Dog Poop PSA Vol.149

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“Dear PoPville,

Dog owners seem to consider it perfectly normal to dump their dog’s poop bags in other people’s trash can. I hate to break this to them but dog poop bags explode when you put stuff on top of them (like trash bags for instance or trash in general). Not to mention the fact that many people do not even bother to close the bag in which they have just picked up the warm present left by their dogs. In the end, more often than not, the owner of the trash can will end up with poop spread all over his can. Have you noticed how tall the cans are? Do you realize how pleasant an experience it is to crawl into one to brush the shit out? Oh, and the smell of over-cooked dog poop at the end of the day when you open the can is too lovely to describe.

I appreciate the fact that people scoop the poop, but could you please consider dumping them in public open air trash cans?”

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  • This is always a huge point of contention that comes up on the HillEast listserve and I think the news even did a spot about it last fall. I live in Hill East and have never had this issue which I think is due to the following:
    a) I keep my trash cans pulled a couple feet inward into my yard from my fence;
    b) I keep them turned so they open toward the yard instead of toward the street.
    So someone walking by would actually have to come into my yard in order to dump their poop (heh) which I think is probably too much effort and feels like trespassing. They really can’t reach all the way around my cans to open them from the sidewalk since the lid is facing away from the street toward my house. This probably only works with my specific configuration, though.
    I can see how this would be really annoying and gross though.

    • I live on Lincoln Park and have had pretty significant problems with this. Two weekends ago I even opened up my can to find someone’s picnic trash with two dirty children’s diapers right on top!

      • I live two blocks south of Lincoln Park and haven’t had any issues. However, i do take my trash cans into my yard until trash day. My complaint is the random illegal dumping (tires, branches, etc) that happens sometimes.

    • Hill East too… and it is become a HUGE problem for us, even when we tuck our bins in the bushes. We had 4 baggies when we picked up our trash bin from the curb after work on Monday. So yeah, 6 hrs after the trash picked up, it was full of stinky poop that we can’t get rid of for a week.

  • To provide another data point, I appreciate it when people scoop and if you think the only option is to put it into my can, then so be it. Its not my preferred method, but its going to the dump all the same. I dont have any lofty aspirations of a pleasant smelling garbage container, particularly in the summer.

    I outright encourage people to put their trash in my containers. Far preferable to leaving it in the alley.

    Also, if the container is reachable from the street or the alley, I’m not sure what your reasonable expectation of it not being used, really can be…

    • with all due respect, if they’re going to dump their little poo bag in my empty trash can, I’d almost rather that they didn’t scoop. It doesn’t just go to the dump, I have to dump my trash can upside down, retrieve the shit bag, and they put it in my trash can. Don’t be a douche, take your poo home, or put it in a city trash can. Not next to the can, but IN the can.

      rant complete.

      • Why are you climbing into your can? Use a hose if you want a fresh smelling garbage bin…

        • I can’t speak for French Streeter, but I don’t have a hose bib on the back of my house. If I wanted to use a hose on my garbage or recycling cans, I’d have to wheel them half a block down the alley, around the corner house, and then half a block to my front yard.

      • Yes! Much better to randomly step on the dog poop left on the ground, unbagged and awaiting a clean shoe. Saves ending up head first in a garbage can retrieving poop that has been placed into the garbage stream wrapped in plastic. Instead you get the chance to use a scrub brush and water to get the poop out of the tread of your shoes.

    • I’m with you, Anon X. Where I live, there are no public trash cans so that’s not an option. It’s the homeowner’s trash cans or nothing. Besides, it’s for garbage, FFS. How clean do people want or expect them to be?? What’s far worse is the poop left lying on the ground (or on my property) where it smells to high heaven in summertime and I can’t let my child play back there.
      FWIW, I live near an entrance to Rock Creek Park so we have FAR more than our share of dog walkers coming by.

      • It’s not homeowner’s trash cans or nothing. They can walk those little poop bags right back to their house and put it in their trash cans. Carry another bag to put those baggies in if you must, but don’t leave little presents for your neighbor.

