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  • clevelanddave

    Bless them all. I hope we are still an arsenal of democracy in a dangerous world.

  • Can’t help but think about how much my Pop-Pop would have loved this! He died in January and at the end, even though he was remarkably healthy, talked more about his military service in WW2. He really would have enjoyed this. Good view from the Pentagon, made me proud our military’s history of such great accomplishments and I hope we can one day again be a military force that truly brings liberation and peace to those actually in need of it.

  • It was amazing to watch this.

  • Yes, that was incredible. Amazing to think these planes are still flying after 70+ years. One of my coworkers was listening to air traffic control during it and heard that one of the planes had an engine fire and had to make an emergency landing at DCA. Thankfully it wasn’t a single engine plane over the mall!

  • What a lovely sentiment on the day we honor the hundreds of thousands of americans who died fighting the Nazis.

  • It was really neat to see, but also made me sad that it was needed and really grateful that I’ve never lived in a conflict zone.

  • It really was fantastic – I was down by the river at Georgetown Harbor, and it was really great watching them fly right over the Key bridge and make the turn down the Mall. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved the P-38 – so cool to see one actually fly.
    Forgive me for bring behind the times, and I didn’t see the offending post, jimed, but WTH is a Pearl Harbor truther – they think it didn’t happen? Seriously?

  • An amazing and moving display, marred only by the shameful absence of any mention of the Women Airforce Service Pilots — WASPs – who flew all of these planes. 38 died in service to our country.


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