Rest in Peace – Lt. Kevin McCrae, DCFD 6 Engine No.4 Platoon

photo via IAFF36

From IAFF36:

“May 6th, 2015 – Local 36 regrets to inform the membership of the line-of-duty death of Lt. Kevin McCrae, 6 Engine No.4 Platoon, while operating at a 2nd Alarm apartment fire at 1330 7th St. NW this morning. Our heartfelt sympathies go to Kevin’s wife, and daughter, and to his fellow members of 6 Engine & Truck 4. We are greatly diminished with Kevin’s passing.”

Update from IAFF36:

“On Wednesday May 6th, 2015 the District of Columbia Fire & EMS Department lost one of it’s best and bravest members – Lt. Kevin McRae on the fire ground at 1330 L St. NW.

Lt. McRae was a 24 year veteran of the department assigned to 6 Engine, No. 4 platoon. He leaves behind his wife Trell, and 5 children. There has been an overwhelming show of support for the family of Lt. McRae. We are asking that anyone who would like to help the family, make donations through the DC Fire & EMS Foundation in the name of Kevin. All donations go straight to the family, to assist with the expenses which occur as they go through this difficult period.

Any check or money orders should be made out to and mailed to the following:

DC Fire & EMS Foundation
Kevin McRae Survivor Fund
439 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20001

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  • emvee

    I’d love to know if anyone knows about anything we can do for the family or any place in particular they’d like donations made in his honor.

  • Just called the union as I too was thinking the same thing. They said they would get something together, but it is too soon right now. Info will be posted on their website.

    Very sad.

  • WP says he collapsed after safely exiting the building. Tragically, his cousin (also a firefighter) died while on duty in 2007.

  • Rest in peace, thanks for your important and all-to-often underappreciated service to our City.

  • What a punch in the gut. Rest in peace. Thanks for your service.

  • Blithe

    Very sad. My condolences go out to his family and fellow firefighters.

  • Although I never new him, I sit here weeping in front of my computer. I’m so very sorry for the loss of brave men and women who selflessly serve others. May Lt. McCrae be forever in God’s memory.

  • Thank you all for your kind words. As this has just occurred, no arrangements are known yet. We are definitely diminished by the loss of Kevin McRae – he bore the reputation of ‘a good fireman’, which is about the highest compliment one in our profession could be paid. Sadly, his passing adds another black mark to our calendar. Today is the 159th anniversary of DCFD LODD #1, Fireman Benjamin Grenup, of the Columbia Hose Company. Kevin is LODD #100, and Kevin’s cousin, FF James McRae was LODD #99, in 2007. Today, is newly appointed Fire Chief Gregory Dean’s 3rd day as Fire Chief of DC Fire & EMS. We will continue to update our official Twitter & Facebook accounts, and the L36 website will post any arrangement & memorial information once it is known to us.

  • Prayers and thanks for Lt. McRae and his family.

  • Rest in peace. So terrible.

  • Rest in peace and thanks for your service to this great city

  • prayers and love are being sent out to the family of this fallen hero and all of his house. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all that you do and to your families for their love and support of your calling. I’m sure I speak for all the Emergency Nursing staff that I’ve worked with in the area when I say, that you are all loves and admired and we are here for you.

  • What a sad loss. I feel for his family and colleagues.

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