      • I live near Gallaudet and our trash guys only take things in actual trash bags — they don’t lift the actual trash containers onto the truck and tip them over, but grab the bags and toss them into the back of the truck. Anything not in a neatly tied trash bag, like baggies of dog poop, gets left behind for me to fish out.

        • Sounds like you need to contact DPW and let them know they’re not emptying your trash.

          • This is standard practice in many neighborhoods — it’s certainly standard practice in my neighborhood, where we have 32-gallon trash cans and twice-weekly pickup. It’s part of the reason DPW asks residents to bag their trash (rather than putting it in loose).
            Perhaps they use the machines to lift up and empty out the 64-gallon Supercans? I don’t live in a Supercan neighborhood, so I don’t know.

  • Someone in my building tosses bagged dog-doo in the laundry room wastebasket to see as we launder. Yuk..

  • Amen. We can’t have this PSA enough. Dog owners who place their dog’s waste in people’s trash cans are so annoying and rude. In addition to the reasons cited above, trash collectors do not always dump cans. They often reach in and take out bags. That means waste bags fall to the bottom of the can and never make it out. I’d pay someone to invent a latch for my can that would discourage dog owners but not annoy trash collectors. I’d also support a law in DC that said you couldn’t dispose of your dog waste in any can but your own. Yes, I’m a dog owner. It would mean not using trash cans in parks but too many dog owners are too entitled.

  • yea, im going to continue putting my dogs poop in your trashcan. Sorry.

    • You’re a piece of work

    • if i catch you I’m gonna throw dog shit at you, sorry

    • yeah I’m with you. Your trash can is going to smell like shit. It’s a trashcan. Deal with it. I mean, do pet owners do something special when disposing of their pet’s poop that I am not aware of?

      • I am not sure anyone expects a nice smelling trash can – at least I don’t. For me, the biggest problem is that because when the garbage is picked up the tiny bags just fall to the bottom (or are put there after the garbage has been picked up) and it then become my responsibility. Sure I may not be cleaning it off my shoe but this still seems like someone making their dog’s poop someone else’s (me) responsibility. I have cat, I don’t have a dog and I am not sure why I should be responsible for the waste generated by dogs that aren’t my own because the owner can’t/won’t bring that baggie home and dispose of it there or in a public garbage can. Also in my case since I don’t generate a lot of trash, I only put garbage out every other week so, a bag that fell to the bottom or was put in after the pickup sits in there for almost two weeks and I still have to deal with it.

        • it’s not just the smell – it attracts masses of flies. I don’t have an alley so my trash can has to be kept in front of my house and dog walkers that dump bags of poo are the absolute worst.

    • Me too. There’s at least two blocks between public trash cans in my neighborhood, so I’m pretty much going to throw it in the closest one I find (which sometimes is a residential trash can). And as someone else mentioned below – they are ALL labeled “property of the District of Columbia.”

      • I’m confused, are you the District of Columbia in human form? Are you the human embodiment of the D.C. government? Nope? Okay, there you go.

      • And also as mentioned below, that little fact is irrelevant.

      • What’s so wrong with carrying it to the next trash can? It’s in a bag isn’t it? And unless you’re dog is having some serious issues, it’s not as if it weighs a ton.

      • god forbid you carry your pet’s shit those two blocks. nope. someone else’s problem now, because you’re too much of a princess to be even slightly inconvenienced.

      • So you won’t walk two blocks to dump the bag in a public can and you won’t walk home with it for reasons I’m assuming have to do with how it smells and that it is gross, right? So stop and think about that. If it is so gross that you wont’ walk two blocks with it, why on earth do you think you should make it someone else’s issue? You think anyone else wants to deal with your gross dog poop? No, they don’t. This is the epitome of laziness and disregard for others.

        • It doesn’t even smell if it’s in a bag. I carry my dog’s shit for two or so blocks all the time until I run into a public trash can. I even think it’s kind of a badge of honor, carrying around a brightly colored little bag of shit. It says, “I am not one of those people who doesn’t clean up after their dog.”

          • “I even think it’s kind of a badge of honor, carrying around a brightly colored little bag of shit. It says, ‘I am not one of those people who doesn’t clean up after their dog.'” I love this and totally agree.

