Eastern High School Marching Band at Lincoln Park – Help Them Get to Virginia for a Performance

Help them take a trip to Virginia by supporting them here. Thanks to a reader for passing on:

“My name is James Perry and I am the director of Bands at Eastern Sr. High School in Washinton, DC. Let me be short and quick to the point, as a marching band we practice more than we could ever perform during a school year. In knowing, the accurate statement of “that practice makes perfect” describes us exactly. Our award-winning band is performance ready and the invites to events are pouring in for our group to display their showmanship. We are scheduled to travel to Virginia on May 16, 2015 for an upcoming performance and it will be our time to shine and represent DCPS as the good-will ambassadors of music education.

It takes time to craft our show-style but more importantly it requires finances of significant amounts to transport the band to various venues. We do an enormous amount of hosting and having fundraisers but our rising budget is too large and requires financial support from our fan base. It goes without saying that the allotted budget for an all-volunteer organization like ours is miniscule. Yet, that doesn’t stop the commitment of the many students, parents and band staff who report daily for instructions.

We ask so much from our students and they comply unconditionally by maintaining and in most instances far surpassing the required GPA of 2.0. It would give our students such an emotional boost and help us financially. If you could find it in your heart to donate $10.00-20.00 it would be greatly appreciated.

Ponder this thought, to march in the street is free but to make a marching band move it takes money.”

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  • I saw them in the park last night! Really hope neighbors will support them. You could tell those kids really loved what they were doing.

    • SouthwestDC

      Are they the ones that sometimes perform at the Eastern Market metro? I’ve been late to things because I was passing through and got sucked in to watching them for a few songs. They’re great!

  • Thanks for posting this, PoP! What a great cause – my dad”s a band director, and while school music programs have been shown to have a tremendous positive impact on students, they are chronically underfunded. Definitely going to donate!

    • Accountering

      This is frustrating. I am going to give them $10, but this is something DC should be supporting, in the form of tax revenue. We line up to give 100,000,000 a year to affordable housing, and pile money into all sorts of other initiatives, but this is kids who are doing the right thing, and we don’t have the money to pay for them to take a trip to Richmond or whatever? This is the kind of thing the city should be funding using tax dollars.

      • It is frustrating, and sadly, it’s really common. School budgets only stretch so far, and arts funding always seems to get the shaft.

      • SouthwestDC

        I don’t think it’s just a DC thing, though. When I was in marching band we had to fundraise all our trips too.

  • I hate to be a wet blanket, but do we know for sure that this gofundme account is in fact linked to Eastern High School’s marching band?
    It’s just that “raising money for ______’s marching band” is a common door-to-door scam. I hope nobody decides to take that scam to an electronic platform.

    • I had the same though, but it should be easy to verify by calling the school.

    • Looks like it’s either the real deal or it’s a repeat of a similar scam from 2008. Or it’s a new scam based on a real precedent….


      • I tried e-mailing the address listed in that 2008 article for the band director, but received a bounceback — it’s no longer valid.

        • There’s a link on the GoFundMe page to contact him directly. It’s linked to his Facebook page, which is linked to the school’s Facebook page. I feel comfortable enough with that to kick in $10, but you could contact him or the school if you still weren’t sure.

    • justinbc

      I thought the same thing, “finally a band fundraiser that might be legitimate”. FWIW, when I was in high school every single sport except for football and men’s basketball had to provide their own transportation to events (including the band). There was no school funding for it, your parents or you, if you were old enough to drive, were responsible

  • Where is the link to donate?

  • This is totally legit. I got the info from the Band Director – Mr. Perry – when I asked him where the bucket was. He said no bucket and showed me the gofundme link. He said this is how they collect funds but still practice and build awareness marching through the neighborhood. A really cool guy and the kids were definitely having fun!

    • That’s great that you got the information in person directly from the band director when the band was (apparently?) marching through your neighborhood… but there’s a difference between getting a gofundme link “from the horse’s mouth” vs. secondhand/thirdhand.

      • SouthwestDC

        I think their gofundme page would seem a lot more legit if they explained how the funds would be used. Are they going to Virginia Beach or Alexandria? Is it a competition or an invitation to perform somewhere? How are they getting there and are they going to need lodging? As a former band geek I’d be happy to support them, but I’d like to know what I’m supporting.

      • As I mentioned above, you also could contact the band leader directly via the gofundme page, facebook, or you could call the school. It’s really not that difficult. Certainly, it makes more sense than emailing an address from an article that was written in 2008. From the tone of your response, you are suspicious of Linc Park. If you don’t feel comfortable contributing then don’t, but it bothers me that you’re stopping just short of accusing them of something, when you could very easily contact someone to verify.

        • Sheesh. If you’ll note, I originally voiced my concerns at 11:16 a.m. today, long before Linc Park entered the conversation.
          Most likely this campaign is legit… but what’s bothersome to me is that there’s no real way to verify it, short of people calling the school individually (which seems rather cumbersome). The high school’s Facebook page doesn’t mention the campaign. On the high school’s website, the marching band is listed as a club on the list of activity groups, but it doesn’t offer a website or a school-connected e-mail address for Mr. Perry. The GoFundMe page shows a photo of Mr. Perry and an envelope, but when I click on it, nothing happens.
          Quite probably this campaign is legit and works well when the marching band is going through neighborhoods. However, secondhand, there’s no way for anyone to know that some scammer isn’t just pretending to be Mr. Perry and using a GoFundMe page to exploit the marching band’s popularity. It would be different if it were a matter of “Checks can be made out to the Eastern High School Marching Band Fund and sent c/o Mr. Perry, Eastern High School, [school address].”

        • History of scammers going door to door (or otherwise making a pitch in person) and claiming to be raising money for a school marching band:
          Like I said, quite probably this campaign is legit… but I have some baseline skepticism about ANY GoFundMe campaign for ANYTHING, and this topic happens to be a favorite for in-person scammers.

        • “Certainly, it makes more sense than emailing an address from an article that was written in 2008.” That e-mail address came from an independent source — that’s why I gave it a try.

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