to do?

“We’re usually away for the long weekend but this year we’re sticking around. What sort of fun things are happening in around DC to keep us occupied?”

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  • Cookout with friends, enjoy pools opening, day drink.
    Seriously though – I’m hoping to take Mr. Eggs and the pup and head over to Roosevelt Island for a morning or afternoon walk. Any opinions on whether that’ll be busy? I was guessing no since locals leave for the weekend and tourists don’t really care about it.

  • I always enjoy the novelty of finding a parking spot right in front of whatever I needed to go to in Georgetown on Memorial Day Weekend. Because DC is about as active as a funeral parlor that weekend!

  • I’ve always enjoyed the President’s speech at Arlington Cemetery, I think it’s on Monday at 11AM. The free concert on the mall on Sunday night is also nice if you’ve never been.

    Both events are heavy (and crowded), but some reflection during the weekend is kinda the point.

  • The United House of Prayer Memorial Day Parade is great…Saturday around noon? Well worth it.

  • I Dont Get It

    Cook out with me?

  • Why doesn’t this city have any sort of good events calendar? There are always events through out the city that are not advertised outside of their respective areas. It’s a shame, lots of great festivals, markets, etc. happen in and around the city.

  • It’s also Black Pride weekend. Bars and clubs will be hopping!

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