      • At least 2 blocks — the horror! the horror!

    • And if I catch you doing it on my yard’s security cam I’m going to email your picture to the neighborhood listserv. And if I then find out who you are and where you live I’ll be, at a minimum, returning your pet’s poo to you.

      • bbhart113

        Do you happen to live on Swann and 15th? There was a gentleman there with a security cam setup who would get quite upset, leaving signs on his garbage cans etc. People still didn’t listen, so he setup a camera, then when that didn’t seem to deter the offenders, he called DPW (or whoever would be in charge) to get a public trash bin erected on his adjacent corner in front of the church. I don’t think he has issues anymore.

  • After dealing with one too many filled diapers, exploding dog poo bags and half-full cans of malt liquor, I’ve started flipping my trash and recycling cans upside down once I drag them back into the yard. I don’t want smelly, rat-attracting stuff by my front door in between trash pick-ups. Besides, there’s a public trash can 20 feet away.

  • when you put a little bag of poo in the bottom of an empty trash can, it just sits there at the bottom, and won’t get pulled out by the trash trucks when they collect the trash. If it’s hot outside, the poo makes the whole can stink, and if it breaks open, I have a trash can full of poo.

    Why not carry your poo home and put it in your own trash can? It seems unnecessarily rude to use someone else’s can when you are presumably taking a relatively short walk around your own neighborhood to let your dog relieve himself.

    What is your justification for inconveniencing someone else, when it would be just as easy to bring your own poo home?

  • As a dog owner, I couldn’t agree more. I think some people (especially if they live in a building where they don’t have to deal with their own supercans) simply don’t realize how gross this can be.

  • I own a dog and I dont put ANY trash in other people’s cans. Trust me it’s not that hard.

    But on the other hand, relax, its a trash can and life is too short. The 5 mins you spent writing this diatribe cannot be taken back. That being said, the 30 mins I spent reading these comments cannot be given back to my employer. Sorry about that boss 😉

    • I too don’t understand why people do this. I have to walk 2 blocks to get to a public can on parts of my dogs walk and I deal with it by purchasing lavender scented bags. I DID get yelled at once by people who didn’t want it thrown in a city trash can.

      • That may be because DPW says (or said at some point in the past) you should take it home and throw it away in your own trash can; they say you *shouldn’t* throw it away in someone else’s bin OR in public trash cans.

        • So I had a conversation with some DPW employees about getting more trash cans near a de fact dog park on Capitol Hill since the current ones get over loaded and stinky from all the little poo bags. I will spare you all the gross details but DPW trash crews have a very real and gross reason (the word poop slurry was used) for not wanting people to dispose of dog waste in public trash cans.

          • At least when the trash is picked up out of those the entire bag is taken out and the trash guys don’t have to handle individual bags of poo. I’d defer to them on the issues associated with this practice though. I’m not a pet owner, so I literally don’t have a dog in this fight.

        • What?! I had NO idea. I unfortunately don’t have a can, just a communal dumpster so I guess I can start putting it in there, but then I feel like it will just end up at the bottom?

          • While I completely understand that sucks, it’s also from my perspective completely unreasonable to expect dog owners to hoof poop what might be several miles (on weekends, we go for 6+ mile round trip journeys) before getting to their home can. So I’m afraid this is an occupational hazard. From my understanding, the trash collectors are really well compensated. And, as judged by their cheery and boisterous demeanor at 6:45 am every Tuesday and Friday, quite happy with their jobs.

          • I don’t think the “cheery and boisterous” trash collectors for twice-weekly household pickup are the same ones picking up from the street litter cans, since those are usually picked up at night.
            If you throw your bagged dog poop in a public trash can, perhaps you could double-bag it?

          • this is in response to sns but I can’t respond. But holy moly, this is the most entitled thing I have ever read on here…and that’s saying something.

  • I have a dog, and I use my own can to dump bags most of the time, and my can only stunk when I had old shellfish in there. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I’ve never had a bag burst in years of using my own cans…are you all putting in unbagged, heavy trash to accomplish such a thing?
    The only times I’ve used another can is when my hands were full and the public can was full on my walk back. I’m using the can that always stays on the curb and never one sitting in someone’s yard.

