Dog Still Chilling on the Roof at Georgia and Kenyon


“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering if any of your readers knows anything about the dog who likes to chill on the roof of a commercial structure located near the intersection of IrvingKenyon and Georgia. I’ve seen him there a couple of times, and he never fails to amaze me. He’s super calm, and as far as I can tell spends hours up there surveying his kingdom. Does he belong to the owners of the shopfront? Does he ever venture down to mingle with the common folks?”

Yup, he’s all good up there with his own ramp – I think he’s owned by the guy who owns Morgan’s Seafood.

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  • kenyon, right? i liked to pretend he was watching over us back when we lived there..

  • I walk past this place nearly every day (btw, it’s Georgia and Kenyon, not Irving Street) and never noticed! I’ll have to look for him in the future.

  • Yes! His name is Bear. He’s owned by Romeo Morgan (The owner of Morgan’s Seafood). He may seem intimidating but he’s actually a big sweet heart. Romeo bought him a few years back to ward off intruders (he had a series of break-ins a number of years back.

  • A lot of dogs seem to enjoy watching over their domain from the highest point accessible by them.

  • He always has a knack for scaring the s**t out of me. I’ll be walking by with my dogs, he’ll be behind the (not sturdy) white fence on the ground, and he’ll press right up against it. I’m not convinced he’d be so sweet if that fence gave way.

    • I’ve seen Bear, without leash, out on the sidewalk with his owner several times and I can attest that he’s always been friendly. Romeo is a good guy who has been in the neighborhood for decades, he wouldn’t keep a dangerous animal where it could hurt people.

  • I LOVE seeing this pup. I drive this route every weekend and the kiddos and I always check to see if “roof doggie” is there.

  • Bear is great, as is Romeo, but as always, if you are planning on visiting them, plan on staying a whlie, because frankly, trying to sneak out with out conversing with Romeo is a crime. If you want to meet Bear, he is sometimes allowed downstairs after hours. Romeo will keep Morgan’s open so long as you keep the conversation going…

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