  • A good PSA to bring up periodically. People who have always lived in apartments with big dumpsters are generally not aware what happens if one puts a poop bag in a house’s trash can, especially if it is empty. I was unaware before being educated by the Populace and have changed my practices.

    Serious question: If the trash is full and obviously going to be picked up soon, is it okay to put a poop bag on top of the other trash?

  • Arash Arabasadi

    with all doo doo respect:
    the cans clearly display, “property of the district of columbia government.”
    as a dc resident and taxpayer, it’s every bit as much mine as it is yours.
    let us sing!

    this can is your can.
    this can is my can.
    if i dump dog shit… then that will be it.
    if that don’t suit you…
    i’ll leave my dog poo…
    this land was made for poo and pee!

    • The barrels certainly are often on public sidewalks and in public alleyways. If you bring a barrel onto your property, might the problem of unwanted doo drop?

      • Sadly, no. My trash can sit on my property, but there’s no fence — just a little planter separating my property from the sidewalk. People still reach over and put their dog crap in the can.

    • “it’s every bit as much mine as it is yours”
      Awesome. You clean it out next time.

      • Exactly. Or make sure it is taken out to the curbside to get picked up the night before trash day.

        Technically my front yard is city property but I assure you that we will have issues if you let your dog crap on it even if you plan to pick it up.

        • You have a problem with someone’s dog pooping on the front lawn that you admittedly don’t own even if they pick it up? Seems perfectly reasonable. Maybe city living isn’t for you.

          • Yes, I do. I maintain the yard, as I’m required to by law. You are not required to maintain my yard. I also paid for the fence that closes that you had to open to come in my yard. Oh and also, my front yard is a bricked patio, so if you are letting your dog poop on it, chances are you’re not actually getting all the poop up when you pick it up. Granted, no one does this b/c I’m guessing 99% of people who live in the city know that is completely ridiculous.

            Use the yard in front of your own house or building that you or your building maintains. Is that so hard? You seem to miss the point that you do not have to deal with any of those things. Maybe dog owning isn’t for you.

          • You’re kind of dense, aren’t you. People walk their dogs. Dogs poop. They don’t always poop in front of the house they live in. Sometimes they poop while on a walk in front of others’ homes. And the owners then pick it up. That’s life in the city. Sounds like you can’t really deal with that. If you have a fence, which you didn’t mention in your first post, I’m guessing you don’t get any dogs in your yard to get all worked up about. But you should probably stay up all night to keep the rats and other wildlife from pooping on your patio.

          • I don’t think I’m being dense to assume that dog owners should take their dogs into clearly public areas to poop and not in the yards directly in front of buildings or houses in which they do not live. That is not “life in the city.” It’s actually kind of shocking to me that someone with a dog would assume they have free reign to let their dogs do whatever they want in yards where they do not live. I’m not referring to the strips of grass between sidewalks and streets in front of houses or even tree boxes, I mean the yards in front of the homes. You seriously let your dog poop there? And I’m dense? No, I think the fact that most people I see with dogs are using public spaces to let their dogs do their business would indicate even they agree with me here. You don’t mow my grass, I pay someone to do it. You don’t garden in my flower bed, I do that. So no, I don’t think it is too much to ask that you keep your dog out of the yard that I maintain and am required to maintain even if in DC that property technically belongs to the city. I have lived in the city for nearly 20 years, so I feel like I’m pretty well adjusted to “life in the city.” Having people come into “my” yard and let their dogs pee and poop is not part of city life.

          • We should hang out sometime. You sound like a lot of fun to be around.

          • Hard pass.

      • Oh and also, not all big trash cans you see in the city belong to the city government. I’ve lived in condos that use private trash pickup and the cans are provided by the pickup companies that I paid for. So yeah, cut that sh*t out.

        • bbhart113

          Yes, if people are coming onto your property (the fenced bit, not the tree box between the house, sidewalk and street) then that is quite rude, I have to admit as a dog owner, I always do my best to ‘curb’ my dog and wouldn’t think about entering someone’s front property (or back for that matter) to do their business. I think tree boxes are perfectly acceptable (but only if the excrement is picked up). I find it rather annoying that people don’t pick it up at all…even when I have ran out of bags, and if on an off chance my dog poops, I will go back and pick it up…but I also don’t throw my poop away in others’ bins, I do take it all the way home or to a public bin, its not unreasonable to ask.

    • Your attempt at cleverness aside, you’re wrong about the meaning of “property of the district of columbia government.” If the property is owned or *controlled* by someone else, you’re littering. Those cans may be owned by the DC government, but they’re under the control of the individual. So leave them alone.

    • Especially if the can is left in the alley (i.e., public property), which they’re not supposed to be, but usually are. (Except on trash day I keep my can on my own property, behind a gate, so this has never been an issue for me.)

  • I had a *douche* yell at me for putting my dog’s poop bag in a home trashcan. Something about respect. It was a trashcan outside of my home. It was my trashcan. Relax peeps.

    As a home owner I don’t mind the random item, including doggie poop bags, being thrown in my trashcan if that keeps the street clean (but then again I haven’t had any doggie poop bags explode in all these years). What I mind is people dumping their full trash bags in my trashcan and leaving no space for me, the owner. Who does that?

  • Let’s get realistic. We’re talking about trash cans. This is literally the receptacle you put things in that you dislike so much you want someone else to take it away. It’s not like they’re leaving it in your car or in your living room. It is a trash can. You keep it outdoors.

    • If I see an open window, I’m throwing my dog’s poop in a car or living room.

    • +1

      Couldn’t agree more. We’re talking about trash cans?!?!? trash cans? really? trash cans????

    • OK, once more for the reading-comprehension-impaired. As has been pointed out in numerous threads (in fact, in this very thread) in many neighborhoods (mine included) the trash collectors don’t dump the empty cans into the truck — they just pull out the larger trash bags. So those little bags of dog crap either get flung onto the sidewalk only to be stepped on by someone or they make their way to the bottom of the can where they sit until they break or are retrieved and re-bagged by the homeowner. Maybe dog owners don’t get it, but they are placing the burden of ownership on others when they do this.

  • O boy. This just opened a can of worms…….

    • The only thing more annoying than entitled pet-owners are entitled cyclists. I guess I should be glad that these two are the worst things about my life in DC. I don’t understand why is so hard in this city for people to respect the law.

      • thinking I can leave dog poop on someone else’s property for my convenience is way more entitled than wanting equal usage of the road and to not almost die any time I’m biking around.

      • I too hate those self-entitled cyclists, pumping their toned legs as they careen with reckless abandon through stop signs and cackling as they mow down the law-abiding folk of this city. It’s even worse when they’ve got a doggy trailer in tow and throw their dog’s leavings into my trash cans. I call it “Satan’s Basketball.”

    • I really should have said “the OP stepped in it now” but sometimes clever is late to the party.

  • If people stop for a second and think about this, they’d realize how just plainly rude it is. Those trash cans are not your trash cans. Just stop it. It doesn’t really matter to me that it is poop (although that certainly isn’t pleasant either) or that it might not get picked up by the trash guy (I have issues getting all my trash dumped on a regular basis as it is). It just isn’t your trash can. Take your own dog waste home and dispose of it with your own trash can.

    I also kind of hate it when people throw them in the public trash cans too (depending on where they are located). I cannot count how many times I’ve walked by them on a nice hot moist sunny July day and been knocked over by the stench of dog sh*t pouring out of it. I get it though – people may have other errands to run, but still. When possible, use your own trash can people.

    • Actually, as another poster already mentioned, it says “Property of the District of Columbia” right on the top. I pay a king’s ransom in taxes to this city annually. Those taxes paid for that trash can. The can belongs to the city, aka the taxpayer. That’s me. You are getting it on loan, but it isn’t your private property. Besides, if you (universal you here, not you in particular) can’t be bothered to haul it back to your house for three or four days after trash collection, it’s in public space and becomes a public can as far as I’m concerned.

      • Shaw,

        I suggest you let us all know where you live so we can all treat your trash cans as our own private property. Or since the city ROW (i.e my ROW) likely encompases the front yard of your place, right up to your steps, I will start holding parties in your front yard, or disposing of my bulk trash items in your (i.e. my) front lawn for bulk trash pickup.

        No? Yeah, thought so…

      • Everything you wrote before the word “Besides” is completely irrelevant. You’re littering if you put trash in property owned or under the control of someone else. It can be owned by the city but loaned out to someone else (like those city-owned cans) and you still don’t have the right to use it. People who don’t bring their cans in after 3 or 4 days get less sympathy for me, but I bring mine in every evening after collection and still have to deal with people’s dog crap. Either from that afternoon before I get home or from people who reach onto my property because they’re too lazy to walk 100 feet to the nearest public can.

      • And as another poster already mentioned, that it belongs to the city does not mean it is available for your own use. However much you think your status as a taxpayer in DC elevates you to supreme overlord of anything D.C. government controls, you are wrong. That is a truth both legally and practically.

      • Awesome. So, since it’s not the property of the homeowner, I can just take it home with me is I have a lot of trash to throw away?
        What’s that? Oh, it was “loaned” to the homeowner for them to use, so I can’t take it away, even to put garbage in? In other words, it’s for them to use, and not me? I see.
        Mockery aside, this is perhaps the stupidest point on this thread, and that’s saying something. Lots of things say “Property of the District of Columbia” on them, and you, the taxpayer, aren’t entitled to use them, no matter how many kings you ransom. Here’s a tip – don’t try to drive the tow trucks away. And, don’t be obtuse.

      • Lots of things have “Property of the District of Columbia” stamped on them. I don’t suggest, however, that you take one of the DC tow trucks for a ride. They frown on that.

    • Also, if dog owners are so disgusted by the bag of dog poop that they cannot possibly carry it all the way home to dump it in their own trash, as some seem to be implying above, why do they think the people who have to deal with the trash cans they are dumping the bags into feel so strongly about this issue? You admit it is gross and that is why you need to dump it immediately, but seem oblivious to why I would also not want to smell your dog poop every time I open my trash can.

  • Trash and shit in a garbage can > trash and shit in the gutter and on the ground

    • Both of those are still worse than trash and shit in the real proper place: the trash can of the dog’s owner.

      • Barrels out of reach on private property > barrels left on public thoroughfares. It’s a matter of boundary pushing all around.

  • I always pick up, always tie, always use public trash cans. Take pride in being a good dog owner. What I would love less of is strangers shouting at me on an almost daily basis for *thinking* I’m not picking it up (when she’s weeing), judging where I’m “letting” her do her business (each person has a different opinion on what is ok), and anything else people feeling like chastising me about. Let’s just all take a breath people.

    • +1000 If I get one more “you better have a bag” comment from someone (especially when an entire bag holder is attached to my dog’s leash and she isn’t even using the bathroom) I may lose it. I get that it is shitty (pun fully intended!) when people don’t pick up after their dog, but maybe wait before preemptively yelling at any human walking a dog!

  • I don’t understand how anyone thinks it’s OK to put their dog poop into someone else’s trash can. Use your own trash can, or perhaps a street litter can.

  • “I appreciate the fact that people scoop the poop, but could you please consider dumping them in public open air trash cans?”

    No, how about you folks try to pretend being an adult once in awhile and dump it in your own cans / dumpsters?

    This hits close to home as this just happened to me on Monday (although it happens to me 3 or 4 times a year in general). Someone wondered though the alley after 7:00pm when I put the trash out for Tuesday pickup and dumped a non-closed bag of dog crap in my can, which promptly slid down the inside, smearing dog crap all over the inside of my can. I discovered it the next morning when I went out prior to pickup and put in some trash I had forgotten the night before.

    Unacceptable, lazy, self centered etc. These are all “polite” things to call these people. I only wish I would catch them in the act because I know exactly what I would do.

  • houseintherear

    I never used to put my dog’s poo bags in private trash cans until some neighbors decided they could store their trash cans outside of their fenced yards and block parts of our alley/carriage house court. So now I put my dog’s poo bags in their cans, since it seems they want to share their cans with the general public. If they don’t want that to happen, they can follow city law and put their cans in their yard.

  • I would start worrying about dog poop in my trashcan once I solve the problem of humans taking a dump next to my trash can in the alley. Or peeing on the wall. Or leaving their used condoms NEXT to the trash can. Can you at least have the decency and throw it in the trash?

    • Unfortunately I feel like people who choose to poop in the alley probably do not have a lot of concern over social mores.

  • Completely agree with the OP. I am a dog owner, but never dispose of the bags in someone else’s trash can. It is just rude.

  • While understanding that this may occasionally be gross, get over it, it’s a trash can. As for those complaining that you can’t carry it “a couple blocks,” my neighborhood has very few and far between public trash cans, so we’re talking at least half a mile or more. And given that this situation usually comes up when I’m jogging a couple miles with my dog, jogging with the poop for that long can end quite poorly (and if I set it down with plans to pick it up when I loop back around, I’m likely to have someone yell at me for leaving it there…)

    • “Jogging with the poop for that long can end quite poorly.” Hmm… So that poor ending isn’t acceptable but the poor ending for those who have to scrub out their garbage cans of dog shit when they don’t even own a dog is something that they should just get over? That just reeks of hypocrisy. You chose to own a dog and you choose to run with it — you are the one who should get over any gross consequences.

    • perhaps you should have thought of that before you purchased a dog.

    • If jogging for a half mile with poop ends poorly then you are doing it wrong. All of the excuses being made by you dog owners are boiling down to “I don’t feel like dealing with it.” If I can deal with your poop in my trash can then you can deal with disposing of it in a more appropriate way – you’re just choosing the option where I deal with it.

      • Amen! I swear this is an endless parade of I DON’T FEEL LIKE DEALING WITH MY OWN DECISIONS and it is mind blowing. No matter how many times or ways you try to rationalize your rude, selfish behavior, you are not convincing anyone. Pick up your doog poop and take it back home with you or dump it in a public trash can. Period.

      • justinbc

        +1, carry it home and put it in your own trash can if it’s not a big deal.

    • west_egg

      tl;dr: Being a responsible pet owner is inconvenient for me, so I’ll make it someone else’s problem. So what if it attracts files and rats while stinking up their back yard?

  • Will someone volunteer to speak with their council member about pursuing legislation making it illegal to put dog waste in any public trash receptacle? Could be a revenue generator. We’ll all have to carry bags home from walks, but that may be the price we pay. Sounds like DPW would support this. Given the proliferation of security cameras, pictures could result in tickets, instead of just public shaming on email lists as happens now.

  • west_egg

    For what it’s worth — DPW itself asks that dog owners *not* place their pooches’ poo in other people’s garbage cans: “Please be kind to your neighbors and avoid putting your bagged poop into your neighbor’s trash container or a public litter can. Not only does it attract rats, who eat the feces, the contents of the bag can leak out into the can or onto the street, leaving someone else to clean up after your pet.”

  • Am I the only one who JUST found out that throwing bagged and sealed dog poo into public, open air trash cans is not allowed? I have lived in small towns, big towns, major cities and never heard this before.

    • Not the only one… I get not putting it in someone’s trashcan. But not putting bagged dog poop in a public city trashcan? Their rationale makes no sense. As if the other trash people put in there doesn’t also attract rats and have the potential to cause a mess?

  • I have to admit, I’ve often wondered if homeowners may be offended when I use their trash cans for my dog’s poop bag and now, thank to this post I finally know. Y’all don’t want it no how. Mystery solved. Around my neighborhood there are plenty of city trash cans but if I venture north of NY Avenue it quickly becomes residential and there are almost no city trash receptacles in sight. In my mind I go back and forth between ‘it’s private property’ yet at the same time I think, ‘but it is a trash can.’

    But now the issue is out and the homeowners have spoken: my trash can is for my trash. So be it.

    • Yay for deciding to change your behavior on the basis of this thread — I’m sure your neighbors will appreciate it.

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